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Many creatures roam God's earth and among them all, man is unique. Given both virtues and sins humans, with their many forms, had to move forward with these conflicting parts of themselves. Some live happy with their choices, others are crippled by their mistakes and some spend their whole lives to make things right, to find some level of redemption.

God rarely intervenes letting them make their own path through life. But some can surprise even him. Some choices only leave remnants of their existence upon the world while others shake the world to its core. No matter the impact or intent there are always smaller choices that come first. And the smallest of decisions can lead a person to the biggest of ones.

One 17-year-old boy was desperate. He had asked and asked but always got the same answer. He wondered why he even kept trying but he didn't see another option. He saw his father wasn't busy at the moment, if anything he looked to be in a good mood.

"Well now is a good of a time as any, don't get your hopes up Jaune"

The desire to help others pushed him forward as Jaune walked into the living room. Like father like son they were similar. His father was taller than him though and much bulkier. They both had blond hair the Arc family was known for though the older man sported a well trimmed beard.

"Hey dad, could you please train me to be a huntsman?"

His father's good mood vanished as he sighed "Jaune, for the last time: No! I've already told you this so why do you insist on this every single time we talk? I've told you before that becoming a huntsman is a suicidal career."

"But why?! I don't get it! If you taught me then I would be strong enough to do it. I'd even be able to attend Beacon!" Jaune's frustration was already growing.

His father scoffed "Really? Beacon of all places? I've heard so many dangerous things about that school. You would have one year to get yourself ready. That's not nearly enough time, especially compared to the other kids who have spent their entire lives getting themselves ready to become a huntsman."

"That's not true! I promise to work really hard to learn everything I can-" Jaune was suddenly cut off as his father stomped his foot against the floor to interrupt his son.

"Jaune, my answer is no. I'm sorry, but one day you will understand. Now please leave me be. I need to get to work." He walked away and went back to what he was doing. Jaune's frustration turned to anger with his father's response. Clenching his fists, Jaune left the room without another word and went upstairs.

"Dad doesn't care! He doesn't care about what I want at all! He just wants me to live my life to his tune! I can't take it anymore!"

Unknown to Jaune, his father turned around just in time to see his only son leave at a measured pace. His face was emotionless but Jaune's eyes were just a bit shinier than they would normally be. He tried to go to him but he was stopped when a hand pressed into his chest.

"Honey… Please leave him be for now. He just needs time to himself." His wife said as she brought her hand back. She was shorter by a head compared to her husband and a bit shorter than Jaune. With black silky hair flowing down her back she was the only one not blond in the family.

Jaune closed the door to his room and was trying to not hit something. But as if under pressure his emotions had to go somewhere else and his eyes felt moist. Suddenly losing energy he sat on the floor leaning against his bed, one leg was extended out and one tucked up with the knee supporting his head. Then he started the new battle of trying to not cry.

Was it so wrong to want to help people in a world filled with shadow monsters that wanted to kill everyone and eat their emotions? Or whatever the creatures of Grimm were. His older sister, Coral, was a Huntress-in-training in her 3rd year! Why couldn't he follow her? He once tried to ask her for training only to find out his father forbade her to do so. His condition for letting her become a huntress. It was so unfair.

His father said it was a suicidal career to be a huntsman but what did that say about him training one of his daughters? Did he not care about her, but did care about Jaune? That seemed unlikely. More likely, his father believed in her and that she could become a huntress while Jaune couldn't.

His sisters were all great in their own way so why? Why can't he have a chance to make something of himself? Why must he, the only son of this generation of Arcs, not follow in the footsteps of his ancestors? In the footsteps of his father? It was just so stressful to always be compared to them, to his family.

How many times did it end like this? The only path available to him was shot down before he could start it. But what could he do? There were no retired Huntsmen in their small town of Ansel and even if there were, his father would likely drive them away and scold him when he found out. Did anyone care what he wanted? He had tried to train himself in secret but only ended up swinging a branch around without knowing where to start or how to improve. With nothing to take without it being noticed it was gone, Jaune needed to use something he made so he broke a branch down to size. It was roughly sword-shaped but then his "weapon" had broken when he hit a target - or tree as most people called them. He had tried to look up tips only to find out there was a parental lock on his Scroll. That was all he would ever be in his father's eyes, a child.

The worst part was he knew his father was right. Others trained for a lifetime to get to places such as Haven and Beacon. What did he do? His father didn't let him train, so he just read comic books and played video games all day, except when his parents needed some help around the house. He was a noodle regarding his muscles too and even had traces of baby fat left. He was useless, through and through.

After a while, Jaune took in a long breath and lifted his head looking around his room, the place he had known all his life. He was afraid once he'd have to share his room with one of his sisters, but luckily, his parents were able to build a smaller room for him to have all by himself.

Not much fit inside of it, only having his TV, game console, wardrobe, his bed, and a small shelf with comics and books on it. Jaune frowned, remembering that his father controlled what books he could get as well, most of the ones he had were ones not relating to huntsmen and old books his family kept. Among them were journals that his grandfather gave him. His frown died an unceremonious death as Jaune smiled softly; they were some of his most prized possessions. Even if his father didn't want Jaune to learn things about being a huntsman and fighting monsters he wouldn't take away gifts given by his own father.

Jaune shuffled over to the bookcase. While still sitting on the floor he picked up the three books and held them fondly. His grandfather was a big inspiration when he was younger and he was the only one to believe in him … even after he passed away. Unfortunately the books didn't have a lot of useful information in them about killing Grimm. Listing how many Grimm he killed didn't tell Jaune how he did it. Maybe that was the real reason his father let him keep them. The journals just listed events the man did along with his thoughts and sometimes feelings. They did have interesting tidbits about places around the world but not much else. Jaune put the books down intending to read one again only to notice something.

At the back of the shelf, there was another book placed sideways so it didn't stick out of the shelf. Now that he thought about it, his grandfather's journals never went all the way to the back of the shelf like the other books and this would explain why. But how long had it been there? He guessed he only ever took out one journal at a time and they were on the bottom shelf of the bookcase so he may have only noticed it because he was sitting on the ground.

He slowly picked it up. It seemed to gather a lot of dust since it had been placed there and for some reason, a spike of fear shot through him while looking at the book. This did not deter him, if anything it made his curiosity peaked. He opened it and quickly regretted it as the dust flew around, causing him to cough.

"Damn, should have cleaned it first." Jaune wiped down the book with his sleeve. Inside seemed to be another journal just as dry as the ones before but the handwriting wasn't the same. Wait, no, the first few pages were loose and not attached to the book. Jaune flipped past several pages looking for something different and he found it.

"What the Hell?" Jaune stared at the book, seeing strange depictions of several beings he could only imagine in his nightmares. What was this book? Was this why the book was behind the others? He could imagine a young Jaune being afraid of seeing this and putting the book with scary pictures behind the others. But he couldn't remember.

He flipped through the pages, nearly mesmerized by them. Where did this come from? Did his grandfather give it to him with the other books? If so, was it on purpose or accident? As he kept going he reached a page that was damaged. Portions of it were burned, but what he was reading wasn't. "Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. The embodiment of Gluttony. King in Hell known to grant wishes - Grant wishes?!"

Jaune nearly shouted the last part. Grant wishes? No, that was not right. It had to be just a story … that his grandfather gave him. With journal pages placed at the front that now that he went back and read more, detailed where it was found and how it was important for its historical value and not entertainment value. The entire book was intact but the pages of Beelzebub. What was it about this one being that got it nearly erased from the book? Jaune flipped the page and found something that really got his attention.

"Summoning rite?" He mused as he read through it in silence. "On a night with a full moon, draw the symbol of the fly on any surface with white chalk and offer a sacrifice of blood. Focus on the demon you desire to summon and they will be brought into this realm." He snorted. "No way this shit is real."

But what did he have to lose for trying? His father wouldn't teach him anything and he would stop anyone who might try to help him. But what about a demon? Even his father, no matter how skilled and strong, couldn't stand up to one. That is if they are real but maybe this was the answer. Was he really that desperate to try this despite knowing it would only leave him disappointed and with soul-crushing regret at getting his hopes up?

Quite frankly? Yes, he was.

All he had to do was do this ritual, right? It shouldn't be too hard. He searched around his room. His younger sisters had him hide away their chalks since their parents didn't like it when they dirtied the walls of the house and wanted to take them away. He was being a good brother to them by hiding them and it seems fate agreed with him. He really didn't want to go out of his room right now.

He took out the white chalk from under his bed and looked out through the window. It was cloudy, but he could clearly see the full moon. Jaune turned to the walls of his room, trying to find a suitable place to draw. He moved his TV to make room, then got the chalk in one hand and the book in another. He began to draw the symbol in the book, slowly outlining it with a double-layered circle. Various letterings ran between the circles that resembled letters and numbers but were not normal. A few forked and hooked lines along with a swirl were in the middle of the two circles.

Jaune didn't notice how his room got chillier or how flies gathered outside his window. He finished the symbol on his wall and put the chalk away, giving one last look at his work. If his parents saw this tomorrow they would freak out. The only explanation he had was that he was following some strange instructions in a book that his grandfather may or may not have wanted him to have. It was funny in a way.

However, what followed next wasn't. As he read the book, he noticed that some details were missing. He was only able to make out the fact that he shouldn't be too trusting of the demon and that he needed to be on his guard at all times. He put the book down and went around his room. He got a multitool, hand wipes, and bandages. The multitool didn't have a knife but he had once gotten a finger caught between the hinges that were used to fold out the pliers and there was blood involved. He used the hand wipes to disinfect the area he was going to use. He didn't want an infection after all. He walked to the circle and put his arm up. Pressing the multitool into his forearm and squeezed the handle. With the skin punctured blood started to flow out. It wasn't very big but it got the job done. Ignoring the slight sting he placed his arm against the wall.

He stood there for a few minutes, waiting for anything to happen, but nothing did. He sighed. "Of course. I knew I'd end up in this situation so why did I even bother to do this? It was just a story in a book or maybe a prank by whoever wrote those loose pages, nothing else…"

Jaune sighed as he pulled his arm away from the symbol, leaving a bloody mark behind. He turned around and used the bandage on the cut on his arm. He was glad he planned for this inevitable failure. Jaune took one last look at the book, seeing the picture again. "Well Beelzebub, I could have used your wish. Shame you're not real, you would have been a sight for sore eyes … and isn't that depressing."

The creature's monstrous form was hidden from sight as he closed the book. The air shifted but Jaune assumed it was the air conditioning or heating turned on as he collapsed on his bed. Only after a moment, a shiver run down his spine.

"Is it just me or did it get colder in here?" Jaune sat up wondering if there was something wrong with the central air in the house as he grabbed the sheets from his bed to keep himself warm. However, before he could pull them over himself he noticed something else. Warmth. It was warm and cold? It was coming from the symbol he drew which was, to his utter shock, glowing a bright crimson color.

"What the hell?!" Jaune shouted as he got up. On some sort of defense instinct, he grabbed the multitool again and pointed it at the glowing symbol. Only for his trembling hand to cause the tool to close on his finger drawing blood. It clattered to the floor when he let it go "Stupid tool. who designed this health hazard?"

He ignored it for the more important thing happening in the room. With the initial shock over Jaune was calmer and stared at the symbol he made as it glowed brighter.

"It's working?! Oh my God, I am actually doing this! I am actually summoning a demon!" Jaune was excited for a second until it clicked in his head. "I AM SUMMONING A FUCKING DEMON!"

He rushed to the symbol, trying to erase it and stop whatever was happening. He rubbed his hand along the wall only to add more blood to it courtesy of his new wound. Jaune cursed and used his other hand but as he did it was like his hand was going through the symbol … and into the wall. The chalk and blood slowly sank into the wall until they had disappeared completely. It was bright at this point, he had to try to do something. He grabbed the book, flipping nervously through the pages until he found the page with the ritual. NOTHING on how to STOP it. Which was likely erased by the damage.

"Damn it! I should have made sure there was a way to stop it before I started. I thought it wasn't real but here I am summoning a demon! Who or what is Beelzebub anyway? Is he that bad-" Jaune was interrupted from his thoughts swiftly as whatever he made pulsated sending a small shock wave out that knocked him on his face, luckily onto his bed and straight into his pillow. But it didn't stop, the pulse happened, again and again, moving furniture around. The symbol … or glowy light because the symbol was gone, was gathering energy from the looks of things.

Jaune quickly got up from his awkward position on the bed and was going to approach it again but he heard footsteps outside his door. "Shit, not now." He ran to his door, locking it. Just in time too because he heard someone trying to come inside.

"Jaune? What are you doing in there?" One of his sisters, Sapphire, shouted from the other side. She was younger than him, but she always acted more mature. "Are you playing some video game? If so, then turn it down! I am trying to sleep!"

"Sorry, Saph!" Jaune quickly shouted in panic. "I just, Uhm, wanted to get my mind off Dad's latest rejection, that's all!" He heard his sister sigh on the other side of the door. He felt bad he had to use that as an excuse to hide the crazy demon shit in his room.

"Fine...Just finish up and go to bed, please." Sapphire said then left, leaving Jaune alone to breathe a sigh of relief. But that was short-lived as he noticed the light was changing. A circle formed in the center and expanded outward. It was like there was nothing behind it anymore, just a hole that went past the wall, the hallway, the house, and instead of letting him see outside it just kept going. It grew until it was bigger than the symbol he had drawn and it clicked.

A portal. A fucking portal opened up in his room! Jaune slowly stepped backward moving away from it, his foot knocking the multitool away, useless. His legs hit his bed and fell onto it, just sitting there as there was nothing he could do. The inside of the portal was pitch black without even a semblance of light coming from within but he could still somehow see that it had a depth to it and it just kept going. The edges of it however still glowed, though the light was less compared to earlier.

He was shaking and his eyes were unsteady. He expected a giant fucking fly to come out and most likely spew acid on him, then devour his liquified remains. What a way to die … However, he was quite surprised when he heard a rather feminine yawn coming from the other side of the portal.

"Huh?" As he looked at it he saw a figure step out of the portal, coming into his room. She wore a mostly crimson outfit, with dress pants, gloves, a blazer, and a waistcoat all the same color. She also had some white mixed in as she had a lot of fly-themed jewelry. They were on her wrists, along the front of her blazer and a large one on her neck stood out among the red. Her jewelry matched her hair which was as white as the moon outside. There were also horns coming out of her head on both sides, they were fully white just like her hair. If the horns weren't enough her irises were red and to really make sure there was no mistaking that she was a demon she had a long serpent-like tail with a pointed spaded tip on the end, that swayed gently behind her.

Jaune expected a demon, not a woman! This was already the strangest thing to happen in his life ever and that was before she showed up. A small part of him was wondering if she was single but he stomped that down right away. He did not need things to get weirder. Still, he had other questions.

"Who is she? What just happened? And why is she a woman and not a horrifying fly thing like in the book?" The woman in question looked at him as soon as he thought those questions then smirked at him and let a small chuckle pass through her lips.

"My name is Beelzebub and you just freed me from my prison in the Abyss by using the summoning rite in that book of yours. As for why I look as I do, this is merely my humanoid form. I could feel the restricted space on the other side and decided to make myself more … presentable." She explained but the boy only tensed up even more.

"Did she just read my thoughts?" Jaune thought.

"That I did, darling," Beelzebub replied, making Jaune nearly pass out. Suddenly he remembered just how little control he had over this situation and yet he caused this. Conflicting emotions battled against an overload of new information inside his head. But none more than the fact demons were real, what did that imply about angels or more so what did that mean about the big man upstairs. This was a lot more than Grimm; they couldn't talk or read minds. He collapsed back on his bed, laying down and looking at the ceiling feeling a sense of nausea hit him. Seeing this, Beelzebub quickly went to him, pulling out a handkerchief from her pocket.

"There, there, darling, I know this is a lot to take in." She said in a soothing voice, trying to calm Jaune down from his impending panic attack. His panic did make Jaune sweat a bit but not much, despite that she still dabbed the handkerchief on his skin which felt oddly nice and relaxing.

"How, what, why...huh?" Jaune was speechless, just like that. The ritual actually worked and now he had a good-looking demon lady in his room. Many teenage boys his age would dream of having a woman in their room, but not him! His parents raised a gentleman. And now he was annoyed that his mind kept coming back to that thought.

"Hmm. Hey, now that I look at you closer … Do you happen to know a Leon Arc?" She asked. This made the gears in Jaune's head spin trying to remember the name. If he recalled it correctly there was one person who did have that name.

"I do? Pretty sure he is the brother of my grandfather." Jaune replied, to which Beelzebub seemed pretty delighted to hear. She took her handkerchief back, putting it in her pocket before looking at the boy again. She was up to something. "Why do you ask?"

Beelzebub giggled slightly as she moved to look around his room. She had to admit, she expected less of a mess. But then again, Leon did warn her that the next one to summon her might not do it as fancy as he did.

"Allow me to clean up" She flicked her wrist and all of the items knocked around or broken by the portal opening returned to their original place in his room. She also put the TV Jaune moved to make the symbol back where it was. Heck, she even cleaned as he noticed there wasn't any type of filth anywhere … not that there was any, to begin with as obviously, he kept his room clean what teenaged boy wouldn't do that. Jaune was left speechless once more, only able to think about how it happened.

"Was that her semblance? No, it can't be. She was reading my thoughts - it's impossible!" Jaune sat up to look around the room. Beelzebub just chuckled next to him. She enjoyed this boy, his obliviousness was funny.

"No, darling, that was magic." She answered casually. "The force to rewrite the laws of reality, to break the boundaries of nature, and more!" She said in a manner of grandeur, a hand over her chest as if presenting herself. "And I, Beelzebub, happen to be a master at it!"

"Magic?" It was official, Jaune's mind was overloaded.

"Oh my, better explain some things first then. You just stay sitting, darling, because this is going to take a while."

And it did take a while. Jaune was listening closely to Beelzebub as she explained magic to him and how it worked. He had only ever heard of things like it in stories and even then it was slightly different. For a second he thought maybe he could use it but Beelzebub quickly shot down what little hope was building when she said that most people on Remnant lost the ability to use magic. He was no exception. She also asked some questions about him, his family, and his overall life.

She felt sorry for him seeing him reject his desires for so long but she knew she could help. In fact, they could help each other. The last time she was summoned it was by his ancestor, Leon Arc, who by failing their little deal landed her back in the Abyss. Her prison. Jaune did ask about that when she brought it up and she told him that she was actually an outcast from Hell.

Safe to say Jaune felt a second panic attack coming on after finding that out. Beelzebub got kicked out of Hell. How do you even do that?!

She quickly calmed him down again, just like how a mother would a child. For a demoness, Jaune had to admit she was being far more kind and caring than he expected. But once everything was explained, it came time for Beelzebub to tell him the last detail. How exactly did she know Leon Arc?

"You see Jaune, your grand uncle was an eccentric man, to say the least, and has always prided himself with his Huntsmen career." She explained sitting on the bed next to him as her explanations ran long. "However, by dedicating his life to his work he had never gotten married or had a family of his own. That is where I come in. He had found the book, the Grimoire, during one of his missions in the older parts of the continent of Solitas. He kept it of course then when he got home he set it aside. It took him a week to find out he could summon me."

"What then?" Jaune asked, listening closely as she explained.

"He summoned me, of course. He even prepared a small dinner, the sweetheart. I couldn't say no, especially since it had cake and pancakes involved. Believe it or not, demons love sugar. It is very rare in Hell." She explained as she shifted where she sat, placing her right one atop the left. "After that, he voiced his wish; A harem of demon girls"

Jaune had to hold back his shock at hearing that, coughing as well as not to choke on his spit. His earlier attempt was in vain, things got weirder. A harem of demon girls?! Was his granduncle mad or something? A harem of all things? Why not money? Strength to defeat anyone? Or just make all the Grimm die? Why not maybe ONE woman to make a family with, if that was what he wanted? Wasn't it self-centered or perverted to ask for that? That was his initial reaction. Though that was if the girls were forced into it so he guessed it would be ok if they weren't forced, maybe? No matter how he looked at that wish, it sounded insane.

"I know what you think, that he was insane. That is what I thought as well. You are going to react the same way he did when I tell you it is possible."

"Possible?! What do you mean by that? It sounds absurd! Look, Beel, I appreciate you not killing me, and I do not mean to speak ill of the dead, but my grand uncle must have been crazy to think that can work." He snorted, "I mean, imagine the jealousy and issues that come with that. No normal girl would want to be in a harem willingly-"

"Oh, you misunderstand me, darling." Beelzebub, or Beel as Jaune had started to call her, interrupted him. "I do think he was crazy but you see, we demons do not mind sharing. In fact, that is quite common. The only issue is that humans do not really handle us very well. You know, a little Snu-Snu."

"I am lost now…" Jaune buried his head into his palms. This was all crazy. "But what does that have anything to do with me?"

"Simple. You see the terms of our deal were that if he gets his harem, I get out of the Abyss for good. He failed, so I was forced back. However, there was a condition on his little will regarding this case. I must say, I didn't see it coming in handy but I am glad he did it." She put her hand in front of him then a poof of black smoke appeared, followed by a piece of paper. "This here is our contract. Please read it carefully."

Jaune took the paper in his hand and began to read, Beel, staying close to him on the bed. He read through the beginning of it which were simple introductions and the harem part of the deal. Nothing Beel has not told him yet. However, once he reached lower he saw a certain line which he read aloud.

"I, Leon Arc, hereby decree that in the case of my demise without my quest to get a demon harem complete, my descendant is to take up my contract with Beelzebub. In simpler terms, they are to gather the harem for me and succeed. If they fail, then the duty will fall on the next male heir of the Arc household and so on until one of them succeeds." The contract stated, but there was more. "P.S: The book I left behind was damaged due to me leaving it close to a candle. Sorry!"

Both of them sat in silence for a good 5 minutes, Beel slowly taking back the paper. After that, Jaune collapsed, his back hitting the bed again, muttering something impossible to understand to himself. Beel found his antics amusing, but she knew he had a duty now. "So, it is safe to assume you are the next heir of the Arc household?"

Jaune wanted not to admit it but he couldn't lie to her. But if there is one thing he will do, that will be curse his ancestor for dropping this stuff onto him. "Y-yes…" Jaune replied with a stutter, to which Beelzebub giggled in delight.

"Splendid." She stood up and snapped her fingers creating a crimson portal in the middle of his room. But it was different as it wasn't just nothingness inside. Jaune looked up at it and he paled. He saw fire, endless amounts of it, and mountains of nude corpses atop each other each screaming in pure agony. The demons he saw within were horrible, and they were torturing the souls with delight. "This here is a portal to Hell. Once you are prepared, you can-"

"Hold up!" Jaune shouted, making Beel close the portal.

"Look, I know I am now forced into this contract, an Arc doesn't go back on their word. Though we shouldn't promise things on behalf of the family," he muttered then cleared his throat. "But this is not why I wanted to summon you!"

"Oh?" Beel looked the boy in the eyes. "Then what is your wish, darling?"

Jaune took a deep breath. "I want to be a Huntsman. A hero. Since you met my granduncle, I guess you know about our family heritage. But for me? My parents, my father especially, had done everything in their power to keep me away from any kind of training. I just want to help others, is that so bad?"

His voice was slowly beginning to crack as he talked, seeming to forget about the demoness in the room. "All my life I wanted to be like my family, to prove myself! But I was never given the chance to do so. Why must I rot here, Beel?"

He brought a hand to his face, trying to shield his tearing eyes. He was close before but now he simply opened the wound. "Am I wrong to want that?"

Jaune couldn't stop a tear from rolling down his cheek. He felt numb for a moment but it didn't last as warmth overpowered it. It wasn't from a portal though, this time it was from Beel. She had gone to him and wrapped her arms around him, burying his head into her chest. If he wasn't a nervous wreck right now, he would have freaked out. Her warmth washed over him and seemed to fill him with comfort and safety. She shushed him gently like others would a crying child, patting his head to calm him down.

"Jaune, you are right. I do know about the Arcs and their lineage. However, I also know about their sacrifice. Your grand uncle gave away the chance of a family to be a Huntsman. I have no doubt you will be different but I must remind you how dangerous it is. But in the end, as it is my nature, I can only offer you a deal. Will you, Jaune Arc, accept my aid to become what you desire?"

Jaune let out a quiet sob hearing her say that. Did she really believe in him? Or was she just saying it to make him feel better? "What do you think, Beel? Do I have a chance?"

"You have 1 year, correct? With my help and the help of anyone, you might meet in Hell … Yes. With our help, you can be who you desire, Jaune. You can be the hero you want to be" the demoness gave her honest opinion.

For the first time in forever Jaune could look someone in the eyes and see that they truly believed in him. Beel's red irises reflected strongly in his blue ones and Jaune did not want this moment to end.

"I take it you won't be going to Hell now, correct?" Beel asked.

"No … Yea … I mean correct. I need to prepare." Jaune replied.

Beel chuckled "I knew you'd say that. You can take Crocea Mors with you. While I was with your grand-uncle, I left my mark on it. It will greatly aid you in Hell."

"What do you wish to do now?" She asked, but got no reply back. "Jaune?"

Beel looked down at the boy and saw him sleeping with his head on her chest. She gave a small warm smile as she took his head and placed it on the bed, tucking him in as best as she could. She decided to make herself more comfortable as well so she simply turned into a fly to sleep where she was safe.

As the night got later most who lived in the small town were heading to sleep. None of them knew that this night was the beginning of a new legend. A story with its own trials and rewards. The events of the coming days will cause ripple effects which will have wide-sweeping changes. Whether they are in Heaven, Hell or the Earth people will take notice. And they will know how it came to be. They will hear the tale…

Of the Arc of Hell.

Wassup peeps, Bloodfiend here. I hereby present you my Helltaker and RWBY crossover, featuring our favorite blonde knight as the protag. This one was done in collab with Nerdy, the first part of this document (The argument Jaune had with his father) being his work and the rest being mine.

Of course, I will only post this first section here. If you guys want more, make sure to let me know through a review or PM. If this first little chapter does well, I and Nerdy might just start to work on it and turn it into a real story here. A fair warning, however, we might break Jaune a little with his semblance. Nerdy also suggested we add more girls in the imminent Harem, but I declined mainly because 12 is already hard to manage. (Even though it is technically only 10 if you count Cerberus as one single entity). Regarding Pyrrha? Well, I couldn't exactly leave her out, so for her, I will do an exception. The question is how everyone will react once they see him with a Harem. Every single boy will want his head, I can see it happen.