Groj band: Newman fanfic 2

Part 3

The night fell, everybody walks back to their rooms exhausted. Carie is pacing up and down trying to figure out who did it. Carie decided to seek into people rooms to find evidence. She seeks into iron fox room and find a duple bag with black paint chips at the bottom in the bathroom, she escape with pictures and hid the duple bag in the living room. She rush back to her friends excitedly,

Carie: You guys, you won't believe what I found. ( short of breathe )

Kim: What?

Carie: I snuck into Iron fox's room and found a duple bag with black paint chips in it.

Larry: Whoa really?

Carie: Yeah I took pictures.

Konnie: So Iron fox stole the turtle?

Carie: Apparently.

Larry: What do we do now? Should we call the police?

Carie then gets worried.

Carie: I think we should gather more evidence on them just in case.

Konnie: Ok, but how do we do the that.

Carie: By sneaking into their room of course.

Konnie and Kim: Yes.

While they hi-five each other, and walk to the hallway. They sneak back into their room but, at the same time Iron fox came back. They all scream at each other.


Carie: What were you doing with Arlo?

Iron fox members: What!? ( said awkwardly)

Carie: Know you Arlo. I saw and took pictures of the duple bag you put him in and the turtle shell thingies, Ew. What do you have to say for your self?

Aronld: We were gonna be framed!

Carie: What?

Larry,Kim,Konnie: What?

Kim: You lairs, you sprayed and starved that poor turtle.

Konnie: Yeah not cool.

Aronld: We didn't I swear, Arlo was put here last night. Look, as we were entering our room Arlo, was push the box he was inside out form Nick's bed. We found him spray painted in the box. It was decided that we would return him to Alexter without telling him so we won't get in trouble. Please believe us.

Carie: Ok, prove it.

Aronld: How?

Carie: Arlo, was said to be taken at around 10:00 p.m. Why?

Aronld: I don't know, cause he was mopping.

Carie: Ok, how was Alexter office arrange?

Aronld: UUHH, Brown stain desk, down stair, posters of himself, book left side, trash bin right. Uh their was a wheel chair too.

Carie: Final question, Let's go.

They all follow her to the plaza where the floor is being buff.

Carie: I want some punch juice, could you please all go get it for me?

Aronld: Ok,

As they walk they all slip on the floor.

Aronld: What the, what happened?

Carie: Ok, you guys are innocent.

Larry: What are you talking about?

Carie: they clearly didn't know that they would slip on the floor, and the janitor was buffing the floors last night, so they would have shouff up the floors if they had taken Arlo.

Aronld: I don't know what your saying ], it sounds smart and this proves were innocent so. Yeah. ( he said in a exhausted tone before collapsing)

Carie: Now the question is who would frame Iron fox? OH, this just keep better and better.