Russ jr heard his alarm clock and opened his eyes.
He had taken amy out Roller skating and they had a wonderful time.

Russ got up and changed out of his pajamas and went downstairs His parents and his brother were already downstairs.

Morning his mom said.
Morning mom russ jr said back.

How was your date last night? His dad asked.

It was good Russ jr replied.
By the way Amy called earlier his mother told him.

She wanted to know if you could hang out after breakfast.

Alright I'll call her Russ said.

He picked up the phone and called her.

Hello ? She said.
Hey Amy it's me russ he said.

Hey russ that was a fun date last night right ? Yeah russ said.

You want to see a movie tonight? Sure amy said.
can you meet me at the park when your done with breakfast? she asked Sure Russ Jr replied.

Ok bye she said.

I'm going to the movies with amy tonight Russ told his parents .
Okay his mom said.

After finishing breakfast he brushed his teeth and went to the park to find Amy.

He found amy sitting in the park on a bench.

Hey Amy he said giving her a kiss.
They maked out for 5 minutes before they separated.

I got you a present russ jr said handing black box to her.
She opened it revealing a beautiful necklace .

Do you like it ? russ asked.
Yes amy said giving him another kiss.

Hope you like the first chapter .