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Shirou Emiya-Daedric Prince of the Heroic Forge

Chapter#5:Odahviing dubbs Shirou the title:PAPA

We now find our heroes traveling down the mountain side, heading to their first destination on their adventure. Along side the most greatest power couple Skyrim has and will see FUCKIN EVER, is two people I bet you didn't see comin with for the foreseeable future...Ralof AND Hadvar-waitholdonwhattheFUCK?! YEP! YOU READ ME RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Why you may ask? To visit their respective families and enjoy a nice vacation after the ceasefire agreement-Holdthefuckon! WHAT CEASEFIRE AGREEMENT?! You will find out later cause I dont even wanna think about Helgen for another good more amount of fucking chapters. OH, there is also a permanent traveling companion for this story's OP King and Queen(Guess who's who, I'll laugh at your self-doubts), a Thalmor Healer named Ryeilia. Why you ask? To send back monthly reports on her findings about the magic abilities and history of both Shirou Emiya and Arturia Emiya along with any historic records from during Arturia's reign in Skyrim's past. And why is that? So Elenwen can compile evidence to support her theories about Tiber Septim's Ascendancy and Shirou's Brand of Magic which is remarkably simlar to what she knows about Realms of Oblivion and the Daedric Princes.

Ofcourse she's going by what she was told by Arturia and Shirou after he awoke. Not to mention that Arturia casually metioned that she was ALDUIN DA FRICKIN WORLD EATER! Yeah, she ain't lettin them go without someone to keep an eye on them. That's just common fuckin sense.

So here's our little party, easing up to the Three Guardian Stones after a brief little story about a ruin on the side of the mountians ahead called Bleak Falls Barrow.

'These are the Guardian Stones, Three of Thirteen Ancient Stones which dot Skyrim's Landscape. All are able to grant abilities in some shape or form. It also gives insight to the type a person you might be. Go on, see for yourselves.'Hadvar advised. Ralof also expressed interest, saying he'd also like to know just what sort of person they are based on what they would choose. The healer of the group merely leaned herself against a tree beside their current position although if one were to pay attention, you could see the curiosity in her eyes. Both looked at the pictures depicted on the stones in front of them but only felt a calling from the one that was in the middle of the 3 standing stones. They touched it without hesitation.

'The Warrior Stone, good. I had a feeling you two were warriors. I'm pretty sure Hadvar felt the same.' 'True, but you never know... Come on, we're almost to Riverwood.'Said Ralof and Hadvar, walking ahead of the group with the Dragonwoman and Dual-Haired Sword Incarnation following shortly after them. The two soldiers were feeling eager to head to the place they grew up and happy of the fact that they're currently not enemies anymore... technically anyways. Their Thalmor Cleric followed at a steady pace behind the group, lost in thoughts.

From what little she was told about the strange Red and White haired human of the group named Shirou Emiya, he was supposed to hold more magic than all of the best sorcerers in the entirety of the current Thalmor Empire including their King. So she was understandingly puzzled as to why he would choose the Warrior Stone over the Mage Stone. 'Perhaps Master Emiya's Magic is more combat oriented and augments any weapons he uses by channeling his magic through them, but if that's the case, why can I not see any weapons on his person? In fact he wasn't carrying anything at all. Not even a dagger. Maybe he uses Conjuration Magic? That would at least explain the lack of a dagger or a sword. But not the choice in the Warrior Stone…hmm…perhaps I will find out later on by watching him through battle. It would be interesting to see how the two Emiyas fight, especially the dragon turned human-ish female with the strange sword in glowing red highlights and runes going down the length of the sheath.' She can feel immense magical energy coming from the blade. The amount thats being emited even passively from the blade is not normal. She has seen powerful Enchanted Blades in her time as a Thalmor Agent but NEVER anything remotely close as what she can feel from her sword. Just looking at the black handled blade for even a short frame of time sends uncontrolable shivers down her spine. She was broken out of her ruminations by the sound of a familiar animal she has recently been acquainted with.


The group suddenly looked up to the sight of a huge Red and Silver scaled Dragon diving towards their group. Although there was one person in the party who was not even the most remotely bit worried. In fact, this person has an look of fondess on their face. This person's companion is a little more cautious but can see that person beside'em is not at all worried so he relaxes his stance a little bit but remains on guard incase of a confrontation. As the great beast glides at great speed to their location, it suddenly lets out a shout that sounds quite simmilar to one the male Emiya has heard before getting an unexpected passionate kiss from a person he totally did not expect to see in his short time is this strange new world.-


Even as the dragon remain airborn, it never lost it's speed or current trajectory. Which was flying straight to a certain person fate likes to fuck with most of the time. I'll give ya a guess who it is I'm takin about. 'Awwwshhiiiiit…I Knew that the day was goin way to good for me' The glowing form slammed right into the resigned victim fate's constant fuckery with the feeling of metal and pain. Shirou reinforced his body when he saw the ever-shrinking form of a glowing humanoid body flying towards him and ONLY him. He could have dodged but didn't feel any hostile intent coming from the glowing figure so he planned to catch the dragon person instead. He is also imbeded in the ground in a deep trench across the earth with an apperence not quite unlike the Golden Eyed Figure watching them with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

Despite the heavy looking armor worn on the body of the person currently straddling our OP male protagonist, the facial features of the being is entirly female. Only diffrence between the Black Dragon and the Former Red Dragon is that her hair is a slightly wild mane of golden wheat tied in a red beaded messy ponytail and eyes like emerads, shining fiercely in light of the sun, and also a little mischief. Her posture was proud and her arms were crossed, A face full of smug playful satisfaction on her grinning face. Eyes predatory and strangely happy like a cat that finally caught the canary.

Shirou groaned himself awake with all the strength he could muster, letting his magic flood through his Circuits and Avalon hastening the healing prossess. He looked up and around himself noticing his body in a quite the long looking trench. He also looked down to see a face not unlike his loving wife(?)(not that he has any complaints), grinning at him like the mischivious daughter about to blackmail you for seeing something he's trying to keep secret from his wife, like him chilling in his mancave or makin a surprise for his said person when he's supposedly supposed to be at work.

'Hey Papa! Hows about you and me have a nice friendly spar? Just the two of us!'

Ooookaay, now he is understandably confused. He looks over to Arturia to get confirmation only to see an amused smirk opon her face. Not knowing if he's in trouble or not, he finally takes notice of the type and colors of his daughter's(?)armor. A silver-like steel with Red Highlights and distinctive horn-like protrusions on the shoulders and near the neck. Racking his brain at all he knows about Arturia's past, he recognizes who it is but not why the two former knights are not fighting each other right now. He could only come up with one possible answer to describe his current situation.

'…Root Damn my E-Rank Luck.'

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