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The next morning, Junior decided to head out to hunt by himself and find prey that would be easier for him to handle. He wandered away a bit from his home before coming across a wide open plain surrounded by the nearby forests. Junior spotted a clump of shrubs and carefully entered a small opening. From his hiding place, he scanned his surroundings before his eyes caught a medium-sized dinosaur walking down the path and lowering its head down.

Sipping water from a small pond, a Pachycephalosaurus was unaware of its would-be assassin. Because of his green coloration, Junior took advantage of hiding in the bushes to avoid detection. As he waited patiently in the brush, Junior felt more determined than ever at proving himself. The words that his parents had told him last night made him feel better about his insecurities, but he still wished to find some way to prove he can handle himself, and today seemed like the perfect day to test his hunting skills.

"Okay Junior, you got this," he said to himself quietly. "You can do this."

The young Tarbosaurus closed his eyes and took a deep breath to soothe his nerves. Then, Junior burst out of the bushes and ran straight towards the ornithopod. The Pachycephalosaurus raised its head up from its drink and turned its head to see a Tarbosaurus hatchling rushing right at it. Alarmed, the Pachycephalosaurus quickly moved out of the way when Junior attempted to leap onto it and instead landed into the pond. Narrowing his eyes at his prey, Junior snarled and chased after the bone-headed dinosaur over and across the plains. No matter how close he got, the Pachycephalosaurus would swiftly escape Junior's jaws and leave him to bite only thin air. For a while, Junior continued to pursue the thick-headed ornithopod, unwilling to give up the hunt. Eventually the two dinosaurs reached near a hill close by to where his mother and father said they were going to be at. However, when they both reached the hill, the Pachycephalosaurus stopped running and lifted its head to sniff the air. Something was not right. Junior paused behind his quarry, confused as to why it had stopped. But he pushed that feeling aside and slowly crept up behind the wary Pachycephalosaurus, who seemed more focused about the danger that was apparently nearby. Junior tightened his leg muscles and leapt at the thick-domed dinosaur with his jaws opened and ready to bite, but the Pachycephalosaurus simply side-stepped and began running up the hill while Junior's jaws met the soil instead. Junior laid sprawled over his belly before lifting his head up and spitting out the dirt and grass that was collected in his mouth as he watched the Pachycephalosaurus run far ahead, away from his reach.

"Dang it," Junior muttered in frustration, upset that his prey got away.

He yelped when suddenly a foot with a sharp, pointy toe-claw on the index toe pressed itself against the side of his face and forced it back down to the ground. From his line of vision, a pack of Deinonychuses surrounded him, leering down at him with piercing eyes and smiles that reeked of malicious intent. Deinonychus are related to Velociraptors, but are larger, more robust, and able to take down prey ten times larger than they are. A Deinonychus with blue skin, red stripe patterns, crimson red eyes, and a noticeable chunk of his tail missing stepped forward, his pack mates backing away a little to make room for him. It was clear that he was the leader due to his larger height and the fact he radiated an air of superiority around him. The Deinonychus lowered his head to glare at Junior and curled his lips into a nasty grin, exposing his sharp teeth.

"Well well well, look what we've got here, fellas," the Deinonychus said with a bit of a lisp, "a little Tarbo out here lost and all alone." He lifted his head up and cackled loudly into the sky, prompting his fellow Deinonychus to join in. Their vile laughter ceased after a few minutes before the leader lowered his head to look at the Tarbosaurus hatchling in their grasp again. "Where are your parents at, huh kid?"

Junior was frightened of the raptors, but he did not want to show it so easily. His parents told him that you cannot allow others to take advantage of your fear. So instead, he narrowed his eyes into a glare and looked at the Deinonychus leader straight in the eye.

"My parents are on their way now," he bravely told them, "so if you know what's good for you, you'll leave while you still can."

"Oooh, you hear that boys?" the Deinonychus leader chuckled, clearly not buying it. "The little hatchling says his mommy and daddy are coming right now. Ain't that cute?"

The other Deinonychuses snickered in response, also finding it amusing. One Deinonychus that had light red skin, purple eyes, and no feathers on his head turned to a Deinonychus next to him, also grinning maliciously.

"Hey Ditto," he said in a southern country drawl, "Stalker told us the hatchling's parents are coming. Ain't it cute!"

The Deinonychus named Ditto had light brown skin with some orange scattered around his body (most predominantly on his face), yellow eyes, and feathers that drooped over the side of his head. He nodded enthusiastically in response to his pack mate's question.

"Awck! Hey Ditto, Stalker told us the hatchling's parents are coming. Ain't it cute!" he repeated.

The red Deinonychus immediately frowned at what Ditto said and turned back to face him.

"Ditto! I keep telling you to stop copying me!" he harshly hissed.

Apparently, Ditto did not get the memo as he turned to his accomplice and spoke again. "Awck! Ditto! I keep telling you to stop copying me!"

"Oh, why I oughta..." The red Deinonychus shoved his head against Ditto in annoyance. Ditto shoved back. Soon, the two got into a shoving match that later devolved into a petty slap fight while Junior looked on in confusion.

The blue Deinonychus leader, apparently named Stalker, groaned at his two lackeys bickering and shoved them apart from each other.

"Vincent, Ditto! Enough!" he scolded. "Get your heads in the game!" He turned his attention back to Junior. "It's time we took our little friend on a small... road trip."

Junior's eyes widened in fear as Stalker chuckled wickedly. The raptors were going to take him away from his home! So Junior did the only thing he could think of.

"MOM! DAD!" Junior shouted out as loudly as his voice could. "HELP ME!"

Nearby, Speckles and Blue-Eyes were hunting when they heard their son's cries for help and lifted their heads up in response.

"Junior?" they both said quietly before they heard another cry. A knot formed in their stomachs when they sensed the urgency in their son's yelling. Fearing the worst, they took off running to where the yells originated from. "JUNIOR!"

Junior continued yelling for help before he glared at the Deinonychuses that surrounded him.

"You guys better let me go, or you're going to regret ever coming here!" he threatened his captors. "My mom and dad had worked hard on keeping this place safe, so they don't like trespassers or intruders of any kind! They're the biggest, toughest, and most ferocious dinosaurs you've ever seen, and they won't give up anything without a fight! They're going to come here and kick all of your sorry tails so hard, you'll be sore for about... two weeks!"

At this point, Stalker had enough of Junior's "threats" and was covering his ears in annoyance. "Would somebody shut the kid up!?"

Two Deinonychuses holding some thick vines came over and began to tie Junior up in them. The Tarbosaurus hatchling struggled to free himself, but to no avail. With his mouth and legs now tied up, he could not scream for help nor make any form of escape. Stalker removed his claws from his ears and let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank you," he said. "I was getting a migraine just by listening to that brat."

He was interrupted when two roars made the Deinonychuses look up and turn around to see Speckles and Blue-Eyes approaching towards them, both of them looking absolutely furious. Stalker grimaced at the two Tarbosauruses charging in their direction.

"Well, looks like mama and papa just finished their afternoon nap," he wryly remarked.

Vincent, the red Deinonychus, turned to Ditto and angrily bared his teeth.

"Ditto, you useless idiot!" he snarled. "You were supposed to keep an eye on them!"

"Awck! Ditto, you useless idiot! You were supposed to keep an eye on them!" Ditto mimicked.

Vincent was ready to pummel the living snot out of him before their leader smacked both of them with his tip-less tail, looking pretty perturbed himself.

"Shut up, featherbrains!" Stalker shouted at his cronies just as another loud roar forced them to look up again and see Speckles and Blue-Eyes getting closer to them. "Just grab the kid and start moving!"

The other Deinonychuses nodded and started to run after their leader. Vincent threw the still bound and gagged Junior onto his back before sprinting away while Junior muffled out continued pleas for help and futile threats of pain. Not far behind, Speckles and Blue-Eyes chased the Deinonychus pack fervently, both of them unwilling to lose their last living child.

"HOLD ON, JUNIOR!" Blue-Eyes shouted.

Speckles and Blue-Eyes continued chasing the Deinonychuses across the land in hopes of rescuing their son. They eventually followed them into a path covered with trees and bushes. The Deinonychus pack made a right turn, which forced the two Tarbosauruses to sharply swerve, nearly tripping and falling over before regaining their footing and continuing the chase. They roared loudly in fury at the raptors who have kidnapped their child, with their parental instincts going into maximum overdrive. Junior looked back and struggled against the bonds of the vines.

"MMFFF! MMHHMMFFF!" he mumbled.



Stalker merely laughed. "Oh, I'm so scared now!"

The raptors also cackled at their threats, almost as if to taunt the two. This reaction boiled the two parents' blood and drove them to run faster to catch up with the Deinonychus pack.

A stray branch snagged the vines wrapped around Junior's jaws off, freeing them and allowing him to breathe and talk again. Turning back to look at his parents, Junior began shouting towards them.


Vincent glared at the Tarbosaurus hatchling on his back and viciously bit his tail, eliciting a yelp of pain from Junior.

"Shut up, you brat!" he said.

The two Tarbosauruses currently chasing after them saw what happened, and it infuriated them.

"LET. GO. OF. OUR. SON!" Speckles and Blue-Eyes roared as they began sprinting even faster.

One Deinonychus looked back and his eyes widened with fear and shock.

"Uh, Stalker, sir," he said, "they're gaining on us!"

Stalker looked up ahead and saw two tall rock formations on both sides of the pathway.

"Not for long," he smirked.

Eventually, the chase neared its climax as the Deinonychus pack passed through the path between the tall rocks and reached the exit that led to the other side of the Tarbosaurus' territory, with Speckles and Blue-Eyes close behind. In front of them lied a dry, barren canyon that spread over miles from left to right. A long, narrow land-bridge arched over a river beneath the canyon and connected the two sides together. The Deinonychuses began to cross the bridge while Speckles and Blue-Eyes followed.



Stalker turned around and halted his pack. Them stopping also made Speckles and Blue-Eyes stop running. The Tarbosauruses panted, a little out of breath from chasing after the Deinonychuses. On Vincent's back, Junior looked at his parents, feeling more fearful than ever before.

"Mom, dad, save me!" he pleaded.

"It's okay, Junior," Speckles said in hopes of comforting his scared son. "We're going to get you out of here, I promise."

Stalker sadistically grinned.

"Well ain't this lovely," he said. "A real tender moment between parents and child. Consider this the last time you'll ever see each other again, because by the time you even get your son back, and that is if you manage to get him back, this world will be ruled over by a new group of predators; predators more smarter and ruthless than all of you!" Stalker then turned to a few Deinonychuses next to him. "You guys keep those two busy."

The Deinonychuses nodded and charged at the Tarbosaurus pair with a screech while Stalker led the rest of his pack away. They leapt onto Speckles and Blue-Eyes and sunk their teeth into the hides of the larger carnivores. The Tarbosauruses briefly roared in pain, but they quickly shook off the marauding raptors. Blue-Eyes flung one Deinonychus over the edge of the bridge, but it managed to cling on to the ledge before climbing back up and resuming its attack. It bit onto Speckles' leg, distracting him long enough for its fellow raptor to jump back on him. Meanwhile, Blue-Eyes was having trouble of her own in keeping away the Deinonychuses; they kept their distance from her before they rushed in and backed away when she tried getting a hit on them. It was becoming incredibly annoying for her.

Soon, both Speckles and Blue-Eyes had enough and started to bash away the raptors without mercy, head-butting and kicking them off the bridge and into the river below. Blue-Eyes spotted a Deinonychus holding onto her mate's back before she latched her teeth on its tail and flung it off of him. Pretty soon, they got rid of most, if not all, of the Deinonychuses.

"I always knew you'd have my back," Speckles remarked. "Literally, in this case."

"Eh, it's what females like me do best for their mates," she replied. "Besides, I've been saving your tail ever since we were hatchlings."

Speckles playfully rolled his eyes. "Oh yes, how could I forget that?"

Blue-Eyes giggled.

Their moment was ruined when they felt their legs get bitten by small, sharp teeth and looked down to see two of the last remaining Deinonychuses holding onto them like their lives depended on it. Speckles and Blue-Eyes shared a look before they started trying to get the raptors to detach from their legs. However, while they were distracted, a third remaining Deinonychus snuck up behind them, waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Then, it jumped on towards the side of Blue-Eyes' body and dug its claws into her skin. Initially surprised and caught off-guard by this, Blue-Eyes tried to remove the raptor off from her body. The Deinonychus avoided her jaws while it clambered up to her back, eventually making its way up top and standing on top of Blue-Eyes' back.

"Blue-Eyes, it's on top of you!" Speckles moved forward to grab it with his jaws while his mate tried bucking the raptor off of her back.

Once Speckles got close enough, however, the Deinonychus leapt away and kicked its foot hard enough to shove him right into Blue-Eyes. That was enough to make them both lose balance and caused them to move the foot that had a Deinonychus latched on off of the ledge. The extra weight of the raptors biting on their legs made them slip off of the bridge, while the raptors themselves lost their grip and fell into the river. It was not long before both Tarbosauruses lost their footing and followed their attackers in plummeting down to the river, but not before Speckles grabbed the Deinonychus' tail and pulled it along with him and his mate. As they fell down towards the water below them, Speckles and Blue-Eyes could only scream out one thing.


They hit the river with a loud SPLASH and started to sink to the bottom, the hard collision with the water knocking Speckles and Blue-Eyes out cold. As the sank in the water, their thoughts reverted back to how they almost met a similar fate in the ocean after defeating One-Eye; a kind of deja vu. Only this time, it seemed like they would both die drowning, having failed to rescue their son and unable to follow his captors. This truly appeared to be the end for Speckles and Blue-Eyes.

"Mom! Dad!"


The very memory of their son screaming for help reignited the fire burning within their souls. Their eyes snapped open, allowing themselves to turn over and they began to swim back to the surface.

A few moments later, Speckles and Blue-Eyes crawled out of the river and onto shore, both of them soaking wet. They huffed and panted from their near-death experience before they looked at each other.

"Are you okay, Blue-Eyes?" Speckles asked with concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just... wet is all," Blue-Eyes nodded in reply. "Are you okay?"

"Pretty much the same," Speckles answered back with a small smile.

His smile disappeared when he remembered how they fell into the river in the first place.

"Junior..." he whispered.

Blue-Eyes' namesakes widened in realization when she heard her mate mention their son. "Junior... our baby boy."

The next thing he knew, Speckles felt his beautiful mate start to nuzzle him fiercely with worry.

"Our child, Speckles. Our baby! He's out there all alone, and it's because of us!" Blue-Eyes wept as tears rolled down her cheeks. She then looked up at her mate. "We broke our promise to him! We said that we would protect him and we failed! I can't lose our last child after losing our daughters, Speckles. I just can't!"

Speckles rubbed his head against hers comfortingly. "Don't worry Blue-Eyes, we'll get our son back. I promise we will get him back." The male Tarbosaurus' eyes then hardened as he looked forward at the land ahead of them. "C'mon, our son needs us."

Blue-Eyes nodded in agreement as she followed her mate. "Hold on Junior," she whispered, "we're coming."

Still weak from the fall, Speckles and Blue-Eyes could only limp as they gazed upon the dry and barren land. They both looked behind them to see their territory in the distance. Overhead, dark clouds covered the skies, befitting the somber mood that they had both currently felt. Their eyes soon caught footprints that no doubt belonged to the Deinonychuses that took their son. No sooner had they started to follow the tracks did they suddenly hear thunder rumbling above the sky.

"What?" Another rumble was heard before they felt a light sprinkle of rain hit their noses. And it was not long until the rain started to pour down more heavily. The two Tarbosauruses looked around in the pouring rain when Speckles noticed something that made his blood turn cold: on the ground, the Deinonychus footprints were being filled with water.

"No no no no no no no no no, the rain," Speckles said. "Blue-Eyes, the rain! The tracks are disappearing!"

Blue-Eyes also realized what this meant. She started to sniff the air fervently, and her fear was confirmed.

"And it's washing away the scent," she replied just as worriedly. "JUNIOR'S scent. I can't smell him anymore!"

Both parents started to panic as they watched the rain wash away the footprints, along with their scent being lost.

"Our son..."

"We can't lose him now!"

"I promised that we would protect him no matter what!"




Eventually, both Tarbosauruses could not keep themselves together anymore and they howled to the heavens.


Tears were shedded uncontrollably as Speckles and Blue-Eyes then roared in despair while lightning hit in the distance, symbolizing how their hearts have now been shattered to pieces. All because they failed to keep their promise and protect their son from anything bad happening to him.

End of chapter four, and boy have things gone south for the family now. Will Speckles and Blue-Eyes be able to save their child from the clutches of the Deinonychus pack? I sure hope so. They already lost two of their children. They aren't willing to lose their last one. The next chapter will introduce a new cast of characters; some you know, some you haven't seen. As always, please read, review, favorite, and follow this story should you wish.