Hey everybody! Just as I promised, here is the second chapter of Going After Junior. In this chapter, we will learn how Blue-Eyes survives in this universe and how this will affect the outcome of the adventure.

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The sun rose up to the peaceful blue sky as its bright rays overlooked a lush area of land in Late Cretaceous South Korea. Rivers cut through the soil, trees dotted the landscape, and mountains grew to almost touch the clouds. A tranquil silence hung in the air as every creature, big and small, began to go about their daily routines. Large lumbering sauropods stomped through the forests, fierce ceratopsians grazing near any water source, and pterosaurs flying above it all.

The quiet atmosphere was shattered by the cries of a young hatchling fleeing for his life. Currently, Junior was running as fast as his legs could carry him while an adult Tsintaosaurus was chasing him. Earlier, the Tarbosaurus hatchling accidentally wandered into the hadrosaur's path. Even though he tried to explain that it was an accident, the Tsintaosaurus refused to listen and instead decided to squash the Tarbosaurus youngster. Junior kept looking behind him so much that he did not notice the exposed root sticking out in his path. Too late, he tripped over it and fell onto the ground, now at the mercy of the Tsintaosaurus' wrath. The larger dinosaur honked angrily and raised its forelimbs while Junior shut his eyes and turned away, preparing for his fate.

Suddenly, two loud and ferocious roars came from both sides, distracting the Tsintaosaurus long enough for two adult Tarbosauruses to burst in and bite onto the hadrosaur's neck until they snapped the spinal cord. They then released the now-dead Tsintaosaurus and lifted their heads to roar in victory. As luck would have it, Speckles and Blue-Eyes had heard their son's cries for help and came straight to the rescue. After they finished roaring, they turned to their son.

"Are you okay, son?" Speckles asked. Even though he and Blue-Eyes began to train their son harder, they refused to go too far and act harshly to Junior. Instead, they fairly but firmly taught him what he did wrong and what to do next time, never overly criticizing any mistake he made.

"I'm sorry dad, I just got scared," Junior explained shamefully like he did something wrong. "But it was my fault, I should've stayed and faced that guy head on, like a real Tarbosaurus."

Speckles merely shook his head. "There's no need to blame yourself, Junior," he said gently. "You did the right thing by running away. There are times in life where we have to sometimes back down if we hope to live another day. Besides, I don't think you would've been able to handle that duckbill on your own, especially since it was larger than you."

Junior still looked disappointed about his blunder, so Speckles nuzzled him out of comfort. "C'mon, we should probably get back home," he told his son. "We don't want to lose daylight and get lost in the darkness."

Junior simply nodded with a hum and started to follow Speckles. As Blue-Eyes followed her two favorite boys, she starts to reminisce about how everything had went wrong for her family in the first place.

Flashback starts:

She watched in adoration as her children played amongst themselves, her mate resting beside her. Months have passed since their children, consisting of Brownie, Ashly, and Junior, had hatched. Brownie got her name because of her brown scales and brown eyes while Ashly was named after her grayish-colored scales. And it was pretty obvious how Junior received his name. Originally, Blue-Eyes had lain more than eight to nine eggs in their nest, but because it was a difficult time for hatching, only Brownie and Ashly out of all the eggs hatched… or so it seemed at first. Turned out one of their eggs was still intact and hatched out into a little boy, with scales as green as leaves and eyes that were blue like the sky. With a face covered in spots like Speckles, their son Speckles Junior was born into the world as well. It was the happiest day in their entire lives. Little did they realize was that the Cretaceous period was coming to its end. Their peaceful world was changing slowly. But they did not notice anything, they simply went about their lives as usual. Unfortunately, that was going to change for them, for better or worse.

Suddenly, an earthquake roused Speckles and Blue-Eyes from their rest and interrupted the hatchlings from their game. The terrified youngsters rushed over to their parents and hid behind the legs of their father as he scoured for the source of the anomaly.

"What was that?" Blue-Eyes asked worriedly.

"I don't know, Blue-Eyes," Speckles replied. "But I have a bad feeling about it."

A loud BOOM got their attention and when they turned around, they could not believe what they were seeing: the mountain that overlooked their home was really a volcano, and it just erupted! Day turned into night as large concentrations of smoke covered the sky. From the darkness, balls of fire poured down upon them, igniting the nearby forests and plains into an inferno. The dinosaurs became frightened and began to run away in attempts to escape the carnage. However, not all of them were able to get away alive. Some of them were crushed beneath burning trees while others were buried under the falling fireballs.

Speckles and Blue-Eyes realized they had to abandon their nest if they wished to survive. Speckles' eyes caught the underground tunnel that lead to the other side of the land.

"EVERYONE! THROUGH HERE!" Speckles called out to his family. "QUICKLY!"

Blue-Eyes nodded seriously before pushing her kids forwards. "Go! I'll be right behind you!"

The three Tarbosaurus hatchlings ran after their father to the cave while their mother took up the rear. Due to the volcanic eruption, the cave tunnels began to collapse, making it more dangerous for anyone crossing through. Rocks and boulders were jostled loose from the ceiling and nearly fell on top of the Tarbosaurus family. Brownie soon noticed one boulder was about to fall right on top of Ashly and her eyes widened in terror.

"ASHLY!" Brownie shoved Ashly away from a falling boulder, allowing herself to take her place in getting crushed by it.

"BROWNIE!" Blue-Eyes screamed out as she watched her daughter disappear underneath the debris. Tears welled up in her eyes as the Tarbosaurus mother mourned. Ashly recovered enough to pick herself back up and gasped in horror at the fate that had befallen to her sister.

"No…" she whispered.

Ashly felt herself be lifted off of the ground as Speckles scooped her up into his mouth, having seen what happened and rushing back to ensure Ashly avoids the same fate. Meanwhile, Blue-Eyes was trying to push the boulder off in hopes of retrieving her child, but stopped when she noticed two large rocks fall on top of each other in front of Junior. When the boulder at the top began to tip over, Blue-Eyes immediately knew what was about to happen.

"JUNIOR!" Blue-Eyes rushed over before swiftly grabbing her son and pulling him away moments before a large boulder could smash him flat. Not risking to lose another hatchling, Blue-Eyes placed Junior inside her jaws and joined her mate in running out of the tunnel as fast as they could. Speckles soon spotted light up ahead and knew they were getting closer to the exit.

"Hurry! HURRY!" Speckles shouted.

The Tarbosauruses dodged more falling rocks and boulders as they saw salvation within their reach. Eventually, they managed to escape just in time for the tunnel to collapse, blocking the pathway to the land forever.

The volcano eruption went on for two weeks, decimating the land beyond recognition. After the forests were destroyed, along with losing everything they held dear to them, the inhabitants that lived there were forced to leave in search of a new place to call home. A massive herd soon congregated together, formed by one common goal: search for a new land.

A few Haenamichnus soared over as the large herd of dinosaurs marched through the pathway. Everyone was exhausted by thirst and hunger. A few dinosaurs collapsed, too weak to continue moving. While some dinosaurs willingly went back to help their comrades get back on their feet, others abandoned them to their fate, focusing more on their own survival instead. Following the massive herd were packs of Velociraptors, who saw the stragglers and seized any opportunity to pick them off in order to ensure their own survival. Sometimes, however, they were denied to feed when a straggler's companion or family chased them away, forcing the Velociraptors back and to wait for another time.

An old male Torosaurus collapsed into the dirt, too tired to make the journey any further. Behind him, he saw the Tarbosauruses approaching him. Believing he will die by their jaws and teeth, the Torosaurus closed his eyes and awaited for them to finish him off and eat his flesh. At least with his death, they would be able to last the trip longer, including the hatchlings. But it never came. The Torosaurus opened his eyes and saw Speckles and Blue-Eyes move next to him, concern on their faces.

"Here sir, let us help you," Speckles said before he and Blue-Eyes used all of their strength to push the Torosaurus back onto his feet. Finally, they were able to get him to stand again and took this moment to catch their breaths due to the dinosaur's heavier weight.

The large ceratopsian was in awe at how two large predators were willing to help him when they could have killed him easily. He looked up at them and shakily nodded his head in gratitude.

"Thank you," he said softly.

Blue-Eyes smiled. "You're welcome. We're always here to help out if you need it."

The Torosaurus moved ahead of the Tarbosaurus family to catch up with the herd. Speckles looked at Blue-Eyes with a smile on his face, who looked back at him with the same expression.

"I think you're starting to rub off me, Speckles. I always knew your good heart was too much for you," she teased with a twinkle in her eye. "Sometimes I wonder why I mated with you in the first place."

"Oh come on, Blue-Eyes," Speckles teased back. "You practically fell in love with how selfless I am. If I remember correctly, you told me 'arrogant alpha males weren't your type.'"

Blue-Eyes pretended to think about that and adopted a pursed lipped look. "Hmm, I did say that, didn't I?"

Junior and Ashly simply looked confused at their parents' banter. But then again, they were still hatchlings, so not a lot of things made sense to them at this moment.

A pained wailing broke them out of their good spirits as they turned around to see a Pukyongasaurus collapse on its side, too weak and dehydrated to move anymore. Even Speckles and Blue-Eyes knew they could not help the humongous sauropod get back up again, so they left it to its fate.

Junior turned to look up at his father. "Dad, why can't we go and help that longneck like you and mom just did with that horned face?" he asked inquisitively.

"Well Junior, sometimes you can't save all of them," Speckles sighed remorsefully. "It's part of how life works, unfortunately."

Screeches and squawks were heard as a pack of Velociraptors rushed in and began to rip into the flesh of the fallen Pukyongosaurus, the sauropod unable to fight back in its current state. Speckles had a grim look on his face when he saw the smaller theropods devour their victim alive.

"We should probably get going," he muttered. He then turned to his kids and mate. "C'mon, let's get out of here before they see us." Blue-Eyes, Ashly and Junior followed Speckles to get back with the herd. However, a Velociraptor spotted them from the corner of its eye. It shrieked to its pack mates to catch their attention and gestured them to the Tarbosauruses starting to leave. Normally, Velociraptors would not attack larger creatures, but the changing environment has driven them to desperation and has made them more willing to attack things twice their size. With a few raptors having full bellies, the pack rushed after the Tarbosaurus family, intent on having a full feast. Speckles sensed they were being followed and looked behind him. Blue-Eyes also turned around and saw the raptors approaching them. They both snarled as they protectively stepped in front of Junior and Ashly, who had noticed the raptors coming towards them.

"Ashly, watch over your little brother," Blue-Eyes ordered. "Your father and I will take of these pests."

Ashly nodded and nudged closely next to Junior. Speckles and Blue-Eyes turned to glare at the Velociraptors, baring their teeth and growling.

"Come on, you creeps!" Speckles roared out. "Show us what you've got!"

One of the Velociraptors soon noticed Junior and Ashly hiding behind their mother's leg. Getting an idea, it ordered two of its pack mates to circle around and catch the youngsters while the rest of them dealt with the parents. Seeing the two raptors go around his mom and dad and about to pounce on him made Junior whimper with fear while Ashly rubbed her head on top of his in an attempt to soothe him, protectively standing next to him and sneering at the raptors. One raptor raced forward to attack, but was crushed by the foot of Blue-Eyes instead. Blue-Eyes reached over and grabbed the second raptor with her mouth and killed it with a single bite before tossing back at the advancing pack. A few Velociraptors leapt onto Speckles and Blue-Eyes, but they simply shook them off or threw them away. Blue-Eyes even rolled over to force the Velociraptors off her and kicked away any who tried to attack from behind.

Together, both Speckles and Blue-Eyes battled in perfect sync and fought off many of the raptors who attempted to attack one or the other, both utilizing everything they had learned when they started hunting together. But even they were reaching their limits. The lack of food and water, along with the stress of the fight, was exhausting them, but the raptors kept coming. Before they knew it, they were completely surrounded and quickly losing energy to fight. The raptors stood by and waited for the Tarbosauruses to fall.

Speckles glanced at his mate and Blue-Eyes glanced back. They both knew they would eventually fall, but they did not intend to let anything happen to their hatchlings. If they were to die, then they so be it, as long as their children got to live.

Just when hope seemed to be lost, something extraordinary happened. A loud bellow interrupted the fight as the Tarbosauruses and Velociraptors turned to see the source of the sound running towards them at full speed. The Torosaurus whom Speckles and Blue-Eyes helped earlier had heard the commotion before he could rejoin the herd. He considered leaving them at first, but he then remembered how kind and generous they were to him helping him get back to his feet. That memory was enough for him to go back and help them. Lowering his head, he head butted a few raptors before tossing them aside, then stomping on some more underneath his feet. He turned to look at the two Tarbosauruses, who were gawking at his sudden arrival.

"Why are you here?" Speckles questioned incredulously. "We thought you've returned to the others!"

"I'll hold 'em off!" the Torosaurus shouted. "You just get out while you still can!"

Speckles shook his head. "But they'll kill you!"

"That's a risk I'm willing to take!" the Torosaurus replied as smacked a raptor away with his tail. "If I go down dying, then I'm dying with honor!"

Speckles and Blue-Eyes were amazed and astonished. Here they were, watching a total stranger come to their rescue after helping them not too long after.

"I… thank you, thank you so much," Blue Eyes said genuinely.

"Just returning the favor," the Torosaurus said. "Now go!"

The Tarbosauruses wasted no time in picking up their young and carrying them away as they ran to rejoin the herd, barreling through raptors that jumped at them. The Torosaurus turned back and roared at the Velociraptors closing in on him, preparing to meet his fate head on. Pawing the ground, the old ceratopsian snorted before he roared out and charged towards the raptors. With the Tarbosauruses, the two adults lowered their kids to the ground and turned back to look at the old Torosaurus besieged by the Velociraptors, but still continuing to fight on despite the odds being against him. As much as they wanted to help him, they knew that could not do anything more lest they wanted to put their kids in danger, and they refused to allow that to happen. So with a heavy heart, they left behind the fighting Torosaurus to his fate. That was the last Speckles and Blue-Eyes ever saw of him.

About two more weeks passed, and the herd was growing ever more weary of the trip. It felt like the desert would never end for them. Of course, a few of the dinosaurs that died on the journey provided food and nourishment for Speckles and his family. Their deaths giving the Tarbosauruses the energy needed to continue moving forward. Then one day, a miracle happened. Dinosaurs at the front of the herd let out a cry of joy. Behind them, the Tarbosauruses heard the cry and hurried along, passing through some dinosaurs in the herd to get a better look. When they reached to the end, their eyes widened in wonder at what they saw: there, on the far horizon they saw a green paradise. Connecting it to the other part of land was a narrow path that guaranteed everyone the opportunity to start a fresh new life.

"Speckles, it's… it's amazing," Blue-Eyes softly said.

"It is. Just think, at last, we no longer have to wander aimlessly again," Speckles said.

Junior and Ashly peered from beside their father's leg and gaped in awe.

"We're going to live there?" Junior asked.

Speckles and Blue-Eyes smiled. "Yes, Junior," Speckles replied. "I think we are."

"Let's go, we should probably keep up with the herd if we want to get there!" Blue-Eyes said.

Speckles smiled. "You heard your mother, kids!" he said dramatically. "Onward to our new home!"

With a cheer, Ashly and Junior ran up ahead while Speckles and Blue-Eyes tailed them from behind.

But the path to their new home was not an easy one. There was one final hurdle awaiting for the family of Tarbosauruses, something, or rather someone, who would give Speckles and Blue-Eyes one final fight to the death. Far up ahead, a familiar face from Speckles' past had also been driven out by the volcanic disaster and followed the herd of dinosaurs in the shadows. From high above a rocky outlook, One-Eye, the evil Tyrannosaurus rex, sneered down at all the dinosaurs that blindly believed that the world was on their side and would grant them anything they ever desired. The very thought of it made him sick to the bone. His one good eye scanned every single creature that was in the herd until he caught a glimpse of his two archenemies walking down the path. His eye widened when he saw two hatchlings in between them.

'So, they survived the disaster, too, did they? And they have kids, as well? Well, this is going to be a lot more… delicious for me. And a lot more life-shattering for them!'

One-Eye smiled. At long last, he can finally get rid of those two troublesome Tarbosauruses and continue his conquest of death and destruction, once and for all! He turned around and prepared to put his plan into action.

As the massive herd continued to walk on that dangerous path, Junior and Ashly looked curiously over the ledge and at the ocean below them, the waves continuing to crash against the cliff face. Speckles and Blue-Eyes called out to them, not wishing for them to fall off into the raging waters and wanting to continue following the herd. But suddenly, the ground started to shake, making the two hatchlings turn toward the path. Out from the other side, a massive stampede of dinosaurs rushed straight towards them! All of them looking quite spooked by something.

"JUNIOR! ASHLY!" Blue-Eyes cried out. "GET OUT OF THERE, NOW!"

In their panic-induced state, the dinosaurs could not focus on their surroundings. Some of them got too close to the ledge and fell into the water below. Others accidentally trampled some of the smaller, more fragile dinosaurs in the midst of their panicking. In the commotion, Junior and Ashly were separated from their parents and dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

It was Speckles' childhood nightmare coming back to haunt him. Except this time, he and Blue-Eyes were standing where his family stood while it was their kids who were trapped between the choice of death by trample or fall.

Speckles could not lose his family like this, and neither could Blue-Eyes. They ran forward in attempts to bypass through the dinosaur stampede, but were pushed back by a terrified Torosaurus. The ceratopsian could only shout out a "sorry!" to the two as Speckles and Blue-Eyes were reluctantly forced to wait until the stampede stopped.

As soon as the last of the panicking dinosaurs had passed, One-Eye approached Junior and Ashly, grinning menacingly. Ashly took notice of the large predator and placed herself in front of Junior, ready to protect her little brother from the monster. From the other side, Speckles and Blue-Eyes' eyes widened in disbelief at the sight of their old foe.

"One-Eye, here?" Speckles questioned. "But how?"

"He must've been driven out by the same disaster." Blue-Eyes theorized.

Ashly bared her teeth at One-Eye while she defended Junior.

"You won't hurt my brother, you brute!" she shouted. "I refuse to let you!"

One-Eye looked amused by the hatchling's declaration.

"Very noble and selfless of you to protect the weak, little one. Sadly, that always means you die!" With that, One-Eye slammed his head into the hatchling and watched with glee as she flew off the cliff.

"ASHLY!" Junior cried out in horror as his sister was flung away screaming into the ocean.

Seeing One-Eye callously toss away one of their hatchlings was the final straw for Speckles and Blue-Eyes. Roaring in fury, the two Tarbosauruses charged at the vile theropod just as he was about to do the same with Junior, pushing him away from their son before they stood between Junior and One-Eye.

"So, after so many years, it has come down to this, hasn't it?" One-Eye mocked. The two Tarbosauruses snarled with barely-contained rage at the dinosaur who had caused them nothing but misery and suffering. It was clear that he was relishing the pain he had caused to the Tarbosaurus pair judging by the dark smirk on his face.

"Why do you always continue to kill, One-Eye?" Speckles questioned the long unanswered question as he and Blue-Eyes circled One-Eye. "Why do you insist on tormenting everyone you come across?"

Blue-Eyes shared her mate's feelings and snarled. "Is it just to satisfy some sick, twisted hunger for death? Nobody here did anything to you!"

One-Eye began to chuckle quietly before it evolved into a loud, raucous laugh of bitter contempt and years of gained insanity.

"You both don't get it, do you?" the T. rex had seethed out. "I was like you once, with a life so unkind and so destructive I thought I wouldn't make it to my prime. But unlike you, I saw the truth! As soon as I was hatched, this entire world had been against me from the very start! Everyone, EVERYTHING wished for me to fail. How do you think I lost my eye?!" The T. rex turned to show the feature that gave him his name. "My own flesh and blood, THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING AWAY MY SIGHT! ALL BECAUSE I JUST GOT IN THEIR WAY!"

Growling towards the last Tarbosaurus hatchling, One-Eye regained that wicked, vile smirk.

"That is why I'm going to take away everything this world has created, and I will do so WITH COMPLETE JOY!"

Immediately after he said that, One-Eye roared loudly with bloodlust as he attempted to devour the hatchling alive. Unfortunately for him, he was denied that opportunity as Speckles and Blue-Eyes rammed him to the side. Both Tarbosauruses roared while One-Eye shook his head to regain focus. He stood up and stomped up to a higher platform where he could look down at his two enemies. Speckles and Blue-Eyes were not fazed and simply moved out of the way when One-Eye jumped down to attack.

"Let's finish this now!" Speckles declared.

"I couldn't agree more!" Blue-Eyes nodded her head.

One-Eye simply smirked. "So, deciding to fight me like real dinosaurs instead of mammals, eh? Then come, AND FACE YOUR DESTROYER!"

With a loud roar, both Tarbosauruses rushed at the T. rex while One-Eye did the same. They bit and chomped at each other, smashing and clawing at their opponent's bodies in hopes of drawing blood. Speckles and Blue-Eyes grabbed onto One-Eye's neck, only for One-Eye to kick away Speckles and head-butt Blue-Eyes off. It was clear that despite outnumbering him, One-Eye was still too strong for even Speckles and Blue-Eyes to take down together. One-Eye caught a glimpse of Junior nearby, and as quick as lightning, he smacked his tail against the hatchling and sent him plummeting over!

Both Speckles and Blue-Eyes saw their son flying over the edge of the cliff and into the water. "NO! JUNIOR!"

One-Eye smiled with triumph.

"Finally," he growled out, "the future generation is gone. All that's left is for me to kill the old generation!" The deranged carnivore soon lunged at his two enemies with the intent of finishing them off for good.

However, Speckles and Blue-Eyes narrowed their eyes. With a yell, they both sharply swerved and swung their tails at the side of One-Eye's face, knocking out a few of his teeth and causing him to stumble off the ledge, hitting the side of the cliff multiple times before falling down into the sea. Speckles and Blue-Eyes huffed out exhaustedly as they looked over the cliff edge for any signs of life.


Speckles and Blue-Eyes turned to see that their son was still alive and clinging to a log to help keep him afloat. Their relief was dashed when One-Eye bursted out of the water, looking completely fine despite falling down and getting hit repeatedly. The malicious tyrannosaur hears the Tarbosaurus hatchling's cries for help and turns his head around to see Junior on the floating log. Growling with a villainous smile, One-Eye began to paddle towards the hatchling, determined to finish him off.

Up on the ledge, Speckles and Blue-Eyes witnessed their archenemy close in on their remaining child and knew they needed to hurry.

'Sometimes, it takes a leap of faith to make it to the other side.'

Speckles recalled the words that his older brother Quicks had told him and it made him realize what he had to do now.

"I have to jump," he said, catching the attention of his mate. "My brother told me that it takes a leap of faith to make it to the other side. I need to take that leap of faith to save our son."

"Speckles, wait." Speckles turned to look at Blue-Eyes.

"If you're jumping off, I am too." she said. "We're in this together, remember?"

Speckles remembered telling her the same thing when they first met and knew it was true. Speckles saw that her mind was already set on it, so he simply nodded. The two Tarbosauruses put some distance between them and the ledge before glaring at the ocean in front of them. They felt their leg muscles tighten in anticipation. Their claws scraped the ground. Their nostrils flared like a dragon snorting out fire.

It was now or never.

Side by side, both Speckles and Blue-Eyes ran straight to the edge as fast as they could before leaping off the cliff and diving into the ocean… right into One-Eye just as the vile T. rex prepared to devour the young Tarbosaurus hatchling. One-Eye noticed two shadows forming over him and caught his attention, forcing him to look up. His eyes widened when he saw Speckles and Blue-Eyes falling right on top of him, mouths agape. The Tarbosauruses sunk their teeth into One-Eye's skin and forced him deeper into the ocean when they pushed themselves right into him, both of them refusing to release their hold on the T. rex. They were forced to disengage when One-Eye bit Blue-Eyes' thigh and raked his claws on Speckles' underbelly, drawing blood.

Their battle soon got some unwanted attention. As the two-on-one fight continued on, a pair of large reptiles with streamlined bodies, four flippers on the sides and fluked tails swam in, attracted to the scent of blood in the water. These creatures were called Tylosaurus, predatory marine reptiles that ruled over the Cretaceous oceans. They ate anything they could get their jaws and teeth on, including their own kind.

Speckles and Blue-Eyes relentlessly attacked One-Eye as the Tylosauruses circled beneath them like sharks. Eventually, Speckles started to feel light-headed and immediately knew it was because of being underwater for too long. Nudging his mate, he motioned his head up to the surface. Blue-Eyes got the message and they both swam up to breathe. Once they reached the surface, they inhaled as much air as they could before resuming their assault on One-Eye, who had also came up for air. From a distance, they saw Junior barely clinging on to the log. The waves and splashing were dangerously loosening his hold on the log, and at his current age, Junior was a sitting duck.

Pushing One-Eye aside, Speckles and Blue-Eyes started to swim towards Junior. Underwater, the Tylosauruses swam up towards their chosen target.

"MOM! DAD! PLEASE, HELP!" Junior cried.

"Hold on, Junior!" Blue-Eyes called out to her son. "We're coming!"

However, One-Eye soon emerged from the water and latched onto Speckles' neck, making the Tarbosaurus roar out in both surprise and pain. The sudden eruption from the water also caused Junior to lose his hold on the log. Seeing this, Blue-Eyes attempts to help her mate, only for One-Eye to push his foot down onto her. With his jaws grasped around Speckles and forcing Blue-Eyes underwater, it seemed that One-Eye had the advantage over the two Tarbosauruses.

"You see!?" One-Eye snarled. "There's nothing you can do to stop me! I am the end of the world incarnate!"

Then from below the depths, a Tylosaurus breached to the surface… and clamped its jaws around One-Eye! Caught off guard, the heartless killer could do nothing except futilely try to escape and wound it with his claws, but to no avail. The Tylosaurus dived back into the water, One-Eye still clutched between its mouth. Its fellow Tylosaurus joined it while One-Eye roared defiantly. Speckles and Blue-Eyes looked on as a revelation came over them.

One-Eye was gone for good.

But there was no time for celebration yet. Speckles and Blue-Eyes noticed that they had lost sight of their son and began to look for him in a panic.

"Junior! Where are you!?" Speckles shouted out. "JUNIOR!"


Speckles and Blue-Eyes turned to see their son struggling to swim, the log that was carrying him drifting away.

"Stay there, son!" Speckles said. "We'll come to you!"

Both he and Blue-Eyes began to paddle towards Junior as quickly as they could, but the battle against One-Eye was beginning to take its toll on them. Eventually, exhaustion overcame them and they sunk beneath the waves, slowly starting to drift to the bottom of the ocean. Junior saw his parents disappear from his sight and began to cry in fear.

"No, no no no no, mom! Dad! Don't leave me!" Junior sobbed. First he lost Brownie, then Ashly, and now he's going to lose his parents, too? He did not want to be left as an orphan. He did not want to suffer the same fate as his father did. "Please! I NEED YOU!"

Even as Speckles and Blue-Eyes sunk to their watery grave, the cries and pleads of their son reached their ears.

"I need you…"

Those words alone were enough to snap their eyes open and stir themselves from their tired state. With renewed vigor, Speckles and Blue-Eyes forced the muscles in their bodies into overdrive as they swam back up to the surface. They breached from the waters and slowly started to make their way towards Junior, who looked relieved and happy to see them.

"Mom, dad! You're both okay!" he said with joy. His parents could not help but smile from his concern for them.

"It's okay, son," Speckles said. "We've got you, we've got you."

"And we're never letting you go again," Blue-Eyes added in.

Speckles gently scooped up Junior into his mouth, avoiding sinking his teeth into his son. Blue-Eyes pressed herself up against her mate to support themselves above the water. They all knew they could not stay in the water, they needed to get to dry land and fast. To their luck, they spotted the coast up ahead of them.

One thing was for certain, they needed to get shore, no matter what.

The Tarbosaurus pair start swimming over to the coast as fast as they can. Speckles held up Junior in his mouth so that he could breathe while he and Blue-Eyes supported each other above the water. After a few hours, their eyelids start to feel heavy, the exhaustion of pushing themselves catching up to them. Try as they might, they could not stay awake any longer and both Speckles and Blue-Eyes began to sink underneath the water again. Worse, the Tylosauruses came back, apparently looking for more food.

Strangely enough, the Tylosauruses fled when they sensed something around the area; something VERY BIG. Appearing from beneath the depths of the ocean, a massive reptilian monster made its presence known. At 355 feet tall and 550.4 feet long, with 89 dorsal plates along its back, this creature was large enough to outclass the present-day blue whale! This creature, in fact, was one of the oldest known life-forms, predating the dinosaurs; maybe back even further. In the future, the creatures would be referred to as 'Titans' by secret organizations. Despite possessing a large mouth filled with 60 1.07 meter long teeth, the creature did not view the tiny (in its own eyes) creatures as food. Rather, it was curious about why the two theropods were in the ocean instead on dry land like they usually live. Almost like a guardian angel, it knew that Speckles and Blue-Eyes' life was not over yet. Grasping the Tarbosauruses within its 34.4 feet wide hand palm, the Titan used its long tail to propel itself to the shore.

Later on, Speckles and Blue-Eyes motionlessly laid on the beach. A scavenging Haenamichnus landed nearby while a pack of Velociraptors came combing the shore for seafood. They noticed the two bodies and believed they had scored an easy meal. Of course, scavengers were never good at sharing things, so the Velociraptors and the Haenamichnus began bickering over who got first dibs. However, slight movement from Speckles made the raptors and pterosaur jump back in fright. They soon decided to scram when they saw his mouth open wide, the Haenamichnus taking flight and the Velociraptors running away.

Junior exited his father's mouth and hopped onto the wet sand beneath him. At the sight of dry land and being able to stand, he smiled with joy.

"Mom, dad, we made it!" he said. "We're back on land! We're safe now!"

Junior turned to see his parents' unconscious bodies lying on the sand.

"Mom? Dad? Can you hear me? Hello?" Junior's smile began to drop. "You guys can wake up. We're safe."

Still no response.

Junior began tearing up. "Come on, wake up, please," he whimpered. "We can go now…"

By now, the Tarbosaurus hatching was starting to fear that his parents had lost their lives and shedded tears from his eyes.

"Please," he cried softly. "I lost my big sisters, I can't lose you, too. Please, come back to me."

He could not contain them anymore and allowed the tears to spill down his face as he nudged his mother and father in hopes of waking them, but to no avail.

"Come back to me…"

Finally, Junior broke down and allowed all the bad feelings he started having since this journey flood out. He turned away and sobbed as he mourned. But just as Junior believed that the worst had befallen to his parents, two weak groans made him look back at them with hope. Eyelids started to open and nostrils inhaled air again. Before long, Speckles and Blue-Eyes weakly got back up on their feet and shook the sand and salt water off of their bodies. Junior could not contain his happiness! His parents were still alive!


Both Tarbosauruses looked down and their eyes softened upon seeing their last child.

"Junior…" Speckles smiled fondly before leaning down and pressing his nose against Junior's body.

"Our son," Blue-Eyes choked back tears as she joined her mate in nuzzling their son.

"I thought I lost you guys," Junior said quietly. "After I lost Brownie and Ashly, I didn't want to lose you too. I don't know what I would do without you."

"You'll never lose us," Speckles responded.

"Because we'll go through hell and back for you," Blue-Eyes finished. "And I bet your sisters would do the same."

Junior felt his spirits lift for just a moment, before he frowned again and looked up at the sky above.

"Do you think they know that I'll always think about them, and that they'll visit me one day?" he asked.

Speckles and Blue-Eyes looked at the sky as well before smiling and looking at each other.

"I think Brownie and Ashly already know about that." Blue-Eyes said.

"And if there's one thing I know," Speckles said, "is that they will continue to watch over you. Seeing you grow up everyday and becoming a strong, healthy Tarbosaurus, that's a gift enough for them."

Junior smiled before nuzzling his mom and dad's snouts with love and affection. "I love you, mom and dad."

"We love you too, Junior," Speckles and Blue-Eyes both said.

After their nuzzle, Junior looked up at them.

"C'mon!" Junior said. "I want to honor my sisters by living my life at the fullest!" He then dashed off ahead of his parents.

As they followed their son, Speckles turned to look at his beautiful mate, the one who had stood by his side since they had first met.

"Blue-Eyes, when we reach inland, I have a wish to make."

"And what's that?" she asked.

Speckles breathed in before smiling.

"That the place we reach with our son will be thick with green leaves, and that only happy stories will continue…"

Meanwhile, a row of dorsal plates briefly breached the surface of the ocean before diving back down into the deep, the two Tarbosauruses unaware of the mysterious creature that had rescued them from a watery death.

Flashback ends:

By the time the family of three had returned to their home atop the plateau, it was already sunset. The multitudes of creatures noisily going about their business before turning in for the night were heard echoing across the forests. Speckles and Blue-Eyes motioned for their son to come forwards. Junior did so reluctantly, expecting to be scolded for almost getting killed. Instead, his parents turned their focus to gaze upon the territory that they had moved into a few years back.

"Junior," Speckles started, "do you see this land in front of you?"

Junior scanned the landscape in his sight and nodded his head. "Yeah?"

"Your mother and I had found this place after we defeated One-Eye, and we had worked hard on maintaining it." Speckles turned to look down at his son and smiled with pride. Each and every day, Junior is continuing to grow up into a fine young dinosaur, strong and healthy. "One day, this land will belong to you, and you will rule it as its leader." Junior continued looking on in awe at the place they called home.

"However, at your current age, you're still not ready to face those challenges," Blue-Eyes cut in. "As Tarbosauruses, we need to fight tooth and claw to protect everything that is closest to us; our family, our home, even our friends."

Junior's smile instantly vanished as he heard his mother's words. Speckles noticed and gave an encouraging smile.

"Chin up, son," Speckles said. "You've still got time to learn from us."

Blue-Eyes nodded in agreement. "He's right. Tomorrow, we'll be hunting for real, together as a family."

Junior perked up upon hearing that. He was going to be part of the hunt with his parents! Maybe this time, he can finally make them proud by doing something right.

And that was chapter two, everybody! Also yes, I included MonsterVerse Godzilla in here as a cameo since that was what the original author planned to do for the flashback chapter before I adopted the story. Let me know what you think of this story so far in the comments and I will see you later!