What is life without adventures and risks? That was what Ariel thought. She hates calm and orderly living because she sees it as boring. She always wanted to have fun and excitement. It was better to shake things up. Some people saw her as "wild" or "too energetic" but she saw herself as a free spirit who was living life to the fullest. Well, one thing people couldn't deny was that she certainly kept things interesting for both herself and for them.

Maybe it was because of her fearlessness and love for life that she was sorted into Gryffindor. She didn't have a very positive opinion for book-learning due to thinking that true learning was about living through experiences. This was the reason why she wasn't impressed with school. She would rather sneak off to explore the Forbidden Forest or dive deep into the Great Lake to have adventures than being stuck in some boring classroom. Never mind that there were dangerous creatures in both areas and that she was breaking rules by being there without her teachers. The thrill of it just made things even more exciting. She had been in both areas by herself several times, always found ways to survive and make it back to school unharmed. It was no big deal. She even snuck off to the Forbidden Forest at night a few times, even though she was breaking curfew and students were only allowed to go there at night to serve detention. What better way to test your bravery than being out in a dangerous dark area? Also, as a bonus you get to see a glimpse of the dangerous magical creatures that live there but hide from humans during the daytime. In fact, it was this type of behavior that led to her father frequently sending her howlers or letters telling her to take her school studies seriously, follow the rules and make the family proud.

However, there were times that she actually found some subjects interesting and useful, which made her time in Hogwarts worthwhile. She greatly enjoyed Defence against the Dark Arts and Transformation which she was very skilled at and was one of the top students in those subjects. In fact, even all of her sisters reluctantly had to admit that out of all of them, their baby sister was the best in those two classes. She also was greatly fascinated with Muggles and how they could survive without magic. She wanted to know everything about them so she joined the Muggle Studies as an extra-curricular class. She also enjoyed communicating with her half-blood or muggle-born classmates outside of class, often asking them what their non-magical lives were like. The Care of Magical Creatures could be pretty interesting too, especially with the topic of dangerous or wild creatures. For example, one time students were allowed to fly a live Griffin. She was the only one in her class that willingly volunteered to fly it. The ride was thrilling. Her least favorite subjects were History of Magic, Potions and Alchemy because she thought all of those classes were boring and required a lot of patience which she didn't have. During her free time, beside exploring the school's grounds, she was also in the Frog Choir and a beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch's team.

Ariel was able to easily handle pressure and any sudden changes that came her way thanks to being part of a huge family. She is the youngest of seven daughters. Most of her sisters were either Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs, with the exception of her third-born sister Arista, who was also a Gryffindor. Despite their differences and the occasional petty arguments, the whole family was ultimately loving and close. Still, she often felt that she was just one of seven sisters. Perhaps part of the reason why she had such a strong interest in Muggles was because she wanted to stand out.

Their father works for the Ministry of Magic. He had once been a successful Auror, but after his wife's untimely death due to an incurable illness, he transferred to Wizengamot to have a safer job. He wanted to make sure his daughters could still have at least one parent in their lives. His involvement with the government inspired many of his girls to follow his path, although they chose to work in different departments. Due to her love for sports and being a former Ravenclaw chaser, Ariel's oldest sister Aquata went into the Department of Magical Games and Sports. The opinionated and strong-willed yet caring Arista was involved with the Investigation Department. After graduating from Hogwarts last year, the bookish Attina became a court scribe. With two years of school left, the quiet and sweet Alana was planning on becoming a part of the Wizarding Examinations Authority after she finally graduates from school.

Out of all of Ariel's sisters, only Andrina and Adella weren't interested in getting involved with the government and wanted to carve out their own paths. The joker Andrina became a broadcaster after her graduation using her good humor and lightheartedness to cheer up and amuse her listeners who were used to listening to serious news. With her final year of Hogwarts left, Adella who always cared about her appearance, plans on getting into the hairdresser business after her education. She hopes to eventually open up her own salon where she will help makes the wizards and witches of London look their absolute best. Only Ariel wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to be. Personally, she wouldn't mind being an explorer and spend all of her time traveling. However, the real world didn't work that way, and both society and her family were pressuring her to seriously start thinking about what she wanted to do with her life. Arista and Alana each had their own suggestions for her. Arista thought that her fighting skills shouldn't go to waste and that she should become an Auror like her and their father before her. Also, it would be real nice to have a sister that was part of the Investigation Department as well. The insightful Alana had a surprising idea. She thought that if Ariel learned to have more self-control and start practicing being far-sighted, she would be perfect for the Department of International Magical Cooperation. After all, she was a sociable person, love learning from others and it often requires traveling. Ariel had to admit that both ideas sounded intriguing and both of her sisters made some good points. Well, whether she goes into one of those jobs or find something better, she was sure about one thing. She will make a difference in the world whether if it was small or big.