In the year of C.A. 1185, the Third Hall of Bilirhim at last was breached. The war for the axe of Kappgnokkir *1 was nigh over at last. The last hope of the Malgravian kingdoms were to sally forth with the Elves of Dor-Milasdir, and attempt to destroy the northern stronghold of their Mor-Dvarg*4 foes. And so they had laid siege at the North-East face of Bilirhim. As the sappers from Brotovna felled the steadfast and beautiful stone facade, the bolts of one thousand stout crossbows loosed one final time in a great volley from the high parapets ere they fell. So forward, then rushed the advance lines of the Dvargen-Barkappiin*2; hammering down with their mattocks they held fast against the tide of the Malgravian white, red, black, and silver. But the arrows of the elves were keen. The most dreadful rain, one of death and woe, could not long be stood against.

High upon the rear bridge of the third hall; The Dain *3 of Bilirhim feared greatly loosing the vast hold his rule had built. So as the hall filled with the host of his foes; he ordered the vast vaulted roof be felled upon those below: sealing the hall and ending the strength of his enemies. This was executed , and that in haste. As the last of the Dvargen-Barkappiin fell back; the vaulted ceiling was felled. Down it came, and hard upon them it fell. Not one in its shadow remained alive when all was done.

The Battle was won. But there was no joy that day; the rage of war gave way to mourning. And the Dain, Bilir Balarigh-Gnuul; never did forget his decision, Much did he regret it, but it was a small price for victory and safety. The third hall was sealed as a tomb and grew to be called the hall of tears. And the great iron doors have become the site of mourning on the anniversary of that fateful day. This is why the Mor-Dvarg of Bilirhim called the war for Kappgnokkir the war without victory.

1 - The axe of Kappgnokkir was a treasured axe of historical importance though Kappgnokkir is it's propper name, being a kenning: of a form of Kappa - axe. Gnok - refers to a quality of a shining mental like bronze. Kir/Nir - common word ending for proper nouns of a non living nature.

2 - Dvargen-Barkappiin = Dwarven (Axe-Weilders - ie. Warriors)

3 - a Dain is a corruption of the phrase Delving Thain, referring to a hereditary leadership position.

4 - Mor-Dvarg means gray dwarf in their own tongue a subset of a race known as Halgrim- the stunted peoples of the world Gnomes, Dwarves, and also others that lie among them.