I know it shouldn't but this is what goes through my head during class.

This goes to the tune of: this is a story of a girl

*This is the story of an elf Who cried so much he nearly drownded himself Because he felt so bad He was really really sad

*This is the story of a dwarf who turned around and then he morphed into an elf then he nearly drownded himself

*This is the story of a hobbit who turned around and grabbed his oven mitt so he could bake a really really tasty cake

*This is the story of a man who went and opened a cambells soup can but instead of soup, a little sign poked out and said you are a dupe

*This is the story of a boy who went and broke his new toy and he got sad and cried "mommy"! ( I know the last one did not really rhyme but I got writers block and could not think of anything else.)

This goes to the tune of Brady Bunch theme song

This is a story Of a Blondie elfie That dressed up like Britney Spears When the rest of the Fellowship saw him They laughed so hard they All burst into tears

This is a story Of a Hobbit Who turned around and picked up his oven mitt Then he asked the elf What he wanted to him bake The Elf said he wanted a cake

My friend Tammy came up with that last one ;) she is cool.