Author notes: I updated finally! Enjoy Sorry I don't update sooner. Say cheese II We last took off where the whole gang was stuck in a cheese room with cheese! ( No I'm no Crack.)

Rini: I always wanted to die in a cheese room THANKS A LOT BELLE!

Belle: It's not my fault!

Rini: Yes you are the one who wanted to come back!

Then the cheese got bigger and bigger! It was up still the ceiling!

Evil woman: Any last words before the cheese kills you?

Belle: That's sounds so funny! any last words before the cheese kills you! HAHAHA

Evil woman: You dare you laugh at me?

Rini: Belle shut up!

Serena: Yeah I don't want to die in a cheese ROOM!

Evil woman: Too bad.

Seyia: Serena I have something to tell you.

Serena: What's that?

Seyia: Well...

Serena: Will you tell me already?

Seyia: ... I...

Belle: I'm so tried of this then the CRYSTAL started to glow. STAR SENSITIVE INFERNO.

Yaten; What the hell! Then there was a big hole in the wall.

Amy: Why didn't we think of this before!

Serena: shut up and run

Lita: Let's GO already.

Evil woman: None of ya are leaving!

Serena: Look over there your husband.

Evil woman: Where? You came back!

Oh course everyone was gone.

Mina: That was easy.

Darien: TOO easy.

Seyia: Who cares!

Darien: I care!

Belle: She will be back. She evil like that.

Serena: Its so sad what happened to her.

Rini: You don't believe that crap of a story do you?

Serena: Well... She kinda looks cheesey

Rini: Are you stupid!

Serena: I know you are not calling me stupid! I am your Mother! So respect me or you will get slap!

Rini: By who you! Whatever

Darien: Ladies take it easy!

Author notes: Hoped you enjoy Got 5 more chapters before this fic ends.