Anything you can do…I'll do better.

I can do anything…BETTER THAN YOU!



The rest of the day went fabulously for Tea, and the smile wouldn't fall from her face. At one time she thought it was cemented on and wouldn't come off, but one comment from Joey wiped it off seconds later. ("WAAAHH Tea I'm SoRRY!! PlEAse please have mercy!!"-Joey "DaMN STRAIGHT PIG!!! Don't insult mEE! I'll choke slam you BEE-Yotch!"-Tea).

Now it was the end of the 2nd day of school, and Tea was psyched! It meant…baseball tryouts!!

Going into the bathroom, Tea changed into black Capri sweats, a tank top, and a large baseball jersey labeled REDSOX to cover up the formfitting shirt (also knee socks and cleats). Putting slashes of black grease on the sides of her cheeks, Tea had to contain herself from skipping out onto the field. Skipping wasn't manly (Grrr, she giggled to herself) and Tea had to be as guy-ish as possible!

****No need for cheese!

"Okay you sluggers! I want half of you on the outfield and the rest on the in! Villaveya I want you pitching, and I'll be catching!" Called the coach (he was wearing a jersy with a slab of cheese on it). Tea was sitting in the corner, trying to be as inconspicuous as she could, her aluminum bat was at her side and a backwards cap hiding her face.

(AN:// Please bear with the authoress…she knows diddly squat about baseball other than they look like men in tights prancing around bases shaped into a diamond

Sage: they are RobinHood's lackeys I tells ya!! .!!!)

"Alright I'm going to score you all on your running, pitching and batting skills. The one's who show the most determination will most definitely get slot on the team." He took out a pack of string cheese, "MMM…."

"Okay Tea, you can do this," she encouraged herself and ran into the outfield. Tea tripped over the second base she was running to, "Ack!"


"AAAHH another home! What is this? How can this kid be so good?" Coach thought as he looked at the scrawny kid with the baseball jersey that practically drowned him. Coach chewed on his cheese on a stick candy as he marked on his chart. The strange baseball player's cap was low, he couldn't get a good glimpse of the face. Tea made sure she hit the baseball extra hard so she wouldn't have to run, there was no way they would make her run when she made the baseball go over the fence and into people's yards and breaking windows. So far, she had made four home runs, quite an accomplishment she had to say.

When Tea finally got off the home plate, and went into the dug out, she wiped the sweat off her brow. The coach was walking up to her, she tensed in nervousness. "Hey coach." She intentionally made her voice lower and raspy.

"You've got awesome aim kid. You sure you never played any leagues in the city? You've got talent."

"Nah Coach. I used'ta play with my old man but he got too old." It wasn't really true, Tea's dad was actually quite youthful and fit for his age. They had Tea when her dad was ready to go into college. "Ya know and all that shit."

"Wow, impressive. Have a string cheese on me!"

"Uh, no thanks. Cheese makes me nervous while playing ball." Tea looked onto his clipboard to see here name circled into a picture that looked suspiciously like a piece of swiss cheese, while she also saw angry slashes of 'X' all over. Weird, Tea thought as she went to sit down on the bench.

About a half an hour later, and the tryouts were over. Many teenage boys were practically lugging their tired bodies home with bags slung over their shoulders and bats in one hand.

"Hey you see how many homes that weird guy hit today at tryouts? He's a shoe-in for the team!" Dykes exclaimed to group of friends.

Parker looked over his shoulder, "You mean that guy with the hat so low that it covered his face? What's the deal, he really ugly or something?"

"Who you callin ugly?" Tea growled, she had been walking a few feet behind since they were heading in the same direction. Calm down girl, cool it!

Parker sneered, "Obviously you, since you don't wanna show face." Dykes and the rest of the group sniggered.

Tea readied her haunches into a run, she knew she wouldn't be able to defend herself when the numbers weren't in her favor. "Anything you can do I can do better! I can do anything…hella ass better than you stupid mutts!" Then she ran, sprinting cowardly while remembering. "Oh Shit! I remembered I have a meeting at the mall, see ya later boys!"

The group of boys blinked, "Was that just a girl?"

Dykes blinked, "Pushaw, it couldn't be!"

Parker, "Yea, women can't play ball."

"So you guys wanna go check out my dad's secret stash of porn under his bed?"



"Is it just me or is it really drafty in here?" Tea said as she was made to strut around the dressing room hall by Pegasus himself. She was wearing a jean miniskirt, and she could swear if it were any shorter it would have been more conservative to just let her walk around without them. The silky contraption with the neckline that delved a little too low made her feel as if she was hanging out. "Really, really I bet if I bent over…the whole world would get a good look at my ass." _

"Oh nonsense my dear, its always quite chilly in malls." Pegasus said obliviously. He was looking through a rack of thongs.

O.O "What are you LOOKING through them FOR??!!! I don't need no freaking thong!" The blue-eyed brunette hissed, making sure she didn't attract too much attention with her current attire.

Crawford held one of the skimpy undergarments up for her inspection, "Yes, actually you do. You can't think of wearing the clothes I bought for you in granny panties do you? They'll obviously show the seam lines and that simply will not do." He picked up a leopard print thong, "Do you like this one? Or-" The silver haired man picked up one decorated with Funny Bunnies, "This one? I like the one with the bunnies if I do say so myself. Their quite adorable."

X.x "Thongs aren't adorable." Tea grit out. She really wanted to strangle the man.

Waving his hand carelessly he said, "Oh fine. Neon colored ones it is. You're so picky you know, almost prudish."

"GRRR." She really REALLY wanted to strangle him, if it weren't for her need of his assistance she would have knocked him a good one right in the nose (and a kick where the sun don't shine to keep him down). "Fine fine." Tea sighed, "I'm going to get myself a drink."

"Okay Tea-gurl! Don't be too long! OooOOoh…there's one with rainbow bunnies!"

**Inside Tea's mind****


Angel: *rubbing temples* please do stop. You're incessant singing is getting on my nerves. I swear you should really learn how to deal with your bouts of de--

Devil: *offers her a shot of tequila* Wanna shot?

Angel: *sits down on stool before Devil (whom was behind a bar counter)* Uurgh. Make it a double dammit!

Devil: O.O…my hero….

Angel: *downing her fifth shot of tequila* Hic Hiccup…daMMn Strait.

***Outta her head for now***

Tea was rubbing her temples insistently with her head down, so she didn't know what hit her until it happened.


When Tea fell to the ground, she just knew KNEW that the world could see her undies. Her face turned red as she glared up and stood with hands on her hips.

"What is with people and bumping into me?!" She screeched.

Bakura rolled his eyes, his red eyes sharp as they bore into the female before him. "Woman, it's not like…o.o"

"Okay what is with the staring?" Then Tea remembered her gettup and smirked, "See something you like tomb robber."

"Nothing really impressive." Bakura smirked, but he couldn't help but let his eyes roam over her figure appreciatively. Beside him, Ryou spoke up softly, "I'm really sorry Tea. Sometimes Bakura gets a little more than grouchy with mishaps like bumping into people." Ryou couldn't help but look her up and down, his pale cheeks flushing a pleasing pink.

"Yea I can tell." The girl muttered, a little touchy with the comment from Bakura. She glared at him once again, her azure eyes clashing with amused crimson eyes. "Well I've gotta go. I'll talk to you later Ryou." Spinning on her heel, she walked back into the clothes department, her drink forgotten. Tea couldn't stop the blood rushing to her cheeks when an unbidden picture of Bakura materialized into her head. He was wearing a white long sleeved button up shirt and loose jeans on his lean body, Tea knew if she looked close enough she would have caught a glimpse of his sapphire boxers. His sharp eyes and devilish smirk made her heart flip in irregular beats, and she fumed. How could she be attracted to Ryou's yami, although…Ryou didn't look half bad himself.

Tea felt bad for not noticing Ryou, if it had not been his soft dialogue, she wouldn't have thought he was there at all. Grabbing the clothes Pegasus was pointing to in his arms, she practically locked herself into the dressing room and fell onto the large cushion chair in it. Not caring that her skirt was riding up, she curled into a ball and shivered.

What was this nagging feeling growing in her? A tear slipped down her cheek and Tea shrugged of her top and proceeded to change.


Author's notes:

Okay okay this chapter was really really lame…WAAAH I'M SORRY!! . BUT I LOST ALL MY FILES…stupid compy caught a virus and I had to have it recovered. I lost everything!! Waaaaaaaaaaah…I'm sorry this isn't very funny, but I don't have much to inspire myself with anymore . I'm sorry.

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