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Shirou Emiya-Daedric Prince of the Heroic Forge

Chapter#2:Shirou gets devoured by his dragon mate

"Da Faq?! Where in the Root damned Hell am I?!"Shirou all but screamed. He was looking around, analyzing the armor, environment, equipment, and clothing. He saw the soldier steering the wagon he was currently sitting on and imediently thought of a Roman Legionare. Shirou had to fight to keep his facial expression as normal as posible but his angrily twitching eyebrow said I ain't coverin for your ass . "If this is Rin's version of a revenge prank, then she better have a damn good reason why I'm stuck on a horseback wagon, freezing my ass off. I told her I'd get that damn expresso machine the day after we go to the museum."

"Hey your finally awake…good. You were trying to cross the border right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, just like that thief over there." A ruggedly handsome man with blond hair in a norse style braid spoke up after(eyebrow still twitching)his little episode. Shirou might have zoned out a little at their conversation. Especially when the horse thief mentioned something about Skyrim. And the blond guy in medieval knight-like armor said HE walked into an"Imperial"ambush. He resisted the urge to blurt out that he was litteraly sleeping in his bed with ACTUAL clothing on(his usual blue-white long sleeved shirt and jean combo), but that would make him look like an insane idiot(Not counting his use of his Reality Marble), because they just mentioned him crossing some border.

Suddenly he goes ramrod strait. His Structual Analysis working in overdrive, peering at himself beyond what a normal magus should be possible. He specifically started looking at his Magic Circuits. Then fires a Random Broken Phantasm far away at the other side of the mountains currently next to him, out of sight of the people around him. And starts twitching again." Naaah, we can't let the day be simple. Nooooo. Ofcourse not. That would make sense. We can't have that. Instead I get the holly jolly privilege to wake up freezing my nuts off in clothing made of what is basicly a burlap sac with rags, Somehow gain a True Magic AKA MAGIC Fucking BLUE , and 27 Magic Circuits with 10 units worth of mana use become 3500 EX-Rank MAGIC CURCUITS with 12500 UNITS WORTH of mana. Oh, did I mention I'm part fucking dragon now? Dragon Blood and Dragon Soul, and still human...and...elf(?)...yeah...WHAT IN THE MASSIVE BUBONIC ROOT DAMNED ABSOLUTE MIND-BLOWN FUCK IS GOING ON?! DAMM YOU ZELRETCH! " Yep you heard it right folks. He was about was about to have a seizure, heart attack, and cream himself similtaniously.

Shirou was brought out of his probably first and hopefully only(not effin likely)semi-midlife crisis of the day when their driver parked the wagon against the fortress wall. He made a simple observation"Huh. I'm in a fort...nice looking fort". He hopped out of the wagon and lined up with the others. He also would've been a blind idiot to not notice the General looking guy with the gold inlaid dragon emblem on the chest or the dude in executioner's mask and a huge axe(not even close to the Axe-Sword of Berserker in his UBW)with a wooden box next to his feet, or the stone slab with a head/neck sized indentation over the box. He can put two and two together. So he decided to do a preemptive action, just to be safe. Luckly the long haired soldier gave him just that opportunity.

"You there, step forward...who are you?"Questioned the confused Nord. "well, he did ask"Shirou simply stepped forward and stuck da metaphorical finger to the world and said in a clear voice full of power, unknowingly announcing his presence to a few Demon Princes and a certain flying World Eater, "...I am the Bone of my Sword." And the world itself became his bitch. He also noticed that the world isn't rejecting his projections, so...hells yeah(Ahyep, I think I'll stick with my previous statement. I know. I agree. Shirou IS OP as fuck. Told ya he would be. ... Anyways...where was-oh yeah)! The Nord looked even more confused. The heavy armored woman next to him didn't even hesitate voicing her opinion"Forget the list. This crazy fool goes to the block." The man gave him a look of pity and said"I'm sorry Breton. I'll make sure your remains are returned to High Rock. Follow the Captain prisoner." So he did so waiting for his chance to get da fuck gone and figure out if he is even on Earth anymore.

He patiently waited while the golden guilded general gave his announcement/statement about Ulfric-


- Stormcloak."Did you hear that?" "…It's nothing, carry on." YES General Tullius!" And she told the priest to"Give them their last rites". She got interupted shortly into the verbal prayer of the Eight Divines by a Stormcloak who Shirou concluded had a huge pair, and told them all off while preparing to get decapitated like he couldn't give two fucks, who was swiftly beheaded. "NEXT, The Crazy Breton!"


"There it is again…" "I said next, prisoner!" The long haired soldier just looked at the assumingly defencless madman and said"To the block prisoner. Nice and easy." Shirou just walked up to the block and got on his knees(without prompting from the Imperial Bitch of a Captain). He looked up at the Headsman and his axe, using Reinforcement to the point where the axe WILL shatter on impact. However, just as he got ready to snap the rope binding his hands in preparation for the(in-a-few-moments)shattered blade, He saw something he truly wish he didn't.

"...A dragon. Ofcourse it's gotta be a dragon. *sigh*...Fuck my life."Shirou cursed to himself before he realized something. " I can literally spam-fire Balmung and Ascalon like a certain"Golden Bastard of a King"he knows and hates." He grinned like a Savage. The big black dragon landed on the tower, staggering the stank lookin headsman, while looking around at the prey around it. An only then, some intelligent woman"DRAGON!"finally realized what was on the tower. As Shirou got ready to turn the big scaly lizard into an extremely bloody pin cushion, The dragon snapped it's head back around to look at Shirou. He couldn't quite understand the it's sudden shift in attention but ultimately put it at the back of it's mind. Then it raised it's head to the sky and shouted in voice that shook the heavens "JUL-SLEN-JUD!" From it's maw came a stream of light that wrapped around it's entire form. As the dragon's form glowed brighter, it started to grow smaller. When it got to about half it's size, the glowing phantasmal beast(that's what he calls it from his current knowledge)jumped off the tower and started walking towards him, shrinking all the while. As it got smaller and smaller, Shirou noticed it gained a definitive human shape. And formed a Crown on it's head. And a slim tail. Wide wings, black as pitch. And two huge breas-wait, what? As the light finaly dimmed, his eyes widened at the form the dragon took [Think Arturia Alter Lancer with Excalibur Morgan at the hip(she can still materialize Rhongomyniad)and all the other dragonic appendages]. She now stood in front of him, heterochromatic steel gray and molten brown staring into glowing gold, which he notices is filled with the same love(and lust...lots of lust)he remembered from at the end of the 5th Grail War. He remembers the words spoken to him before she faded away in a flurry of mana and light, playing on replay, fluttering in his ears and the winds of his soul"I love you...Shirou."

He snapped out of his trance when he felt hands on the back of his head and soft lips smash into his face, a ravenous tounge tasting every inch of his mouth when he gasped in surprise at the sudden impact and her letting out a deep throaty moan at his return of the kiss. His dragon insticts told him to drag her to the ground, rip off her chothing, and breed his mate. He was just about to listen to his dragonic urges and snap, when she finally parted from the kiss, a trail of saliva trailing between their lips, slightly parted and panting, with eyes half lidded with unhidden want. He was finally thown back to reality when she spoke in a very seductive and loving voice"I missed you...Shirou." Shirou's brain did a comple- {{Shirou Exe. has stopped responding}}-eaand there he goes. When his brain finally rebooted and remembered what happened, he did the most obvious thing he could do in this situation...Shirou blacked da fuck out.

Sooo...yeah. this is my second attempt at writing somthing that was in my brain. I know it's short but I tried to make it longer though. Let me know what you all think of it.