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He was reborn, but he was not reborn into the world, he was reborn into dreams.

He had power when people were asleep, at first all he wanted to do was get out and experience the world.

But then he realised that looking like he was the universe as a person was too eye-catching so he went back in.

So he passed the time by going through millions of people dreams in seconds before he found a batch of dreams that made him pause.

It wasn't anything special really, just some kids who were spending time with their parents.

But that was just it, looking into it, he realised that these kids didn't actually have parents in the real world, they were orphans dreaming about being adopted and that was what was heartbreaking.

Even the teenagers we're dreaming about having Parents.

This was sad.

He wanted to do something for them.

So the next time they all want to sleep, he made a video game for them, the characters were aliens of the lowest level and they had to climb their way to the top.

He gave them quests, prizes and cheats and when they all began to wake up, he gave them a fraction of what they won which must have been very shocking to them.

Imagine, winning shoes and seeing it in your stuff, in the real world?

Or better yet, winning 25 dollars and seeing a 5 in your empty wallet.

The next night, the person calling himself the dream master had never seen a more happier group of kids so glad to be back.

They played the game and titles began to come into play.

As the nights went on, he saw rivalries emerge, but the biggest change was definitely the children's confidence.

The dream world allowed you to be far more than an orphan just begging for adoption.

You can be completely badass, he could tell that a lot of them enjoyed the robot fighting stage as they could use weapons of their choice to take down a giant robot.

However, there was one person who seems to excel at every stage, even triggering hidden quests and that person name was Tatsuya Kiyama.

He saw the kids daily life and realised, that in real life the boy was a natural-born leader but the guy had been so manipulated ever since he was young, that he had become a slave to the orphanage owner who he assumed would adopt him one day.

However here, you fight for yourself, you gain things for yourself, you can be whoever you want to be and there were no outside influence.

He was not surprised when the guy found the power room first but completely dismissed it, some followed his lead while others could not resist and downed that bottle.

When consumed they gained new abilities and upgrades.

Night after night, he made sure the game stayed fresh for them, however, eventually everything must come to an end.

Tatsuya Kiyama whose name was 'Xene' in the game, reached the end first and gained the title Master Rank Supreme Ranker.

And that's when he appeared before him and said. "Congratulations Xene on completing the game. There are now two rewards for you. The first one is a choice. In real life would you like to become your game character or not?"


You can tell the boy was stunned but when you think about it, Xene was better than regular him in every way, he was a lot more stronger emotionally too.

The guy agreed and then began to glow.

The Dream Master said. "It is done. Now onto the second reward. I as the Game Master will grant you any wish you desire"

Any wish?

The guy paused, this was a once in a lifetime chance opportunity, this game was real somewhat, the boy could become fabulously rich and live like his friend Hiroto.

He could wish that the orphanage owner would adopt him like he desired.


Xene said. "I want a real parent or parents. Not one that was manipulated into adopting me."


The Dream Master "Done. Welcome to the family, Xene"

The boy's eyes went huge as he realised what he just said.

"By the way, congratulations on your world tournament soccer win," he said.

Then the boy woke up.

The Dream Master went through the same thing for the rest and all of them wanted to have a Parent and agreed to marge with their fun game character.

By the morning he felt good, he wondered how they would do in real life.

But what he didn't know was that this powerup couldn't have come sooner, because the next day, the world literally ended and Zombies rose from the ground.

The staff that was supposed to be there for the children completely abandoned them and rushed to the nearest safety area instead.

What was the point of cashing in a paycheck if the world had ended?

They were completely on their own, but instead of rushing into the building to have a children snack, the Zombies refuse to go near.

The Zombies were afraid of the children in the building.

The children weren't human anymore.

The children woke up feeling an amazing sense of confidence that they so desperately lacked before and they looked exactly like their game characters.

Which meant, they indeed had a dad now.

They looked outside and saw the Zombies and how the Zombies wouldn't go near the building.

Some people went outside and scouted the area, only to discover that this wasn't a parade or a comic book zombie convention.

The whole neighbourhood was completely silent and nobody was going out for school or work.

They turned the tv on and discovered that the news was on and it told them to head to certain area's.

Most of Japan seemed to be heading to Tokyo or other big places with massive supplies.

"There's bound to people too scared to go outside or who don't have a car still here," said Bellatrix. "We could rule this town easily, all we have to do is give them food. We can ask Father for more supplies"

And Xene said. "Ruling a town? That's a sentence I never thought I would hear outside of a game setting. You have me on board"

With him on board, the question was circulated through all of them and all of them agreed that they would take over the town, the same town that had shunned them for so long in.

They began their take over by making a barrier, fire and ice were a great combination but timing was key but within an hour they had set up a stone barrier.

Then they got rid of all the Zombies. It wasn't very hard.

The Zombies were weak and afraid of them.

However, the clean up after the battle wasn't very glamorous, they saw that people who stayed for a reason, peeked out to see what was going on.

Those people saw them use their powers to get rid of the Zombies and clean up, the people had never seen anything like it.

Those who had to live with a Zombie such as a Grandmother who died that morning or somebody died from an illness, got visited by them and the worse part was, they couldn't even bury them.

Any part of a Zombie left behind will still move and could infect.

When the cleanup was done, they raided the town for food and then gave a portion of it to their new civilians in the form of gift baskets, a note said 'Welcome to the new Town called Alius' and then they knocked on the door and left it.

Even if the Human race got rid of the Zombies, they weren't given this town back.

As the day progressed, the new citizen's found that they could go outside and eat.

In fact, their lives were better than before.

Everything was free.

When nightfall and the new people went to sleep, they told the Dream Master what was going on, only to find out he had become aware of the Zombies but he had no idea that they took over their home town.

However, he didn't condemn their actions.

Instead, he gave several resources to help them and told them that they should probably start a selection process because the population was too small to consume the amount of food they had.

The children thought about this but sure enough, they found that they were wasting too much food, it was dishearting to watch even the Pets refuse to eat the food.

So they began to plan the selection process but they decided to broadcast something all over the world.

However, they waited until the human race felt it because that would be the moment that was the most impactful.

Then they broadcasted it.

#Tokyo Camp#

Things weren't looking good, even though Tokyo had the biggest population in the country, it was way more cramped than usual.

The supplies weren't going to last forever, the President of Japan was sweating.

They needed more time and more resources.

And then it happened, all the screens turned on and every human alive saw a football stadium.


Wasn't that the stadium on Soccer Island!

Was this old footage, because the grass still looked nice? Thought half the human race.

However, then they saw kids exit out of audience entrance.

Two redheads and one of them was eating popcorn.

However, half the world recognised Tatsuya Kiyama, defender of Inazuma Japan right next to the popcorn eating redhead.

Suddenly the red-headed eating popcorn said. "Is this where you wanted to go, Xene? Revisiting past glory?"

What? Was half of the planet as they heard it in their own language.

And Xene?

"A historical battle was fought here. It's hard to believe that this is the same place" said Xene.

"Please, if I was there. It would be a historical massacre" said the other.

Everybody blinked.

That was quite an amazing ego.

"We've seen this place. Now we wait for the three other leaders to come by" said Xene.

Suddenly they heard in an emotionless echoey voice. "Only you would have thought a Zombie filled island in a stadium, would be a great meeting place, Xene"

Out came a guy with big grey hair and he sat down.

"Nice to see again, Gazelle," said Xene.


So many people were confused right now.

The other just crossed his arms and said. "Likewise"

And then the screen changed to show a tall guy and then a green guy appeared in a seat.

All five of them were here.

They were all kids.

Xene said. "It's nice to see that you all made it. We will now begin the meeting to talk about the selection process for the human race"



Then uproar!

Even the sleepy people woke up fast.

The world leaders we're suddenly attentive.

The selection process for the human race!?

Xene said. "I trust you all know what that is?"

"Yes, we need to find humans to fill our town. because too much of our food is going to waste" said the tallest.


More uproar!

What, they have too much food!?

The Human race wished they had this problem!

"Yes, we can't keep dumping the food onto the animals. Their growing fat and lazy and most of the population cleared out due to the Zombies" said Gazelle. "We need a surge in the population"

So many people raised their hand immediately, if they had food to dump, they would be happy to eat it for them!

What is this amazing meeting they were witnessing? Was this real? Thought the whole human race.

They had so many questions, like who were these kids.

"Of course, the number of spots will be limited, unless we decide to expand the Town," said Xene. "Us and our forces will scour all over the globe, for suitable candidates. Young or old, if they have a disability or illness, we have the necessary resources to treat it."


Again, what is this amazing meeting they were listening to! Thought the human race.

"Of course, we have Cancer down pat," said the other redhead and so many eyes changed.

"There are 60 of us," said the guy with the green hair."It shouldn't be too hard to get through all of the camps. Like the Humans say 'Birds of a Feather, Flock together'"

The humans blinked.

"And of course as leaders, it's only fit that we judge the biggest camps on the planet," said Gazelle before saying. "And God, help the humans who have to deal with your giant ego, Torch"

The jab was not lost on the read head and the guy said. "You're just still mad that I beat your ass, 2 months ago in that tournament"

"How can I be mad, when I buried you six feet under a day later?" Said Gazelle.

"You two, stop fighting," said Xene.

They did so.

The world couldn't help but notice how fast the two listened to him.

Clearly, he outranked them all.

Xene then said. "Now let's see who will visit first"

And then a hat came down and it was glowing, then slips of paper were fired out it, they all caught one easily much to everybody shock.

Then they turned around to read it.

And suddenly the tallest one began laughing when he saw what he got.

A laugh like that should not come out of a teenagers mouth.

Xene said. "So we all have our slips. This is our start camp, we will be there for one week and then we will be onto the next camp. The selection process will be 2 months long. The town can handle us being gone for 2 months. Everybody here has their own standard so judge as you wish"

And then something appeared in the sky, it was a date.

The date was close and the world went into uproar reading it.

Those who were ready to die suddenly became lively and alert.

So much hope was in the air.

They needed to either grab a spot, talk to one of them to see if they can help out or kidnap them.

But the world was about to find out that they were dealing with people who had been given no reason to bend over backwards for them.