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Harry had been at the Dursleys now for at least a month he could remember when he got back. **Flashback** Harry walked through the door and his uncle followed behind as soon as he was inside and the front door was shut uncle Vernon turned to him purple faced "now we will leave you alone if you leave us alone if you do anything freakish you will be locked in the cupboard again understood" "yes uncle Vernon I understand" with that he had gone upstairs. **end flashback**

It was July 30th and it was Harry's birthday tomorrow he had heard from Hermione and Ron a lot as they were worried about him. Harry wished he could go to Ron's as it was really getting annoying at the Dursleys he still wasn't getting much food but his tan was getting good because he was outside in the sweltering heat everyday. Harry had grown quite a lot as well.

Harry was in the front garden finishing off the weeding sweat was dripping down his face it was so hot he needed a drink so he walked in thirsty and tired he grabbed a glass put some water in it and went upstairs where after he had drunk his drink collapsed on his bed for a well earned sleep. At exactly 1 minute past 12:00 Harry woke to find four Ghosts standing in front of him "who are you?" Harry slurred out as he was still half asleep "you will find out soon young heir" said a women in blue robes she looked kind enough "you have come of age young heir and there for need to be trained to control your powers and do not worry you will be back in no time at all" said a women in red robes "what do you mean come of age I am only 15 and where am I going" Harry was really confused now he thought he knew who they were they looked very familiar some how "don't worry lad all will be explained but now we must leave" and with that Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived Had Disappeared.

*A week later* " Ron dear has Harry replied to your letters yet " "no mum I think we should tell Dumbledore Harry always writes back" Ron and Hermione were very worried that Harry had not replied. just at that moment Dumbledore and Remus came out of the fireplace remus was holding "SNUFFLES!!!" the dog barked in response and leaped at Ron who landed flat on his back "Snuffles do you mind" Ron stood up and saw Remus looking around along with Dumbledore "Er professors what are you looking for?" both jumped and looked at Ron " is Harry here at all?" "what do you mean is Harry here he is at the Dursleys" Hermione shrieked at the two men " Ah well you see Harry is not at the Dursleys and I thought you may have sneaked him out again" Dumbledore looked very calm for what he was saying " professor are you trying to say that Harry has gone missing I mean he wasn't replying to any of our letters and Hedwig never delivered his present she just brought it right back here" Ron looked at little nervous now his best friend had disappeared "you mean he never answered your letters either, for how long?" " it has been about a week now Albus" Mrs weasley had just walked in looking extremely worried everyone jumped at the sound of Snuffles whining Remus bent down and patted the dog " don't worry Snuffles we will find him don't you worry"...

****** Meanwhile Harry had been at this place for quite a while now he had found out that the

four ghosts were the four founders of Hogwarts and he was heir to all of them. Salazar was very different from what he had heard he was very kind and gentle not evil.

And of course he was the heir to Merlin as well which was a surprise indeed and yet there was

more. Harry had powers locked away inside him which had unlocked early they would

normally unlock at the age of 16 but with all that was happening in the wizarding world

Harry had somehow forced himself to become of power.

It had been very strange when Harry got his power it was like warm liquid spreading over

his body then power but it was hard to control he was sending sparks everywhere but

stopped after awhile and the founders said he would get used to the power after about a

week and he would be trained as he was the most powerful wizard in the world.

It had been weeks since Harry disappeared and there had still been no sign of him anywhere.

Albus, Sirius, Remus, Arther and Minerva or the order of phoenix (well a bit of the order)

were walking around a forest near privet drive looking for Harry 'Albus do think we will

find? Harry do you think he is still alive?'

'I don't really know anymore Minerva we have been searching for weeks and there is still no sign of him anywhere' both Dumbledore and McGonagall were worried about Harry so were many other teachers 'we shouldn't give up Harry is still alive he has to be I cant loose him now' 'yes Sirius I am sure he is alive so don't... suddenly death eaters appeared in a big group in front of the them but before they could attack there was a bright light in between them and the death eaters and stood there were 7 people 6 of them walked to the side out of the way the person left in the middle spoke calmly 'you shall not harm this group unless you can get past me agreed'

A death eater stepped forward 'you must be a very stupid person to take on 30 death eaters

and the best at that' he said sarcastically in a silky voice non other than lucius malfoy 'do

you not think I am capable of taking you lot down well we will soon see wont we if you

win you get the group if I win well you leave agreed' if the figure didn't have a robe with

a hood on then you would have seen him smirking 'of course we agree prepare to meet

your death' and then curses were flying everywhere the person was sending curses and

spells wandlessly he was dodging curses quicker than humanly possible the order were

staring in shock this person was very powerful it was very hard for a wizard to do

wandless magic only Merlin himself managed it without tiring.

After about 15 minutes of fighting the death eaters retreated or in some cases couldn't as

they were out cold the six people who were watching walked up to the fighter and

checked he was ok then walked over to the order the fighter spoke 'I saved you because

other wise you would have died as I saw your deaths now I am sure you wish to know who

we are' he got nods as a reply 'well I am blaze this is Godric, a man in red and gold robes

'this is Rowena' a women in yellow robes 'that is Helga' a women in blue robes 'that is

Salazar' a man in green and silver robes' and finally those people are Lily and James'

Everyone put their hoods down except for blaze he kept his hood up Dumbledore was the

first to speak 'oh my god you are the four founders and your supposed to be dead all of

you how can this be' Salazar spoke up 'well when blaze here came into power he brought

lily and James back to life and we just traveled through time to get here' Sirius was

looking at blaze in astonishment 'why would you want to bring lily and James potter

back to life' 'Sirius you are dumb because they are my parents why else' 'but Harry is

their only child how can you be their child' everyone present rolled their eyes at Sirius

and blaze took his hood down 'HARRY!?!' and Sirius passed out with shock.

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