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-Chapter 1-

47 BBY

Yoda was meditating in the room of a Thousand Fountains, one of his favorite locations for immersing himself in the Force at the Jedi Temple when he felt a disturbance in the Force. The change caused him to reach out further into the Force to determine what was causing such a disturbance.

It was like a large rock had dropped into a pond that is the Force, causing large ripples outwards. With each passing ripple the whole of the Force seemed to get a tiny bit larger if that was possible. Unfortunately for him and his metaphor there was no rock for him to locate and the Force gave him no indication of the source or location of the Disturbance.

Thankfully it clearly was not the workings of a darksider nor a large darkside event. If anything it seemed to almost dilute slightly the veil of the darkside that seemed to have been clouding his Force vision lately. However, Nor did it feel like the act of the lightsider, it was odd and not something he had ever felt before in his long life. Before he could continue his musings he felt his fellow master approach and sit down in front of him.

"Disturbance, feel it you have." he said calmly to his fellow Jedi Master.

"The workings of the darkside? A Sith?" young Windu asked, causing him to open his eyes in humour at his fellow master still struggling to immerse himself in the Force deep enough to feel that this could not have been the work of a darksider. Or if it was it was something completely new.

"The Dark Side this was not. Hmmm... something new this is."

It was like an explosion of pain in his head, no more like throbbing discomfort. Palpatine quickly moved his hand to the side of his desk and clicked the small button there that would ensure his privacy, as he immersed himself into the darkside of the Force.

At first he thought that the stupid Jedi had managed to do something to slightly cleanse the darkside, weakening the veil he and his master kept so strong, but then he realized that was not right. It didn't feel like the light side of the force was any stronger, no it was almost as if both had been equally diluted, or that some chunk of the Force had somehow come into existence unaligned to either side of the Force.

He quickly stretched forth and searched the Force for the disturbance, but found nothing after an extensive search, nor did he find any reason to worry, as it did not seem like he needed to update any of his plans due to this event. All was still within his control, and that was all that mattered. So what if there was now a bit more of the Force for him to pervert. All the more power for him. He quickly deactivated his privacy lockdown with a smile and got back to work sigh... no rest for the wicked.


Harry emerged from the portal with a good degree of velocity just a few meters off the ground. The speed and direction of his path led him to promptly smack face first at speed into what he could only describe from his ultrashort observation, as a sand dune. With a groan he used his arms to help prop himself up, and started to spit out the sand that had made its way into his mouth during his oh so graceful landing wherever this was.

"Pah.. pft.. Damn, that was a rough landing." he moaned to the empty dry air after extracting himself from his small sand hole and he spat out some sand.

Looking around didn't help much either, as it appeared he was in some desert as far as he could see, however that was not what he noticed first. No, it was the magic in the air that he immediately felt as soon as he had gained his bearings. Back on Earth, before he had entered the portal, the magic in the air was just like that, air, softly wafting over you from time to time. Here, it was like he was in an ocean of magic, and he was submerged deep in that ocean with water currents moving past him at fast speeds. Almost like a storm of magic raging around him, but calling it a storm was not fair as it was chaotic but also calm and peaceful. As if it were eager to be used, and wanted to lead him in many directions, some a much stronger pull than others. It was incredibly odd to Harry, as it was almost like the magic here was giddy for him to use it.

Not that any of that was bad or that the ambient magic was impeding him at all, in fact, it was the opposite, as he felt more invigorated than ever before. He could feel the effects of the rituals he had done gaining strength with how much magic was surrounding him and looking within, he could easily notice the change as his core started to pulse as it cycled faster and faster. This should mean that his magic would recharge as he used it at a much faster rate than normal, and extend his magical stamina to boot. It should also have a positive effect on his ongoing magical core growth.

With his magical assessment out of the way, he took in his surroundings once more. The first thing to catch his attention, other than the lack of anything other than desert, was the fact that there seemed to be two suns in the sky. That was definitely puzzling. This certainly told Harry he was no longer on Earth, and if he had to guess, he was probably far further from home than he expected.

Standing up and shaking the rest of the sand off himself, he quickly conjured a knife in his hand to dig out his trunk from his arm. Without even wincing he slid the sharp blade into his arm slowly. The slow rate of progress was mostly due to the difficulty he found cutting his skin rather than his aversion to the pain, or attempts at being delicate. Extracting the trunk, he quickly used a wandless charm to clean the trunk of his body's visceral fluids from its journey through the portal inside his body. It seemed his precautions to protect his trunk were for naught, as nothing on his body seemed to have been damaged due to the transit through the Veil of Death.

Looking to his arm he watched in fascination as the small 2cm by 4cm wound stitched itself back together without any input from him. It was simply amazing the level of regeneration he now had since he had done those rituals, and it seemed that being here only increased that rate.

Speaking of here, he truly needed to figure out where that was. All he could say was that he was happy that the air was breathable, and he was certain he could somehow sense people far off in the distance now, almost instinctively with his magic. Meaning that he was not alone either. Not that he had been too afraid of that happening, as there were certain aspects of the veil of death that would ensure he landed somewhere that he could at least breath, and he suspected it also had to be inhabited as well.

Even with two suns beating down on himself constantly, as he could feel the sheer heat coming off of them without it actually affecting him, as he was a comfortably cool temperature thanks to his enchanted basilisk armour. Waving his hand he transfigured the soft sand into solid sandstone for twenty meters in each direction, then placed his trunk down on the ground before he tapped it with his finger, enlarging it to its full size.

Opening a hidden slot on the side of the trunk by running his hand over the side at a certain spot caused it to pop open to display a complex runic array on a small 10cm square slat of aged pine wood. This runic array controlled the magical funnel that fed magic from the environment into the trunk to allow for all the different magical items or trunks inside to be sustained, or prosper in the case of plants and animals. Due to how dense the magic was on this planet, he needed to crank it down.

Just as he was about to do that, he got an odd bit of inspiration, and quickly made a few minor changes to the array to make it automatically sense the magic levels in the trunk and adjust the funnel automatically. It was not something he had been able to get to quite work when he had first invented the array, but as he was looking at the array now, it had just seemed to come to him. Not to look down upon a fortuitous event, he quickly made the changes to the array before resealing it.

With that happy occurrence, he decided to get started on finding his bearings, but before that he needed to handle Dobby.

"Dobby." he called out softly as he was still looking around.

"Master Harry, it be very bright and hot here." Dobby said as he looked around in wonder.

"I just wanted to make sure that everything was alright in the trunk before I head out to find out where exactly we have arrived. Can you get me my expanded pouch?" he asked his friend and servant who quickly popped away. His pouch, something he had created after looking over the properties of the one he bought, was far superior in that it was nearly indestructible, no one could even see it without him showing it to them, nor could it be removed from his person without permission. He could also summon things directly from within easily to his hands as long as it was within ten meters of himself. Therefore he could be extremely cool by making items appear or disappear in his hands as if from magic. That thought made him chuckle to himself.

"Here you are master." Dobby said as he returned with his soft, black leather pouch which Harry quickly slapped on his side, making it stick there automatically. "If you need anything else Master Harry, just call my name." Dobby said before returning to the manor trunk to most likely organize the rest of the Elves.

Harry honestly had no idea what to do, but the best bet was to head towards the closest 'person' he could sense. With his magical senses being super charged ever since he had arrived, he simply closed his eyes and let himself be immersed in them to get a better idea of his current surroundings. As his magic spread out from him and connected to the natural magic in the surroundings, he was shocked at how much magic seemed to be seeped into everything.

Ignoring that interesting discovery for the time being, he was quickly able to turn his attention to finding exactly where some people were. When Determining that the closest person to him was only about 10km away, the answer came to him nearly instantly as his awareness spread faster than light it seemed. As he gained a better understanding of his surroundings within just moments, he could tell that there were a few pockets of people in his surroundings, with a very large group only a hundred km or so away.

Thinking about it, he quickly decided to head toward the life sign he had seen that was off by itself rather than heading straight to this city or town that he had sensed. The main reason being that there was a damn good chance that he would not be able to understand anything these people say. It would be extremely prudent of him, and entirely un-Gryffindorish to go and check out this solo person first and get the 'lay of the land'.

Coming to a decision, he simply thought of his firebolt, and summoned it from his pouch, having it appear in his hand as if it teleported there. Mounting his broom he quickly cast a few simple anti-discovery spells on himself with his wandless casting he had been practicing for a number of years now. He put a silencing charm, a more powerful version of the disillusionment charm, and removed his scent from himself. After his successful spell casting, he quickly realized how much easier it seemed for him to cast here without his wand than back on Earth.

It seemed as if the ambient magic was trying to help him cast, or just simplified the task. It was quite shocking to say the least, as casting without a wand back on Earth almost felt as if you had to force your magic to do what you wanted. It took far more concentration and power to achieve basically the same thing. There was a reason people didn't often practice it. Whereas here magic sprang to help him cast wandlessly and made it far easier to do so too. Simply envision what he wants and he quickly got results with a small application of his magic.

Before he left, he took out his wand and transfigured some sand into a small block of sandstone. He then put enough power into casting a near permanent warning charm on the stone to detect any magical beings that may appear in the area before burying it in the sand. He had given Hermione the opportunity to follow him in the future in his delayed delivery letter, and he would need to know if she arrived, hopefully at the same place as him, because he could see no portal on this side. He used his wand to ensure that it would last a few decades at least, if not far, far longer due to the magic in the environment, waste not, want not, after all.

With that done, he put his wand back in his holster that was built into his armoured suit, and finally took off in the direction of the solo person who seemed to be traveling fairly quickly in the direction of a group of four others. Thankfully, Harry was on his firebolt, as whatever that person was using to travel with was fast, not as fast as Harry on a broom, but still far quicker than he would expect muggle transportation to be able to manage on this sandy terrain.

As he honed in on the life form he saw the dust trail that was being created by some form of a long type of bike as it sped across the desert towards where he sensed those other people were. As he got closer to the bike he noticed the most peculiar thing, it had no wheels, and seemed to be floating as it moved over the ground. Basically giving the middle finger to gravity, like his broom.

The next thing he noticed was that the person riding this 'bike' was not a human, not even close. The male, as that was the sex he would assume this person to be, but he could not be sure, was basically a bug man, with antenna and all. He wore fairly worn clothing, with a large dirty brown cloak, probably to keep the sun and sand off. But its hood had clearly blown back during his ride, as his face was clear as day for Harry to make out.

The alien also had a large rifle of some variety strapped on his back that both screamed futuristic and retro to Harry. He seemed to have something on his waist which Harry guessed to be another weapon, probably a pistol. To finish the ensemble off, the man was wearing large goggles to cover his literal bug eyes. Two huge round eyes about 5cm across just above a snout of some kind. Other than that the guy looked to have fairly normal human proportions with two arms, and legs, with normal looking hands. Oh, did he forget to mention the guy was green?

As Harry was flying along beside this new bug alien and making these observations, the man on the bike started to slow down and Harry realized that he could now sense that group of four from before being far closer at this point. It seemed this guy was visiting them or something, but Harry could sense something malicious from this person towards the group they were approaching. The fact that he got off his bike a few km away from the others, didn't bode well for this interaction, and it was almost like the magic around him agreed. Not so much in words but in feelings, almost like his gut feelings at times but amplified and far easier to interpret.

Deciding to see where this was going, Harry followed the man on his broom as the alien slowly made his way over a few dunes towards the others he could sense. As they got closer, Harry started concentrating on those others, and he was almost certain he could tell that one was male, while three were female. Two being older, while two were younger girls. It was almost like he had magical radar now or something but far more advanced.

Due to being a few dozen meters above the alien on the ground Harry was the recipient of a view of their destination before the alien was. It appeared to be a small home made out of sand stone or something similar. There also seemed to be pieces of technology laying around, including a small tower on top of the building of some kind. There were also weird small towers that seemed to dot the far more level landscape surrounding the farmstead. Not that Harry could see what they were farming; But all the people seemed to be inside the house at the moment.

As the alien finally crested the last sand dune, about a half a km before the 'farmstead', Harry finally had an idea of what this guy was here for. The bug alien had quickly dropped down on the side of the sand dune he came from, and had taken out his long rifle before crawling back up to the crest. He set himself up there aiming at the small settlement that Harry could see, and seemed to be waiting for something. Harry was sure he knew where this was going, and it most likely included this guy attacking this family that was living in the house down there.

Harry didn't need to wait long before, as of all things, a human man came out of the home and started walking towards one of those weird tower things. Harry was shocked honestly that the people he had sensed were humans. He had half convinced himself that he was on a planet with a ton of bug-like people and was going to have to make due, so it came with a significant amount of relief for himself that he had found something normal to him.

As he was watching, he quickly sensed the man below him moving and watched him as he seemed to be aiming at the human male through his scope of his rifle. Knowing where this was going, he lowered himself down on his broom and watched the man to make sure he was actually going to attack these people. Before long his magic seemed to almost scream out to him that this alien was going to shoot the 'farmer' in his back as soon as he tinkered with those small tower things.

Without hesitating, and faster than a human should have been able to, he shot a stunner at the bug alien who then slumped down into unconsciousness when it slammed into him at speed. Using his newfound magical senses, he confirmed the bug alien was unconscious before quickly looked over to see if Farmer Joe had seen or heard anything. It seemed that the small flash of red light had gone entirely unnoticed in the broad daylight, so Harry lowered down to the ground before he dragged the alien farther behind the sand dune and out of sight.

Pulling out his wand, he cast a few temporary wards on his immediate area to ensure he was not interrupted as he dealt with the man in front of him. While his wandless magic seemed to be working flawlessly since he had arrived on this planet, he needed to ensure he would not be interrupted during his interrogation of the bug alien. So he used his trusted and tested wand to erect some barriers that would ensure anyone approaching this exact spot would head elsewhere as they realized they were needed somewhere else, as well as hide the spot from view.

With those up, he pointed his wand at the bug alien before verballing casting 'Legilimency' as he dove into the man's mind. He was worried at first that the Alien's mind would be so different he wouldn't be able to get anything out of it, but apparently it was organized the same way, or was functionally similar to a human's. Quickly Harry searched for the most immediate memories to see what this man was up to and to confirm beyond a doubt this man was a murder.

He found the memories he was looking for without any trouble, as this guy had no mental defenses. Apparently he was here to basically be a bandit and was planning to kill the man, raid the home for money and water, and then sell the two daughters and the mother into slavery to make a bit of extra cash. That was apparently why he had brought along a sled of some kind behind his speeder bike, but none of that was really surprising to Harry besides that fact of how valuable water apparently was here on this planet to be one of the main goals.

Deciding he had all he needed to know to make his decision he left the man's mind. From the man's memories, Harry knew that he didn't know the languages spoken in this place, and that meant he was in dire need of information. As loath as he was to do this, and not really for the moral reasons, but more because the feeling it would leave him with, as if he was dirty on the inside for a few days, Harry decided to rip the man's mind to shreds and literally absorb the man's memories and knowledge into his mind.

This was similar to what he had done accidently to Voldemort's soul shard after his second year at Hogwarts, but was still quite different, because even as empowered as he was now, this would be taking in a number of years' memories in just a few moments. Thankfully since that time in his second year, he had studied the concept quite a bit more, being intrigued by it, and had even developed a spell to perform memory absorption of a living person. The only problem he discovered after he tested his spell a bit on a transfigured rat, was that any mind it was used on would be destroyed as a result.

The other side effect was that it left him with a headache the size of Mordor for a few hours, and no potions or magic could help him alleviate it until the spell finished. It basically forced him into a state of meditation to sort the memories with no ability to stop the process in the middle, as the spell both helped with the absorption and forced it to its completion. This method did at least allow him to detach the emotions from the memories beforehand and sort the knowledge as he had done with Tom's memories. As well as discard anything he felt was unnecessary.

Pointing his wand at the alien he pronounced the words for his spell carefully, but firmly. "Utibi Animea!" The process of absorption was hell for Harry as his head pounded, his brain was on fire, and it felt like information was being shoved into every little crevice in his skull. Not to say it was any better for the bug eyed alien, because as soon as the spell had hit him he started to shake and scream in pain for a few minutes before going still, basically brain dead.

It took nearly five hours of a head splitting headache to finally get through the memories, but he gained so much from the alien that he now knew to be a Rodian. The amount of new information was staggering, and mind blowing at the same time. But first he held out a hand to summon a hangover relieving potion to help with the after effects of the spell from his pouch. The biggest thing to Harry about all the information he gained was that he was on one planet, in a galactic community of billions of planets with millions of different sentient species.

Polukas, the Rodian, was the basic standard fair of criminals found here on the planet Tatooine, which was out in the ass end of the galaxy. The Rodian had decided to do something admittedly risky, as he chanced pissing off the locals, but it had a nice payoff. That being, hitting a local moisture farmer, something that nearly everyone but the ruling hutts required to live here, therefore something frowned upon by others to prey on, including other criminals. Even still, it was only frowned upon, and not at all illegal, as there were very few rules here on this planet.

Gaining a grasp on everything took Harry a few additional hours as he sat in the sand as the suns slowly crossed over the sky. Polukas was actually fairly skilled, like quite a few Rodians, and was an engineer and mechanic. However like many of his kind, due to his culture, and the warrior drive of his people, it had him taking on crime to get his fix of violence. Apparently, this was a result of his species evolving on a jungle planet where it was survival of the fittest to the extreme.

This did help Harry as he gained all this Rodian's knowledge and he would certainly put it to far better use than Polukas had. Harry was on a planet that was part of what was best described as the wild west of a galaxy spanning civilization. He was also on a planet that was often a stop off for criminals of all types, and had a prospering slave market. It was also the main home to a Hutt, a huge slug like alien crime boss, and frequented by others of the same species. That all said, there was an honest core of people who made the planet their home and were just trying to get by. Like the family of simple farmers trying to make ends meets just up ahead that he had just saved.

Harry disliked the idea of slavery, but from the Rodian's memories, he now knew that it was basically galactic wide. That is not to say it was legal everywhere, but often a blind eye was turned if there was even the most extraneous cultural excuse, such as on Ryloth. There was basically no way he could do anything about it, even if he wanted to, and he was not sure if he truly wanted to take on the Galaxy's problems just as he arrived here. Though his childhood had certainly put a bad taste in his mouth towards any form of slavery.

Unlike say on a planet where he could buy up slaves and set them free raising prices or something, there was basically an unlimited supply of slaves here. All the pirates or slavers needed to do was go to another unsuspecting world, and there were millions upon millions of worlds to choose from. It was truly a problem that not even a large group of people could tackle, and would need a large centralized concerted effort to fight. So he decided to put the issue in the back of his mind, and not let it bother him for now.

The large settlement he had felt earlier with his magic was called according to his newly stolen memories Mos Espa, and was a decently busy spaceport for the planet. It was crazy, but he was going to see real life spaceships soon, something he had only ever dreamed about as a small child in his cupboard. They were not even something he had thought about once since he entered the magical world, and not something in his wildest dreams he expected to be found on the other side of the portal.

One positive of the whole situation was that he wasn't going to be hurting for money, as the main currency used on this planet was something called a Peggat, which was made out of pure gold. Interestingly, gold was even more valuable here than it was on Earth, as it was used in some fairly delicate technology, and had few to no cheaper alternatives. Apparently there were quite a few materials worth far more than Gold, such as Aurodium, Beskar, Phrik, and many different crystals found across the galaxy.

By using the most simple form of transfiguration, changing the shape of an object, he could turn his Galleons into Peggats in no time. With that in mind, he put his broom away in his pouch and waved his hand to open a large crevice in the earth. Taking his time he stripped the Rodian of his blaster pistol and rifle, as well as his money pouch, which contained an assortment of money including a few thousand in republic credit chips.

Apparently crime paid well here on Tatooine, and Harry would not have any negative feelings about preying on criminals. Though he would have to be careful here as there were a ton of dangerous people who would not mind killing him simply for the suit he wore, let alone anything else valuable he may have in his possession. With everything he wanted from the body, he levitated it into the hole before closing it up again. No reason to possibly attract attention or predators to this location.

Apparating back the way they had come, he landed softly beside the speeder bike that was parked between two sand dunes. Harry approached it and started using his new found knowledge to inspect the bike. He could now make out the repulsor lifts that allowed it to glide across the ground at high speeds, he could see that this bike was made out of a few different models that clearly had been slapped together to make a working bike. Regardless of the origins of its components, it was a fairly decent job, but even with a quick glance Harry could make out a few areas where improvements could easily be made.

Even with it being a 'custom design', it still had what he now knew was the typical Aratech elongated speeder bike design. He also looked over the circuitry that led from the small power core to both front and back repulsors by undoing a hatch on the side of the bike. It was quite interesting to look at, as it was both amazing technology with incredible effects, and yet fairly simple in design. Something that most robust users could even make serious repairs on. It's incredible that such advanced technology has been streamlined and simplified so much to make even an average user be able to do minor repairs.

He loved the idea of speeder bikes, and mounted this one before he quickly inserted the key, which looked like a small triangular piece of metal that slid into a slot, then started up the bike. The beauty of repulsors was that they took so little power that a power core on a speeder only needed to be recharged after extensive use, or decades of being idle, and they could go for a long time without a ton of maintenance. It was the perfect vehicle for a backwater planet like this, however the sand did pose some problems when it got into certain components.

Sitting on the bike basking in the low rumble from the repulsors as they worked their magic, Harry had to decide on what exactly he was going to do. He had basically made a semi-promise to Hermione that he would be here for at least 15 years till she could make her decision when the letter he had arranged to be sent to her, was sent. That meant that unless he wanted to risk her coming here expecting him to be on the planet and not be here, then he would have to stick around for some time.

Not that the idea was really something he was opposed to. Tatooine was not a luxury destination for sure, as it was nearly in Hutt space in the outer rim territories. What that meant was that there was little to no oversight, meaning someone appearing from nowhere was not a problem, or even an odd occurrence. He could make a bit of a name for himself here and a history as he took a break from responsibilities and people making absurd demands on his time and life. This could be done here on Tatooine with only a little trouble, and most of the issue of living here could be mitigated with a bit of magic and caution.

Sure, living here would be hard at times, but with his supplies and magic he should not have any problems. In fact, he could live like a king, most likely literally if it were not for the Hutt presence on the planet, namely one Jabba the Hutt and his main competitor Gardulla. That being said, he was not quite sure what he wanted to do for the next while.

He certainly was going to spend a good amount of time learning about and tinkering with all this new technology he now had access to. He would probably need some time to get used to this galaxy and how he could live in it, so he shouldn't just jump straight into something, but he would need something more serious to preoccupy his time. It was not like he needed to work, but he did not feel like simply sitting around all day reading books or a padd, as was the preferred method in his new home.

For some reason he kept coming back to either opening a small diner of some kind that served Earth food, or a shop that he could buy and sell goods of all kinds, mainly technological. Either way he would first need to get himself established here, mostly by getting a space to himself and getting some more information before he moves forward with making plans. As soon as he had made a decision, he felt his magic subtly direct him in a few directions with varying strength, and the direction of the strongest pull was towards the settlement he felt earlier. With that in mind and a special bubble-head charm on his face to keep out dust and debris, he revved the speeder and took off quickly, pushing the bike to max speed without hesitation.

He shot across the desert, almost using the sand dunes as jumps with how quickly he was traveling. Speeder bikes were amazing as they all had near perfect suspension built right into them as the repulsors themselves cushioned each landing he took after getting some air. It only took an hour to get to the outskirts of the market and space port of Mos Espa.

Besides it having a space port, and a large market dedicated to a variety of goods from surrounding sectors, the main claim to fame of the city he was now staring at, was that it held the grand arena where Pod Racing took place, a sport that from the Rodian's memories Harry could probably get into. Unfortunately there was also a decent sized slave market and some shady as fuck locals in the city too.

It was one of the larger cities on Tatooine with a population between 150 to 250 thousand, and that was the best estimate Polukas had. Most of the buildings Harry could see were made out of some kind of sand cement or stone material. It really reminded him of the more primitive mud structures of Earth's middle eastern past, but instead of mud they used a type of cement made out of sand. For all he knew though, it could be something entirely new that Harry wasn't familiar with, as he now knew there were at least a few dozen materials that Polukas knew of that was entirely new to Harry, and even more the Rodian had no clue on.

There was little wood to be seen, as there were not many, if any, trees on the planet. Meaning any wood needed to be shipped in which made it a fairly expensive commodity here on Tatooine. Everything looked similar to Polukas' memories, but before he entered, Harry wanted to make sure the languages he had taken from Polukas have completely settled in and the language patterns have taken to his brain.

"Hello I am Harry." He said in Hutanese.

"Hello I am Harry." he said in Galactic Basic, which were really the only two languages he needed.

The only other thing he did was remove another simpler expanded pouch that held ten thousand Galleons from within his pouch on his waist. Putting his hand into the new pouch he concentrated hard and let him magic seep over the Galleons inside and rather than withdrawing them by simply willing it, he instead started to transfigure them. In fact what he was doing was the only truly permanent transfiguration possible without using alchemy, with him only changing the shape of the gold coins into Peggats rather than attempting to change the material into something else or multiplying it. All other forms of transfigurations unfortunately would run out or end unless anchored by something else.

With that done, he started up his speeder again and took off into town at a more reasonable pace. He was going straight to the main message board, which acted as the sudo realtor of this part of the city. Not that Polukas had any experience in that, as he was a fairly transient person, and had only been here for a few weeks, staying at temporary dwellings. Those would not work for Harry, as he wanted a more private and permanent space. There was also the fact that applying wards to a space you owned or resided in permanently was far easier and had more powerful effects.

Slowing his Speeder down, so he could safely make his way through the city, he noticed few parked speeders on the street, as most people kept their vehicles close by to prevent theft. Driving through a few 'streets' he made his way closer to the central market where he could find the message board. Looking around him he was still shocked at how many different species of people were present, let alone a few of the large, lumbering creatures. Even with his past experiences with the magical world it was crazy to see an almost two and a half meter tall walking abomination of a penis right beside a short fat furry creature. It was just crazy. Even his stolen memories couldn't name all the species he was seeing.

When he made it to the market Harry parked his speeder on the side before quickly casting a wandless notice-me-not on his bike so it wouldn't be bothered while he was looking around. From there he walked away, observing the mostly poorer people around him, as it was clear that few were living in luxury here. Not that he didn't see signs of wealth all over, it was just showcased in a way that almost screamed that it had been made via crime.

When there was a run down home with a brand new Landspeeder parked right beside it, it usually sent up some red flags. But, he decided to ignore that side of the city, and take in all that was new and exciting to him. There were dozens and dozens of small carts and stalls with merchants advertising their wares. It also seemed that the market was segmented into various regions with some catering to certain races, and other things like scrap, droids, or spare parts.

It was the latter that excited him a bit more than exploring all the different foods, as he already knew from his stolen memories, that many would be inedible to him, while many had similar substitutes back home. However before all that he needed to find a place he could call a homebase before he starts exploring the topic of droids and space ships. Walking up to the huge message board he could see a ton of different things advertised but a large corner was dedicated to real estate.

It was odd that real estate existed here, but even without a proper government certain rules still thrived and were enforced. In fact due to the Hutts, there were just a few rules that one needed to remember. Contracts matter, and one should abide by their wording unless they want to get into trouble; subcategories of contracts being debts, bets, and property. Not to say there are not those that cheat, steal and fake contracts, this whole world was a hotbed for criminals after all. However if word got around about you stealing others property or not abiding by the few rules, you would quickly find a goon of some Hutt putting a blaster bolt through your head as a message to others.

It was basically the reason that this planet even worked at all, and that is why the Hutts would not be happy with anyone who broke certain covenants, especially when they involved bets. This allowed for people to own property, and not be afraid that someone would simply come along and take it from them, though they did have to pay a protection fee for that right.

As he was thinking about all these things, Harry looked through the various offerings and found a few that piqued his interest. There were all sorts of places for sale, ranging from storefronts, to homes, to warehouse space. There was even a slot in the space port for sale. However, one stood out to him from the others as being reasonable, and ever since he had made his decision on what he wanted to do on Tatooine, his magic had begun almost pulling him in the direction he was going in, and towards this property advertisement in particular. Naturally, not seeing any reason not to do so, he decided to follow his magic's insistence; as it had never led him wrong before.

The listing in question was nothing extraordinary, but it was a fairly large piece of land with a small structure on it surrounded by decent sized walls. It was at the edge of the market area housing the mechanics and scrap dealers, and the building was apparently used in the past as a store with a home built onto the back. Memorizing the listing he started to walk back to his speeder. As he was making his way back, someone bumped into him, however, he was far more sturdy with his ritual enchantments, and accidentally sent the small person sprawling.

Looking down, he could see what he at first thought was a child, before realizing that it was simply a smaller stature species. It was a cross between a Dwarf and a pig and seemed to be extremely rude, as he got up and yelled at Harry before continuing on his way.

"Watch where you are fucking going, you stupid, smelly human!" Said the fat, ugly orc-dwarf as he stormed off down the road. It was hilarious to him because that was his first real interaction with an Alien so far, and it was yelling and swearing at him, calling him stinky of all things, but since he still had up his charm removing his scent, he felt it was more a generalization. You could travel to another universe and people were still the same it seemed. Which brought forth a chuckle.

After that, he got to his bike unmolested, and took off towards the other end of the market and to where the property he was interested in was located. As he approached it and entered the walls, it was clear to see the reason the property had all the extra space; it was used to store vast amounts of scrap or parts for the business the owner had clearly been running. However, there were few substantial components left, with only odds and ends spread across the nearly ten acre property.

Walking up to the medium single floor building, Harry could already sense the person inside, and that they were simply relaxing behind a desk waiting for their next customer. On the front of the building all there was, was a sign saying, "Spare Parts For Sale!" in Hutanese. Walking into the building he found himself in front of another Rodian, this one far more elderly. Though, it was not too surprising, as there was a fairly large population of both them and humans here in Mos Espa.

"How can I help you?" the Rodian said, only a bit irritated by being interrupted as he was smoking something while sitting in a tall, clearly custom made metal chair.

"I am here about the listing for the sale of this property." Harry said to the Rodian, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible. After stating the subject of his visit to the man, it brought related thoughts about the property sale to the front of the man's mind, Harry silently used Legilimency to quickly scan the alien's surface thoughts to see how much he wanted for the property, mainly to get a good idea on how far to bargain down to. He also looked to ensure there were no hidden catches attached to the purchase. Damn, he just realized how unfair such an ability would be for a merchant of any kind.

"Hmmm..." the green man said as he clearly was sizing Harry up to see if he was even a serious customer, before he sat up straight and started to take him more seriously. Clearly, he had passed whatever visual test the man had. "You got good hard Peggats do you?" the Rodian asked him.

"Yes, some with me, some in another place." Harry said, not wanting to give away the fact that he was actually carrying around what amounted to many hundreds of millions on his person. "What is your asking price?" Harry asked.

"25,000 Peggats, and that includes all the spare parts left over on the property!" The Rodian said as he slammed his hand on the counter hopping up from his chair. Harry started looking around as if inspecting the space, and raised his eyebrow in response. It was quite a stretch to call the scrap still laying around here as 'spare parts'. It was clear the vast majority of actual viable parts had been sold off long ago. Though to be fair some still remained.

From his quick jaunt into the man's mind, Harry knew he wanted to retire and take his savings somewhere he could enjoy the remaining years of his life. Harry also gleaned that the man wanted around 7,500 Peggats minimum for the property.

"5,000, there is little left over here but scrap and you know it." Harry said, starting to get into the bargaining song and dance. It was honestly kind of fun when you knew the price you were working towards already. Though there might only be scrap, there was still a decent amount of it on the property.

"12,000, and that's not true, there are quite a few gems lying around, you could make a tidy sum selling to the right buyer." The Rodian said, trying to sweet talk Harry. Harry didn't even need his magic to tell him that the man was full of bantha shit, but his magic clearly indicated to him anyway that that man's statement was a falsehood.

"The right buyer is like dreams in the wind. 6,000." replied Harry calmly, obviously not buying the elder's crap, and the Rodian knew it too.

"ARG! 7,500 is my final offer, and NOT A PEGGAT LESS, or you can leave my shop!" yelled the Rodian, clearly flustered at the chance of losing a real buyer for his property. It was not like there was a great market for people trying to buy merchant properties in the city.

"Agreed, 7,500 Peggats for this property and all the remaining scrap and parts." Harry said as he put out his hand to shake and close the deal. The Rodian quickly grasped his hand to ensure he didn't lose the deal. Both verbal and physical confirmation was all that was truly needed for an agreement to be made here under the baking suns of Tatooine. "I will return shortly as I need to quickly grab the funds." Harry said, before walking out of the place, not even bothering to look back at the man, as he could sense the Rodian was happy through his magic. Though upset he couldn't squeeze Harry for more.

He could also sense that his magic was happy too for some reason, but Harry guessed it had to do with the fact that he followed the subtle but quite obvious pull towards this property in particular. The fact that it basically met all his needs perfectly really added to the credibility of following those feelings in the future. He had felt a similar pull but to a smaller degree from a few of the other property listings at the message board, but if he had to make a guess, something he will check out for sure in the future, was that those other properties for sale would have met his needs but not nearly as well as the one he just made a deal on.

Getting on his speeder he quickly took off weaving his way out of town towards the dune sea where he would have some privacy. About 2 km from town he dismounted and pulled out his wand and laid a quick ward scheme to ensure his privacy.

"Dobby?" he asked for his friend and servant.

"Yes, master?" Dobby said appearing beside him.

"Can you get me a simple non-magical chest and load it with 25,000 Galleons?" Harry asked, and just as he finished asking, Dobby popped away. It only took ten seconds before he popped back with a chest floating beside him, putting it on the ground softly. It was quite amazing how fast House Elves could work, they must have some form of perfect memory for things like where stuff is, otherwise it would have taken Dobby just that long to know where to get a chest of this description, let alone fill it up. Maybe it was some kind of divination? Magic truly was amazing.

Opening the small chest he did in fact find it only partially full with golden Galleons. Performing a similar transfiguration to what he did earlier, he turned them into just over 37,500 Peggats, as there was just over 1.5 Peggats worth of gold in each Galleon. Thank Merlin he could do mass transfigurations like that, and not have to do each coin by itself. Removing the excess into his second expanded pouch he was using to hold his money, he left 10,000 Peggats in the small chest.

Taking the chest he strapped it to his speeder's sled with a sticking charm and one of the nets already attached to the sled for show. Returning back the way he came he was back outside the shop with his bike in just five minutes. Grabbing the chest which was not light, and walking back into the shop, he set it down none too lightly on the counter, to the excitement of the shop owner.

The Rodian quickly flipped open the chest and looked through to get a general idea of the number of coins before he took out a Peggat and literally bit the coin. After that was done he pulled out a small device that fit in the palm of his hand and waved it over the top of the open chest a few times. Harry guessed it was something that allowed the Rodian to quickly count the number of coins within. Before the man could quite finish Harry decided to talk.

"I included a few thousand extra coins, so you can enjoy your retirement just a little more on me, as I see great potential in this place." Harry said to the Rodian whose device had clearly just finished, as he got a big smile on his face at the small bonus.

"A completed deal then, I hope you enjoy your new property." The Rodian said in Hutanese, before slamming a piece of paper on the counter. Though Harry knew it was not actually paper but a Durasheet, similar but a far more robust material than paper. Looking it over Harry saw that it was not a deed for the property, it was actually just a contract between the two of them stating that he was purchasing ownership of the place from the Rodian for 7,500 Paggats. All that was needed was for him to put his name and mark down in the space left for him to do so.

That honestly left him with a bit of a conundrum, as he was not quite sure what name he wanted to go by, but felt that Harry Potter would not fit in well in this galaxy. It simply was not grand enough, but putting the thought on hold, he said goodbye to the Rodian as the old man walked out with a sack over his shoulder and chest on a small lift after leaving a set of metal keys on the counter. It seemed he was in a hurry to start his retirement, most likely before someone realized he was now walking around with a chest full of gold. Harry would not be surprised if the Rodian was on a ship and off planet before the hour was out.

Looking around the single story building Harry found that the main shop area was about 20 square meters with a backroom behind a counter. The storeroom behind the counter was mostly empty. Behind the storeroom led to another door which Harry walked through to find a supremely dirty living area, with a bed, sonic, privy, and small kitchen area almost all crammed into a single room. It was honestly a disgusting living standard, but that didn't matter to Harry as he was going to be living in his Manor Trunk most of the time.

The reason he bought this property is that he needed somewhere he could put his trunk, and a home base that he could take deliveries of things he may need to order. Eventually, if he decides to open a shop, whether that is a diner or now more likely a pawn shop / parts store, this place would come in handy. He was honestly quite interested in the technology here, and was hoping he could find out soon how it could handle his magic, and looking around his new property it was not like he was hurting for anything to try magic on.

Those were his thoughts as he left the living area at the back of the building to look over the quite depleted scrap area. There were a few piles of scrap metal and other parts that seemed to have been piled up as defective. There did happen to be a few speeders, and even a very small ship that was mostly in parts. If he opened a shop he would certainly need to start buying parts too, as he had very little here to actually work with, but it was probably more than enough for any testing purposes he would need to perform.

There were just so many things to do, and Harry could just not decide what to do first, but really that should have been quite obvious. First he would secure his new property with some magic, then he would decide on the name he would be using going forward. With a direction in mind, he set about casting a few charms to ensure that the building wouldn't catch fire or break down anytime soon.

With the building reinforced, he turned to the ground behind the shop and waved his wand concentrating on what he wanted, which was a large 10 meter deep hole that was 2 meters square, quite large, but most of the wardstones he had brought with him were of the larger variety. Just as he was thinking about calling for Dobby, the little guy appeared right beside him.

"You have a need for me, master?" Dobby asked.

"Dobby, can't you just call me Harry when we are alone?" he asked again for probably the last time, but since he had bonded the Elf, he refused to call him anything but master, or some variation of that. With Sir being the least formal he would use.

"I cannot be doing that sir." Dobby answered as he gently kneaded his ears out of habit. However, this time, due to Harry forbidding all his Elves from punishing themselves without his permission, unless it was a parent to a child, Dobby could only gently massage his ears rather than twist them.

"Alright Dobby. Can you get me one of those medium size wardstones that will fit in this hole?" He asked, indicating the new hole in front of them, just as Dobby popped away and then back floating a large 2 meters square wardstone beside himself. Wardstones were stones that had been treated for a long time in magic so that they could hold enchantments and wards on them for extended periods of time without breaking down.

Due to their nature, wardstones were extremely durable and very hard to break even without enchantments to prevent that from happening. What this meant was, basically the only way to break them was through magical means, either damaging the ward scheme enough to temporarily or permanently damage the wardstone, or for it to draw too much magic and crack as a result. Harry had purchased a ton of wardstones before he had left as they were either rare beyond belief to find in nature, or took a large, timely process to artificially manufacture. Making them quite valuable to him when going into the unknown via the Veil.

With the wardstone in the ground, Harry started to use his wand to carve out the various runic arrays he needed to create the wards he wanted. He rune had its role, and exact position to be in. He loved the way the various runes worked together to make the whole so much more than any single rune could be. It was like working on a puzzle that all came together in the end to make something beautiful. He also tied the few charms he casted around the property to the stone as well to ensure they didn't dissipate.

He put aversion wards on the wardstone to ensure anyone who wanted to do harm to him or his property would find other reasons to not be there, though he didn't make it too strong as he was on a planet of criminals after all, and that may become obvious fast if he did so. He also put wards up so that anything that happened on the property that was too far out of the 'norm' for here on Tatooine would be ignored or forgotten about as soon as someone looked away.

That should cover a lot of various magics that he may use in his everyday life, but he still wanted a bit more protection so he started layering standard wards people would use for secure sites back on Earth. He laid anti-scrying wards, protections for the building so it would be hard to destroy or damage without Harry wanting it to happen, and even several climate wards to ensure that it was a bit cooler on his property. Finally, he put up a barrier that would keep sand and dust from being blown onto his property. It would simply hit a barrier and disappear rather than pile up.

As he was carving away he started to laugh as he suddenly realized he would not have to worry about people seeing the House Elves, as they would just assume they were another alien species. In fact from his new memories, he knew there were a few species that even looked fairly similar to House Elves. With the carved ward stone now in the hole, he used a small cutting charm to create a small magical scalpel blade over his finger and ran it along his hand opening a wound that pooled blood. Which he then dripped onto the stone now secure in the hole.

As the blood drops hit the stone they were quickly absorbed without leaving any evidence of them having been there. As soon as Harry had felt it had absorbed enough blood he allowed his hand to heal, and started to channel his magic into the wardstone. It didn't take long for it to activate as Harry forced his magic into the stone in waves, but as soon as it activated Harry could easily feel it.

The magic from the wards sprang up around his new property causing the climate arrays to immediately take effect, and it even added a bit of humidity to the dry air. However, what Harry noticed the most was that fact that the leylines from the planet started to change, with the one that he could sense close by that ran just by the town, immediately snapping over to run directly under the wardstone. Harry could also feel more lines shifting closer and was entirely baffled by what he was sensing. Let alone the fact that he could even sense the ley lines so easily.

Even from Voldemort's memories he had no explanation for what was going on, at least until it hit him like a ton of bricks to the face. On Earth there were thousands, if not more, active wardstones all over the place, meaning that the leylines were basically already stuck in their places. So while someone could put a wardstone over a leyline to give it extra power, it would not pull other lines to it. Whereas here, there were no other wardstones, so as soon as his activated, it started to change the leylines of the planet as it drew on their power.

It was honestly a really interesting discovery and would most likely mean that the first wardstone he placed on any planet would have quite a few leylines running under it eventually. There was just so much to explore with both his magic and the new tech knowledge he had, that he really was spoilt for choice.

Walking back inside he grabbed the durasheet contract on the table and put it into his pouch before placing a charm over the property to alert him of anyone entering. With that done, he went outside the front and pulled with his hand to levitate the sign off the building front. Simply going with ripping it off for now, as he was not going to run a shop right now. He had better things to do.

"Dobby, can you have an Elf watch the store and property, it is alright if they are seen and greet guests, but have them hide their magic use." he said to the air knowing his friend heard him. That wasn't just a guess, as he knew for sure through their bond. The magic of this planet was really doing wonders for him, and made him wonder if it was just this planet or the whole galaxy. Something he would have to find in the future.

With the sign in 'hand', he looked around to make sure his wards were working and everyone was ignoring his use of magic. Using his senses to check for any disturbances, he found none, so assumed all was well and walked back into the shop. Putting his trunk down on the ground in the back room he resized it and walked inside before closing the top again. Inside he apparated to his office where he put the contract down on the table and tried to figure out what he wanted to use as a name.

A few ideas popped into his head right away, but some were quickly discarded, like using an Old Germanic name or something like that. However one that he kept coming back to was Hadrian. It still honored his birth name, but made it sound far more regal and just sat well with Harry. Therefore, to his close friends he could be known as Harry, but to all others Hadrian.

That just left his last name. Potter certainly was not what he was going to use, as it just sounded too simple, or basic. After some thought he decided Peverell sounded nice, as it went to the root of his family name, it also seemed that the three artifacts that come from that family had accepted him, as he had absorbed some kind of power boost from them just after he had gotten the wand. Though he highly doubted the children's story revolving around them.

Before he could be any more indecisive, he quickly wrote down Hadrian Peverell on the contract, and then made his signature which was a complex version of his new official first name Hadrian. Putting the contract back in his pouch for safekeeping, he started to sort through his new knowledge he had gained in his mind palace, and compared, contrasted, and compiled it with his studies from Earth. This meant many concepts were enhanced by methods from both universes. Not anything drastic, but it did make him take outlooks on certain problems, and possible solutions that he felt others in this galaxy would miss.

The biggest had to be with the difference between the approaches to computer networks, and other more complex technology from Earth. Here it was almost like they were still in the analog era in some respects, that didn't mean they didn't exceed or outright blow away computer technology from Earth in most respects, just look at droids, but it was still odd in many ways.

However even the Internet he had when he left was far superior to the holonet in many ways. The holonet was more like a cable service and a version of the early Internet all bundled together. It had incredible transmitting capabilities, however much of it was hard to access, and you needed to know exactly where to look. So beside easy access to things such as holoshows, simple websites, or news programs, discovering new information was an operation in and of itself, but doable to an extensively experienced individual.

The only problem Harry had was that there are few to no holo connections here on Tatooine. With very few having one as they were expensive to purchase the right equipment, as well as the cost to connect to a holo relay or node. Thankfully there were quite a few holo connection access nodes in and around Hutt space, so that would not be an issue. He would simply have to get the right equipment, and purchase his own connection service, as there was no way he was going to ask one of the few who did have one to use it. Even if he could pay them the huge fee they would be likely to charge him, it would still attract a lot of attention, and be entirely unsecure, and most likely every move he made watched.

First order of business was to test out what has changed with his magic, and then look into tech and possibly his magic's effects on tech.

It didn't take long for him to come to an understanding that basically he no longer needed to use a wand for anything, that was unless he wanted super precision. Wands were a focus and small amplifier and they did just that, but here, the magic was so free and abundant that his wandless skills had skyrocketed. Some of the more complex spells, and those he was unfamiliar with, still required him to at least internally vocalize their incantations, but that was it. What this basically meant is he just had to wave his hand around here and could use most spells wandlessly. It was quite a rush when he found that out and started spamming stunners all over the room at various walls. Firing them off faster than he could have ever vocalized or done so back home, it almost looked like a machine gun of red. Almost, but not quite.

He also made the realization while he was practicing, that many of his spells mimicked the looks of various types of blaster pistols. This meant there was a good chance he could use his magic and possibly disguise it as using a blaster when confronting people. Thankfully over the first few days of his testing he had his ever helpful servant Dobby coming with food whenever he was hungry without even being prompted, and sometimes even before Harry himself realized he was hungry.

The house elf manning the store had to turn away only a few mistaken customers, and a few interested parties about the changing management. He had left instructions with the Elf to call him if there was something he needed to handle personally, but so far he was being left alone to his devices and was tinkering with his magic. Once he felt grounded, and that there was not going to be any possible fatal mistake made with the changes to his magic, he finally got onto truly letting the inner child of his out to play.

He had some of the scrap, and broken parts from his property transported down into one of his workshops in the manor trunk. The workshop was basically what it sounded like, with many tables ready to be used with ample floor space for whatever he was working on. It also had some enchantments for safety and protection for anything outside the work area.

Harry was looking down at the odd assortment of parts that the Elves had brought him. There was a partial piece to some type of Corellian hyperdrive, there was also what looked like a small fighter sized deflector shield and various other components. The variety of parts was broad, as there were things from droids to racing pods, and even mining equipment. Grabbing a piece of what looked like some armour plating, Harry put it to the side to try some of his magic on.

The first thing he wanted to try was a Repairo. This spell was fairly versatile, but could and would fail to repair something if too much of it was missing. Otherwise, it was an incredible spell, able to put things back together nearly perfectly to the caster's desires. It could even, with the right coaxing, make something basically new. Add in a few cleaning charms and you had a nearly new object. So that was what Harry did.

He cast his first Repairo and watched as the armour plate straightened out any divots, and any small missing parts were replaced by the spell. The armour plate was still obviously used, but looked almost new to Harry. Giving it a good rap with his knuckles, it felt entirely solid and nothing felt wrong to his magical senses. Deciding to try out a diagnostic spell on the armour plate, it came back with the same results showing Harry it was normal.

Finally, Harry looked over to the small deflector shield and moved to pick it up. It was not in bad shape and was about the size of a large alternator from a car. It was clearly broken, however, it looked more like something had cracked the internal casing, rather than outright breaking it. Using his new knowledge, he could see it was in fact a ray shield with a small built in magnetic shield to prevent small physical objects from damaging whatever craft was carrying it through space.

Putting it on the ground away from anything else, Harry waved his hand and repeated the last tests that he did on the armour plate. What surprised Harry the most, was how the complex piece of technology, even if it was offline, seemed to not have any issue with his use of magic on it, as it was back to near pristine condition after only two spells.

Honestly, how easily the spell took to being used on tech surprised Harry, but he had a suspicion on why it had worked so easily. That being that since he had arrived on this planet, he had seen with his mage sight how magic seemed to be absorbed into almost everything here. So when something like technology that was built with these materials rich in magic, a little extra from a spell should not harm them. In fact the magic in them made it easier to accept whatever the spell he wanted to do to it, reducing the amount of magic it was taking from Harry.

This meant he had quite a lucrative route to making some money here on the planet. He could buy scrap, and broken down vessels, then use magic on their parts after he took them out and sold them. Though that did bring to mind what was the limit to his repairo. Could he simply try and repair a whole ship or larger pieces of machinery?

With that in mind he called his House elves to bring even more stuff down including a small speeder. It didn't take long for him to find out his answer. It seemed that the repairo would work or mostly complete its job on even larger items, but it would also not correctly repair things that were missing or too damaged. What this meant was that each major component needed to be taken out and repaired individually to be sure it was fixed, with some small parts being replaced first to get it to work correctly.

This did mean that he could hit the speeder with a repairo then remove the broken parts, break them down and repair them before assembling the whole thing back together almost like new. During this process he was able to use his magic to help float, and levitate tools and parts on and off of the speeder he was testing things on. In fact when he felt his knowledge from the memories he had stolen fall short, it was almost like his magic was guiding him in what he should do, and what certain things were and where they went or what was wrong with them.

It was quite liberating and over the week he was working away, he often found that he was losing himself in what he was doing. By the end of the week he now had a shiny new speeder parked in his workshop that was running so smoothly it barely made a sound. During that time, Harry had tried to enchant a few things with his magic to see what happened, and was less shocked, but still extremely pleased with the results.

His magic seemed to take to the technology quite well, unfortunately there wasn't just a spell to cast to improve said technology. Instead, he used runes, enchantments, and charms, to do small things such as increase airflow, reduce heat waste, remove heat from areas that didn't want it, and even a rune array to take heat from the surrounding environment to slowly passively charge the power core of his new speeder. That should ensure it never truly needed charging.

It was all extremely exciting, but also clearly showed the limit to the knowledge that he had stolen from the Rodian. If he was going to go any further on this path, he would need to gain some knowledge in many fields, and more than a few instruction manuals and texts on engineering and practical mechanics. There should be a few sources here in Mos Espa, but he would most likely need to either get that Holo Connection set up sooner rather than later, or make a few special orders.

While no respectful company would ship something to Tatooine, there were those who would pick up parcels for someone from somewhere those companies would ship to, then take them to Tatooine, for a price obviously. The traders, cough smugglers cough, were sometimes of questionable reputation, but there were a few that could be more or less trusted to deliver something.

Thankfully with Polukas' memories Harry knew who he could contact about getting something delivered from anywhere along the Corellian Run, a major hyperlane, to Tatooine. Tatooine was used as a waystation between the Corellian run and a hyperlane heading into Hutt space. That was the main reason the Hutts presence and nominal control of this planet. Location, Location, Location.

As he was thinking this through an Elf popped up beside him.

"Master, there are a few men at the store who need to talk to you." one of his Elves informed him. It seemed someone had come along and his presence was finally required.

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