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Deidre gazed out at those gathered from her seat beside Elrond. Today was one of the most important days in Middle Earth's history. She had seen the ringbearer; he was small, but seemed strong of spirit, and he had three of his friends always by his side for support.

And Aragorn was back, which was good. No doubt that he and Arwen would be sneaking off to the gardens later tonight.

But it was the person sitting a few seats down from Aragorn that caught her eye. It was Legolas. She hadn't seen him in a long time. But now was not the time for looking around, apparently, because Elrond had stood up and began to talk.

Deidre just took everything in, listening. She watched as Frodo the hobbit said he'd take the ring to Mordor, and laughed mentally when she saw her uncle's surprise when Sam, Merry, and Pippin burst out of the bushes.

The council was over soon after that, and Deidre had volunteered to lead the group of messengers going to Lorien. She wanted to wait out the business with the ring there, with her grandparents.

**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

The night before Deidre was supposed to leave, she had a horrible case of insomnia. She decided to take a walk in the gardens, since it would be a long time before she saw them again. However, she didn't expect to see Legolas there.

**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

Legolas's heart leaped when he saw Deidre walk into the gardens. Not a day had passed since they had last parted that he hadn't thought about her. She had grown even more beautiful sine he had seen her last. He mustered up the courage to talk to her and walked over to where she was standing.

**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

"Hello," came a voice from behind Deidre. She spun around to see Legolas.

"Hello, Legolas," Deidre said warmly. "It's been a long time since I saw you."

"A long time indeed, but it was time well worth the waiting, for now I have the pleasure of seeing you again," he replied.

Deidre blushed scarlet. "You flatter me with your kind words."

"I speak only the truth."

Deidre's face grew even redder. She decided to change the subject. However, Legolas beat her to it.

"So, you're heading up the group of messengers that are going to Lorien?" he asked.

Deidre nodded. "And staying there for as long as this ring business lasts. Once the fellowship leaves, things here will take a definite turn for the worst. Arwen'll be dreaming about Aragorn, my uncle will be depressed, and the twins will be bored stiff. I'd give myself three weeks before my sanity's gone and I'm whistling the Lay of Nimrodel in my bathrobe."

She and Legolas laughed. "We leave in the morning," Deidre said.

"Really? That soon? It's only been three days since the council!"

"I don't know why we're leaving so soon, either. But I don't mind."

**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

Legolas shifted uneasily. This was not good. He'd have to tell her now. "Deidre?" he asked tentatively. "There's something I need to tell you."

"Yes, Legolas?"

Why is this so hard? He thought. "Deidre, I love you."

**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

"W-what?" Deidre blurted out. He didn't just say that he loved her, did he? Oh, Varda, why me? She thought.

"I love you. I have since the moment I met you and I always will."

"Umm, I should probably go and get some rest now. Namarie!" Deidre called out as she turned and fled the garden, not stopping until she was in her room with the door locked. Now she was glad that she was leaving first thing in the morning. She had no idea how she felt about Legolas, and she'd rather sort it out when he wasn't around. Tired, she fell asleep before her head even hit her pillow.

**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

Legolas sat down on a stone bench and put his head in his hands. All I did was tell her that I love her, he thought. I don't see why she had to run away. I know she doesn't feel the same way about me, but couldn't she have stayed? He spent the rest of the night on that bench, not even caring if he didn't get any sleep.

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