Hidden powers of the heir of five SORRY!?! About the last chapter. This one is super long to make up for it. Have fun.

Harry was sitting in the Gryffindor common room reading a book about potions when Severus walked in. He smiled when he saw Harry sitting reading he walked over and sat opposite him 'hello Severus how are you?' Harry said not even looking up 'I am fine, but Harry I need to talk to you about what I have to do' Harry looked up sharply 'you mean being my magic guardian?' Severus looked at Harry seriously 'yes, I know you already told me but I feel as if you are leaving something out' 'true Sev you don't mind if I call you Sev do you?, good, I am leaving something out but only because I knew you wouldn't be my guardian if I told you about it'.

Severus looked at Harry puzzled 'Harry it is an honor for you to even ask me I would of said yes anyway, so what is it that you missed out' Harry was pacing up and down by now 'well, you know I told you that you had to control me when I lost control of my magic?' Severus nodded for Harry to carry on 'well you see the other thing is that you are the only one in the whole entire wizarding world who can kill me with magic that is your duty if voldemort tries anything to try and get my magic you have to kill me, you are very important Sev keep that in mind' and with that said Harry walked out of the portrait hole leaving a very stunned and angry professor behind him.

Severus was still sitting there when Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus, Lily and James walked in 'Severus what are you doing in the Gryffindor common room?' Severus looked up with a glare fixed onto his face 'I came to talk to Harry, I will be leaving now' Severus made for the door only to be blocked by Dumbledore 'Albus get out of my way I am NOT!!! In the mood' Albus looked inquiringly at Severus 'and why is that?' Severus sighed and sat down 'Harry told me that he hadn't told me all of my duties as magic guardian and just now he did tell me one more thing that he seemed to forget to mention' Sirius looked at Severus 'I thought he explained everything to you' Severus glared at Sirius 'yes black he did but he failed to note that after I excepted the role that I was the only person in the whole entire wizarding world that could kill him with magic and that one day that may become useful if voldemort tried to take his magic for himself, now I really must be going good day' and with that he left.

Sirius looked astonished 'I didn't know Harry couldn't be killed by magic' everyone else looked just as astonished as Sirius. Dumbledore cleared his throat 'well I think we need to talk Harry as he hasn't really mentioned anything about how powerful he is but from what I have gathered he can be killed by muggle means but not wizard, am I right James, lily' lily looked up at the headmaster 'yes Albus you are correct, but that is all we know as Harry never told what powers he had I agree that we should ask him James can go and find him if you want' 'yes a great idea lily, James go and find Harry and bring him up to my office please' James smiled and nodded and walked out of the common room to find Harry. Sirius came running up behind him 'James!! James!! Wait up I will help you' James stopped and turned around 'god padfoot I didn't know you cared for Harry this much I see I chose the godfather correctly then huh?' he said with a smirk on his face 'James you know I love Harry to bits. Stop picking on me its not fair' Sirius whined like at little boy who hadn't gotten any sweets because his mum wouldn't let him. Ames smiled 'the same old padfoot I know, you will never change, come on lets find Harry' they both ran off in search.

It had been an hour and there was still no sign of Harry anywhere James and Sirius had looked everywhere. *except the quidditch pitch. Rolls eyes lol* They were just heading up to Dumbledore's office as they walked in lily jumped up 'finally where was he? It was a well hidden lace if it took this long' then she looked behind James and Sirius who looked very tense lily looked at them 'WHERE THE HELL IS HE!?!' James looked at Sirius then back at lily who was fuming 'well you see lils..' 'don't you call me *lils* where is our son' James looked very very tense now 'w-we c-c-couldn't f- find him lils' 'WHAT!?! Did you check everywhere? The places he goes most to calm down or relax' it was like a light bulb lit inside Sirius's head suddenly he smiled 'James!!! We never checked the Quidditch pitch how stupid is that? The sport he likes most and we forget' James walked over to the window and looked out over he grounds at the Quidditch pitch 'OH MY GOD!?!' was all he could yell.

Harry had come down to the Quidditch pitch to relax. He was flying quite high above the clouds when he felt the cold feeling he felt when he was in his third year he looked down quickly and noticed about 100 Dementors on the edge of the woods. They hadn't noticed Harry yet so he quickly flew down as fast as he could so he wouldn't be seen but as soon as he landed the Dementors started to glide towards the Quidditch pitch they could sense him 'Oh crap!!' Harry was about to get on his broom and go find Dumbledore when it went flying towards the castle he noticed that one of the death eaters had banished it for him *how kind* .

Harry was feeling really cold now he lifted his hand up and shouted EXSPECTO PATRONUM (is that the rite spelling) and three animals came flying out of his hand and charged straight at the Dementors they were Prongs, Padfoot and moony. Harry watched as the Dementors retreated and the death eaters marched forward to fight Harry.

*meanwhile in Dumbledore's office* OH MY GOD!?! Was all James could say. Sirius ran up behind him and yelled 'HARRY!?! Oh god we have to save him' he transformed and ran out of the office followed by James as prongs, Lily, Remus and Dumbledore they ran as fast as they could.

As soon as Sirius was outside he looked at Quidditch pitch and ran over he yelled HARRY!?! We're coming don't worry' but after he had yelled that Harry had looked around at him and then a pained expression appeared on his face as a Deatheater stabbed Harry in the stomach with a long sword. as he pulled the sword out Harry dropped to his knees looking down at his stomach in shock and pain then fell flat on his face as another Deatheater yelled CRUCIO!!! And Harry was on the floor screaming in more pain blood pouring from his stomach as he moved and then without the Deatheater even taking the curse of it stopped and Harry was left breathing heavily into the ground he couldn't believe it had worked he just said over and over that it wasn't real pain it was fake and it stopped.

The death eaters were in shock and then noticed Dumbledore and few other people running towards them there wands out. The very few death eaters that hadn't been taken down by Harry ran into the forest leaving the fallen.


Sirius couldn't believe as he kneeled next to Harry he had yelled Harry's name it was his fault Harry got hurt 'oh Merlin I am so so sorry Harry' he said tears falling from his eyes. He noticed that Harry was very pale and shaking all over he scooped him up in his arms flinching as Harry yelled in pain and ran up to the castle running straight past the others who were running towards Harry he kept talking to Harry reassuring him that he would be ok * Sirius get someone to get Severus the sword was poisoned and its spreading fast I cant hardly breath Siri * Sirius had yelped when Harry spoke to him in his head he looked around at the people rushing towards him 'one of you get Severus Harry says the sword was poisoned' he saw James go running of as a stag towards snapes office'.

Soon Sirius had reached the hospital wing and had placed Harry onto a bed he grabbed a sheet and put pressure on Harry's wound and called madam Pomphrey who came running from her office and looked at the wound 'you said it was poisoned Mr. Potter are you sure?' Harry was gritting his teeth in pain 'of course I know I have been poisoned before!!!' his breathing was coming in struggled gasps now. Lily rushed in and sat on a chair next to Harry tears in her eyes she grabbed hold of Harry's hand he was very pale and shaking all over and his breathing was coming in gasps 'Harry don't worry mum's hear and dad will soon ok just hold on Sev will have a cure for you soon' just then Severus and James ran in Severus carrying a cauldron with lots of ingredients. Severus rushed to Harry's side and put his hand on his forehead 'well Harry I am going to have to take some blood from the wound to find out what poison it is ok?' Harry nodded his eyes closing slowly 'NO!!! Harry you can't go to sleep it might help the poison spread, someone keep talking to him do anything just keep him awake' lily brushed the hair out of Harry's face while James talked about Quidditch to Harry.

Severus was looking at Harry's wound he grabbed a needle and placed it where he thought the most poison would be as soon as he had put it into the muscle Harry was moaning in pain and trying to move 'Harry stay still!' Severus removed the blood he needed with some of the poison present and got to work.

Harry was lying in the hospital wing his dad was talking about something but he couldn't really hear him Harry just wanted to go to sleep and he couldn't when his dad was jabbering on about something he didn't even understand so he closed his eyes and didn't open them when he could hear yelling from his mum and some other people he just wanted to sleep.

Severus turned around when he heard yelling and cursed Harry had lost consciousness *oh joy* he carried on finding the antidote. After another 5 minutes Severus surprised everyone when he yelled 'YES!?! Out of my way' he stepped up to Harry and opened his mouth and poured the antidote down his throat. Dumbledore walked up to Harry 'erm Severus when will the antidote first show that it is working' 'in about half an hour Albus, but it was a really rare poison called Orgiatrait it shuts down all your organs one by one a very painful thing I am not surprised Harry lost consciousness, but we will only find out if he is ok after half and hour, oh and poppy you can heal the wound now' poppy walked up and slowly sealed the wound 'thank you Severus'.

Half an hour later everyone was gathered around Harry's bed Sirius in his dog form was lying with his head on Harry's chest listening to him breath for reassurance *Padfoot you desperately need a bath* Sirius jumped up and stared at Harry he whimpered *that's not very fair Harry you have blood all over you and you smell, Harry are you gonna wake up now everyone is really worried* *do I have to siri? I cant be bothered I am too tired* *you can sleep once you have opened your eyes once and said something ok?* *fine what ever you say you mangy mutt* Harry opened his eyes 'OW!?! Padfoot what was that for that bloody hurt I am an injured boy here and you are harming me' Harry looked at Sirius in mock sadness Sirius transformed 'HAHAHA well you shouldn't call me a mangy mutt then should you' Harry smirked 'well siri if you smell I have to tell you I never lie' at this Severus snorted 'oh hi Sev what are you doing here?' Severus walked up to Harry and sat a on the edge of the bed 'Harry I just want to say I still want to be yur magical guardian ok? And DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME AND THE REST OF THE PEOPLE IN THE ROOM AGAIN!?! Ok?' Harry gulped and looked at Severus apprehensively 'yes sir I will be a good boy from now on I promise, but can you get madam Pomphrey because my kidneys really hurt like they have been ripped in half and it doesn't help you leaning on me you know?' Severus looked at Harry sternly 'turn onto your back' Harry did as he was told and Severus pulled the back of Harry's top up and pressed quite hard against his kidneys Harry flinched each time then he did a spell 'you just bruised them I wouldn't move around a lot if I was you though it will be pretty painful' Harry nodded and stayed on his front as it didn't hurt as much then. He was talking to Sev when the chosen ones as he had called them came running Ginny literally threw herself at Harry 'oh Merlin Harry you had me so scared I thought you were dead they wouldn't tell us anything' 'I will probably die of suffocation in a minute if your not careful' Harry managed to choke out Ginny blushed and loosened her vice grip on Harry 'oh sorry Harry' then she kissed him passionately on the lips 'Ehem there are people here you know' said Lily Harry and Ginny pulled apart blushing very red 'er sorry didn't see you there mum' 'yer we all noticed that flame' Harry's head shot up 'what did you just call me Moony' remus was smiling his head off 'I called you flame my fellow marauder' Harry looked at him gob smacked 'I-I where did you get the name from?' James smiled and sat next to Harry 'well seems as one of your forms is a fire griffin and is your favorite we thought that flame was appropriate' James was smiling his head off 'but when did I become a marauder?' 'Well pranking me and Sirius is enough to prove yourself don't you think, but next you have to prank Sev over there' Harry glanced at Severus and winced he was not going to try to prank him any time in the near future if he wanted to live to tell the tale but he still smirked at Snape 'I wonder what I could do with your hair Sev? Do you have any ideas?' Sev smirked 'well you could always use you magic oh powerful one and make it so my hair doesn't go greasy every time I make a potion some idiot but a charm on my hair that I couldn't remove. Could you remove it please?' Harry looked at Snape in shock 'seems as you asked so nicely of course I will, just stay still for a minute' Harry closed his eyes and sort out to find snape when he did he tried to find a charm on his hair when he found it he removed it. When he opened his eyes he looked at Snape and smiled 'there you go next time you wash you hair it will not be greasy' Sev smiled and walked up to Harry hesitated then gave him a fatherly hug and whispered 'thank you flame' and then walked out leaving very stunned people in the wing.

Oh my god that was long I never thought I could write so much my friend gave me the idea though well done mick.