This story is an offshoot of A New Player in Resol'nare, I had an old idea for a Bleach character, it never went forward nor was written, but with me writing ANPR, I had the idea of writing this. A Gamer Bleach story using ANPR System. It will not be a very serious story, ANPR having more of my focus, just a way for getting rid of blocks and vent my need for epic anime fights. Plus, I am a huge fan of Bleach.

I recommend reading The Dark Wolf Shiro stories with the character Kuro, they are a good mix of humor, sex scenes, and action. Yes, this story will have sex scenes, much more than ANPR would.

Some changes will be made to accommodate Bleach, including power scaling, something very hard to do, so keep this in mind.

I will say it already, I WILL NOT STOP A New Player in Resol'nare, A New Player in Hueco MundoIS JUST FOR FUN.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to their respective authors. Many lines and the Gamer Interface that I'm using belong to USSExplorer, blessed be his name.


The first thing that I noticed when I woke up, was great pressure on my head and the greyness of the room that I found myself in. The pressure disappeared in seconds.

I looked beneath myself, a black futon met my eyes, and around me was the absurdly grey room, some furniture there, looking more like movie props than actual objects. My mind strained to feel anything when a grey nightstand suddenly sunk into the ground, only to turn into static and blink back to the previous position. "Holy hell…" Looking down at my hands, they at least are normal.

Thinking about how I got here, I remembered that I was walking back to my home, a parked car started to blare its alarms before it promptly exploded, a searing heat passed over me before I passed out.

Apologies, we are currently testing new features, and they have caused some malfunctions in the room.

A box suddenly appeared in my vision and, like the nightstand, sometimes some static appeared and disappeared in the borders.

"Where the hell am I?" I asked confusedly while stroking my stubble. The room looked like some kind of eldritch afterlife waiting room, hopefully, I will not end up in Hell.


You are a winner of a multiversal afterlife lottery, being able to choose a new life in a universe of your choosing with unique gifts, all for the amusement of beings much above your metaphysical state. Alongside it, you were chosen for an experimental multi-crossover feature, you will only be able to choose the initial world, not the rest.


Based on your previous life, several fictional

universes have been chosen for you to consider for your new life.











If none are of your liking, you can suggest another and we will allow you to select it if it exists.

"I'm getting isekai-ed…" I sighed in annoyance and surprise, before thinking about my choices. Dark souls are totally out of question, I don't know if I can respawn. Kuroinu is tempting but I don't want to spend my days seeing orc dicks waving around, although if it is a gender-bent version of it… No, Bleach is my favorite anime out of the list, so I'll choose it, consequences be damned.

Are you ready to do your choice? The errors from this experiment have made the temporal shield from this location unstable, so be quick.

"Yes, I choose Bleach." After I said these words, a bright light suddenly appeared in my vision, it randomly changed colors, before it quickly disappeared. I'm now in a less gray room, smaller and with a mirror taking an entire wall in front of me. "A ballet room?"

Welcome to Character Creation. [Bleach Universe]

Here you will take the steps to create your new identity.

Step 1:

Select your given name.

Currently, it is "Kane".

Do you wish to change?

I chuckled with the name, it already made me want to found a cult centered around a radioactive alien rock. "No."

Step 2:

Select a species then determine your hair, skin, and eye color.

Examine the list of races and make your selection.

The display changed to show a short list containing the races from Bleach, it doesn't have some like Bounts and Zanpakutos, being a spirit stuck inside a sword must be really boring. It has regular humans, Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy, and Fullbringer, although it had a subtab for Shinigami rank and Vizard and Hollow Menos classes. Each name had a picture of a male and female generic form, with a short description and their inherent weaknesses or advantages. Almost every single advantage and weakness have a CCP number next to it.

Being a regular human and Quincy are instantly out, I don't want to be weak nor ruled by magic Hitler. Shinigami is a maybe, but again, I don't want to be stuck with backward assholes, "What is CCP?"

Character Creation Points

During the creation of your new identity, you have the chance to add special perks and abilities that are considered anything from uncommon to rare within your new universe.

You may also add flaws that grant you extra CCP's, though there is no need to take if you do not wish.

As a new identity, you start with 10 CCP's to use.


Certain perks and abilities can be gained later through the spending of perk points (PP) or naturally gained in the future steps of Character Creation.

Certain subraces can consume CCP.

"Okay." I clicked on Hollow Menos class Adjucha, the CCP count changing from 10 to 6. New choices appeared in the box since I don't have a humanoid form, but an animalistic and monstrous one. I smirked at what I could have become while I applied the changes that I wanted, and clicked on accept.

Step 4:

Determining base stats, of which are 6.







Each new identity starts with 5 Stat Points (SP) to apply as you wish and is granted a further 2+INT/20 per level up.

However, it is possible to level up stats via training.

Most activities that you do, such as reading a book or running, will grant a certain number of minutes of stat counters, these counters, once full, will increase the stat by 1.

Most activates grant minutes to multiply stat counters.

Every stat is represented by a rank, ranging from F to S. Each letter has a corresponding amount of numbers. Per Example: F is [1-50], E is [50-100].

For comparison:

An average adult Human is level 1-10, their average stats being around F [1-10].


Your maximum value of STR, VIT, and AGI is C [500].

Due to starting as an already strong race, you cannot add more points to your stats in character creation.

"Makes some sense, but also very weird." I commented while the box changed to show up my stats, a grin forming on my lips as I saw how high they were.

STR: D [100/200]

VIT: C [200/500]

AGI: C [200/500]

INT: D [100/200]

WIS: D [100/200]

CHA: D [5/100]

"Can you at least give me an explanation of stats?" I asked the entity.

The right side of the display shifted to display a new, very long text.

Stats and you

Everyone is determined by their stats but as one of the chosen few, you have the chance to see these values and influence them.

However, what does each mean and what does it influence?


Strength measures your character's muscle and physical power.

This ability is especially important for soldiers and those with similar careers because it helps them prevail in physical combat.

Additionally, each point of Strength grants 2 inventory slots [this will be explained later]


Vitality represents your character's health and stamina.

Vitality adds to a person's hit points, so it is important for everyone but most important for those who are active combat participants.


Agility measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance.

This ability is the most important for Scoundrels and similar rogue characters, but it's also high on the list for characters who want to be good shots with ranged weapons (Such as Quincy Spirit Weapon).


Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons.

This ability is important for thinkers and learners, and any character who wants to have a wide array of Skills.


Wisdom describes a character's willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition.

Compared to Intelligence, Wisdom is more related to being in tune with and aware of one's surroundings, while Intelligence is one's ability to analyze information.

An "absent-minded" professor has a low Wisdom score and a high Intelligence score. While a simpleton with low Intelligence might nonetheless have great Wisdom.

Wisdom is important for characters wishing to be in-tune with their environment or who like to gamble.

If you want your character to have keen senses, put a high score in Wisdom.


Charisma measures a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and physical attractiveness.

It represents your strength of personality and force of presence, not merely how others perceive you in a social setting.

Charisma is most important for politicians or any kind of leader.

"Neat." The scenario around started to glitch a bit more, prompting me to speed up.

Step 5:


Each new identity has 10 CCPs to spend on perks.

An additional perk point [PP] is gained every 4 levels.

While PPs can be saved, CCPs must be used up when a new identity is created.

You currently have 6 CCPs and 2 PPs.

Since this is a new identity creation, you can spend your PPs on Creation-only perks.

Please browse the list below and make your choices.

Tap a Perk name to see the description and cost.

Click the name again to close the information or click the green box to add to your identity.

The screen quickly was filled with numerous perks, and I quickly clicked on three that caught my attention, one in particular sounds very overpowered and useless, depending on my position.

Quincy Artifact User

Even being a Hollow, you are able to use Quincy Crosses, other Quincy artifacts and generate Spirit Weapons.

Makes it 10% easier to level up Quincy related skills.

[Can only be selected on Identity creation]


"Quincy Hitler will be very pissed when he discovers this." I released a short laugh before clicking on the other perks.


You have selected the following Perks:

Quincy Artifact User [2CCP]

Empathy [2CCP]

Eidetic Memory [2PP]

Are these your final choices?

"Yes." I answered while getting up from the bed quickly since it was starting to sink into the ground. I stumbled in my steps, falling on the featureless ground, as I felt a flood of information into my mind. I can vividly remember everything, from my traumatic birth to my horrid death. Wew.

Step 6:


Each identity learns skills as they progress with skills affected by stats.

Each stat point grants a 5% boost to the learning speed of a related skill.

Every level-up a identity is granted INT*1 skill points [SKP] to spend how they see fit.

Each new identity is granted 100 skill points [SKP] during creation.

Skill points can be saved for later use.

Please examine your old skills and possibly new ones before deciding on a final list.

Skills are added to your identity the same way perks were.


Due to you starting as a Menos class Hollow, you are unable to use your skill points.

Skills locked.


You have 100 SKP left for later use.

"Bullshit!" I angrily shouted at the floating box.

Step 7:


As you are a spirit, you are able to use Reiatsu and Magic.

At each level, you are granted a certain number of Reiatsu Points (RP).

The more RP you have, the more you can use certain techniques in quicker succession, or more advanced ones.

However, the cost of a technique or spell decreases as you become better at using it.

What powers you will have can be determined by your origin story.

I scoffed lightly, "Pretty obvious section."

Step 8:


The point of the story of the world that you wish to live in.

These need to be determined before we place you in control of your new identity.

Current timeline points in play are:

The list opened to show a very long succession of events from Bleach, I chose to start some years before the show started, "Better have a lot of prep time for Aizen."

Custom Timeline Point selected.

Character Creation finished.

The instability has reached a breaking point, with no time remaining for the final listings.

True to the interface, the entire room was being taken by the static, with me standing right in the middle of it, trying to stay away from the glitches. A bright flash engulfed my vision, and I went unconscious.


By the time that I woke up, I already could feel the changes, alongside a thin sheet of small grains over my body.

I felt like some of my limbs are permanently stiff, and a thick, rigid material covering my entire face and body. Lifting my head, I felt that my face is more projected to the front, alongside spiky protrusions on my forehead and top of my head, my neck being much more elongated.

Looking back to my body, since it looks like I am laying belly-down on the ground, I see bone-white scales, plates, and spikes. Lifting a new third limb that seems to be connected to my spine, I see a tail ending in two pairs of earwig-like pincers. Standing up, my feet now have four fingers, one sprouting from the back, looking like claws. I sank my arms on the white sand around me, my hands changed to having three pinkies, all being an absurdly long and thin spike, thankfully all the others are still there, but shorter and looking more like talons. I feel a hole right in my chest, going all through the way to my back.

I quickly lifted them and made a tentative flap, a gust of wind throwing the sand beneath and over me away. A beautiful green material went from between my pinkies, looking a lot like the ones from butterflies, but much more resistant.

With Eidetic Memory, I saw all the memories of my new life. I am Kane, the lightning bug Adjucha that rules these dunes. Looking up, I see a starless night sky with a full moon. Deep within me, I can feel the power and the hunger of being hollow, the former seemed to flood my system like a drug, neon green lightning surging around me before I released a roar, it sounded like an insectoid screech doubled with an electricity effect.

"Hahaha! This is incredible!" I laughed while noting how different my voice is. Deep and with a double tone distortion, I think it fits with my awesome body.

Before I could see the experience of flying, a box with text appeared in my vision.

Welcome to your new identity.

To help you with your new powers, we have prepared a short tutorial.

Do you wish to complete the tutorial?


[You can think, verbalize or press the Yes option to accept]

"You needed to interrupt me…" I groaned in rage before continuing, "Yes."

Welcome to the Tutorial.

Here we will explain the following items that were not covered in identity creation.

1: Hit Points, Experience, Stamina, Reiatsu Points, and Hunger

2: Stats and their Limits

3: Inventory Usage

4: Player Powers and Player Points

5: Interface Controls

6: Quests

7: Reputation

Select the option you wish to view first by saying or thinking 'Tutorial' followed by the number.

"The manual of instructions… I lost count of the times that I fucked up the assembling of furniture for not reading them." I released a sigh before answering, "Tutorial one."

1: Hit Points, Experience, Stamina, Reiatsu Points, and Hunger

When you concentrate and say or think the word 'STATS', a general listing of your identity will appear.

Beyond the base stats that were explained during identity creation, there are a few others that will appear.

These are

Hit Points [HP]:

This is a base 300 for Hollows plus your Vitality*10.

Experience [XP]:

To advance to the next level, you need a certain amount of XP.

Due to the scaling of the Bleach world, all requirements are your level*1000.

Per example:

Leveling from level 1 to level 2 requires 1000XP, from level 2 to level 3 requires 2000XP, and so on.

Stamina [STAM]:

Every physical action that you take requires stamina

Walking takes 1STAM/minute, jogging 3/minute, running 5/minute, and sprinting 10/minute

Other actions take up stamina as well; swimming, jumping, weight lifting and so drain STAM as you go.

Your Stamina is your current Level*(Strength+Vitality+Agility)/1.5

There are ways to improve your Stamina regeneration and lower activity drain, but they are for you to discover.

It currently regenerates at 1%/minute.

Reiatsu Points [RP]:

This is the numerical value of your Reiatsu, also called Spiritual Pressure or Spiritual Force.

Techniques and Spells use it, the amount depending on how advanced they are.

Your Reiatsu Points limit, due being a Hollow, are directly tied to your Vitality, being as following:

F [0-100]

E [101-1000]

D [1001-5000]

C [5001- 10000]

B [10000- 50000]

A [50001- 100000]

S [100001+]

Eating and fighting can increase your Reiatsu Points.

Hunger [HUN]:

This tracks your need to eat.

Due to being a high-level Hollow, you don't have a Hunger bar.

End of Part 1

Do you wish to proceed to Part 2?




2: Stats and their Limits

Every Hollow stage has biological hard limits for Strength, Agility, and Vitality.

None of these stats can go beyond C.

Any stat over D, you gain a 5% boost in skill XP generation for relevant skills, up to 50%.

The opposite is also true.

Currently, your penalties/boosts are:

STR +0%

AGI +5%

VIT +5%

INT +0%

WIS +0%

CHA +0%


Your stats were increased to fit your Hollow evolutionary stage.

End of Part 2

Do you wish to proceed to Part 3?



3: Inventory usage

For every point of Strength grants 2 slots in your inventory

This is a pocket dimension that only you can use, and in which time does not pass; thus, nothing will degrade or rot while stored there.

It also allows you to store money without concern for the weight or volume of Cred-chits.

Each slot can hold an object of volume no more than 0.125m^3. [50x50x50cm]

Currently, you have 200 slots.

End of Part 3

Do you wish to proceed to Part 4?




4: Player Powers and Player Points

Due to your winning the Multiversal Afterlife Lottery, you have been given the special title: Chosen.

This title grants you access to special powers that, to the corporeal mind, resemble being in a Game.

Initial Player Powers provided are:

Player's Mind MAX

Allows the Player to calmly and logically think things through.

Grants a peaceful state of mind, immunity to physiological effects, and protection against compulsions and external controls.

Does not prevent the Player from showing emotional responses, only dissipates them almost instantly afterward.


Will automatically turn on when the Player is in battle or HP falls below 25%.

Player's Body MAX

The body experiences the stresses of the physical world as if it was a video game.

[This means that you suffer no obvious damage when hit/shot/stabbed etc, but instead lose HP]

[You can, however, still lose limbs if the attack severs them from your body.]

Sleeping fully [8 hours under normal circumstance] restores HP and heals all temporary status effects.


If your HP reaches 0, for whatever reason, YOU WILL DIE.


See Tutorial Part 3.

Player's Points

At every level, you gain 2 more Player's Points [PP], which are used for Player Powers you have purchased.

They regenerate at 10%/5minutes.

You gain 1 Player Perk Point [PPP] every 5 levels, which can be used to purchase new special abilities.

To view the list of Player Powers that you can activate, you say or think 'Player Power Options'

End of Part 4

Do you wish to proceed to Part 5?


"This is getting annoying, yes."

5: Interface Controls

While having this text appear in the middle of your vision is the default setting, we understand that this could be life-threatening.

[Something we learned from the first-ever winner of the Multiversal Afterlife Lottery.]

As such, saying or thinking 'Interface Options' will take you to a screen where you can choose from various options.

From here you can re-order your interface in a way you are more familiar with.

To access your stats and skills, please examine the Interface Help in the options menu.

End of Part 5

Do you wish to proceed to Part 6?



6: Quests

Most activities will be given as quests.

While many will be pre-generated by the interface, if you set your mind to something, it will be turned into a quest.

Quests have difficult ratings which affect rewards and penalties.

The more difficult the quest, the greater the reward and penalties.

Any combat quest has a possible failure of death if things go wrong.


Certain quests cannot be ignored.

These are plot quests or quests where you have to follow the orders of another.

End of Part 6

Do you wish to proceed to Part 7?


"Ugh, yes."

7: Reputation

At your current age, you have the Reputation menus already unlocked.

For ease of use, reputations are initially listed in various categories, such as:






Reputation lists can also be sorted by the planet or sector where someone was last seen or your standing with them.

You read the Tutorial!

Here's 500XP

Good luck! :D


"Finally! I need to tweak these settings asap. Interface Options." I groaned.

Welcome to Player Interface

From here you can control where and for how long various notices appear.

Notice Options are:

General notices

Quest Alerts/Updates/Completions or Failures

Basic Stats


Combat Alerts

Interface help

Please select when, where, and for how long each notice appears.

"Sweet." I spent a few minutes changing most of the settings, putting quest related notices to my lower right in a minimized box that would expand when I click or think to click, alerts and completions or failures staying a bit longer. Random notices like level-ups would disappear faster.

Basic stats like health and the mini-map would only show up during combat, though it only displays areas that I already explored or passed by. Combat alerts going to my lower left with red or green for me taking or healing damage.

"Interface Help, time for another manual. Great."

Welcome to Player Interface Help

Here you can learn how to use the interface to understand what skills, abilities, and titles you have.

Select the help menu you wish to peruse by saying or thinking Help followed by the appropriate number:

1: Lists

2: List Explanations

3: You and those around you

4: Inventory and you

5: Interface controls

"Help one."

1: Lists

The various lists you have and how to view them.

To access any menu, simply say or think list followed by the appropriate word.

Current lists available:

Stats, Skills, Knowledge Skills, Perks, Techniques and Spells, Player Powers, Titles, Quests, Reputation

"Help two."

2: List Explanations

This explains the basics of each list.


These are the core values that define you.

They are split between Strength, Agility, and Vitality [Physical stats], Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma [Mental stats].

Also listed with your stats are your Hit Points [HP], Reiatsu Points [RP], Player Points [PP], Stat Points [SP], Stamina [STAM], Experience for the current level [XP], Title, and Credits.

Hit Points

These are an indicator of how much damage you can take.

When it reaches 0, YOU DIE!

You get a base 50HP as a Human plus a further 10 per level.

Reiatsu Points

These are the points that allow you to use your Reiatsu.

You gain a random number of determined amounts of RP every time you fight or eat.

These regenerate at 1% per minute.

Player Points

These are the points that allow you to use your unique abilities.

You gain 2PP per level.

Additionally, you gain 1 Player Perk Point [PPP] every 5 levels.

These regenerate at 10% every 5 minutes.

Stat Points

This is a list of how many spare stat points you have to spend on your stats.

You gain 2+INT/20 SP per level.


This is your ability to move, run, jump, swim, and do other physical activities.

Your stamina is defined as Level*(Strength+Vitality+Agility)/1.5.

It regenerates at 1% per minute when resting.

This can be boosted with perks or powers.


To advance to the next level, you need a certain amount of XP.

Due to the scaling of the Bleach world, all requirements are your level*1000.

Per example:

Leveling from level 1 to level 2 requires 1000XP, from level 2 to level 3 requires 2000XP, and so on.


This is whatever title(s) you are currently applying.

You can apply 1 title as a base plus 1 extra for every 10 levels you gain.


This is your money.

You can store it in your inventory in a special slot.

When you wish to withdraw some, you will be given bills and coins that are as close in value to what you wish for, without being less, of whatever type of money you want.


Due to being a Hollow, you are unable to use your money, until you become an Arrancar.

"Help three."

3: You and those around you.

How you behave has relevance to the people, organizations, and planets around you.

Everything you do affects how others see you.

While in most cases this is on a one-to-one level, some actions have planetary, or even galactic implications.

Certain titles and perks can also affect how others see you.


This is your standing with everyone, from those around you, to governments and corporations.

Most people start at 0, though this is not always the case.

From there, your reputation with someone can go up or down, through the following levels:

Despised -501 - -1000

Hated -1 - -501

Disliked 0 - 500

Neutral 501 - 2000

Liked 2001 - 5000

Trusted 5001 - 10000

Honored 10001 - 20000

Worshipped 20001+


Once your reputation is at Liked there is the chance that that person can become a friend.

This will affect not only how they see you, but how their other friends and enemies do as well.

Once someone is classed as a friend, then any change to Reputation affects your friendship, though by only half the Reputation change.

Levels of friendship are as follows:

Acquaintance 0 - 1000

Friend 1001 - 5000

Confidant 5001 - 10000

[Locked until Reputation is Trusted or higher and passing a test of friendship]

Follower 10000+

[Locked until Reputation is Confidant or higher and passing 3 tests of friendship]

[This section is locked due to you being a Hollow.]

"I bet that locked part must be something about romance. Makes sense, I don't have junk to use. Help four."

4: Inventory and you

Your special storage space and other attached facts.

Your inventory is a special pocket dimension where you can store almost anything safely for an indefinite amount of time [Space permitting].

This screen also lists vital stats and clothing/armor components.

Certain clothing can grant damage reduction or outright protection from the various forms of damage you could encounter in this galaxy.

Your total inventory space is defined as twice your strength.

"Good. Even if everything I can get around here is sand and rocks, it might be useful later on." I chuckled, "List Stats."


Species: Hollow [Adjucha]

Title: The Player

Level 100

HP: 1500/1500

RP: 5001/5001

PP: 200/200

XP [0/100000]

STAM [3300/3300]

STR: D [100/200]

VIT: C [200/500]

AGI: C [200/500]

INT: D [100/200]

WIS: D [100/200]

SP: 0

SKP: 100
PerkP: 0

PPP: 0
Credits: 0

"Nice, I'm pretty strong. List Skills."


This is a listing of all skills you have, not all the skills you COULD have.

Each skill has a corresponding stat that affects how quickly you can improve that skill.

For future reference, you can call up skills for each stat by saying or thinking 'list [STAT] skills'.


Certain skills, such as school and combat skills, have six ranks: Novice, Adept, Professional, Master, Savant, and Prodigy.

Each rank has 100 levels.

These skills have set XP levels of 100 for Novice, 200 for Adept, 300 for Professional, 500 for Master, 700 for Savant, and 1000 for Prodigy.

These skills will have the name of the current level beside the numerical level value.

Other skills can go up to 100 [though not all] but have increases of 25XP per level.

You will get a bonus general stat point for 1500 levels.

Each level-up, you gain INT*1 skill points to spend as you see fit.

Currently, you have 0 SKP left to spend.

Physical Skills


Professional 50

Damage Resistance [Physical]

Professional 20

Damage Resistance [Sonic]

Adept 40

Hand to Hand

Professional 20


Master 20

Rogue Skills


Professional 40

Language Skills

Language [All]


Mental Skills



Danger Sense




Electricity Manipulation

Adept 40

Reishi Manipulation

Adept 10

Reiatsu Control

Adept 20

Social Skills


Adept 20


Adept 30

Lie Detection

Novice 10


Master 10


Adept 10


Adept 40

"It has some high levels there, must have been the lifetimes of surviving and fighting in the Hueco Mundo." I chuckled sourly, "List Techniques and Spells."


This is a listing of all techniques and spells you have.

Each technique and spell has a corresponding stat that affects how quickly you can improve it.

For future reference, you can call up techniques and spells for each stat by saying or thinking 'list [STAT] techniques and spells'.


Novice 1

You compress and concentrate your spiritual energy into a single point, before unleashing it in a powerful blast.

The strength of your Cero is dependent on the level of Reiastu control and the amount of Reiatsu you have.

Costs 500 to 600RP, depending on the charging

Lightning Dash

Novice 1

You channel and concentrate electricity on your wings and use them to rapidly dash ahead, cutting through anything in your path.

Costs 140RP +10RP/meter

Chain Lightning

Novice 1

You fire a bolt of electricity that arcs and jumps between your foes briefly stunning them in the process.

Costs 100RP

Current Cloak

Novice 1

You channel electricity throughout your body to form a layer of superheated plasma that repels and stops incoming attacks.

Costs 200RP for make 20 minutes

Thunder Dome

Novice 1

You rain lightning down by discharging it from your body, be careful though you'll be without power for some time after this attack.

Costs 500RP

El Relámpago

Novice 1

You unleash the full might of your power in one concentrated blast at your enemy. Searing, blasting, and shocking them at the same time.

Costs 1000RP


"Very cool, the cost looks a bit weird but beggars can't be choosers." I smirked, which probably is terrifying to an outside viewer. "I will see the rest later, time to see how cool flying is!" I laughed out loud before taking flight, launching a Chain Lightning on the dunes midway just to see the sand expanding and crystallizing, it was beautiful.

I didn't care if other hollows, adjuchas, or vasto lordes saw me in the skies, for the bliss of feeling the air hitting my scales was priceless. But one thing irked me, "How big am I? A house or a car?" I wondered before looking down below and found a lonely target. It wasn't humanoid, and according to my senses, it isn't strong.

"Time to find out." I said to myself before diving.


Chapter done, I hope you liked it. While writing this, I was also writing Kann, so don't worry. Sorry for the originality of Kane's name, making names isn't my forte. For how canon and AU this will be, it will be very canon, but with some alterations.