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Chapter 6: The Power of Ki and the Mystical Force

"I'm glad that you're coming along, Padmè." Goku said with a smile "I thought you'd be busy with this Senator stuff."

Padmè lightly giggled at his excitement. She was interested in how his powers had worked. The Jedi appeared to be quite curious about her foreign friend, but she also noticed some of them, most notably Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi were a bit unnerved by Goku's presence. She could only hope that the Jedi would not see him as a dangerous being and why would they be? Grandmaster Yoda does seem to be more positive so that was reassuring for the young Senator.

"I would never let myself miss this chance and besides, I haven't been to their temple yet," Padmè said with a smile. "I'm just relieved that the Jedi Council doesn't see you in a bad light but I don't expect them to."

"Oh? I haven't done anything wrong though… except what happened in the senate chamber. Hehe." Goku chuckled nervously.

"True, and don't forget the restaurant," Padmè smirked. "You just couldn't help yourself."

"You did say I could eat snacks earlier."

"And I told you to be quick about it and then poof a hundred dishes, thank the stars I managed to convince Bail to pay some for your appetite… for the sake of the restaurant's survival." Padmè reminded him in a joking manner.

"That's true… hehe," Goku remembered how horrified they were seeing him eat each dish and he felt bad for Senator Mon Mothma as she fainted from the experience.

Goku looked outside the window, his eyes glowed in amazement at how enormous the city was. Padmè took notice of his reaction.

"Didn't expect Coruscant to be big?"

Goku shook his head, still looking out of the window. "Nope. I know a big city in my world but this one takes the cake! So much taller and I can't even see the ground earlier!"

"You said that you can sense us with Ki? Does that mean you can sense the entire population?"

"Yup. I can't really say the number but I know there's a lot here."

"Hmm… Knowing there's a lot of people here, it might have given you a headache… then again I don't know how that Ki-sensing of yours works nor have much knowledge of the powers of the force except a few basics of it." Padmè mused.

"Oh, it doesn't give me a headache at all. Hehe." Goku said. "I do wonder how the force works, it's similar to Ki yet so different."

"About this Ki, wonder as well, we do." Yoda joined the conversation.

While Goku and Padmè had a short conversation, the Jedi on the other hand, most notably Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi were cautious towards this foreigner. When they first felt his power, it was unlike anything they had ever felt before, perhaps not even in the old days of the Republic during their last battle against the Sith Empire. His power was like a sun that could go supernova at any point and they were cautious if it was a weapon or an individual. As soon as they met Goku, they were surprised. His personality was almost the opposite to what they had expected. Yoda seemed genuinely happy with this but he was still cautious.

Goku was still having a hard time getting used to hearing this grandmaster's speaking vocabulary.

"Well… hmmm… Ki is part of us and when I say 'part of us' I mean it has been within us since the day we were born, it's a physical and a spiritual force. It's how I sensed you guys but at the same time, your ki is only… average."

"Average?" Mace Windu echoed. His eyebrow raised. "What do you mean by us having average ki?"

"I meant to like it's only normal, like you don't use it except on doing physical things like carrying heavy things or fighting, being calm in some battle or any stressful stuff."

Everyone nodded as the Jedi Council was getting interested in this newfound information. In a way, this ki was similar to the mystical force.

Goku continued. "But despite all of your ki being low… they're also the reason why I got to sense your force powers in the first place."

"In perspective, describe the force, can you? Hmm?" Yoda raised his left eyebrow.

Goku cupped his chin as he pondered what to say.

"Your force powers seem to be external… like it's part of you in a way but at the same time… it's not. Padmè told me that this force binds the galaxy or the universe together and I suspect that it's another word for Ki but looking at you guys now– it's way different than I thought."

Yoda chuckled wholeheartedly. "Part of your description including Senator Amidala, correct both of you are. Life creates it, its energy surrounds us, it binds us."

The grandmaster continued. "Part and one with the force, we all are, including you Son Goku. Your reasons for how you sensed us with ki, similar to how we sensed you."

Goku slowly nodded at the explanation with slight understanding. "I see. That's interesting. Me and my friends only knew about Ki and magic but not the force stuff."

"You say that your friends know about Ki… is it common in your galaxy?" Ki-Adi-Mundi asked, wanting to know more about this usage of Ki.

Goku nodded in response. "Mhm, some have higher ki with enough training. You guys can also learn to use it if you give it a try!"

The Jedi Council looked at him in surprise. Giving them full access and understanding of how to use ki? While they have yet to see the ability to use it, they didn't expect this young foreigner to happily teach them.

"You are willing to teach us the ability to use Ki? Does your galaxy not have a code or rules when it comes to using it?" Plo Koon politely asked.

"Um, nope…. Well just as long as you don't do anything to harm anyone unless you wanna fight some bad guys or just have a spar." Goku said. "And speaking of spar…"

Padmè eyed Goku, knowing what he was going to say. He grinned as he asked.

"Can I have a spar with you guys?"

Everyone stopped.

And slowly.

But surely.

Everyone stared at him.

The Jedi High Council stared at him

The Royal Naboo Guards stared at him.

The Handmaidens stared at him.

Captain Typho stared at him.

The grandmaster of the Jedi Order stared at him.

Everyone stared except Padmè who just facepalmed at his ridiculous request.

They hadn't spoken for almost a minute until Mace Windu said only one word that could be what everyone collectively wanted to say.


"Can I spar with you guys?" Goku repeated. "Padmè told me that you guys are warriors."

The entire Jedi council quickly looked at Padmè in which she internally squirmed out of surprise. Really Goku?

She sighed. "My apologies, Master Jedi, if what I explained to Goku about you all might be.. exaggerated but in my defense, I, and almost everyone in the galaxy know that all of you are warriors for peace."

"... Yes it is true." Mace Windu sighed. "We only fight if it is necessary. We Jedi are the peacekeepers of this galaxy."

"And it is also our duty to protect the innocent and defenseless," Plo-Koon added.

"Oooh, that's awesome! So that means we can spar?"

"No." Mace immediately said, his tone remained stoic. "You're only allowed inside the temple so you can help us find your home planet."

"Aww, I wanna know how you guys fight with this force stuff," Goku whined like a child. "It'll be the same thing as how you guys learn how I fight with ki."

Master Yoda hummed. "Hmmm… Another reason, I sensed within you."

"Well… it's fun to fight new people! It makes me excited!

Some of the Jedi council, especially Mace Windu were still unsure about this but Kit-Fisto finally spoke.

"Welp, if my fellow Jedi Masters permit me, I would like to spar with you."

The Jedi Council looked at him immediately but he didn't falter. "What? I'm curious about how he uses his ki besides the flying part that Senator Amidala mentioned so before we manage to find a way to get him back, let's show him the power of the force… in a good way of course."

Mace Windu, still frowning, turned to the grandmaster in which he answered the Master of the Order with a hum.

"Discuss whether we will approve a spar later, the Council will." Yoda finally answered.

"Ooh okay. Hope you guys approve!"

The foreigner pondered for a moment. "Hmmm.. Is it also possible to learn these force powers? You said I also have it."

The Jedi Council glanced at each other with disapproval expressions.

Ki-Adi-Mundi started. "My apologies, Mr. Son. But you are already old."

Goku raised his eyebrows in confusion. "Old? What do you mean by that Master Kidamun?"

"Ki-Adi-Mundi." The cerulean Jedi corrected him.

"Oops sorry, Master Kadmunido."



"Ki… Adi… Mundi."

"Ki-Adi-Moondi." Goku corrected himself.

"... just call me Master Mundi."

"Okay, Master Undi, hehe." Goku gave out a nervous laugh. "But yeah, what do you mean by me being old?"

"Attachment like friends, families, children, do you have?" Master Yoda asked.

"Yeah." Goku was confused about whether that had anything to do with his friends and family.

"Angry, do you feel if they died before you?" The grandmaster asked further.

"Yeah… why?"

The little green alien was quiet for a moment until he spoke. "To any force user who uses emotion, especially anger, and hate. To dark places, they will be."

Master Yoda saw the foreigner still looking at him with a puzzled look. "Jedi, we are. And as we are part of the Jedi Order, The light, we serve. The Light side of the Force."

"The Light side of the force?" Goku inquired.

"Yes. As we serve the light, we serve the good, calm, peace, serenity, passive, and selflessness. For we serve the light, we are the will of the force. The Force guides us." Master Yoda's expression darkened as he continued. "Then there is the Dark side of the force. Experience grief, attachments will make you. And from grief turns into anger, and hate… Consumes you, the dark side will."

"But isn't it normal to feel anger? Especially when you lose someone you deeply care about?"

"Yes, yes. Natural to feel them but selfishly the dark side will make you. Seduce you, the dark side will, in ways that you will do more actions that are horrendous, killing warriors to murdering innocents, and families, instilling fear in children, and once consumed by the temptation of the dark side, come back you can never.

"And once consumed, forever a dark sider you will be, a Dark Lord of the Sith, you will become." Yoda finished.

Mace Windu added. "The Sith are the Jedi's true enemy. They also relish killing countless innocent lives and would rule this galaxy with an iron fist, and our war against them had gone on a thousand years."

Goku's jaw dropped. "Thousand years?! That's so long! And they're still out there ruining people's lives?"

Padmè remained quiet during this conversation but she was curious to know more about the history between this eternal war of Jedi and Sith. She once witnessed it during the liberation of Naboo when the two Jedi fought a Zabrak with dark robes and wielded a double-bladed crimson lightsaber. Knowing that, the Sith were probably the reason why Naboo was invaded, and she mused. Were the Sith also the reason for creating a huge crisis? Count Dooku was a former Jedi Master but he hadn't done anything malicious with the exception of assassinating her but that's still an assumption.

Mace Windu slightly glanced at the Senator. He didn't like that she was here but knowing her history with the Jedi, he could trust her enough about this information.

"Back then, there were tens of thousands of them but now it drastically went down to two," Mace said.


"A master and an apprentice," Plo-Koon said. "We once believed that the Sith were extinct for millennia until a decade earlier, one appeared. We theorized that perhaps the Sith can be stronger without having too many of them around because their selfishness outweighs their alliances and they always lust for more power."

"I see…" Goku was amazed at how the history between the Jedi and the Sith had been stretched out for many millennia and wondered how strong they could be compared to the Jedi.

But still, he was bothered that having attachments was why a force-user could turn into the dark side.

He then remembered the time back in Namek, when he thought he managed to defeat the great tyrant, Lord Frieza with the Genkidama until he came out and put a hole in the chest of his former enemy and now friend, Piccolo.

And he remembered how he killed his best friend.

He remembered his scream.

Calling out his best friend's name.

Before he imploded.

Right before his eyes.

And he remembered Frieza's maniacal laughter as he killed his best friend with a joyous expression.

And then he remembered how much he wanted him to pay.

How much he wanted to smite the lizard's sadistic smile off his face.

How much he raged.

And thus, the golden beast came out as he roared to the green skies.

The roar of grief.

The roar of rage.

And from its rage came forth something. Something that he kept hearing about from the Ginyu Force, Frieza, and Vegeta himself.

A legend that the Saiyan Prince sputtered.

The Super Saiyan.

A form that could tear the tyrant's bone apart if he ever desired.

A form that could tear the world a thousand times over.

Goku was quiet for a moment until he finally spoke. "I sorta get it, but with Ki, it is way different. We use our emotion to bring power out especially when it's something dire but we never get corrupted by it unless you wish to harm others for your gain."

Master Yoda eyed him carefully. "Believe you I can not… but truth I sensed within you. Have much more to learn about this Ki Manipulation, we Jedi do."

Goku nodded. "And I guess I have much to learn more about you guys and these force thingies."

And true that he had so much to learn and for them likewise. Knowing more about the Force from the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order gave him much to think about. While similar in any way, it was far different. For that reason, it made him more excited to fight them soon.

"Indeed, but come now. Stood here long enough, we have." Master Yoda said. "Talk and show more at the temple, we will."

They continued to stroll along to the hangar bay and as they walked, Goku noticed Padmè's expression was off.

"Hey, Padmè. Are you alright?"

Padmè stopped pondering, looking at Goku with an assuring smile. "Oh, yes I'm fine, Goku. I'm just wondering about the Sith themselves. I learned about their existence during the time we were liberating Naboo and the more I think about it, I wonder if the Sith are also the reason for this crisis."

"Well, guess we'll have to find that out in the future and we'll stop them."

"I don't think that'll be easy. You only just got to know them and who knows where they are." Padmè said. "Then again, nothing is easy."

Goku pondered for a moment. "Can I ask you something?"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"Is Chancellor Palpatine a good guy? Earlier, it seemed like you guys were kinda close."

"Oh. Well, he was my advisor during my time as Queen and even guided me to become a Senator, so yes, we are kind of close. I would even say friends. Why do you ask?"

Goku was quiet for a moment as he gave some thought. "Well, when I met him in person with you, I felt something off about him."

"Off? What do you mean?" Padmè asked.

"Hmm… you know I can sense Ki's energy right?"

Padmè nodded and he continued. "Well, you see, I don't just sense energy, I can also sense whether they have a good one or a malicious one."

Padmè's eyes widened. "And you believed that he's evil to you? My parents and I met him during my time before I became a Queen and he's almost like a brother figure to them. I don't think he's a horrible man."

"Ohhh I see then, but still… be careful whenever you're around him okay? There's just something dark I sensed in him."

So that was why his expression seemed off when they met face to face? She doubted that Chancellor Palpatine, her old advisor and even a friend to her loving parents could be evil. Perhaps, being the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic had pressed him to the point he may start going down? She hoped not. She doesn't believe that Goku would be a liar nor would say something rash but still…

"I… I can't believe that Goku… but I promise you, I'll be more careful."

Goku nodded with a smile. "That's all I ask, Padmè. I won't be around forever"

With those words, Padmè mused. How long before they managed to get him back home? Part of her wanted to know him more, his galaxy, his friends, everything.

She shook her head. How could she think that? His son missed him for star's sake.

But still, she'll have to spend time with him before he gets home.

There was another thought that came to her mind.

Now that they were heading to the Jedi Temple, she wondered if the young boy she met would be there.




That was all that he could hear and see.

What is this? Where am I? Why am I here? How am I here?

He could not speak. Why couldn't he speak?

He could speak out his thoughts but he could not feel his lips.

In here, he had no mouth.

In here, he wanted to scream.

Here, he wanted to move, but his body remained still.

In here, he wanted power, but he was powerless.

In here, he was helpless.

He hated that.

He wanted to be free.

A female voice echoed to his ears. A voice familiar since the day he was born. A voice that he always cherished.


Her voice was like a soft melody as if she was singing to him in his sleep. To ease him from all the fears and hatred he had seen as a slave

It gave him comfort.

He always felt comfort whenever she was around.

He always loved to see her smile.

In here, only her mother could make him feel at ease.

And then her soft voice turned into sorrow and whimper.

Why is she crying?

Who made her cry?

Did he make her cry?

Did he make her cry because he left her?

Did he make her cry because he didn't come back?

Did her make her cry because he abandoned her?

Her sorrowful voice turned into a scream.

No, she was in pain.

No, she was suffering.

Why was she in pain?

Who made her feel pain?

From a far distance, he could see his mother.

Mother. I'm coming.

Let me save you.

His body remained still.

He screamed in rage.

He screamed for power.

He screamed to save his mother.

And after almost felt like an eternity, his invisible chains broke.


Freedom at last.

He ran.

He ran towards his mother.

Beneath his steps were filled with blackish water as if it was trying to hold him back.

How dare it hold him back?

How dare it stand in his way?

His will kept him moving.

Nothing would stand in his way.

No one would stand in his way.

Then finally he reached her.


He hugged her.

She's safe.

She's free.

She's alive.

He turned to face his mother and his eyes widened in horror.

His mother's eyes filled with blood.

Her mouth was filled with blood.

Her body was filled with deep reddish marks.

Her clothes were tattered.


What happened?

Who did this to you?

He tried to remove the blood with his hands.

And then the crimson flames engulfed her.


He tried to take the fire away from her.

He tried to comfort her.

But all attempts had no success.


Don't die.

Stay strong.

Don't leave me.

The flames engulfed his mother, and her body turned to dust.

And as it turned to dust, it withered away into the winds.

He dropped on his knees.

He failed.

He lost her.

He let her die.


Why did she have to die?

Why did she have to suffer?

He could see the blackish liquid taking him as if it had billions of hands pulling him down gently.

He could move but he didn't.

He let it take him.

He let it pull him down.

He let it drown him.

Drowned from his misery.

Drowned from his torment.

Drowned from his failure.

And as he was pulled down, all he could hear was crying.

Was it someone who was also with him crying?

Or was it him?

He then felt a vibration.

He then saw a light.

And that light screamed.

The blackish water dispersed as if it hurt by the light's presence.

Here, the light shined the brightest.

He looked at the light.

He could feel the comfort.

He could feel the light pulling him.

And as it pulled him closer, the light flashed his vision.

His eyes widened.

Laying down on the pilot chair, there lay a young man who had brown hair with braids on his right shoulder, and he wore dark robes with brown underneath them.

A young man who was raised by his mother in slavery.

A young man whom the slain Jedi Master founded.

A young man who was trained by the Jedi Arts.

A young man who was prophesied to be the Chosen One.

Anakin Skywalker.


He looked at where the voice originated. He had long brown hair that reached down his lower neck, and unlike Anakin's black tunic, his robe and tunic were white and had brown boots.

Obi-Wan. His master, his friend, his brother figure.

"Master? How long was I out?"

"Ten hours." Obi-Wan sighed in relief. "My young padawan, you're sweating."

Anakin touched his head and cheek.

He did get sweaty.

The young padawan wiped it off with his hand. "Forgive me, master. I just had… a long dream that's all."

"A dream?"

Anakin bit his lips. He wanted to tell him but he knew how Obi-Wan would tell him and his guidance wouldn't help him in the slightest.

"It's nothing, Master. Just a rough dream but nothing I can't handle."

Obi-Wan eyed him. There was something the young man was hiding and he could only guess one thing, his mother.

But he held this guess about this dream for now. "We'll be arriving at Coruscant in thirty minutes. Get yourself ready."

"Yes, master," Anakin said obediently as he prepared the controls of the shuttle.

"Master Obi-Wan."

A feminine voice called out from behind them. There stood two women. On one side was a Jedi Master, Luminara Unduli, who had green-yellow skin with a black diamond tattoo shaped on her chin, and large blue eyes. She wore dark gray robes and a large headdress.

On one side, there was Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee who was as young as Anakin. She had the same skin color as her Master and her black diamond tattoo was on the top of her nose and beneath her eyes. She too wore dark robes with a mix of purple around them.

"Ah, Master Luminara and Barriss Offee." Obi-Wan greeted them. Both of you have slept well, I presume?"

"Yes, we both have. We had a… unique time back at Ansion." Luminara said, reminiscing about the plan that Obi-Wan had given to end the growing conflict between the two species.

The bearded Jedi Knight smiled. "We all did our part well there, didn't we, Anakin?"

Anakin nodded. "It was interesting, to say the least."

It was more boring to him at some parts but it was alright He was trying to squish his thoughts about the nightmare as much as he could. Letting himself converse with his Master, and his fellow Jedi brethren would be a good distraction.

"How long are we going to reach Coruscant?" Barriss asked.

"In around twenty-five minutes," Anakin said. "I could try to make a shortcut to shorten our travel."

"Anakin. There's no need to rush." Obi-Wan chastised.

"But Master–"

"Be patient. You say that twenty-five minutes is twenty-five years for you."

"I… Of course not master, I apologize."

Obi-Wan could only sigh and turned to Master Luminara. "You know, Master Luminara, there was one time my young padawan fell into the nest of Gundarks."

"Hold on, Master." Anakin eyed his master. "That's not how I remember it. You fell into that nightmare first."

"Not to me, you were running with your lightsaber swinging." Obi-Wan countered with a half smile.

"Oh? Is that so?" Anakin turned to Master Luminara. "My apologies for my master's lies. He's still embarrassed about that, and I rescued him there just in time."

Luminara smiled, enjoying the talks between Obi-Wan and Anakin. They were like brothers in a way. "I'm sure I don't need the Force to tell me which one of you speaks the truth. No matter how good Obi-Wan is, I've always heard many rumors about him either being at times a bit clumsy or bad at flying."

"Well, I may not know who made such rumors but I can say with much confidence that they are not true," Obi-Wan said, rolling his eyes.

"Not even those rumors probably came from the words of Master Windu?" Luminara asked with a slight tease.

"I'll have a word with him if that's the case."

Anakin smiled lightly. He enjoyed these kinds of conversations. However, he wondered if Obi-Wan knew of his nightmares. He doubted it and even if he did, he wouldn't understand. But something else caught his attention during that dream.

The light. What does that mean?


Goku gaped at the sight of the Jedi Temple as their transport landed. It was not as tall as other skyscrapers nor as wide as the Senate Rotunda but the design and atmosphere to it was on a whole other level. He could feel countless of "force" energy within.

"To our sacred Jedi Temple, we welcome you both." Master Yoda said as he motioned to follow along.

"I could feel thousands of these 'force' energies inside there," Goku said, still gaping around at the enormous temple.

"This temple has stood for thousands of years, Mr. Son." Mace Windu said. "This has been the home for all of us. This is the true heart of the Order."

"...Your temple has a heart?"

"... No." Mace Windu wondered if this foreigner was not properly educated and if that was the case… who raised him?

"Then what do you mean by 'its true heart'?" Goku asked with a confused look.

"He meant metaphorically, Goku." Padmè helped him out.

"Ohhh…. What's a metaphor again?"

Padmè knew of Goku's lack of education but this much? She may have to help him out more other than touring this galaxy.

"Nevermind that Mr. Son, let's just get moving." Mace Windu said with a subtle and frustrated sigh. This was the person that Kit Fisto would spar?

Master Yoda could only laugh at his fellow Jedi High Council as they strode towards the main entrance. As they walked, Goku could see twin rows of enormous statues standing guard before the entrance and its walls filled with symbols and Jedi figures.

The Council could have had them land on the tower closer to the archives but Yoda wanted Goku to see what their Order was like before returning home.

At the main entrance, Goku found a middle-aged man with long brown hair tied in a ponytail, and beside him were two white hooded and masked guards with symbols around their robes with the same color as their mask.

The middle-aged man and the two guards bowed down politely to the Jedi High Council. "Welcome home, grandmaster Yoda and Masters of Jedi Council. How was the discussion between the Chancellor?"

"Master Drallig, greetings to you as well. Trouble news, the Chancellor brought." Master Yoda said gravely. "Clouded in the force of this grave situation, our vision has been."

"Ah… that is unfortunate to hear." He noticed the Senator, and her handmaidens and guards. "Senator Amidala. I am Master Cin Drallig. Battlemaster and duelist teacher. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Master Drallig." Padmé bowed in respect as she gestured to her new friend. "I'm here because of my friend from another galaxy, Son Goku."

"From another galaxy?" Master Cin Drallig asked in wonder. He looked at the foreigner and his eyes widened. "By the force!"

Goku turned to the Battlemaster Jedi in surprise. "Woah, I didn't expect you to react like that!" He went close to Padmé's ear. "I'm not scary-looking am I?"

"No! No… I apologize for my sudden outburst to you. I have no dislike towards your appearance but… your Force… no… it's not the force… I can't describe it but it's so…" Master Cin Drallig was trying to find the words to explain his outburst.

"Oh you mean my Ki energy?" Goku asked.


Goku nodded. "Yup my Ki, I guess it's kind of similar to the force or related to it but more internally instead of externally like you guys have."

The Battlemaster Jedi turned to Master Yoda in which he nodded as he was telling the truth and turned back to Goku. "I see… while I am not familiar with this 'Ki' energy you described. I can describe yours to be… blinding."


"Yes. It's like your 'Ki' is almost like the sun itself. It's so bright… if I looked deeper I might just get blinded by it and yet it seemed… pure… at ease."

Goku frowned for a moment and nodded in understanding. "Oooh, I see! Hmm, let me try something."

"What do you mean?" Master Cin Drallig inquired but the foreigner didn't answer as he slowly closed his eyes for a brief moment until he opened them again with a smile. "Can you describe what you're sensing inside me now?"

The Battlemaster was confused for a moment but he searched deep inside of Goku and his eyes widened. "It's not as bright anymore."

"Yup! I just kind of tone down a bit of my Ki. The last thing I want is for someone to get blinded by it. Hehe!" Goku scratched the back of his head with a slight chuckle.

"Astounding…" He said. "It is a pleasure to meet a person who came from another galaxy."

"We will have to find out whether his world comes from another galaxy or not." Mace Windu said.

"Then I suppose all of you will be heading to the Jedi Archives along with the Senator." Cin Drallig subtly glanced at the Senator. While Padmè was known and considered a great ally and possibly a friend of the Jedi Order, that didn't mean that she was allowed access to the most secure places only available by the Council and Grandmaster of the order.

Master Yoda nodded in response. "Allow both the Foreigner and the Senator in our supervision, we will."

"Very well." The Battlemaster turned to Goku and Padmè with a polite smile. "Welcome again to our sacred Temple.

Senator Amidala slightly bowed. "Thank you again, Master Cin Drallig."

Goku was about to ask if he could try to spar with him but was stopped by Mace Windu staring at him with a sign of 'no' and just bowed.

As they went inside, Goku was amazed at the sight of the millennia-old temple.

It was a four-story tall chamber with many tiers and balconies with countless enormous pillars and between them were passages and stairways.

"Wow, this place looks even bigger inside!" Goku observed in awe. He could see a couple of adult Jedi wearing the same robes as the High Council and he could also see young children with a few droids guiding them along the way somewhere where they need to be.

Some of the younglings stared at Goku with curiosity and some were also giggling as they pointed out at his hairstyle.

"How many do you guys have here?" Goku asked with curiosity.

"Ten thousand five hundred fifty-four." Mace Windu answered and the foreigner's jaw dropped.

"Sheesh! And I thought I wouldn't be more surprised."

"Hmm… since you said Ki-users are common, I can guess there are around the same number or close to ours here?" Plo Koon inquired.

Goku mused. "Ooh… hmm that is a good question, besides me, my friends and enemies are capable of using Ki. I don't know the exact number."

"I see." Plo Koon nodded. "Does it also take time to learn Ki?"

"Hmm… that depends on the user if they learn how to train properly and have better control of Ki otherwise consequences would happen."

"What kind of consequences?" Plo Koon asked.

"Well, it'll make you feel more exhausted and if you don't properly control your Ki, there's a huge chance that you'll harm yourself and others."

"Such as?"

"Such as accidentally blasting a mountain or small town in pieces but if you have a stronger Ki, that user could have blown up an entire planet if they aren't careful enough," Goku explained.

All of them stopped and looked at Goku with widened eyes. They haven't been to the Archives and new information from this Foreigner about Ki was getting more terrifying.

"Blew up a planet?" Mace Windu echoed with an expression of disbelief.

Goku nodded. "Yeah. The more power you get, the more capable you can destroy. My recent enemy, Frieza whom I defeated, threw his powerful Ki energy on Namek's core and blew up. That's how I got here… at Padmè's homeworld I mean."

Padmè widened her eyes in complete horror. "What did you say? Did you mean that… this Frieza you told me back at Naboo… has the same power like you have and… and– blew up the entire planet?!"

Again, Goku nodded with a pained look on his expression. "Yeah… that was really cowardly of him."

She stepped back. She wanted to hold something to support herself from falling. She thought that this 'Frieza' had used an advanced weapon but no… this tyrant also has the same and unique power as Goku.

The Jedi High Council were even more horrified. The power capable of destroying a planet. While they knew Goku's power when they first sensed it was powerful to this extent even his foes had the capability whenever and wherever they wished to.

"And you defeated this 'Frieza', correct?" Mace Windu inquired. "Does that mean you're more powerful than him? Or…"

"I took him down with my powers," Goku answered truthfully.

They couldn't believe it.

But the Force told them he held no lies.

Huh… I wonder if I should still spar with him… Kit-Fisto pondered and as he was about to ask more, Plo-Koon stepped in.

"How do you and other Ki users fight exactly? A telekinesis similar to us? Do you wield weapons?"

"Oh, back then I used an unbreakable power pole." Goku reminisced about the old days when he always used his old weapon. "But now, I mostly use my fists, feet, and Ki-energy attacks, though we can do some telekinesis stuff sometimes. Hehe."

Before any of them asked more. Goku placed his right hand in front of them.

And above the palm of his hand, they felt a wind blowing through them and within a few moments later, there emitted a small yet bright sphere as if it was the sun itself.

And slowly, it went bigger and bigger and big enough that it was the size of a playing ball.

Other Jedi and younglings noticed a bright energy emitting on Goku's palm and stared with curiosity and astonishment.

"This is the Ki-energy." Goku gestured at the small glowing ball of light. "This is what I mean about the Ki-energy attack."

All of them gazed at it with awe. The Jedi Council could feel the power within the sphere.

"Spectacular…" Ki-Adi-Mundi muttered in amazement and worry.

"Indeed…" Mace Windu agreed with the same feeling. If such power exists… then the threat it poses… was terrifying.

The other Jedi Council on the other hand only felt amazed. Master Yoda analyzed it closely with great curiosity.

The ball of Ki was then dispersed from view as Goku looked at them with a smile. "This can get bigger but sometimes scales don't matter at all as long as you know how to control your Ki."

"How long have you been training to get to this level you are now?" Kit-Fisto asked.

"Well… my entire life? I've learned a lot from many masters so I know countless things about Ki-energy."

"And can anyone learn this?" Plo-Koon inquired.

"Yup. Anyone." Goku nodded. "Even Padmè can learn how to use this."

As Padmè's name was mentioned, she looked at him with a shocked expression on her face.

"Me?" She stuttered.

"Yup! Did ya forget about what we talked about if you ever have free time? Imma spar with you."

Padmè placed her palm on her head. Thousands of questions swirling around her mind. Goku would teach her how to use Ki? Was he serious?

The Jedi Council immediately looked at Goku and the Senator with a look of surprise.

"You would teach her the ways of Ki?" Mace Windu asked. "For what reason?"

"Umm… for a spar. And also maybe to achieve her full potential. I could sense something within her and I could tell she can be an amazing fighter or good enough to defend herself from those assassins and other bad guys!" Goku told him with a grin.

The Jedi Council glanced at each other in concern. He would willingly teach anyone? Whether it'd be Jedi, a Smuggler, or a Senator? Would that be wise? Wouldn't that lead to more chaos?

"Talk enough." Master Yoda spoke. "Speak more in the future, we shall. Find your world, our task will be."

"Oops, sorry about that. hehe," Goku scratched his head with a slight chuckle. "Lead the way."

The group of seven continued their walk towards the Jedi Archives and as they strode along, Padmè stepped closer to Goku.

"Goku, were you seriously going to train me on how to control Ki?" Padmè whispered.

"Hmm? Yup, why wouldn't I be." Goku replied.

"But… why? I know you told me about my 'potential' but why me?"

"Well, why not? It's not like it's forbidden to teach these things, unlike the Force they told me about." Goku said with a shrug.

"Truth be told, Goku… it's hard to believe. Like a week ago, we met officially in the medcenter, and then today you saved my friend and the guards and pilots with your powers and then these said powers I'll receive with your training in my free time? It's a lot to take in." Padmè took a long breath.

Goku tilted his head. "I mean, are you fine with me training you during your free time?"

"Well… are you okay with training me? You know I'm not Force-sensitive like the Jedi or anything." Padmè asked.

"Hey, even I was at your level back then, and look at me now." Goku gestured to himself with a smile. "You'll do fine and I'll see to that. If you're alright with me training you."

Padmè mused with a shocked look. He was being serious. Could she take this training? There were times that she used her free time to research for her next sessions but now her foreign friend just offered her to learn the usage of Ki. But for how long? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? She can't simply let herself neglect her current goal to help out countless worlds around the galaxy.

But as she thought more deeply, she came upon a realization that there was one enormous positive outcome for this. Her friend and decoy survived thanks to Goku's power. If she could train thoroughly by his teachings, she would fare much better in dealing with new assassination attempts from mercenaries or bounty hunters.

She took a deep breath and finally spoke. "Alright. I accept your offer."

"Really? You will?" Goku inquired and his eyes seemed to be sparkling.

Padmè nodded. "I think it'll be best if I learn how to use Ki for the sake of me and my friends' survival."

Goku immediately shook her hand. "That's awesome! I'll be glad to teach you!"

"I can't say all the time because I have a duty as a Senator but whenever I have free time, you can teach me a thing about this 'Ki'.

The Foreigner nodded enthusiastically. "That's no problem! You won't regret it!"

Padmè returned the gesture with a smile. "I'm sure it'll be worth it…. Should I call you master?"

Goku pondered for a moment and shrugged. "I'm fine if you call me by my name or Master either way."

Padmè chuckled. "As you wish."

Training with him. That would be an interesting time but the question stretched to her thoughts on how she would fare when that time comes.

"What do you mean there's a flying man?"

On one of the countless skyscrapers, there stood two people.

Two bounty hunters.

One was a woman named Zam Wesell who wore an armored cap with a red veil over the bottom half of her face. Her body was also filled with light armor and red sleeves. Like all bounty hunters, she wielded deadly weapons that could finish the job.

On the other was a man clad in silver beskar armor that looked somewhat outdated but was well known throughout the galaxy as the only people who wore such armor were the Great Mandolorians that had once conquered countless systems and almost crippled the Republic into submission. In the present, most of them had become pacifists and wished to shed no blood.

And the man who wore the beskar armor had many titles throughout his history.

Slayer of Tor Vizsla.

Slayer of Countless Jedi.

Slayer of Montross.

Jango Fett.

Zam sighed. "You've heard the news about this foreigner saving the decoy of Senator Amidala. I saw with my own eyes, he was flying with the decoy and the guards!"

"Does he not wear anti-gravity boots?" Jango inquired.

She shook her head. "Not even anti-gravity boots can save them this fast. For all we know, he could have been a powerful force-user with abilities we haven't known yet."

Jango remained quiet for a moment and spoke. "And where is our target now?"

"There's another piece of bad news. She's not just with the foreigner, she's also with the Jedi Masters, and all of them are heading to the Temple as we speak." Zam said gravely.

Jango looked out of the horizon, Coruscant's skies were getting dark as the sun slowly descended into the depths of countless domes and towers. Where did this foreigner come from?

"Hmm… this complicates things. The client is getting impatient. We'll have to try something else."

"We'll have to wait before she gets out. I'll deal with the foreigner while you deal with the Senator."

He handed a transparent cylinder tube containing two enormous centipedes as long as his forearm.

Zam grabbed the tube carefully. She marveled at the sight of such terrifying creatures. "What are those?"

"Kouhuns. Very poisonous, one bite and you're good as dead."

She nodded. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes. You're going to use two methods; you already have that, but if it fails, you'll have to do your special ability and ensure you won't get caught."

"Wouldn't this foreigner be able to protect her?"

"And that's where I stepped in. I'll have to be more careful with that guy because we have no idea what he is capable of." Jango said. "I'll draw him out and then you do your task."

He considered for a moment and then continued. "We'll do it when they're aboard the vehicle."

"Not in her apartment?"

Jango shook his head. "She'll have too much to cover. We can make more chances during their travels with little cover."

"I see… I understand. Let's make sure that this Senator is done for."

"And no mistakes this time. We only have one shot at this.."

Jango looked out at the horizon once more, he hoped that he could manage to get this job done like he always had. He dealt with worse situations than this.

But as he learned from his past battles and near-death experiences.

Never underestimate his opponent.

The Jedi Archives.

A place filled with countless knowledge of present and old.

A place that held countless secrets and artifacts of light and dark.

A place that held countless information of worlds, and star charts around the galaxy and beyond her borders.

It was a two-story cruciform chamber centered around a large dome. Four wings branched out from the rotunda and held an almost infinite number of glowing blue disks on each shelf.

Both Padmè and Goku gazed around the surroundings with amazement. The Senator, if she was ever allowed to but unlikely, would have read each of them in her free time. Goku on the other hand was just wondering how could any sane person get to read these enormous numbers of glowing books from what he assumed when he saw other older Jedi taking those small blue disks.

"Master Jedi, a pleasure to see you all here but am I seeing things or are there two unfamiliar visitors with you here in the Jedi Archives?"

A voice of an elderly woman called out as they turned to see the Chief Librarian.

"Master Jocasta, use the map, we must for this foreigner, Son Goku." Master Yoda gestured at the mentioned person. Goku waved in response.


"Yo?" Jocasta Nu raised her left eyebrow. "I suppose that is how you greet someone in your world."

"I guess," Goku said with a chuckle.

"Hmm… either that or you need to learn more about communication." The elderly woman said with a slight smile. "I am Jocasta Nu. The main Chief Librarian in charge of this chamber."

Her eyes turned to the Senator. "Speaking of someone, it appears Son Goku is the only unfamiliar visitor. You must be Senator Padmè Amidala."

Padmè looked with a bit of surprise but remained composed and bowed politely. "It is an honor to meet you, Master Jocasta. I must say I'm a bit surprised that you know me."

"Surprised? Senator, you humble yourself too much. You are well known as the Queen of Naboo and a hero during the liberation of your homeworld."

"Ahh… I guess I shouldn't be too surprised then." Padmè said with a smile.

"Indeed but I do wonder why you are here as well. Are you perhaps acquainted with this 'foreigner'?" Jocasta Nu inquired.

"A friend and… he's my bodyguard," Padmè replied.

"A bodyguard? Since when?"

"A few hours ago actually… but I've been friends with him for a week now."

"Ahhh that is interesting to hear." She turned to the Jedi High Council. "When said 'foreigner', what do you mean by that, Master Yoda?"

"From another galaxy, he lives." Master Yoda said. "Or perhaps somewhere around this galaxy."

"From another galaxy? Are you certain of this?" Jocasta Nu raised her eyebrow in surprise.

"Yes and No. Know more in the Archives, we will."

"Hmm… very well, Master. I wouldn't believe it myself but I shall assist you all here."

She motioned them to follow her inside the Third Hall. As they reached their destination, Jocasta Nu went to the holo-terminals.

Pressing a couple of buttons, a large holographic galaxy appeared above the desk. The Chief Librarian turned to the group. "What shall I search for?"

Goku raised a hand to respond. "Um.. it's Earth."

She tapped the keyboard and showed zero results.

"Hmm, it doesn't appear here… In what system does your world reside?"

"Ahh…umm… solar system."

"Mr. Son... There are thousands of solar systems in the galaxy. You should specify which one." She said with a stern tone.

"But it's what it is called… or what my friends and others back on Earth always called it," Goku replied in an honest tone.

Jocasta Nu sighed. "Well there must be another name for the system where your homeworld resides otherwise it would take years if we ever find it."

Goku scratched his head. He pondered if there was something else that could help with this search. "Can this place also have information about ummm…. a species?"

Mace Windu internally facepalmed at that question. Jocasta Nu slowly turned her head to Goku and her expression was still the same, the atmosphere felt heavier each second. "Mr. Goku… if this chamber doesn't have information regarding species… This place should be called the Map Archives instead of the 'Archives'."

Goku gulped. "Sorry."

The Chief Librarian eyed him for a moment until she sighed and started tapping on the keyboard. "What species?"


Seconds passed and Jocasta Nu raised her eyebrow with curiosity. "I found something. Green skins and long sharped ears with fangs."

She pressed one of the buttons as the hologram showed her description of said species.

"That's them!"

Padmè studied the hologram thoroughly. "That's the Namekians?"

Goku nodded enthusiastically. "Yup! I can never forget what my friend Piccolo's race looked like."

"Strange. I've never met their race in my entire life." Mace Windu mused.

"Nor have I or anyone we know." Plo-Koon cupped his mask with his hand. "How about you, Master Yoda? Have you met this race of people in your younger days as a padawan?"

Master Yoda shook his head in response. "Met them, I have not."

The Grandmaster turned to the Chief Librarian. "Wrote the information about them, who did?"

Jocasta searched on the computer. "Hmm… the author of this was a Jedi Knight named… Na'Ver Ru. This information was written almost four thousand years ago."

She added. "Namekians are Nomadic species and usually traveled by groups or one individual. This information didn't state where they originated from but they were last seen on Mon Cala, Onderon, Bothawui, and even Naboo before they disappeared without a trace."

Padmè's eyes widened at the mention of her homeworld. She would have to research more about that on her way home in the future.

"Disappeared without a trace?" Goku repeated. "Jeez, they must be somewhere around here.. And what's a nomadic?"

"It means they are people who moved from one place to another." Padmé helped him out. "Rather than staying in one place permanently, they move to somewhere else and then stay there for however long they wish until they decide to move out again."

"Oooh, I see… Thanks, Padmé." Goku gave her a smile which she returned kindly. "But yeah, they must be somewhere else around here."

"But where? That is the question." Kit-Fisto said. "Given that there was no more information about them, they either moved to the Unknown Regions or perhaps returned to Namek… that was until it was destroyed by this 'Frieza' character you mentioned."

Thinking about it more, they wondered if this Tyrannical ruler was a Sith for Ki-users like their foreign individual, Goku.

"Well… guess I'll have to find them myself!" Goku declared with determination.

Everyone exchanged glances. Padmé turned to Goku with a concerned look. "Goku… I hate to say this, but when will that time come before you find them?"

"What do you mean?" Goku asked.

"There are over billions of star systems in this galaxy and truthfully, we only know barely half of them."

"Not to mention the Hyperlanes," Ki-Adi-Mundi added. "You would need a safe and properly coordinated route to each planet otherwise you either hit on a Sun or a blackhole for all you know."

"Is it really hard?" Goku didn't like the doubtful words from them. Bulma's father managed to create a ship based on his Spacepod for him to travel to Namek in a few days instead of years. "I can't just give up now."

"I'm- we are not saying that you should give up but…" Padmé closed her eyes with a short sigh. "I'm saying that finding them would take time. A long perhaps."

Goku slumped his shoulders. "Dang…"

"Believe these Namekain people can help you find a way home, do you?" Master Yoda asked.

The foreigner nodded. "Yup. Either by spaceship or grant me a wish to return home."

That one word caught everyone's attention.

"A wish? What do you mean?" Mace Windu inquired.

"Well, you see… I have a friend who is just like them! His name is Kami." Goku explained. "He and their people have the power to create seven orbs, the Dragon Balls."

"The Dragon Balls?" Padmé echoed.

"Yup and once you have all seven of them, a dragon will come out and you can make a single wish! … or three depending on who created them."

He added. "These wishes can either grant you being immortal, revive countless people who were killed by physical means, and even wish you to head somewhere else!"

This explanation got their jaw dropped to the floor.

"To revive someone from the dead?" Mace Windu eyed him with a skeptical look. "That is impossible."

"But it's true! I died one time back on Earth." Goku said.

Did they just hear what he just said?

"What did you say again, Goku?" Padmé hesitantly asked. Even she didn't believe what he was saying. "Did you just say… you… died?"

Goku nodded. "Mhm! I was killed once but I got revived thanks to the Earth Dragon Balls so I can fight Vegeta and Nappa."

"... you're joking?" Padmé was ridiculed. He died? Him?


"He… he speaks the truth," Plo-Koon spoke with shock in his voice.

"Master Plo-Koon surely what man said was made up!" Ki-Adi-Mundi said in disbelief.

"Is it?" Plo-Koon countered but with no hostility.

They couldn't say anything with Goku and Senator Amidala around because of the possible fact there were ancient artifacts somewhere in this galaxy that could also be capable of bringing someone back to life.

"This 'Frieza' character you mentioned." Master Yoda said. "Came for these Dragon balls, was his reason for being at Namek?"

Goku nodded. "Yeah but thankfully he didn't get the chance because he couldn't speak the Namekain language."

Master Yoda hummed with a slightly concerned look. "Hmmm, the power of these Dragon Balls. Terrifying it is."

"I agree…" Mace Windu nodded slowly. "So there is a chance that the Namekians if we ever find one, can have these dragon balls to send you back?"

"That's right!" Goku said. "I'll just need to find them–"

"If you find them." Mace Windu corrected.

"When I find them." Goku returned. "I ain't giving up! I don't care how long it takes but I will find them."

His determination gave the Jedi High Council the impression that he wasn't the type of person who would give up easily.

"Hmm… Determined you are, Son Goku." Master Yoda smiled lightly. "Inspiring, it is."

He then turned to Padmé. "Support him, you will? Even during his new job as your bodyguard?"

Goku's eyes widened. "Oh, crap! I almost forgot about that!"

"Goku, it's fine." Padmé winked. "I did say that your job will be temporary until you find a way home."

"Oooh, phew! Thanks for understanding, Padmé! I'll do my best bodyguarding you!" Goku declared.

"I know you will… even though I haven't seen you fight yet and only flying." Padmé chuckled. "I'll just have to wait for that moment to come."

Either someone trying to assassinate her or something else entirely.

"Oooh speaking of fighting…" Goku turned to Kit-Fisto. "When will we start sparring?"

Kit-Fisto turned to his fellow Jedi and back to Goku with a hint of nervousness in his expression.

"Well, once the assassination attempt on the Senator's life is over, I and my fellow Jedi will have to talk about the spar first."

"Agreed, I do." Master Yoda nodded. "Deal with this danger first, you must."

"Gotcha! I won't let her down." Goku said. "Hmm, does that mean we'll be heading out now?"

"Of course, you shall." The Grandmaster said. "Focusing more on the upcoming vote, our friend Senator Amidala will."

Padmé nodded in agreement. "That's true. I have to prepare myself for tomorrow."

"Then it is time for you both to return to the apartment." Mace Windu motioned to the door. "We shall guide you to the landing pad. Your handmaidens and the guards are already there waiting.

And so they did, All of them headed to the turbo-lift and as they walked, Goku and Padmé realized that it was getting dark, and the Senator knew she was going to have another two-hour sleep to prepare herself for the upcoming vote and she hoped that many of her colleagues would support her against the creation of a new army.

The entire hall was almost empty, most younglings and padawan went to their respective quarters and other Knights and Masters returned to their meditation. Even at night, both of them still found the place beautiful.

Once they reached the landing pad, Goku could see different types of ships but most of them were triangular shaped and could only fit one person they could see the handmaidens and the Royal Naboo guards waiting for them with their airspeeder.

Mace Windu finally spoke. "Safe travels on your way back and If you'd like, we can give you our fellow Jedi for additional guard."

Padmé shook her head politely. "Thank you, Master Windu, but that won't be necessary."

The Master of the Order nodded as he turned to Goku. His thoughts about him were conflicted at best. On the one hand, he had severe education problems, and on the other hand, he was potentially the most dangerous individual who ever walked in this galaxy, knowing the threat he posed. A warrior from another galaxy that could destroy a planet, it frightened him if someone would influence him to do just that. Still, he pushed it aside as he knew those thoughts could only lead to more dangerous scenarios and he focused more on his positive traits.

While Son Goku was a walking Planet Bomb and lacked education, he sensed no malice nor darkness around this peculiar individual but bright and pure.

Mace Windu inwardly sighed. He hoped that nothing could go wrong with him around.

"Mr. Son, while I have only met you once. I trust and hope that you will keep Senator Amidala safe."

Goku looked at him and nodded with a smile. "Like I said, I'll do my best, Master Windu. I'll make sure no one gets past me."

"I would hope so." Mace Windu said.

Then they heard an engine from the skies as they looked up and saw a small transport landed next to the airspeeder. The ramp of the ship slid down vertically and four individuals came out.

Padmé widened her eyes as she recognized one of them. Obi-Wan Kenobi?

She tilted her head slightly and looked at the younger man with a braid next to the bearded Jedi Knight, and not only a few seconds later, she realized who that was and uttered one name.



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