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Author: My first fic...O.o

Update:: Wow I wrote this crap when I was 12. I'm so great... LOL This story took a long time to fix. I mean it's not even completely fixing. But still its better then the shit I had before.

I use the ENGLISH names in this fic. Why, because I never grew up with the Japanese names, and I have never read the manga of Sailor Moon. I wish I did, but never did, way to broke for the manga.

Chapter one: Another daughter

Setting: In the park, where two couple argue near shimmering glowing lake. The young man about 6'1 seem rather pissed at the young short lady who he stood over casting a shadow over her. Usually his eyes were soft color of blue. But now his eyes, seen to have darker a bit as the young blonde pig-tail woman yelled and ranted at him.

"Darien, you're soo mean! I call you last night and you didn't pick up at all..." the young woman said as she pouted her lower lip and place her hands on her hips.

"Serena..." he whispers, rubbing his temples softly."I already told you why I didn't pick up..."

"But, but, I don't believe you!" she shouted angrily at him, while her hands still remained her hips.

Darien at this point just took a deep breathe, trying his best not to reach to her immature level. "And why not?"

"Because it sounds very unrealistic..."

"How so?" he questioned as his voice started to rise up in pissyness ((Lol Yeah yeah I made up some words. Making funny fics are hard.)) "My phone being off the hook, sounds solo unrealistic?"

"Well maybe not that part... but why it was off the hook sounds very unrealistic." She lower her head, because what she was about to say sounded not true Darien nature. "I thin-k maybe you had somebody over and you don't want to tell me..."

Darien just stood there with a blank look on his face, suddenly he chuckle and lightly he sway her chin and close to his face. "Do you really think I would cheat on you?" he questioned as he look deep into her eyes.

Her cheeks turn light red. "No..."

He smiled brightly at her and leans in to kiss her. But abruptly annoying beeping sound went off inside Serena purse.

She sighed sadly and not wanted to answer the Communicator. "Forgive me..." she quickly digs inside her purse and answer the Communicator."What's wrong?"

It was Amy, she seem beat-up and scare. "Ser-ena..." she said weakly."We nee-d your help..."

"Where are you??"

"At, the new built high-school near Raye Temple..."

"OK! I will be right there! Just hang on okay??"


Serena looked up at Darien and smiled at him. "Time, to fight monster booty!" x3

(After fighting the monster.)

"W00t!!!!!!" Serena shouted happily as she jumps up and down. "I save the dayyyyy."

Raye, glared hard at Serena. "We could have done it without with you..."

"Oh really? IT didn't seem that WAY."

"But, we could have!"

"When?! When the monster when choking the life out of you? Or when the monster threw you around like a doll?!"

"Serena!" Darien shouted trying the break the argument. "Enough...Serena."

She bit her lower lip and her blue eyes sadden. "Whatever..." She turns her back to them, and quickly ran off. Darien sighed deeply and frowns. "Ugh...why me?" He was about to followed but Raye grabs his shoulder. "No, don't go... all she will do is yell... let her be alone..."

As Serena ran her eyes slowly started to tear up. "Ugh I hate that Bi-" but before she could sentence a cold wind blew into her face. The sky started to turn a darkish purple and the moon appear bloody red.

"What the...?" Serena said as she kept on looking up into the sky. A black hole appears. It open in the middle of the sky and out came falling strange figure, as the figure fell it screams it's little lungs off onto it landed hard on Serena chest.

Serena falls back onto the ground hitting her head. "Owie." she cried as she looked up at the strange figure. It was a little girl around 7or 9. Her hair was jet black in a two thin curly pig-tails. The little girl lifted her head from Serena chest and stare at her with her deep black soulless eyes. "He-llo..." she spoke softly from her small light pink lips.

"Rini?" Serena wondered to herself, maybe she just dyed her hair. But her eyes..."Who are you?" Before she could answer a pink haired girl landed on little girl. The little girl grew angry knowing it was her... "Rini! Get the hell off me! You're too FAT!"

"WHAT, TOO FAT?!" She shouted loudly and shoved the girl off of Serena and onto the ground.

The little girl stood up turns her head to Rini, just glaring at her. "You are FAT! Deal with it."

"Oh I should kill you!" Rini tackled her and they begin to roll around pulling and biting on each other faces.

Serena just sat on the ground being amazed on what was happening. She shakes her head and snap out of the "amazement." She went to the two fighting girls and pulls them apart. "WHAT. THE. HELL?"

They two just blankly stare at Serena not saying a word.

"Well?" she asked again, hoping she gets an answer.

"Nothing!" Rini pouted and folded her arms. "She is the one who started it."

"Me? Your fat ass is the one who LANDED ON ME."

"Well was the hell was I suppose to land AT THEN?"

Serena face turn bright red and her right eye started to twitch. "SHUT UP THE BOTH OF YOUS" She turns her head to Rini and asked. "Who is this little girl?"

"Heyy!'This little girl', is right here!" She tugs on Serena shirt lightly. "You can ask me, instead miss pink hair freak over there."

"Alright then..." she looks down at the girl."Who are you?" she asked nicely.

"My name is Isabella Shields." She smiles happily up at Serena. "I'm your daughter."

Serena jaw dropped open and she blinked a few times. "You-r my daug-ther?"

She nodded her head and bowed lightly. "It's nice to meet you, mommy."

Author notes:: Yeah done for chapter one. I hope you like it. Still fixing and trying to make it just "perfect."