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Shirou Emiya-Daedric Prince of the Heroic Forge

Chapter#6:Bandits, Black Metal, and Talking Gems

After a little explanation to poor Papa Shirou about Mordred, Arturia, and Morgan's rebirth and current relationship as a family, Shirou couldn't help but smile. It might take a while for him to get used to being a father but Shirou thinks he'll be able to handle it. Just the look on the two Dragon's faces when he just accepted the fact that Mordred thinks of Shirou as a Dad was the thing that finalized his decision on the matter. And he also promised Mordred a spar later on which made her quite happy. And allow him to finally get up from her straddling him.

The party of six made a couple stops along the way, like killing a small pack of wolves on the side of the road and getting their pelts incase of needing gold, or havesting the salmon that was going up the river and storing them in a metal barrel that Shirou had Traced and is now carrying. He could probably sell a few for a little more coin but with how Arturia and if genetics and his shitty luck willing, Mordred eat…yyyeeah, he's definitly gonna need to get more food from the local inn and hopefully they have a general store too…and he needs coin for that…'*sigh*Fuck…'.

Yep, Shirou is proly gonna be broke quite a lot. But he loves his Wife and Daughter so he honestly couldn't give two fucks about bein broke. As long as they're fed and happy, it's all wor- 'wait…If Mordred, Arturia, and Morgan are a family now, and Mordred calls me Papa and Arturia Father, and Morgan Mother…and I'm married to Arturia now…does that mean I would eventually marry Morgan as well? I don't think I'd mind that if I get to know her better but …I'm gonna have have to have a talk with Arturia and Mordred about this later' .

They all make it to the entryway of the town, Ralof and Hadvar increasing their pace to find their loved ones, only to spot them at the local blacksmith's shop with a blond haired woman the same shade as Ralof, talking about purchasing an woodcutter's axe from a man with similar looks to Hadvar. Both turn to look towards the stairs to see who is aproaching them, only to widen their eyes at the sight of not only Ralof and Hadvar TOGETHER but also the Talmor Agent behind them NOT attacking Ralof. Could ya blame them for being even the tiniest bit confused?

'Hadvar...Ralof...w-what are you two doing here and why is a Agent of the Thalmor with you boys? Are you two in any trouble? And who are the others?'Alvor asked, nervous as all fuck. Gurdur wasn't doin any better. Ryeilia just looked on in silence.'No need to worry about that uncle. In fact, these are our friends. Two of which is responsible for our current circumstances. Even got Ambassador Elenwen to agree to a ceasefire with General Tulius and Ulfric Stormcloak'Said Hadvar. Ralof even added his own two septums in'That's right! Even saved Jarl Ulfric from the chopping block. If all goes well, all of Skyrim might be able to finally start worshiping Talos again without fear of the Thalmor kidnapping people from their homes! That is ofcorse if all goes well on Elenwen's side of things. Hadvor, Gurdur, I'd like to introduce you both to our good friends. This man is Shirou Emiya and his wife Arturia Emiya and their daughter Mordred. The Thalmor woman besides them is named Ryeilia and she is the healer of their group. She was assigned to act as a travel companion for the two by Elenwen herself'.

Shirou came up to Alvor and offered his hand in greetings with Arturia beside him.'It's nice to meet you both. As you have already heard, my Name is Shirou Emiya and this is my wife Arturia. I couldn't help but admire your forge. I'm also a bit of a blacksmith myself. Think you might need a hand?'

Alvor couldn't help but smile at the lad, clasping his wrist in a strong but firm greetting.'Well met young man. It's good to see someone so young appreciate the art of the forge. My name is Alvor, Hadvar's Uncle. This lovely lady besides me is Gurdur, Ralof's Sister. She runs the mill out back. And it would be nice to have someone capable help work the forge with me. Unfortunately I'm starting to run out of metals and my next shipment isn't due until next week. Although...hmmm...there might be a way to fix that.'

'Whatever you need, if it is within my power, I'll be more than willing to help.'Shirou declared without hesitation. Gurdur and Mordred raised an eyebrow at his lack of thought on the situation. Arturia just shook her head smiling in amusment, already knowing what his answer would be.

'Well...if you're sure. There are a small group of Bandits camped out in a mine just left of the path you just came from. There is a path to the entrance of the mine just before you get to the standing stones. The mine is filled with Iron Ore and would allow me to be able to restock my supply easily as well as benefit the town as a whole. If you could clear the place out, I'd be most grateful. Riverwood would be in your debt.'

'There is no need for that. I would help you all out regardless of a reward or debt. After all, It's not wrong to help others.'Shirou said with a smile.

With that said Shirou asked the group who would like to come with. Arturia and Mordred stepped up without hesitation while Ryeilia just nodded her head and said she will offer healing and support to those who would need it. It would also be a perfect way to observe their skills in a fight. She was also curious about the daughter. If she didn't know any better, She would think the two dragonwomen were sisters. She noticed Master Shirou and the rest already heading back towards the entrance and back out the town so she hurried to catch up.

The party of four has just made it to the path leading to the mine with Shirou sniffing the air, notifying him of a person nearby most likely a bandit guarding the entrance. Shirou decided just Trace a nameless sword in midair and fire it at tne place he sensed the guard at. It was followed by the sound of something slamming into the mountain . When the group arrived at the entrance, they found a Bandit wearing full fur armor with his head pinned to the wall and a sword through th skull. Mordred was Impressed with the power and accuracy of the shot. Ryeilia was thinking more along the lines of 'that was NOT fucking Conjuration. What the shit was that. It's no wonder he doesn't carry any weapons. He just makes swords appear out of fat air and fires them at his enemies like he couldn't give two fucks. NOW I'm curious about what the oblivion else he can do.'

They entered the cave already and made it past the tripwire by just stepping to the right. It was a really pathetic atempt at a wire trap. Up ahead was a couple of bandits which was easily heard by the group's enhanced sense of hearing, both Natural and Reinforced. Shirou was gonna snipe the two with a few normal swords but before he could even try, Mordred showed just said 'fuck this' and jumped from the side of the bridge, decapitating the two unaware bandits in one clean swing of her sword. Arturia just sighed but she sort of expected it. The Thalmor Cleric took one look at the sword and thought 'ANOTHER ONE?! WHAT the FUCK is with these three pulling magical trollshit swords out their asses?! I mean Yes, Shirou's sword that he fired at the bandit out front wasn't magical at all but if he does have the amount of magical power Lady Elenwen said he possesses, then I wouldn't put it past him to start shooting an overpowered sword out of nowhere. The frightning thing is that I don't know just how many he CAN make at one time. Just thinking about him firing dozens of stupidly powerful swords like those two dragonwomen have in their posession gave her a feeling of dread and also arousal. What? She likes powerful Men! She could have fantasies!'

Anyways, Shirou just got done activating the lever to lower the drawbridge in the room while the others decided to hide and ambush the other two Bandits that Ryeilia could see on the other side using Detect Life. Shirou just stayed in the shadows of the room and watched, ready to trace a weapon at a moment's notice. Mordred waited under the ramp near the two headless corpses she had floatin next two her. Arturia was in front of the pathway to the room where Shirou is. Ryeilia just decided to wait near the far end of the path in the cave which they have entered from and observe. There was one male Imperial with an Iron Mace and one Redguard Woman with a Steel Greatsword. Once they noticed that there were no guards around they decided to split up and search around. The Redguard make her way to the path which leads to the room with the lever for the drawbridge while the Imperial went to check the entrance. The woman was about to make her way around the corner to enter the tunnel to the lever room when she saw a pair of golden yellow eyes staring at her and was about to alert her partner when she got a large taste of black cursed steel through her throat. The other guy was too far away to hear her choking on her own blood. He spoted a Thalmor Woman at the other end and was about to charge her with his mace, only for a Crimson and Steel blade crackling with lightning to burst out his chest. The lightning was so intense that he disintegrated on the spot. Nothing but a pile of ashes remained of him.

The four members of the party regrouped and made their way across the bridge where they saw an opening to a small room. A door and table could be seen along with a Steel Battleaxe and an Glass Sword with a leaf-like design and a golden hilt with a green glass pommel. It also had a Thunderbolts Enchantment on it. Another thing to notice was a Large Treasure Chest at the other end of the small room with lots of sacks and wooden barrels. Hopefully food. There was an Orc in Steel Armor and an Orcish Warhammer sitting in a chair ar the othe side of the locked door. Shirou wanted to just kill the dude without alerting everyone else deeper inside so he decided to trace another Nameless Sword and summons Archer's Black Bow. He used Alteration to turn the sword into an arrow and fired. The force of the"Arrow"released from a bow which was specifically designed to fire Noble Phantasms, even at half draw, was enough to punch a hole straight through the door and burst out the front of the unsuspecting Orc's chest. He slumped to the ground dead.

With the damage already done to the door, all Mordred needed to do was push the door and the whole damn thing fell over. Also helped that the hinges were rusted over anyways. Ryeilia immediately went over to the Glass Sword and decided to keep it for herself. The Steel Battleaxe could be brought with them after they clear out the mine of Bandits. Shirou walked over to open the chest and found the thing didn't have a lock. He just shruged his shoulders at that and opened it only to find 13 pitch black Ignots which Arturia informed him was an extremely rare and highly durable metal called Ebony and a giant gemstone double the size of someone's head. It also held a strange energy to it that Shirou couldn't recognise. It wasn't quite Demonic but more leaning towards the Holy side of the spectrum. Sort of like Balmung only more Holy than Demonic. The second Shirou toutched the weird gem, they all heard a strong and feminine voice echoing in their minds.

'Sooo…YOU are the one me, my brothers, and sisters sensed. Hmm…you are not a Daedra but your power is close enough to be comparible to our own. Not quite enough to compete with ours but given enough time, and proper guidance, it might be possible…Yes. You will be perfect for this task. LISTEN! HEAR ME AND OBEY! A foul darkness has seeped into my temple. A darkness that you WILL destroy. Return my Beacon to my temple atop Mount Kilkreath. And I will make you the instrument of my cleansing light.'

And just like that, the voice was gone. Out of all the people in the room, Shirou was the most expressive in his thoughts on the loud voice that just reverberated in their skulls with a demand to go to some mountain and giving no choice to refuse.


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