Legolas leaves Middle-earth

I cry these tears
Because I wonder why
I now live my life full of fears
Though Elves don't cry

It is too late
To take it back
All those words you said with hate
It was my fate

I did not know what to do
In a world without you
And then as time grew ever more
Soon petty fights turned into war

A single tear runs down my cheek
Without you my life looks bleak
All this war has turned me hard
My heart is soft though it is marred

Now as I look outside
I withdraw and want to hide
Images flash before my eyes
Though I tell myself that they're all lies

My heart is filled with so much sorrow
Can hardly wait until the morrow
The coming of dawn brings new hope
In the darkness I shall no longer grope

I reach deep inside my mind
As I search in vain to find
Any shred of any peace
A pleasant memory at the least

I begin to fear my time has come
To pass the sea under the sun
Though at the same time I am sad
I smile as I remember the friendship we once had

I no longer feel my love for the trees
So drawn am I to the calls of the seas
I begin to fade away
Night by night and day by day

I now live my life full of darkness
Even the seas cannot cure this
I leave the world with one thought
Of this world I care naught
Though for you I would have fought

And as I leave, I cry my last tears
Ridding myself of pain and fears
Each tear I cry is for one whom I've lost
One for whom I would die for
No matter the cost

So as the tears flow down my face
I will finally leave this place
And as I leave over from here
The time of Elves is over