Chapter 1 : A Wish For Change

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

There came a civilization.

A civilization that expanded throughout the stars.

A civilization that colonized millions upon millions of worlds.

A civilization comprised of hundreds of colorful races.

A civilization that had brought endless histories and events within their galaxy.

A civilization that had brought the galaxy peace.

A civilization that had brought the galaxy into war.

A civilization that had once been unified and then divided.

Divided because of different cultures.

Divided because of different ideals.

Divided because of good.

Divided because of evil.

Within this massive galaxy, within a galaxy comprising millions of worlds, there was Naboo.

A bountiful world.

A world that was found in the Mid Rim of the galaxy.

From the perspective of others, Naboo was like an emerald jewel cherished with love and passion.

On the surface, it comprised a vast array of different landscapes, from rolling plains and grassy fields to swampy lakes caused by a water-filled network of deep-sea tunnels.

To the people, the world of Naboo was a classical, aesthetic beauty.

On Naboo, there lived two races, on one side there were the humans that arrived from another world and thrived for thousands of years with harmony and peace, and the Gungans, an amphibious species that had flourished under the depths of the blue sea, and they were proud warriors.

When the two races finally encountered one another, there was tension between the two races. Their cultures clashed in a bad light but they shed no blood on one another. Some asked if it were possible for them to be united in peace for the benefit of their world, and such a question was ridiculed by many.

Centuries later, an event would occur that would bring the two races to put aside their differences and unite themselves against a common threat.

The Trade Federation.

An interstellar shipping and conglomerate, led by the devious leader, Viceroy Nute Gunray, a Nemodian who only cared for profit and power, formed a blockade on Naboo, preventing trades of supplies on their homes, supplies to give them food and drinks.

Thinking it wouldn't get any worse than it was, the Trade Federation brought down their armies to subjugate the people, an army of metallic droids that had no empathy towards any in their way.

It was truly a nightmare for peace.

The Queen of Naboo, who had ruled her people at a young age was horrified but she would not falter and she would make sure such an invasion would be halted.

And it was halted, for the two individuals came to their world.

The Jedi Knights. Keepers of the Peace.

They took the Queen off from her world to a safer place and strategized and came to a conclusion.

To bring the Gungans on their side, and waged a battle against Nute Gunray and his army of battle droids.

And after countless losses, deaths, and blazing crimson and emerald lasers, the battle to end the blockade was over.

The people of Naboo had won.

Their world was at last liberated.

The Trade Federation surrendered and fled back to their system.

Peace finally came to Naboo.

The tensions between the humans and Gungans had ended with unity and forged a new future for both races.

This event had caused an effect throughout countless worlds, and chaos would soon embrace the galaxy once more.

Ten years.

Ten years after the liberation of the now peaceful world of Naboo.

Somewhere on the emerald land of Naboo, there was a particular woman. She had brown hair tied with a ponytail. She possessed eyes of the same color and peach-tone skin. She also wore a dark purple vest, with light brown sleeves under it and dark brown gloves and boots.

This particular woman was one of the most important figures known in the galaxy.

This particular woman was one of the most courageous and kindest people at heart.

She was the voice for the people.

She was the former Queen of Naboo who led her people to freedom.

She was a delegated Senator of Naboo.

She was Padmè Naberrie Amidala.

She ran.

She jumped.

She crawled.

She climbed.

Sounds of grass and soil being stepped roughly by the boots of a Senator.

She controlled her breathing without problem.

She eyed the surroundings where there were massive trees where she could barely see the sky above and ruined statues as the soil took them.

And the sound of a roar echoed behind Padmè.

And a sound of fast footsteps of a wild animal was slowly getting on to her.

A sound of hunger.

A sound of hunt.

She was the prey.

But Padmè Amidala did not falter. Fear would not best the Senator.

She was trained.

She was taught.

It was the necessary duty of a Queen.

And this was the part she always liked.

A challenge.

Some people believed that this woman was frail and could be manipulated.

But she was not frail nor could be easily fooled by others.

She proved them wrong during the blockade of her world.

She proved how much love she gave to her people and others.

She proved that she was formidable.

Padmè could hear the sound of footsteps getting closer.

A few meters close.

A few meters from becoming a meal for those beasts.

She swiftly turned left and after a few steps, she climbed onto a tree.

Sweats dripped from her peach skin. Her breaths got heavier by each step yet she continued on.

The beast climbed as well, its weight turning against it but it physically managed to keep climbing.

Padmè had her blaster ready on her hips but she did not use it unless necessary.

Soon, she found strong vines, grabbed one of them, and held tight.

The beast was getting closer.

One wrong step and it would be the end of her long life.

But alas it was not meant to be.

She took a huge jump and with enough momentum, the vine swung her back and placed her foot on the beast's body kicking it with enough force for it to fall down onto the ground.

The beast stood up and turned its head to the Senator as she swung once more to the rocky cliff.

It snarled as it gave up pursuit and went back into the dark forest. Padmè panted heavily, wiping some sweat on her forehead.

It wasn't over yet. She had one more obstacle left.


Climb up and up and up.

Finding any holes or rocks to latch onto. Some made her almost slip but managed to continue on.

Half an hour later, she finally reached the top, she stood and held her head high.


Millions of stars above the night sky, stars that sparkle with beauty.

The starry night.

A beautiful sight.

She dropped her own body onto the grassy ground. She finally let herself rest.

"That… was… fun." She said proudly.

She was glad that she could take time off for some time. As a senator, it was taxing. Most times she could not sleep. Countless sessions she had to attend. Sessions that could help the people around the galaxy and not just her world. Among thousands of star systems, there was suffering, there was slavery.


Truly the worst.

Turning people into property.

How much she reminisced about her time on Tatooine.

She remembered when she met a young boy and his mother, living in slavery without a choice.

For that, it hurt her soul.

For that, she continued on.

For that, she worked for the benefit of others.

She should continue to work.

She shouldn't have stopped.

She shouldn't let herself enjoy her free time.

She should continue on.

And as much as she wanted to, as much as it pained her heart. No matter how guilty she felt.

She was only human.

A mortal that could only do so much.

She needed this.

She needed her time for herself even if it was only for a little time.

And time was not on her side as a new problem arose, a problem that could bring the people in the galaxy down into ruin.

A crisis that could turn into a civil war.

Time and time again she made attempts but with only a few successes.

And as time passed, the crisis was getting worse.

She was not the only one who wished for such a crisis, there was the Loyalist Committee led by Bail Organa, senator of Alderaan, another world filled with beauty and peace.

With her and them, they stride on no matter how bad their obstacles could be.

But she tends to ask herself. Why is the galaxy like this?

Why almost everywhere she sees nothing but torment?


"Well… took you long enough, Milady."

A familiar female voice called out. Padmè's eyes widened and saw a woman who could be almost a twin to her but slightly taller and her voice a little deeper.

"Sabè." Padmè's lip curled into a smile. Her closest friend, her sister in arms, her handmaiden.

"Seems like you were having a lovely time getting chased down there." Sabè said, striding to the young beautiful senator. Behind her, a modified Swoop bike was parked on the edge of the cliff.

Padmè shrugged. "Well, I kinda need something to relieve me from my stress once in a while."

"As you should." The handmaiden sat down beside her. "You have your way of relieving your stress, you know. Last time, you tried falling down with your Anti-Gravity boots."

"Ooh, and that was my first time too." Padmè chuckled. When she first did that, part of her was panicking because she thought she was using her anti-gravity boots wrong.

"And I and Dormè had to save you from getting splat to the ground. You should Dormè's face when she heard you screaming. It was a sight." Sabè laughed.

Padmè laughed as well. "Welp, imagine, a senator who tried to help out the people in the galaxy, and then was heard that she died because she just wanted to relieve some stress, and it would have been more permanent… and bloody."

"Indeed. For someone who doesn't like violence unless necessary, you are beyond reckless."

Sabè gave her own bottle of water to her friend as she gladly took it and drank, almost emptying the water inside.

"Never judge a book's cover." Padmè said with a full grin as she dropped herself onto the ground once more. "Look above, Sabè. Look at how beautiful the stars are."

"Yes…" Sabè agreed as she too lay down with her, watching the stars sparkle without a care. "You know… one of them are probably worlds."

"Oh, no doubt about that." Padmè nodded.

Sabè wanted to say something that some of this world is probably suffering from slavery but she wouldn't let that out. She was stressed enough as it was, but Padmè seemed to have read her mind.

"I know…" two words let out from the Senator's voice and Sabè closed her eyes with a sigh. "You know me too well, Padmè."

"You know that I do, I know all of you."

Padmè's handmaidens were like her extended sisters. They helped each other, they grieved for each other, and they always watched each other's back.

She could never be more thankful to have them by her side.

Wanting to change the topic for now, Padmè looked at her and asked. "How long have you been here actually? I don't think I heard your Swoop Bike's engine."

"I've been here for two hours actually, I figured you were gonna crash here since this is the most top peak."

"Wow, am I that easy to read?"

"Yes." Sabè said with a smirk. "You may know me and other of us handmaidens like the back of your hand, but I can read you like a datapad with easy tutorials."

"The pros of a handmaiden and best friend." Padmè conceded, and she returned a smirk, she was gonna give her something that Sabè would never and ever tell. "How's your love life with Tonra?"

With that question, Sabè immediately went up and turned her. "What are you talking about?"

That reaction said it all.

"Oh, you know…" Padmè hummed. "I can see how you look at Tonra sometimes."

"Well, you saw that wrong." Sabè countered.

"Ooh, I know you better, I could even see your blush… or can." She teased with a lopsided grin.

"That could have been a temporary rash."

Padmè laughed again. "You can easily hide it from anyone and perhaps even our closest friends, but never from me."

Sabè sighed. "You're enjoying this too much."

"Oh, I am." Padmè winked. "And no regrets."

"Alright then how about I give a proper comeback with your crushes like hmmm Palo"

"Pfft old news. Try again." Padmè rolled her eyes.

"I would say Rush Clovis but that's more of a one-sided crush. I never like or trust him anyway." Sabè said with a hint of distrust towards a certain Senator.

"Heh, well that is true, he's a good man though, he's just too flirty for my type." Padmè admitted. "Is that all you got?"

Sabè sighed and raised her hands in defeat. "Alright, Padmè, you got me. You seemed to be too busy on your senate sessions anyways."

Padmè nodded. "Indeed I am. I'd like to keep on working to help others out there rather than spending time with a particular crush."

"Understandable, I'm not against you having someone you deeply like though."

"I know but as I said, too busy."

It was quiet again, as the two gazed on the starry night.

"When will this end?..." Padmè murmured. Sabè turned towards her.

"The Separatist Crisis."

"Yes… Deep down, I understand why many member systems turned their backs on the Republic. It wasn't what it used to be." Padmè said, her eyes not looking away to the stars as if they were to comfort her. "The Republic's corruption… it was far worse than I had expected. Some care for themselves, some only want profit, and taxes, some just don't have empathy."

She added. "Bail, and I, and others who support our cause to end this crisis tried. Some agreed, but some or most are willing to bring war to them not even knowing the full consequences of such actions. They don't see the other side of the spectrum, they do not see the true horrors in war, subjugated by your foes, how much death and suffering will ensue in its wake."

Padmè resisted her tears from leaking out. When would they understand? How could she make them see? Was it truly inevitable? Was war the only course of action? No, it shouldn't be. It couldn't be.

Sabè looked at her with sympathy. Her duty was to free as many slaves as she could on Tatooine and other worlds. She had seen the worst in this galaxy when she saw children, whose skinny, pale eyes with dried tears of blood. It scarred her for life.

"Perhaps that someday the senate and all others can finally understand," Sabè said.

"Perhaps… I… we can only hope and pray that they can finally be reasoned with before it's too late." Padmè told her.

For thousands of years, war has always risen for different reasons. She wished that at least this time, no more wars but part of her knew that was ner naive thought and knew that it would come again just like always, she just wished that it wouldn't come too soon.

Both were quiet, only the wind and the trees filled the void with its sound.

Sabè gazed up at the night sky, and closely, she found something up there, despite sounding ridiculous, she made an attempt.

"There's a shooting star, Padmè. You should make a wish."

Padmè curved her eyebrows and lightly giggled at such an attempt her friend made.

"Believing in old myths I see, Sabè." Padmè said.

Sported a small smile, Sabè raised her hands in defense. "There are Jedi Knights with the powers of the 'force' and some others having magic or whatever they have so… why not?"

"Well, I can't argue with that I suppose." Padmè said with a smile.

She held her head high. She could see a couple of shooting stars flying down at such speed that if people were to blink, they would never have known it happened.

And never once did she blink, enjoying the scenery whatever she could.

Until she closed her eyes gently…

She wanted to wish for many things.

She wanted to wish a war would never come.

But war will come.

She wanted to wish that no more blood shall be spilled.

But there will always be blood to be spilled.

And so she wished…

To change their fates.

As she opened her eyes, she could see something above the stars.

Something that separated from them.

Something that was coming towards them.

She couldn't hear what Sabè was saying, everything was quiet, they were already running from cover before she even knew it.

And as they ran, their surroundings radiated with orange light.

They jumped behind one of the large rocks

And a millisecond later, an explosive sound of metal and rocks erupted to life.

The sound of a crash echoed around them. Padmè's ears went ringing still behind the rocks along with Sabè. Another sound came as it went farther and deeper until they heard a loud bang on the ground with trees and wood ripped apart.

Padmé turned to Sabé, her ears were still ringing, but she could see the moving lips. 'Are you okay, Milady?'

Padmé nodded and soon her ears were getting better, she could hear Sabé's voice properly.

"A meteor?" She asked, her ears slowly getting better.

"I... I'm not sure, Milady." Sabè said.

Both went to a Swoop Bike and drove their way into the source of a blackish smoke. Finally arrived at their destination, they found a light grayish spherical pod with a circular purple window, and below it had a V-shaped symbol on it and size seemed to only fit one person.

An escape pod? Padmè thought. Not recognizing the designs of a small pod. Where did it come from? From the looks of it, it seemed like it just escaped from some kind of battle. Was there a Pirate Raid? An incident that forced to escape with all hands?

She turned to Sabè as she quickly ordered. "Stay here, Sabè. Get medical assistance immediately. Someone inside might be hurt."

"I understand." And with a quick nod, Sabé went off and made a call.

Padmè cautiously moved towards the spherical pod. Getting a better view, she noticed that the window glass had a couple of cracks perhaps after the crash, she could only hope that whoever the person inside was still alive.

As she moved more closely, a sound of a sharp hiss came from the hatch and it opened itself. She could hear the sound of metal and rotor clashing violently while the hatch moved downward.

A moment later, the hatch stopped in midway.

"Hello?" Padmè called out. "Can you hear me? Are you okay?"

Not touching any of the still heat exterior parts of the broken pod, she crouched down to look further but the hatch quickly went down and she slipped inside.

Groaning, she picked herself up. Latching onto something close to her, she felt a soft yet hard skin upon contact. She held her head upwards and saw that she was holding someone's hand.

And what she saw was a man.

A man who seemed to be close to her age.

A man who had jet-spiky black hair that stood on all angles as if a gel was used and no gravity could pull it down. He wore a torn blue wrist with a ripped shirt of the same color appearing below his abdominal area and had tattered orange pants, revealing countless of scratches, purple marks, and dried and fresh blood on him. His kind of wound seemed like he came from a devastating beatdown.

Padmè could hear the sound of his painful groan escaping from his lips and momentarily, she saw his emerald green eyes glimmering, staring at her, and then his eyelid closed down.

"By the stars and force… what happened to you?" She murmured.

Sounds of multiple ships' engines roared behind her, and she could hear a couple of voices of medics and Royal Naboo guards coming to help her and this stranger.

Padmè gently grabbed the unconscious stranger and slowly got out of the pod.

She glanced at him with an assuring smile and whispered. "You're going to be okay. You're safe with us."

Little did she know, that the man she was now carrying, the man she found inside a broken pod was one of the most important figures to have ever lived.

A man who changed many lives with his countless adventures.

A man who was the strongest under the heavens.

A man who had defeated the evilest tyrant that had conquered countless worlds.

A man who was the reborn Super Saiyan.

A man whom his birth parents named him, Kakarot.

A man whom his adoptive grandfather named him…

Son Goku.

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