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Cold Heart Chapter 1

She woke up in a field of wildflowers. How she got there she didn't know. She sat straight up but fell back down because of the pain in her head. She defiantly wasn't home. But when she started thinking she realized that she didn't know where home was. She couldn't remember anything. She couldn't remember where home was. She didn't even remember her name.

All of the sudden she heard voices coming towards her. She slowly sat up and looked around once more. Her vision was slightly impaired so she could only make out the shapes of two people coming towards her on horses. One of the figures spoke to her in a strange language, and it was very unfamiliar to her. Yet she knew that somehow she should have known what they were saying. She tried to respond but only a hoarse grunt came out of her throat.

"Come, we must get her to the city. She seems to be ill," the voice of a woman said. A heavy cloak was wrapped around her body, and for the first time she realized she was wearing a tunic and breeches. Her hair was messy, but her groggy mind couldn't really distinguish why.

She felt herself slowly being lifted onto something tall. Her weight was shifted around as someone climbed up behind her, holding their arm tightly around her waist.

"I shall send a horse back for you soon, my love," a male voice said from behind the girl. Then suddenly, the thing she was sitting on lurched forward, and somewhere in her mind, the firl realized that she must have been riding a horse. The wind whipped through her hair as the horse galloped across the field as fast as it could run. Eventually, weariness took over and she closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.


The girl woke up again sometime afterward. She felt a soft bed underneath her acing body and pillows as soft as clouds under her head. She slowly sat up and looked around the large room. The bed she was laying in was large enough for 3 people to sleep in comfortably. There was a silk canopy draped over the top of the bed with leaves and wildflowers intertwined in it. Beside the bed was a chair made of cherry wood with intricate carvings on the sides and back. Across from the bed was a fireplace with a small fire dancing merrily in it. Sitting beside the fireplace was a small table with the same carvings as the chair. Upon the table sat a pitcher of water with a small glass beside it.

The throb in her head had receded and was now just a dull ache. Her throat felt very dry and raspy. She grasped the side of the bed to attempt to walk over to the fireplace and soothe her throat with some water. Very easily she slid over to the edge of the bed and grasped the side, pulling herself into a seated position.

When her bare feet touched the cold stone floor, she almost jumped back onto the bed. But the despite the coolness of the floor, she stood unsteadily. Taking a shaky step, she let out a sigh of relief that she had remained upright. She attempted to take another step and this time wasn't so lucky. Her legs gave way and she crashed to the floor.

Suddenly someone rushed into the room and to her side. He helped her stand up again and led her back to the bed with a reassuring hand on her back. She gratefully climbed in bed and made a mental note to herself not to try to get out of the bed until she was strong enough.

She now looked back at the man whom had helped her. He was tall with shoulder length black hair. He had a regal look about him as though he held a high position. The most interesting thing about him were his ears. They were shaped like a leaf, rounded on the bottom but pointed nearer to the tip. He noticed her staring at him and she blushed.

"Hello, my lady. I am Lord Elrond. Welcome to Rivendell," he said.


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