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CH: 2 School

'What in the seven hells is Hiei doing here?!' Yusuke thought as he saw who exactly the new student was. Hiei walked down the row of desks and took the seat right next to Yusuke. Yusuke's eyes never left him as he wondered why he was there.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Yusuke asked no caring that they were in class. Hiei merely raised a brow at Yusuke's outburst. The rest of the class turned to look at him and the teacher tapped her foot on the ground in disappointment.

"I believe that'll be a detention for you Mr. Urameshi." The teacher said and Yusuke groaned. He was used to getting detentions, but he wasn't exactly in the mood to be stuck in a room with other delinquents today.

Hiei didn't listen to the teacher as she spoke. He just sort of stared out into space. He could feel a lot of eyes on him, but he ignored them. Kurama had told him people would most likely stare at him while he was there. He wouldn't explain why and Hiei didn't really care about the reason, but now that it was happening it was getting incredibly annoying.

Finally the period ended. Hiei would have liked nothing more than to have run out of there with his youkai speed, but he had been told not to let others know what he was. 'Stupid orders.'

"So what are you doing here?" Yusuke said walking next to Hiei.

"I was sent to watch you and make sure your depression doesn't cause your death. But as I've said before I do not like babysitting stupid humans." Hiei said.

Yusuke remembered the time Hiei had said that. It had been right before they had faced the four Saint beasts. "Yeah well don't worry about me. I'm not going to kill myself." Yusuke said.

"It's not you, it's those three youkai after you that worry me." Hiei stated without thinking.

"Awww....Are you worried about me Hiei?" Yusuke said in a stupid teasing voice.

"No. And if you continue to speak like that I'll be forced to kill you myself." Hiei stated. Yusuke just laughed. It was the first time he had actually laughed since the whole Keiko incident.

"So got any clue on who these youkai are?" Yusuke asked. Hiei didn't answer him so he took that as a no. "You need to learn to be more social, Hiei. You're in high school now."

"Unfortunately so, but that does not mean I'm going to start acting like these ridiculous fools." Hiei said glaring at a group of girls who were staring at him. "Why are they all staring at me?"

"The probably just think you're hott." Yusuke stated as they continued to walk to the next class.

"Hott?" Hiei questioned not used to hearing such a term. Yusuke slightly froze at the idea of having to explain the word to Hiei.

"'s nothing important." Yusuke said. They were almost to class, but Yusuke stopped completely in his tracks when he saw the sight before him.

Hiei looked to see what had distracted the boy and was surprised to find himself holding back a growl at the sight. Before them stood Keiko leaning against the wall talking rather flirtatiously with another boy.

Yusuke took a deep breath and steeled himself before he started walking again. He walked pass Keiko without even glancing at her. Keiko noticed this and felt her heart drop a bit, but she was the one who had decided that their relationship wouldn't work. She looked back at Kenichi and put a smile back on her face. She was finding him a very entertaining person and thought that he might be able to make her forget about Yusuke.

When Yusuke entered the classroom he sat down and sighed. Hiei had followed him and taken the seat next to him. His crimson eyes never left the depressed boy next to him. 'The human heart is such a fragile thing.' Hiei recalled. Though he couldn't figure out why he was feeling so horrible inside because of how badly Yusuke was feeling. 'For once I hope the kitsune was wrong.'

Yusuke looked up to see the youkai's crimson eyes on him. He felt a strange feeling in his stomach at Hiei's intense gaze. 'Why is he looking at me so strangely? Maybe it's another Hiei thing.' Yusuke thought and turned away. He could still feel Hiei's heavy gaze on him. It made him feel a bit uneasy, but he had never cared if people stared at him before. He should have been used to it.


Yusuke wasn't really feeling like going to the rest of his classes. After two more classes and seeing Keiko with that guy between every single one of them he was feeling like going to the roof and moping. If he hadn't known Keiko wasn't vindictive he would have sworn she has rubbing it in his face that she had a new guy.

He ran his fingers along the links in the fence that bordered the roof. "Shouldn't you be in class?" He heard Hiei question him. He should have known that Hiei would follow him to the roof. He had been like his shadow the entire day. In a small way he was thankful for it. It kept him from getting into too much self loathing. He didn't want to show such weakness in front of Hiei if he could help it. It wasn't that he couldn't trust Hiei to keep it a secret. Hell, with how much hiei talked he was sure no one would ever hear of it. It was just that he always felt like he had something to prove when he was with Hiei.

"I don't feel like it." Yusuke said. He looked down at the empty courtyard below. Hiei just continued to watch the rekai tantei while leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

Yusuke sensed trouble, but before he could do anything he was pushed aside by Hiei. He fell to the ground and slid a few feet. When he looked back to where he was standing he saw the entire area had been destroyed. 'Whoa that was close.' He thought.

Yusuke looked over to Hiei and saw him glaring up at the sky. He looked up as well and saw a youkai with long black wings. He landed gracefully onto one of the poles of the fence. He had long midnight black hair with long pointed elf like ears poking out and dark violet eyes.

"Who the hell are you?" Yusuke yelled.

"It matters not. All you need to know is that I'm the one who will bring your death." The youkai replied. His voice was low and raspy.

"Yeah I'd like to see you try." Yusuke said as he brushed off the dust on his clothing.

The youkai just smirked. 'Time to bait him.' "Oh please. If it hadn't been for your companion you would already be dead."

"Yeah whatever." Yusuke said. Hiei was just watching the two and shook his head at Yusuke's horrible comeback. "Look I don't need Hiei to fight for me." Yusuke charged his spirit gun.

The youkai saw it coming and when Yusuke fired he jumped into the air over the beam and landed on the concrete of the roof. "What a pathetic attack. I would have expected something better from a rekai tantei, but I suppose they all can't be that skilled."

"Why you..." Yusuke clenched his fist and then ran straight at the youkai. He let loose a punch but almost fell to the ground when he connected with nothing but air. The youkai landed behind him and gave Yusuke a smug look. Hiei was still standing on the side watching. If anything went wrong he would fight, but for right now Yusuke didn't seem to be in any trouble.

"So how did a pathetic ningen like you kill my brother?" Yusuke turned around and glared at the offending youkai.

"I'm afraid you'll need to be more specific." Yusuke smirked. "I've dealt with too many youkai to keep track." He cracked his knuckles getting ready for another go. The youkai lunged at Yusuke and he barely had a chance to dodge.

"This is not your fight." Hiei said seemingly to no one. A figure in the shadows emerged.

"Don't tell me a youkai is afraid for a ningen. How the mighty have fallen, Hiei." Hiei didn't respond. He just kept his senses honed on the youkai behind him. "Don't you think you've had enough fun yet, Jun?"

The youkai that had been fighting Yusuke paused with a smirk on his face. He was breathing hard though he tried not to show it. Yusuke tried not to show his fatigue either though he was ready to pass out. "I suppose you're right. We should let him suffer a bit more." With that said the two youkai jumped into the air and seemed to disappear.

"Get back here you coward!" Yusuke yelled though the youkai were already gone. When he finally realized that no one was around but Hiei he collapsed to his knees. Hiei nonchalantly walked over though inside he was increasingly worried about the boy.

Hiei helped Yusuke back to his feet and supported him while he walked. Yusuke looked at Hiei in surprise while Hiei did his best to keep his impassive mask on and not look back at Yusuke. He couldn't however, stop the feeling of the warmth that seemed to flood his system by being so close to Yusuke.

"I don't want to go back to class." Yusuke said and pulled away from Hiei. He leaned against a wall.

Hiei just crossed his arms across his chest and stared back at the rekai tantei. He felt sorry for the boy. He knew that had he not been practically killing himself the days before he would have fought better. They continued to just stare at each other's in what seemed like a battle of wills.


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