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The missiles continued to race toward their targets at top speed while Barry remained focused on the screens and feeling the dread already inside of him continuing to grow as he sat on the floor, unable to stop the nightmare that was soon to transpire. As he watched, he placed his hand to the com in his ear and addressed Cisco and Frost.

"Guys? It's happened. Eva just launched the warheads and they're headed towards their destinations. I'm currently incapacitated at the moment and can't do anything now," he relayed to them while grunting in pain.

Cisco and Frost's eyes widened upon hearing this, feeling just as horrified as Barry felt.

"Are you sure Barry and is there any way to counter override whatever she's done? And are you alright?" Frost asked desperately, and then enquired in concern due to his painful grunt.

"I'm alright Frost don't worry about me," Barry assured her and despite the shard still wedged inside of his shoulder. "And I'm afraid Eva has full control over everything. There's nothing we can do but we still need to figure out a way to stop those warheads."

The three friends were feeling desperate right now, trying as hard as they could to think of a solution to halt the impending disaster that was about to occur while Eva only smiled darkly at Barry's helplessness as he sat on the floor in pain, listening to his words and feeling amused that he actually believed there was any chance to stop what she saw was the inevitable.

But at that moment, Cisco suddenly had an epiphany.

"Actually I know how we can prevent this or should I say who?" he voiced to Frost, wishing he'd thought of it sooner. Without waiting for a response, he whipped out a device used to contact certain important and particularly powerful friends of theirs and sent them an SOS signal which included info as to the emergency.

Shortly afterwards he received a response acknowledging the situation and that they were currently inbound to defuse the situation. He then used his own com to address Barry.

"Don't worry bud. I've just called in the cavalry and not just any cavalry but the big leagues. As in the really big leagues, ones which you yourself are a huge part of my man. Those nukes are about to get pulverized," he confidently assured him with a big smile on his end. Barry's eyes widened upon hearing his words as he realized just who Cisco was referring to, feeling the huge weight of helplessness lifting up from his shoulders. Eva though had turned away from him and had returned her attentions to the screen as she watched with ever growing anticipation as the dots on the screen representing the missiles drew ever closer towards her targets, not realizing that the circumstances were about to turn against her.

A.R.G.U.S Headquarters

Agents were scrambling while yelling out suggestions as they worked hard to get ahold of the currently unfolding situation. One they knew if not contained could have ramifications not just for the nation but the current geopolitical structure.

Lyla on her part was busy barking orders to her agents while making phone calls and engaging in desperate conversations on both ends with the Pentagon, Homeland Security, and the Defense Department. She had even spoken directly with the Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff who shared that the government had notified the nations that were in danger and their governments were working with them to find a solution before everyone had an, albeit partial, global nuclear apocalypse upon their hands.

Meanwhile one of the agents noticed on the monitors what appeared to be four bogeys headed directly towards the symbols representing the warheads and she quickly called out to her director.

"Director Michaels?" We have a very small cluster of what appears to be four bogeys headed directly towards the missiles and the former are moving at unusually fast speeds," she informed Lyla who quickly moved over to the monitors and checked for herself, realizing that her agent was right. As they and everyone else watched, one of the bogeys intersected with two of the missiles after which the symbols on the screen for said missiles blinked out of existence.

They also watched as the other three bogeys intercepted and made quick work of many other missiles.

Another agent then pulled up live satellite feed which broadcast an image of a muscular blue suited man with a billowing red cape and a red 'S' symbol as he moved from the two missiles he'd destroyed and did the same with two other missiles, using his massive super strength to dismantle and then crush them just as with the two preceding missiles. And he repeated this process with multiple other missiles.

Everyone gasped as they recognized the Man Of Steel himself, having come in the nick of time to save the day as always.

Other images from the live feed showed a muscular blonde woman with bangs while wearing an outfit identical to his and with the same 'S' symbol using her freeze breath on another one of the missiles, rendering it inactive, and then threw it into space. She next grabbed ahold of two other missiles, doing the same thing with them while continuing the same process with other missiles.

Everyone watching also recognized her as well, the Maiden Of Might.

With them was also the tremendously powerful green Martian who in his human form oversaw the Department Of Extranormal Activities, or the DEO. Known as the Manhunter and with his eyes glowing a bright red, he phased inside of the missiles he was handling and dismantled them from within, neutralizing them, and tossed the other shells into the air and let them fall onto the ground harmlessly.

Finally there was a well built and bearded African American with a black suit on which was a lightning bolt symbol emblazoned upon it and he also, like the Man Of Steel, used his own super strength to crush the missiles he dealt with.

The four powerful heroes worked together in concert, the agents watching them in awe as they moved at fast speeds in between missiles and did not stop until every single one of them was destroyed.

A chorus of celebratory shouts and cheers was then heard throughout the building now that the threat was finally averted, the agents jumping up and down, exchanging hugs and handshakes, and celebrating. And the same thing was happening over at other agencies nationwide and especially the ones around the world whose nations had been under threat, everyone feeling extremely happy that the incoming horror was halted.

McCulloch Technologies

As Eva continued watching the screens on her own monitors, the look of victory on her face morphed into a look of shock and then fury as she witnessed all of the nuclear missiles be destroyed and by certain individuals, three of whom she knew she stood no chance against. Barry on his part observed her with a grin.

"That's right Eva. Just as you have your allies, I also have my allies and we all watch out for one another and for this world. In fact this particular group, myself included, was created to protect the world from any threats that would seek to harm it, you included. It truly is over."

A very loud scream of "NOOOOOOOO!" was heard from an enraged Eva and she lashed out and sent a strong kick against his side, causing a burst of pain along his rib cage. She then used her powers to send the glass shard further into and then out of shoulder followed by another vicious kick onto his stomach. She moved back and took a moment to enjoy him writhing in pain and then moved to kick him once more. Barry however, grunting his teeth in pain, quickly reached out and caught her leg this time and, utilizing a move taught to him by Oliver, flipped her onto the ground.

Then before she could react, he next used a particularly hard strike against her head, rendering her unconscious, and then placed a set of meta-human dampeners onto her wrists. Afterwards he let himself fall back to the ground and the world around him went black as Cisco and Frost came bursting in along with a squad of A.R.G.U.S. agents.

Star Labs

Things were blurry at first as Barry regained consciousness but then began to clear up as he realized he was lying on a comfortable bed and Caitlin, Frost having giving her back the reigns to their body, was currently treating him. Already she had cleansed and bandaged the wound caused by the shard and was now applying a soothing ointment on his ribs.

He also noticed Cisco, Allegra, Ralph, Sue, Joe, Lyla, and also his fellow heroes who stopped the missiles themselves. Them being Clark Kent, also known as Superman. Kara Danvers, known as Supergirl. J'onn Jonz, known as the Martian Manhunter, and Jefferson Pierce, who was Black Lighting. They were all still in their uniforms though J'onn was in his human form while Jefferson held his mask underneath his arm.

"Wha, wha, what happened guys?" Barry wearily enquired, almost trying to sit up but then fought better of it.

"Well we managed to stop the missiles thanks to Clark, Kara, J'onn, and Jefferson here and Eva's also in custody in an A.R.G.U.S cell along with other cells for Thawne and Ramsey," Lyla explained while smiling. "And we've managed to reinforce those cells with added layers of security and I can assure you that none of them will be breaking out of their confinement. You and your team did good as always."

"Barry smiled back.

"That's great to hear. And thanks for having my back Lyla. You, the rest of A.R.G.U.S, and everyone else in this room," Barry replied gratefully.

"Of course. We're the good guys and we'll always have each other's backs," she assured him.

"Same here," Ralph added with a smile.

"El Maraya," Clark, Kara, and J'onn voiced together.

"Stronger together," Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, Allegra, Sue, Ralph, Jefferson, and Lyla all voiced together in return but in English.

And so the day, or the night in this case, was saved as always and Barry and his friends, allies, and fellow heroes would always be there to save it whenever it was in severe danger while they'd also strive to continue to honor Oliver's memory as they worked to help others.

The End

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