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Shirou Emiya-Daedric Prince of the Heroic Forge

Chapter#4: Potential Ally and Possible Theories

Elenwen honestly had low expectations for how her visit to Helgen was supposed to go. She thought that either the idiots that constantly surround her will fuck up and lead to Ulfric's escape and possibly all the other rebels in his headache of a resistance OR the Kingslayer and the rest of his group will meet their end at the chopping block. If it was up to her, this whole damn White Gold Concordant abolishing of worshiping Talos bullshit would not even be happening. She could care less what the people of the Empire pray to as it isn't one of her gods to begin with. The only problem she has with this whole mess is the fact that she hasn't found any hard facts or proof that the so called once man turned divine actually ascended to the rank of the 9th Divine. Hell almost half if the 8 divines are worshiped in elven religion in some way shape or form. Most are just a different a different name. THEIR CHIEF DIVINE IS A DIFFERENT INTERPITATION OF AURI-EL FOR FUCKS SAKE! If she had some cold hard evidence that this man had in some way or method in which Tiber Septim ascended and written records with actual witnesses or even a damn portrait of the event, she could finally get a reason to actively support The Windhelm Jarl while eliminating the Stormcloak Rebellion of his main reason for support. Talos Worship and Kidnapping of Skyrim Citizens. The fact that her people are authorized to kidnap anyone even remotely related to Talos Worship, Stormcloaks, or to induce fear and animosity for the Thalmor in general is completely barbaric in her opinion. Fact is, without actual proof of Tiber Septim's ascendancy, she can't give her superiors a reason to dissolve the ban of Talos. It will also give her less fucking paperwork to deal with. Plus, with all the overly ambitious and power hungry dumbasses she calls subordinates watching everything she does waiting for a way to increase their status and rank in the Thalmor Empire, just to inflate their egos, she can't afford to do what she'd like and just say" fuck it"and give Ulfric what he wants and leave this frozen slice of Oblivion that has only been a source of constant problems and headache.

But then something completely unexpected shows up in the form of a dual haired breton with the strangest and most powerful variation of magic she has ever felt. To others, he would definitely be described as a madman. That's ofcourse if you discount the fact that the words the"madman"would spoke where followed by a magical surge more powerful than the strongest known warmages the Thalmor ever produced in her long life. The fact that he looked fresh as a field of moutainflowers on a clear sunny day after such a burst in magic without anyone noticing makes her even more curious about his brand of magic. Ofcourse she's surrounded by incompetent morons so she isn't very surpised no one can sense what the human has done. Then there's the arival of a creature strait out of myth. And it's ability to take human-like form. Or the fact that the breton aparently knows the Humanoid Dragon in a far more intimate manner than just casual acquaintances. The love she saw in the Female Dragon's eyes and the passion in which they shared in that kiss told her that in an instant. It gave her a theory. If a Dragon can obtain a human form(minus the wings and tail), and the ones the people call dragonborn are part dragon, if Tiber Septim was also a dragonborn, dragons were worshiped as gods, and Akatosh is the suposed father of dragons, then would it be outside the realm of possibility for a dragonborn to become a dragon as well, or gainning the aproval of said Chief Divine to become one of them, or even attaining divinty through some unknown means? If Lorkan can become a man, immortal or not, can't the reverse also be possible? The Dwemer got pretty damn close to some form of godlike power. Why couldn't a human with power similar to the things they are named after obtain a similar type of power? Dragon Priests were seen to be the pinacle of magic durring the reign of a dragon given the name of World Eater. There must be a reason a single dragon would be revered with such a grand title. To be worshiped with such dedication and power to back up the position, and a living example that transformed into a human(?) female to further support the legends of this land, she might just find a way to lift the ban on these people's beloved 9th Divine and rid herself of such barbarism as kidnapping random people from their homes and torture the victims for information or a confession which is given just so they wil have the chance to die and relive themselves of the pain. Just thinking of that and having to file paperwork just to make their torture legal and sanctioned because of a supposed"confession"makes her sick.

So here she is, about to approach the two…lovers? Mates? Whatever the hell they are. She decided to at least try to get insight on what the fuck is going on so she can make plans to lessen the political nightmare that the couple's arival to the fort has caused. But maybe she can salvage this. If she could find some way to spare the life of Ulfric Stormcloak and prevent an even more problematic idiot to take the position as Jarl of Windhelm, then she could at least predict the way the Stormcloaks will behave. It also might make a way to gain more of a positive outlook from the people. At the very least, it will sow confusion through their ranks and also might give an way to permit the Worship of Talos through the information the Dragon and Human might give her.

If she can pull this off…

The Thalmor Ambassador calmly made her way infront of the Dragonic Female with the Red/White haired Breton resting on her lap, and introduced herself. "Greetings. I am Lady Elenwen, Ambassador of the Thalmor Empire to the Providence of Skyrim. May I know the name of the Mythical being sitting before me and the name of your lover?"

"…My name is"

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