Life isn't always easy, but as long you have faith and a positive outlook, you can overcome anything. This was the motto that Snow White lived by. She was born to a wealthy couple who loved her dearly, but life hadn't been kind to any of them. Her mother died when she was only two years old due to an incurable illness. She barely remembers her besides the fact that she loved flowers. Her father told her that her mother was the one who named her. One snowy morning, shortly before she became pregnant, her mother was sewing by a window and pricked her finger with the needle. After seeing the blood, she wished for a daughter with lips as red as blood, skin as white as snow, and hair as black as ebony.

Her father became depressed upon his beloved wife's untimely death and busied himself through either work or overseeing their many servants who took care of their large and lovely estate. She had been her father's only light in his life. The two would often discuss literature or take long walks in the woods near their home. Snow White had always enjoyed making her father smile or laugh. However, it was short-lasting due to him somehow getting poisoned and dying when she was nine years old. To this day, nobody was sure if he decided to take his own life or if someone killed him. Either way, Snow White and the estate were both put in the care of her father's former assistant Grimhilde until she became of age.

Such a vile witch. She acted as if she was the one who owned the house. She had let go much of the servants and then made Snow White a servant of her own home. However, no matter how horrible she was to her, Snow White fought to never become a hateful and miserable person. Instead, she chose to see the lovely and simple things that life brought and carried the belief that life will become better someday. In fact, she found herself pitying Grimhilde since she felt that she wasn't a truly happy person.

When she finally received her Hogwarts letter two years later, she felt a sense of relief in getting out of the home for it meant that she would only have to deal with Grimhilde during the summers. Going to Hogwarts was a blessing which she took as a sign that her life indeed was turning around. Due to her excellent work ethic and her kind nature, she was placed into Hufflepuff where she got along with many of her fellow housemates.

Her favorite subjects were Herbology, Potions and the Care of Magical Creatures because they were either simple or related to nature. Her least favorite subject was Defence Against the Dark Arts since it focused on the darker side of the world and combat. Sure enough, it was the class that she struggled with the most. Some of her classmates thought that she could actually be a decent duelist if she wasn't so strongly opposed to violence. She also joined the school orchestra during her second year as a violinist. She was proud to be part of it since she felt that music made other people happy and she enjoyed spreading good cheer to her school.

When she wasn't focused on her school studies or music, she was fond of talking to the school's ghosts and listening to their life stories. She felt somewhat of a connection to them due to her own longing to see her parents again. However, she figured if her parents weren't ghosts, then they must be together in heaven watching over her which made her happy. She hopes to make them proud. She also had a special talent for baking pies, especially apple pies, which she often made for her schoolmates whenever she had free time.

During Christmas time, instead of going home, she boarded with a group of seven dwarfs that she befriended during her second year, who lived in a shack a few hours away from the school. They had agreed to let her stay with them during the Christmas season in exchange for her pies. She believed that they were her biggest fans of her pies since they were always quick to woof them down. She felt that they were the closest thing to a family since her father's passing.

Now that she was in her fourth year, the school was encouraging their students to start thinking about their future. She wasn't exactly sure what her future would bring but she thought that out all of the job choices that she heard of so far that being a baker or a breeder were the perfect fit for her. Although, being a musician was also a nice little dream to have. If she did become a musician, she would have to attend the Wizarding Academy of the Dramatic Arts after she graduated from Hogwarts. Well, whatever happens, she was sure that she would have a bright future after a sad beginning. Who knows, maybe she will even find love?