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The gang walks into Miss Grotke's classroom that morning. A week away from Christmas and everyone's excited.

"I'm tell ya Teej, my old man got us tickets for a week of wrestling." Spinelli exclaimed shaking a fist in the air. Gus comes up from behind Spinelli waving goodbye to Cornchip Girl heading to her own class.

"Well Spinelli your plans are all set huh?" The tiny blond smiles, Spinelli turns to him before Gus takes his sit. "Course they are. Heck I'm more jazzed, then when we-"

"Hey guys did leave this on my desk?" TJ cuts Spinelli off the gang looks to TJ then his desk. Mikey's eyes seem to shine, he smiles. Walking over he picks up the wrapped gift. "Why TJ, you may have a Secret Santa."

Gretchen gently takes the gift out of Mikey's hand. "Not impossible Mikey. Tho Ms. Grotke would have informed us if we were. Best to read the tag for more." TJ gives Gretchen a raised eyebrow at that but sits down. As Gretchen places the well wrapped gift on his desk.

Just as TJ opens the tiny tag on the green bow tie. Ms. Grotke walks in, "Good morning youthful people. Let's start off this day with some creative individual projects."

Spinelli smirks, as everyone goes to sit down. "Free morning sweet-" She sees from her chair TJ hunched in his. Normally he'd have smirked with her and "tender" would have slipped out of his mouth.


"Alright guys, see you later. Hustler Kid said something about me liking his latest product."

TJ walks off smiling, Spinelli about to follow him to question TJ. When she feels Vince grab her at arm. "Hey Spinelli wanna play Kick Ball? I could use you to handle Ashley Q."

Hearing that Spinelli dismisses TJ's behavior as the 5 walk out towards the field. TJ looks behind himself sighing with relief the gang bought his lie. The unopened gift hidden in his green jacket flap side. He lightly pets in to make sure it's still there. Taking a deep breath. He looks up ftom his sneakers to his destination. . .

"Okay, let's get this over with. You want to know, why?"

He states convincing himself even more staring at the tire club house of The Ashleys. His brown eyes still look freaked out. Clearing his throat, one last deep breath. "Hey Ashleys?"

"Like what is it?" That's Ashley A alright. TJ grumbles incoherently, before he can shout something he hears. "Wait a moment Detweiler." Again Ashley A states as TJ moves away from tire entence to see her climbing out.

Hands on her hips she smiles small at him. "Did you totally love your gift or what?" She questions eagerly to know his answer. He just blinks stupidly at her. Standing up he takes the unopened gift out that flap of his green jacket.

He stares her in the eyes. Ashley A sighs annoyed. "Like seriously? I'm not tricking you here TJ." Shee gently takes the gift out his hands. Ripping the wrapping open she hands him the gift to full view it. The Seรฑor Fusion movie on high end DVD with a few bonus clips of the comics.

TJ can't help but grin. Turning away from the box set to the pampered blonde. She smiles with a noticeable blush she's NOT trying to hide.

"Thanks Ashley. But why-"

TJ is cut off by the leader Ashley kissing his cheek. He stumbles backwards on a tire. Staring at her shocked he holds his left cheek speechless. She giggles softly.

"I'm a boy liker, well honestly now a TJ liker." She calmly offers a hand to help TJ up. Hands still together after he gets up, he just stares unblinking at her. Her soft smile isn't something he's use too.

"My follow Ashleys know I like you. They totally get why and won't squeal a word." She says to reassure him more then herself. "So Merry Christmas Theodore." With that Ashley A heads back inside the girls clubhouse leaving poor TJ with more questions then answers, regardless the gift he's very grateful for.

"Merry Christmas Ashley."