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Cold Heart


She stared at the large ship coming toward her. Its sails were open and the breeze was pushing it closer to the shore. Anna looked at the sparkling water that surrounded the ship, seemingly casting a protective aura over it.

            As the ship grew even closer, she smiled at the sounds from the other elves around her. They too, apparently, had decided that they were growing weary of Middle-Earth. Most knew they would probably never return, but that left them unfazed. The call of the sea was yet stronger to them than that of the land.

            The ship docked and everyone slowly went up the ramp and over the ship's deck before descending a staircase into the hull of the ship.

            Anna was the last one to board, but she, however, stayed on the deck. Ciridan came up the plank, smiling at her and following the others below the deck. The ship started moving slowly away from the large wooden dock.

            She looked back at the city that would be the last part of Middle-Earth she saw. The stone gleamed in the rising sun, its smooth surface sending a light glow over the whole city.

            There were very few elves left in Middle-Earth, and she hoped they would enjoy the rest of eternity living among men, for it was truly a new age and the age of Men.

            The ship rocked gently in the water and she turned away from what had once been her home. The home she couldn't remember, the home that for the last 10 years had caused her pain, the home she could never go back to.

            Hopefully Legolas and Elrohir wouldn't be angry with her for leaving them again. It had been Celeborn's idea after all. He had told her of the last ship that was leaving, and that looked like her best option. He was the one that had told the guards to let her out, seeing as how they wouldn't have let a lowly servant leave if the city was locked in. She had left Elrohir's sword on her bed along with a short note leaving instruction to return it to Arwen, seeing as how it had been her gift from her brother in the first place.

            She went down the steps and paused in the middle. She looked out at the land once more. Her heart felt sad and glad at the same time, and there was only one reason for both emotions. This was the last time she would look upon Middle-Earth.


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