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The journey back to Minas Tirith was much more pleasant than the journey to Fangorn Forest, both for Deidre and for Legolas. They took their time getting back, mostly because they wanted to have time alone together, but also to temporarily avoid the teasing they knew Elladan and Elrohir would give them when reached the city.

"You know we're going to have to get back there eventually," Deidre pointed out as she lounged by the campfire.

"I know. Eventually," Legolas replied, kissing her on the nose. Deidre giggled.

'Wait a sec, did I just * giggle *? Oh, who cares! Not like Legolas would care,' she thought.


A few weeks later, in Minas Tirith.........

"He's been gone, what, two months now? When do you think he's gonna come back?" Elladan wondered.

"I bet he's still looking for Deidre. Or by some miracle, he found her, but she yelled at him enough to make him lose every last ounce of his pride, and he's coming back with his tail between his legs, horribly depressed," Elrohir replied.

"What about him and Deidre making up? Maybe Deidre actually * does * like him."

"Well, that is a possibility. It's more likely that mushrooms would fall from the sky and start singing, but it's possibility."

Just then, two figures on horseback appeared on the horizon, drawing steadily nearer. One of the figures had red hair and was on a white horse, the other had blonde hair and was on a brown one. The twins recognized them instantly: it was Deidre and Legolas.

Elrohir calmly started looking at the sky, staring at it intently. "What in Eru's name are you doing?" Elladan asked him.

"Looking for falling mushrooms," was his reply. *********

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