Title: To Save Beverly's Head

Rating: T

Summary: Takes place after The Naked Now and crossover of the Dresden Files. What if things between the Captain and Doctor had been different and they acted on the virus influence? Beverly leaves much earlier than she does and she carries two secrets. Those secrets land her friends, and the father of her children, in a dire predicament. She's been charged with violating the Fourth Law of Magic. The cost? Her head!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Star Trek characters or Jim Butcher's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 2

"Beverly Howard Crusher-Dresden, granddaughter of former Warden Harry Dresden who serves as the mantle of the Winter Knight, step granddaughter of the Queen of the White Court of vampires, you have been charged with violating the fourth law of magic. Enthralling Captain Jean-Luc Picard and forcing him to sire your children and failing to report your standing as a member of the White Council and your position as wizard. However, the only crime that I care about is the violation of the Fourth law. How do you plea, Warlock?"

"Not guilty," Beverly answered.

"That's what they all say," Merlin said. "The only reason that I don't have your head on a spike is due to the treaty that we made with the Federation. Due to your status as a Star Fleet officer, which you don't deserve, we have allowed your friends to get involved in this nightmare that's of your own doing. How sick can you get to enthrall someone that's supposed to be your friend?"


"SILENCE!" the Merlin roared. "You have, Warlock, fifteen minutes to convince me that your innocent of your crime."

"Then I call McCoy to violate the third law of magic to prove my innocent."

"We allow," Ancient Mai said.

"I don't," the Merlin snarled. "I'm not having you try any-."

"I said we allow," Ancient Mai said. "Merlin, we are not allowing you to use your hatred for the Dresden clan to spark a war between two courts and ourselves. McCoy will use his position as Blackstaff to find out if Mrs. Crusher is innocent. If she is, then she will be free."

The Merlin looked like he wanted to commit murder.

"Fine," he snarled and Beverly saw the anger flashing in his eyes.

McCoy walked up to Beverly and touched his hand to her forehead. She could 'feel' him enter her mind and she allowed access. She allowed him to see what kind of woman, wizard, person, friend, that she was. He saw all of her happy memories, memories that weren't so happy, and then he came to the virus. Beverly didn't know how much he saw of what the ship had gone through but the suppose 'enthrall' is what he was most interested in. He withdrew and smiled at her.

"SHE'S INNOCENT," McCoy called out. "This child didn't violate the fourth law of magic. It was as we were told, a simple virus."

The other council members looked at each other, whispering. Beverly had a feeling that she was going to be freed. The look on the Merlin's face was pure rage.

"Who votes to-."

"Put Beverly under the Doom?" the Merlin cut in.

"WHAT!" Ancient Mai bellowed. "Merlin, the Doom is for those that have broken the law."

"The Doom is whatever I want it to be."

"Hells Bells," Beverly heard her grandfather say.

"McCoy was Dresden's mentor and I don't trust anything that he says," the Merlin said. "How many vote to put her under to Doom."

More than half raised their hands. Beverly felt as though a hand was closing over her. If she slipped up, which she had never thought she would, she would be killed.

"Since your too old for a wizard mentor then her former commander, not the one that she enthralled, will serve as her mentor."

"You listen here, Merlin," McCoy said, "I'm a senior council member. Your abusing the spirit of the Doom by placing someone that hasn't broken the law under it."

"I will have a Dresden head on a spike," the Merlin said. "I will make that clan pay for what had happened."

"I accept," Beverly said.


"No, McCoy, I will not be played," Beverly said. "Fine, but I choose Deanna Troi will be my mentor. No offence to Commander Riker, but his duties would keep him from being able to."

"And let's make it clear," the Merlin said. "If you violate any of the laws of magic, both will die."


"This meeting is over," Ancient Mai said and the magical binds were dissolved.

"Thanks," Beverly said, giving McCoy a hug.

"It was a pleasure," he said. "Lord, I'm getting too old for this. Take care of those little monsters that you have saddled the world with."

"I will," Beverly promised.

"Dr. you will report back to the Enterprise tomorrow," the Admiral said. "To start your sentence under the Doom. I'm really sorry about this, Bev, you're a fine person. Both as a wizard and as a doctor."

"Thanks, sir," Beverly said.

"Well I need to get home, wife is probably worried sick," he said.

"Tell Katie that I said hello," Beverly said.

"I will," the Admiral said and he was gone, which Beverly was grateful for.

"Watch your step, Dresden," Morgan snarled as he left.

"Sometimes I wonder about him," Ancient Mia remarked.

"Well I'm glad that someone else thinks that Morgan and the Merlin are annoying," Harry said. "Glad that you've managed to keep your head."

"Glad as well," Beverly said. "Gods, I've missed you so much granddad."

"To bad it took you almost looking like the Headless horseman for me to come around," he said. "Gods, Beverly, I haven't seen you since you came into your powers."

Beverly felt the tears welling up and McCoy ruined the moment and said, "I think her friends want to talk to her."

"Thanks, McCoy, for ruining a family reunion," Harry said. "When you're done I'll tell you how your mother is doing."

"Why don't you come and meet them," Beverly said. "After all, your family."

"Well the wife-."

"Harry, I haven't seen you since McCoy took me in as an apprentice. The vamp wife can wait."

The tone that she gave was the one that she gave people that didn't want to be in sickbay, like Jean-Luc was most of the time.

"Only because your my favorite granddaughter," Harry said.

"I'm your only granddaughter," Beverly reminded him.

"Point taken."

When Beverly introduced her grandfather to Jean-Luc, Will, Deanna, and Data she could tell that they were shocked at how young he looked. This was going to take a long time to explain to them that wizards aged much slower than normal humans due to their magical strength.

"Well I think it's a pleasure to meet you," Deanna said.

"My little Beverly has told me many great things about you," Harry said. "It makes it hard to know that I've missed a lot."

"So you're the famous Winter Knight," Will said.

"Yep," Harry said, "Trust me, it's more trouble than its worth. Great I need to get going. Mab is looking at me like a hawk."

"Where are you going?" Beverly asked him.

"To find out what Mab wants. I'll make sure that the things that you need are with you tomorrow. And, I'll get around, at some point, to tell you how your mother is doing."

Beverly nodded, knowing that her grandfather was right.

"The Admiral was telling us, before this whole nightmare was sort of over, that you won't be able to come back as Chief Medical Officer," Will told her. "Personally I think I would lose my mind."

"Well I do have things to do," Beverly said. "And my mentor will be giving me tasks to complete during this process."

"I hope not anything dangerous," Data said.

"Well it's not like if I was a teen and done something wrong," she said. "The mentor has to figure out what I can do and then set me out to do it."

"But you didn't do anything wrong?"

"Yeah, that's what everyone will keep on saying."

"Well at least you'll be back, even if it's not the way that we wanted," Jean-Luc said and Beverly went pink.

She always did that when he spoke. Of course she didn't miss the smile on Deanna's lips. She really hated it when Deanna could figure out what she was thinking.

"Dr. Crusher," Ancient Mai said and the group turned to see the Asian woman standing there.

"Is there-?"

"I want to say that I'm sorry that the Merlin managed to convince most of the council to put you under to Doom. It's clear that McCoy's influence isn't what it used to be. Three hundred years ago if McCoy cleared someone of wrong doing that was it. However, I think that Captain Picard would make a better mentor as no crime was committed on your end. He's your friend and I think can better handle being a mentor."

Now Beverly really did go pink and started to turn red with embarrassment. Great, just what she needed. Not that she minded, but this wasn't how she thought things would happen.

"I think it's a great idea," Deanna said. "Spending quality time together while keeping Beverly from losing her head."

Thanks, Deanna, for the nudge.

"Well then, I'll get going."

"She's one strange woman," Will said.

"I need to get packed and rescue McCoy from the little monsters," Beverly said and she vanished into the night.

It seemed like forever but Beverly finally arrived at the farm that her grandfather had learned his mortal code at. McCoy gave her something for her nerves and she broke down, everything rushing through her. How she had managed to keep from breaking down in-front of everyone, she had no idea.

"It's alright, Hoss," McCoy said, using the nickname that he gave family. "You did a pretty good job in keeping your emotions from controlling you. Standing up to the Merlin is something that takes years for most wizards to master."

"H-H-He wanted to c-c-c-cut off my head," she said, tears falling on her clothes.

"The Merlin only cares about his standing," he said. "The job use to mean something, but, now, it doesn't. Listen, you're a good person and you've managed pretty well among those that had no clue about your talents. Well, except Jack."

Beverly drank some tea and said, "I told Jack about the fact that Wesley might develop powers. He wasn't too happy about that."

"Wish you had married that Picard person," McCoy said. "He looks like someone that has a level head."

Beverly looked at him and said, "I'm going to have to tell him."

"Then tell him," McCoy said. "He will find out at some point. So, did your son develop powers?"

"No," Beverly answered.

"Then he's got a different fate," he said. "Not everyone is cut out to be a wizard."

Beverly believed that.

The next morning twenty-seven crates, thirteen boxes, one large cage, and a bag that kept on moving was loaded onto the transporter to be taken to the Enterprise. Beverly chose to go my shuttle due to the fact that she might cause the transporter to malfunction. When she was about to leave she saw Thomas approach.

"I have something for you," he said, handing her a box.

"What is it," Beverly asked, taking it.

"To keep the ship from exploding," Thomas answered. "It will allow you to use your power without the problems. It's been a very long time in coming."

She smiled at him and said, "Thanks, but I did have one of the earliest."

"Consider it an upgrade," Thomas told her.

She put it on and said, "Then I'll thank you again."

And she, her babes, left for the Enterprise so that Beverly could start her period under the Doom.



A/N: I will be doing either a series of one-shots or multiple chapters. I do hope that you like them.