Regarding Season 6, and while I knew it would be divided into two self-contained arcs, I would've liked to see a team-up between Bloodwork, Eva, and Thawne for the finale. Apparently however, that's not the direction they were going to go in and even without corona messing things up. Because of that, I've decided to write my own version of a team-up between those three antagonists while having Team Flash going up against them.

In addition, Eva will still be an anti-villain here, but she'll be much darker and way closer to villain territory at this point.

There will also be surprise cameos near the end.

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It was pandemonium throughout the city as the combined forces of three aligned villains, in the form of the deadly Reverse Flash, the powerful Mirror Mistress, and the monstrous and terrifying Bloodwork, wreaked havoc and terror across the city.

All around, there were armies of zombies, armored gunmen, and meta-humans storming the city and leaving a blitz of destruction wherever they went. The zombies had been created by Bloodwork, once known as Dr. Ramsey Russo and who, after having been freed by Reverse Flash/Thawne from his maximum security A.R.G.U.S. cell, had once more used his blood to re-infect multiple people, like he had done before during his original rampage across the city. This time however, and with Thawne having helped modify his blood with a special serum, Bloodwork's army now had enhanced strength, faster speed, and better reflexes and they were far more dangerous than they had been originally.

Everywhere they went, they overturned vehicles, lifted up fleeing citizens and threw them around like ragdolls while infecting others, stormed buildings and attacked terrified civilians inside, ripped benches, poles, and other heavy objects from the ground, along with other vehicles, and either hurled them into other buildings or threw them at armies of cops and swat members that were attempting to subdue them.

Thankfully, Cisco was there as Vibe and doing the best he could to destroy as many of those objects as he could with his powers, saving many cops, though not all of them were left unscathed.

As for the armored gunmen, they consisted of Mirror Mistress's people and served as backup for Bloodwork's zombies. Armed with grenades and powerful energy and laser weapons, they blasted their way across the city, causing explosions, fires, and further destruction on top of what the zombies had already caused. And the array of multicolored laser beams, fired from different directions, were the main force behind the fires and blasts that erupted around the city.

Aiding the zombies and the gunmen were a mixture of villainous and powerful meta-humans who'd been gathered together by Thawne, him having promised them that if they aided in the attack upon the city, it would be theirs for the taking once the dust settled. And the result was the meta-pocalypse all over again, like the one Zoom had unleashed five years ago, but with zombies and armed gunmen added to the mix. And boy did the meta-humans pack a terrible punch.

One super powered individual for example unleashed a strong surge of wind that was equivalent to the force of a Category 3 hurricane, sending glass from windows shattering and the resulting shards swirling through the air while said wind nearly knocked people off of their feet. Another one, a low level Earth bender, extended his hands and unleashed a series of miniature earthquakes that caused the ground to rumble and all of the buildings to shake and rattle while creating major fissures along the ground due to it splitting from the quakes.

Even trees were uprooted and flew through the air like twigs.

There was also yet another meta-human who clapped her hands intermittently, the resulting effects sending resounding shockwaves that added to the growing damage.

As to how the alliance between the three main antagonists had come about, Thawne had contacted Eva, revealed that he knew of her plans for the world and proposed that they work together to achieve them if she would help him destroy Barry and his team, an offer which intrigued her and after some thought, she accepted. And together they conceived their plan, which was to for Thawne to recruit and then unleash an army of meta-humans onto the city, along with her own forces, so that Team Flash would have their hands full defending their city and leave unimpeded as she worked on the final stage towards achieving her goals.

And that stage involved hijacking the nation's weapons arsenal and launching multiple nuclear warheads onto all of the corrupt cities in the nation, including Gotham, and also onto what she considered to be the most dangerous rogue nations in the world, which included North Korea and Iran among others. And she was determined to achieve this and without any regard towards the tens of millions of innocents who would die in this madness so long as her success was assured.

When they had finalized their plans, they had also decided to release Dr. Russo from his cell in order for him to add to the chaos they'd unleash by creating a new army of blood brothers and sisters and would convince him to help and that, in this case, it was better for him to be out now instead of playing the long game. And Ramsey listened, understanding where they were coming from, and agreed to combine his efforts with theirs.

Eva also agreed to help him expose the entire world to his Bloodwork "cure", feeling that all of humanity transformed into mindless zombies would be beneficial for her since it would allow her to better control everyone in the world, provided that Ramsey would remain on her side.

In the end, the result was what was currently unfolding and the team was doing all they could to stop it.

"How're things going Cisco?", Barry called out on his coms as he raced across the city, smothering multiple fires and subduing as many opponents as he could while using some basic ninja moves that Oliver, Laurel from the original Earth-2, and Roy had taught him, but in super speed.

"Not good man. They're a lot of them coming and I'm doing all I can but could really use the help", Cisco replied as he continued releasing his own blasts onto an oncoming group of zombies on one end and a group of gunmen on the other end, sending them scattering. Though he was as careful as he could in not using too much force upon the zombies since just as before, they were innocent and not responsible for the actions of the madman who was controlling them.

"Don't worry buddy, I gotcha", Barry reassured his buddy and then moved to address his other partner in arms on her coms.

"Hey Frost, Cisco's currently feeling a lot of heat on his end. Mind going over and helping him cool things down?"

"I'm on my way Flash", Frost responded as she released a powerful cold blast on a group of zombies that were advancing towards a small crowd of women, young children, and teenaged young adults who were huddled together in fear, enough to incapacitate them but not kill them since she also remembered that they were just as much victims as those they'd gone after. Afterwards, and quickly checking over the people she'd just saved, she then headed towards where Cisco was and upon arriving, found at least ten meta-humans, consisting of five men and five women, who had him on the ground and were pummeling him despite his best efforts to fend them off.

Acting quickly, Frost extended her hands forward and sent a gust of frosty wind to blast the supervillains off of her friend who then released strong vibe beams onto them, slamming them into the wall of a building nearby and knocking them unconscious.

"Thanks Frost", Cisco said to her gratefully as she took ahold of his forearm and helped him up.

"No problem, and you know I'll always have your back", she smiled at him reassuringly. "Now let's go save this city".

"Right back atcha gal", he grinned in agreement though Frost in turn looked at him with a mildly annoyed expression at his calling her 'gal', but rolled her eyes and let it go. The two of them then moved throughout the city, getting as many people as they could out of harm's way while combining their powers and doing as much damage as they could towards the throngs of opponents but still holding back on the zombies. They knew that they needed their friend and fellow hero, Allegra, also known as Ultraviolet, to use her powers to reverse the zombified humans back to normal.

Regrettably, she was currently holed up inside of a restaurant in another section of the city, wearing her own superhero suit and defending a group of patrons who were stuck inside as meta-humans were attempting to break down the door. She was continuing to use her own ultraviolet energy to hold them back while trying to keep calm the people she was protecting, but they were slowly eroding her defenses and she was afraid that she would not be able to hold them back for long.

Thankfully however, Ralph, the Elongated Man, and Sue Dearborn, his new girlfriend and the team's newest ally, were on their way to provide her with assistance, though they had to battle some gunmen that they continuously came across. Sue on her part used a little more than necessary force on them though since they worked for Eva and she was still infuriated at the other woman for framing her for the death of the latter's husband. Ralph in turn had to do all he could to keep her from losing control.

Eventually they reached the restaurant where Allegra and the people she was protecting were inside of and quickly engaged the enemy forces who were on the verge of breaking in, fighting them with all of their might and not holding back. It was hard, and the battle was vicious, but Ralph and Sue finally managed to subdue them, though some would not go down as easily as others.

Following this, they then went inside and made their way over to Allegra as she was currently doing her best to comfort and reassure the shaken up patrons that everything was fine now.

"Are you alright Allegra?", Ralph enquired of her while he and Sue also helped her with the civilians around the three of them.

"Yeah, I'm good now thanks to both of you, and ready for this nightmare to end", she replied with a sigh.

"Well we'll definitely be much closer towards that once you're able to use your powers to cure the zombified citizens and hopefully we can get you into position as soon as possible", Sue responded with confidence, having faith in her new friend's abilities after having seen them in action.

"Same here, and it's a good thing I've been practicing with my abilities and further expanding them on a wider scale so that I can reach my full potential in order to better serve the people of this city, and without the need of the Particle Accelerator. And now it's time for me to put them to work", Allegra agreed. After which, they made their way over to Barry, who was now fighting alongside Cisco and Frost.

Joining the other three in battling another group of meta-humans and with Cisco continuously releasing his Vibe energy, Frost doing spectacular flips and moves while repeatedly throwing ice javelins at her opponents where necessary, Allegra utilizing some amazing fight skills she'd learned from the legendary Sara Lance while slamming the supervillains to the ground with her powers, Ralph utilizing a combination of his own elastic powers and super strong punches, Sue going all out with her martial arts skills and not holding back, and Barry speeding around while also repeatedly throwing Speed Force lighting at villains coming at him, the heroes were eventually able to neutralize this group of opponents.

"Alright guys, now I'm going to go and get Allegra to the building where I faced the latest of Godspeed's clones so that she can release her powers throughout the city and reverse all of the zombified individuals back to normal. You ready?", Barry announced to his friends, and then asked the young woman directly.

"Let's do it", she agreed with a firm nod to which Barry responded by taking a firm hold of her waist and sped to the aforementioned building and then up its side and onto the roof. The two of them now standing on the roof, Allegra extended her hands forward and with a shout, unleashed a humongous blast of ultraviolet energy that engulfed the city, curing all of the zombies and returning them back to regular humans.

"It worked guys. All of the zombies are human once more. Great work Allegra", Frost relayed to the former and Barry on her coms as she and the others with her observed the change, and then addressed the budding hero with pride in her voice.

"Thanks Frost, though I must confess that I would not have been able to do this without you, Barry, and the rest of the team really pushing me in bringing out my full potential. And for that I'll forever be thankful", Allegra replied to her friend gratefully while Barry on his part patted her on the shoulder, smiling at her, to which she returned his smile. Afterwards he grabbed ahold of her once more and they raced down the building and back towards their friends.

As they discussed their next moves, they all agreed with that they needed to get to McCulloch Tech immediately to stop Eva from launching those warheads. They also discussed the fact that Thawne and Ramsey were standing in front of the building and keeping guard so that Eva's success would not be impeded.

There was still the matter of the meta-humans and Eva's people currently roaming the city, even speculating their ongoing suspicion that she had worked with Thawne in order to keep the team occupied and unable to face her. But they also knew that they could not just leave the city unprotected until the enemy forces were neutralized.

As they continued discussing how to resolve this particular conundrum, the answer came to them in the form of black opps looking people suddenly arriving all around them and also appearing in the distance. Upon their shoulders was the A.R.G.U.S insignia and they were also carrying specialized equipment which the team recognized as anti-metahuman weaponry, having been created to help neutralize armies of dangerous meta-humans when necessary.

As they quickly spread out and began engaging the enemy forces, the agent in charge, a slender, but somewhat muscular looking, Chinese man approached the team and formally addressed them.

"I'm Agent Hu everyone, and Director Michaels has been observing the situation in your city and has tasked us with assisting you in any way we can", he explained to them, causing them all to let out a sigh of relief.

"That's great to hear man, and we really appreciate Lyla's assistance. Currently we need to head over and stop one of our three main opponents, a woman named Eva McCulloch, from implementing her plans", Barry responded gratefully to the other man, and then began explaining the current situation. "She helped engineer what's currently happening in order to keep us occupied so that no one can stop her while she sends multiple nuclear warheads onto both American cities and other countries that she considers to be corrupt and rogue."

"Not only that, but she also intends to hijack our nation's nuclear arsenal to achieve this", Frost added.

Agent Hu's eyes widened, and he immediately whipped out his cell and contacted Lyla, apprising her as to the full magnitude of the situation, and then listened as she relayed her instructions to him, which he responded to in the affirmative. Hanging up, he addressed the team once more.

"I've just informed the director, and she'll be immediately contacting her superiors in D.C. and informing them as to the situation. Right now though she wants us to continue our operation of helping you neutralize the opposing forces while rescuing anyone still in harm's way", he shared, to which Barry nodded.

"That's great, but by the time they do anything it might be too late. I'm sorry but I need to get over to where she is immediately and try and stop her", the young hero responded, worried that she might already have the nukes flying by the time the government and military do whatever's needed to try and secure their arsenal. "In fact, you and your people's presence can help us in regards to helping defend the city as per your mandate while I go and confront Eva."

Agent Hu nodded in agreement and expressed his willingness to this plan, after which Barry turned and addressed Ralph, Sue, and Allegra.

"Alright guys, I'll need the three of you to stay here and assist our friends from A.R.G.U.S. in protecting this city while Cisco, Frost, and myself go and confront Eva, and possibly Thawne and Ramsey. Sound good?"

"Sounds like a plan. Let's get to it", Cisco agreed with a smile.

"Same here", Frost added while the others agreed as well. And with that settled, Ralph, Sue, and Allegra stayed behind to continue working to stop the villains with A.R.G.U.S. backing them while Cisco created a breach and used it to transport Barry, Frost, and himself to McCulloch Technologies in order to stop Eva, Thawne, and Ramsey before those insane villains unleashed hell on Earth.

To Be Continued

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