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Hiei stood on the branch of a tree in the park. It was the dead of night and stars were glimmering in the velvet black sky above. He would normally be asleep by now, but lately his mind was unable to focus. He hadn't slept in three days and though he was youkai and he could handle it, he knew anymore nights like this and it would begin to show in his performance. 'Damn it. It's all that stupid rekai tantei's fault. Him and that stupid girl.'

Yusuke had been depressed as of late because Keiko had finally had it with him. She couldn't handle his constant secrets and not knowing where he was going when he would suddenly run for school. She had thought that he was cheating on her with Botan because he couldn't tell her that he was rekai tantei and that Botan was helping him. So in the end, Yusuke had been tossed aside and had been moping for the past three days and for some odd reason it was driving Hiei crazy.

'Why should I care if that stupid ningen is moping? As long as he is still capable of doing his job and not getting the rest of us killed it shouldn't be any of my concern.' He knew that he shouldn't care, but for some odd reason he couldn't help, but constantly think about it.

Kurama had been over at Yusuke's house everyday telling him of what was going on in the outside world since he refused to leave his room. Everyone wondered how Yusuke would function in his role of rekai tantei if an assignment came in. Hopefully he would get over it before anything happened, but with their luck of course that couldn't happen.


"Hey, Urameshi get up!" Kuwabara tossed the depressed Yusuke onto the floor.

"Oh Kuwabara, be gentle. Yusuke's been through a lot." Botan said. She walked over to Yusuke's dazed form on the floor and looked down at him. "Come on Yusuke, you have an assignment."

"Yeah, well I don't feel like it." Yusuke responded as he sat up. "Why can't you guys just leave me alone to wallow in pity alone?" He said as he collapsed back onto his bed hiding his face in his pillow.

"Damnit Urameshi! If you haven't noticed we have to save the world."

"I think that saving the world is the last thing on Yusuke's mind at this time." Kuwabara and Botan turned to see Kurama and Hiei in the doorway.

"Great, Kurama talk so sense into this baka." Kuwabara said as he once again pulled Yusuke from his bed, only this time Yusuke's head hit the floor as he was dragged out of bed by his feet.

"You ass Kuwabara! What the hell's you're problem?!" Yusuke yelled and slammed Kuwabara into the opposite wall.

Botan walked up beside Yusuke and put a hand on his shoulder. "Come on Yusuke, it's been four days. I think you could use this assignment a bit. It might be a bit refreshing." Yusuke sighed and crumbled to the floor.

"Fine. What's this stupid assignment? Maybe if I finish it then you guys will leave me alone." He said still bitter that they were interrupting his precious brooding time.

"That's the spirit."

Kurama helped to pull Yusuke to his feet. "Fighting may help you get out the aggressions you are feeling right now. Come we must see Koenma."

Kuwabara had pulled himself off the floor where he had landed and was about to yell at Yusuke before he took in the piteous look of his friend. 'Man he must have really liked Keiko. I should set him up with someone else, but who?'

"So are we going or what?" Everyone turned to Hiei who was still in the doorway as if they were just noticing him. Hiei just wanted to leave. He didn't know why, but he couldn't take seeing Yusuke in such a weak state. Perhaps it was because he had actually come to respect the ningen or he couldn't handle seeing the one person to defeat him being so weak. Either way, he wanted to leave as soon as possible.


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