Title: To Save Beverly's Head

Rating: T

Summary: Takes place after The Naked Now and crossover of the Dresden Files. What if things between the Captain and Doctor had been different and they acted on the virus influence? Beverly leaves much earlier than she does and she carries two secrets. Those secrets land her friends, and the father of her children, in a dire predicament. She's been charged with violating the Fourth Law of Magic. The cost? Her head! An AU!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Star Trek characters or Jim Butcher's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

It had been a year since she had left the Enterprise, and Jean-Luc, behind. She missed all of them but she couldn't handle seeing his face every time she walked down the corridor. Her heart couldn't take the pain of that. It had been the virus fault, but she wouldn't change the outcome for anything in the world. She was a mother again, though far away from her oldest son. She hoped that he was doing okay and that Will and the others were taking good care of him.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she told Jim, her head nurse.

"Tell the little ones that I said hello."

Beverly smiled at him and said, "I will."

She had twins, a boy that she named Rowan, and a girl that she named Anna. They looked alike and she had a feeling that they were going to be asked if they were twins for years to come. She thought about writing, telling him about them, but it never seems to be the right time. And then Beverly had the feeling that she was being followed. Before she could do anything something hit her and she blacked out.

When she came to she was in a room and she could tell right away that she had been taken by the White Council. Another secret that she hadn't even told anyone. Her being a wizard and a member of the White Council. Beverly had learned a long time ago that she was keeping way too many secrets. But why was she here? The door opened and in walked the one Warden that she never wanted to see again: Warden Morgan. A warden that lived on pain and had no heart.

"Well, look what we caught," he said.

"Morgan, why the hell am I here?" Beverly asked.

"You have been charged with violating the fourth law of magic," he said, "Enthralling the father of your children. I'm sure that you know his name."

Beverly felt her anger starting to rise. "I didn't enthrall Jean-Luc Picard. It was a virus, as Star Fleet was told in a report that Commander Riker wrote up."

Morgan laughed at her and she wanted to punch him in the face. How dare he laugh at what she, and everyone else, had gone through.

"The Merlin is going to enjoy cutting your pretty little head off," he said. "You're like your grandfather, Dresden, a swinger of the black."

"I demand to contact Star Fleet in accordance to the treaty that was made between Star Fleet and the White Council."

Morgan grinned at her and said, "Oh you'll get to talk to your precious Star Fleet. Better make it your friends, or what little friends that you have until they find out what kind of person you really are."

"Trust me, Morgan, they know what kind of person I actually am."

"We'll see."

The next morning, after being finally allowed to shower and eat, she was led to a large room that was warded to allow technology to be used. A nurse told her that her children was being cared for by McCoy, the Blackstaff of the White Council. He had taken care of her grandfather when he had been under the power of the Doom. She hoped that Rowan and Anna didn't cause him too many problems.

"He loves babies," the nurse said.

"I'm glad that he does," Beverly said.

When she sat down she took a deep breath. She knew that she should get someone to represent her but she needed the Enterprise to know what was happening. She called up the computer to connect her with the Enterprise. It was time, just in-case she was found guilty, that someone would take care of Rowan and Anna.

"Mother," Weasley said.

"Listen, please," Beverly said. "I need to tell all of you a couple of things. First of all, I'm not in medical. I've run into a bit of trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" Deanna asked.

Beverly took a deep breath and said, "Since you all have experience with the Q then what I'm saying isn't going to sound far-fetched. I'm a wizard and I've been charged with breaking the fourth law of magic, enthralling. It means that the Merlin thinks that I used magic to-to-to-."

"Take a deep breath," the nurse said.

"Enthrall, or control, the father of my children. I tried to tell him that it was a virus but he wouldn't listen. Please, come and see me beforeā€¦"

"Before the Merlin cuts your pretty little head off," Morgan said. "Get her out of here."

And Beverly was dragged away.


"Glad that you came, Jean-Luc," one of the Admirals said. "We managed to convince the Merlin to hold off his wet dream for a week."

"What is going on here?" Deanna asked.

"Well it seems that Beverly is a wizard, but because the suppose crime happened between two Star Fleet officers then we've been allowed to attend."

"A beheading," Will said. "You're going to allow a former Chief Medical officer to be beheaded. It was a virus, sir, and I thought that was good enough."

"Will, we know that it was a virus but the Merlin has been trying to kill a member of the Dresden clan for three hundred years. The virus gave him an excuse."

"Why was she charged with this crime?"

"Apparently Beverly isn't pretty enough to be with someone without the use of magic," he said. "And they're going as far as claiming that she enthralled Jack."

"Oh this is nuts," Will said.

"I'm going to agree," he said.

"If that monster touches one hair on Beverly's head, I'm going to kill him," Picard vowed.

"Admiral," a man said and the small group turned to see a man walking towards them wearing gray clothes.

"McCoy," he said. "Captain, Commander, Councilor this is Ebenezer McCoy. He's a blackstaff and Beverly's godfather."

"Beverly asked me to help her prove that she didn't break any of the laws," McCoy told them. "Admiral, The Winter Knight, Winter Lady, and Winter Queen have arrived. I have a bad feeling about the whole thing."

"The Winter Court," he said and McCoy nodded.

"The what?"

"The Winter Court," McCoy said. "Since Harry is Beverly's grandfather she's connected to the Winter Court. Her step grandmother is a freaking White Court vampire. The Merlin is going to cause a war between the courts and the council just to remove someone's damn head off. That man isn't thinking."

"And a virus isn't the same as enthralling someone," the Admiral told him.

"I know that, but try and convince the Merlin," McCoy said. "Come on, let's hope that we can save Beverly's head."

"Wait a moment," the Admiral said. "Picard has an artificial heart. Any encounter with magic will cause his heart to stop."

"I'll have Thomas give him the bracelet," McCoy said.

The Admiral nodded and headed inside.


A/N: This is an AU and it will be treated as such. This is also a bleeding of Dresden's world into the Star Trek universe. There has been a way to ward a wizard's magic so that he, or she, doesn't cause technology any harm. The bracelets are another thing that was created and, no, it doesn't control the wearer. Also much of Beverly's life has been changed and this Beverly is different than the cannon Beverly, though she does have Beverly's fighting spirit.