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Chapter Thirteen

Three figures lunged out of the darkness knocking the unsuspecting girl to the floor. Stars winked before her eyes as she fought to comprehend what was happening. A rough hand wound its way into her hair and jerked her head upright to stare into the faces that surrounded her.

"Why did you come here?!" one spat angrily with a husky male voice.

Amrungil cried out, "Please, do not hurt me! PLEASE!"

"Because of you, my brother has been banished! Tell me why I should show mercy?!" another snarled, a long sword gleamed in the dismal light.

"I did not know he was your brother," Amrungil started.

"He was OUR brother," the one holding her hair growled in her ear and jerked her head back to reinforce the words.

The last figure stood partially hidden in shadow, his voice soft and full of sorrow, "He was my son. I will now never see him again, or meet him in the Undying Lands."

"I am sorry," Amrungil whispered, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Sure you are!" one of the brothers shouted, his eyes gleaming malevolently in the semi-darkness.

"Are we to kill her here?" the first brother asked of the father.

"I think that is a good plan," the other brother answered gruffly, pulling a dagger out of its sheave and placing it next to Amrungil's throat.

"Let her go," came a soft voice from the doorway.

The three elves looked and saw that in their haste, they missed the door being opened and a small elf with his head tightly bound now stood in the open doorway, "And why should we?"

"Because she has done you no harm. Has not committed evil against you," he answered taking a few steps inside the room. The door behind him was quickly filled with warrior elves. "And I brought friends to ensure you do not harm her."

The three elves surrendered immediately against overwhelming odds, their faces still screwed up in looks of extreme distaste against Amrungil. The one holding her hair thrust her forcibly away from him, as if she was contaminating to his person.

 As the guards took them away, the elf with a bound head helped her to her feet and asked, "Are you alright?"

"I will be fine," Amrungil answered, "How did you know to come and bring guards?"

"I heard your shout of mercy and called the guards."

Amrungil smiled, then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. The elf blushed a deep scarlet, which contrasted his white bandage and fair face.

"What was that for?"

"For helping me."

"I would have helped anyone in that situation. There was no need for reward," he said, his eyes falling to the floor.

Whether he was trying to hide his face, or to distract his eyes, Amrungil couldn't tell, only that the move was something the elf didn't expect, "You are a brave and wise elf."

"I am not brave nor wise, Milady," he said, his voice dropping to a mere whisper, "And I am no elf. Not anymore."

"When I was scared and frightened, my mind confused and my heart twisting without a sense of direction, you talked to me. Helped me see things I thought were mere imagination. Things I hoped to be, but feared they were not. Oh, you are very wise and brave my dear Elf. And you are most certainly an Elf, of that I have no doubt."

Hard sapphire eyes rose to meet gentle gray-green ones, "I have not been an Elf for sometime…"

His words were cut off by Amrungil placing her fingers over his lips to silence him, "Do not think your physical appearance is what defines you. You are defined by your actions and your heart, both of which, my dear Elf, you have shown a brave abundance of."

Footsteps interrupted any more conversation as Lord Elrond and Strider rounded a corner, tailing after a furious Legolas who looked like he was on his last nerve. Elladan and Elrohir shuffled in the back, trying to catch up with their father's strides.

"What happened?" Legolas demanded, slightly panting for breath.

Amrungil regarded the Elven Prince for a moment and said, "I have been rescued once again by this elf." It suddenly struck her that she didn't know his name, "What is your name?"

"Nimesul, Milady," he answered.

Amrungil smiled as she extended her hand, "Please to meet you, Nimesul. I am in your debt."

Nimesul took the offered hand, and laid a gentle kiss upon the wrist, "It is I who am pleased Milady."

"I would like to know what has happened," Lord Elrond interjected somewhat irritably.

Nimesul and Amrungil explained to the Elven Lord what had transpired. Legolas shook his head, his jaw set in anger, his hands balling up into fists. Elrond stood transfixed at the actions of the elves, his mind reeling over the idea that not once, but twice people from his kingdom had done an act of treason against him and his house. Elladan and Elrohir both wore faces of grim hatred, their postures identical as they glared after the retreating backs of the offenders, their ire doubled to those that threatened their sister. Strider swallowed a large lump in his throat, hoping that the three Elves he had known as his family would resolve their anger peacefully. He secretly doubted the kingdom could survive another tirade of the Peredhil trio.

When the explanations were finished, Amrungil turned to her father, her eyes searching out his.

Gray-green eyes flickered slightly, then hardened in a stare that clearly stated that they would not tolerate such behavior, "They are to be sentenced to the same fate as their kin."

Amrungil's face saddened, "Father, may I ask why they would be punished in such a harsh fashion?"

Elrond's eyes focused on her face, his expression a mix of anger and confusion, "My dear daughter, they have attempted to harm you because of the actions I have taken against their kin. They would have killed you because of what I had done."

"So you believe that punishing them as well is the answer?" Amrungil questioned.

"They have committed an unspeakable act," Elrond said in a tone that would have made others rethink a rebuttal.

"They are upset. Scared. Missing their family. They are confused and hurt," Amrungil shot back.

"They tried to kill you!" Elrond's voice rose along with his temper. His mind wondered how his daughter could defend such actions, when they almost cost her own life. "I will not have others lash out against me and use my family to seek retribution! I will not lose you again!"

"Then you are condemning them to a fate worse than death!" Amrungil snapped, her face flushing in outrage. "Is that what you want? To see your people banished and never to return to their loved ones? You wish them to suffer the same fate as you once endured?"

"It is not the same!" Elrond's voice rose higher as his temper got the better of him.

"Yes it is," Amrungil said softly, shaking her head and closing her eyes.

"Do not argue with me, Amrungil!" Elrond said, his voice lowering to a more normal level, though his eyes still flashed dangerously. "Though you have been away all your life, I will not tolerate you raising your voice and speaking to me in such a manner. You will compose yourself properly and I will hear no more arguments from your lips."

Amrungil felt her anger rise once more and stood transfixed at the sight of the now fuming Elven Lord. With a curt voice she said, "I wish some privacy so I may change."

Elrond withdrew from the room, his robes billowing behind him in a fury that mirrored his own internal struggle. Elladan, Elrohir and Strider left quietly, their mouths agape at the tone and tongue they just heard. Legolas nodded shortly and existed in a diminished fashion, not wanting to irritate the already frustrated girl. Nimesul remained behind, his eyes watchful.

Amrungil growled out in frustration and then noticed the quiet elf still at her side, "What?!"

"I am sorry, Milady. I just have never seen anyone stand up so forcefully against Lord Elrond, especially in defense of someone who tried to kill them."

"I am not defending them. I just understand where they are coming from," Amrungil said pointedly. "I have witnessed the exact thing from the people I lived and served for many years. With time they see reason and are able to put their hearts to rest. They are just upset and angry. They will come to terms with what has happened and accept what their kin have done."

"I do not believe you know as much as you think you do," Nimesul said, his lip curling slightly. "Elves have deep bonds with their family. There will never be enough time to heal the wounds of abandon when one is forced to forget their loved ones." Amrungil's eyes flashed with anger as Nimesul added, "Which is why Lord Elrond behaved the way he did. Without question he welcomed you back home and has done what he thought was right to protect you from those that would do you harm."

Amrungil stood, her jaw set defiantly, her mind jostling over the words Nimesul had spoken.

With a brief nod Nimesul left the stunned girl in silence.

When time came for dinner, Amrungil opened her door to find Legolas standing, waiting outside her door patiently.

"Milady," he said, offering his arm.

"What were you doing, Legolas?" she asked, accepting the arm and walking down the hall with the prince at her side.

"I wanted to see if you were alright," Legolas said, though his eyes flickered and he tensed slightly.

"Alright? No, I am not completely alright," Amrungil said, her voice strangely pitched, "But I think I will be, at least I hope I will be."

Legolas looked at her curiously, studying her face. He couldn't pinpoint the difference, but knew that something had changed. The fight she had with Elrond was indeed momentous and not something a lot of people could say they have done and lived to tell the tale.  The twins had hurried to the Princes' room and whispered at great length with him and Strider, all of whom thought it was some sort eerie dream state they all shared, having seen Elrond bested and Amrungil not cower down at his will, which was usual when dealing with the Elven Lord. The Mirkwood Prince couldn't identify the feeling, but he knew that the fight, though heated as it was, had brought about a change in Amrungil. For the better or worse, he had still yet to see, but felt a strange unease nag at his mind.

The two entered the hall and sat down in their seats beside Lord Elrond who was still looking distinctly ruffled. The room filled with the usual buzz of conversation, whispers and gossip exchanged, yet the head table remained dissonantly silent. Every once in awhile, the twins or Strider would cast their glance down the table, their expressions clearly curious as to the change in demeanor of Amrungil and the stern expression their father had permanently fixed upon his face.

When the food had been cleared away, Lord Elrond stood and silence blanketed the room.

"It is with a heavy heart that I address you tonight. Earlier there was another attack made on Amrungil's life."

Murmurs flitted around the room, rumors began to blossom.

"With great sorrow I announce the punishment. Please bring forth the guilty…" Elrond began, then fell silent as Amrungil rose from her seat.

"I know I am a strange to you all. I know that my presence here has caused unrest among you," Amrungil said as some heads nodded in agreement, others in denial. Her voice rang loud and clear, "Therefore, to ensure that there are no more ill feelings, I will be leaving your company."

"What!?!" Elrond nearly shouted. "Amrungil, though we have disagreed,  I must insist…"

Amrungil's eyes reflected those of her fathers and she interrupted, "I will not change my mind on this. Please do not try to persuade me father."

"Why would you do this? Why!?" Elrond was now just a few inches from his daughter, his eyes boring into hers, unaware of the three attackers that had just entered under heavy guard, expecting to hear their punishment.

Amrungil turned to the three as they stood before the head table, their faces masked with ill disguised hatred and pain. Feeling her father's hand on her arm, she made a decision and stared at each of the attackers.

"You say you know of your brother and son?" The eyes of the attackers burned in answer. "Yet you do not know what he has done to me. Many years ago I was a slave to a very cruel man," Amrungil felt all eyes on her, including the bewildered ones of her father.

"My master had made a pact with some Elves, and I was to be part of their bargain," Amrungil focused on the elf that claimed to be the father, "Your son was one of those elves that made a deal with my master. At first they found enjoyment out of my suffering, bowing to their wishes and obeying their every command. But they soon grew tired and decided to take their pleasure from my body."

Amrungil felt her father's breath blow across her face as he exhaled angrily, his temper rising once again. She paid no attention to him; instead, her gaze lingered on the elf that stood agape in front of her.

"Your son was gentler than the others and tried to stop the others from their actions, but after a time he became like them and played their games.  Your son forced me to his bed," Amrungil turned to the two that claimed to be brothers. "If I tried to escape, I was punished accordingly. When my master would hear of such disobedience, he too would see to my punishments."

Strider and his Elven twin brothers sat with a look of mingled fury and disbelief, their minds burning with the thought of an elf acting in such a manner. Legolas remained rooted to his seat, his emotions high, and his fight response begging to be sated. The idea of such pain and suffering on another being caused by an elf was unthinkable to the Prince.

Amrungil looked out to the sea of Elven strangers, their eyes wide with shock and loathing, "You may think that worthy of justice, and I would agree, but my heart tells me otherwise now."

Elrond stared at his daughter, his voice completely gone unable to make a sound.

"When my father told me of the punishment of your kin," Amrungil returned her attention back to the three elves in front of her. "I felt that it was deserved, but now I fear I made that judgment premature."

"I understand what it is like to feel alone, abandoned, unimportant. I too have suffered the same feelings, for many years, seemingly without an end. I found myself in one bad situation, then to another, and felt there was no one that would help me, or care for me, or even love me."

Elronds' eyes misted in tears as he listened to his daughter, his heart wrenching in his chest with a cataclysm of pride and resentment.

"Then I found an Elf Prince who helped me, even though I was a stranger to him," Amrungil turned to face Legolas, a smile was on her face and thankfulness glistened in her eyes. "And though I had been hurt by his kind before, I began to trust him, and accepted his help and friendship. For that I am very thankful."

She bowed her head slightly to the now slightly blushing Elf Prince, who returned her gesture.

"And if that was enough, I was lead to Rivendell. A place full of Elves, strangers who would stare at me, whisper behind my back, though they pretended to accept me into their world."

Some eyes fell to the floor in shame, but no one took notice.

"Then the most extraordinary thing happened. I found a family I did not know I had. I was welcomed and embraced by the very strangers that I had feared. I found a father and brothers, and learned of my mother, who I do not remember."

Amrungil smiled at her father and added, "But I still did not feel as if I belong here."

Her attention turned to Nimesul, who was seated further down the hall, flanked as always by two healer elves, "I met an elf who was the wisest soul I have ever met. In a short time, he taught me to appreciate everything, to take nothing for granted, and to follow my heart, all in a span of a few words, wrapped in silence.

"And now, now that my heart feels free, lifted of a burden that has lasted my life, I feel that now is the perfect time to tell my family I love them, but that I can not stay," Amrungil looked to her father, her eyes now filled with tears. "I will never be accepted here, no matter how much you insist I be welcomed. I have made a decision that I hope you not only forgive me for, but also respect."

Elrond only stood silent before his daughter, his lips slightly parted, his eyes pooling with tears, his hands shaking.

"I can not imagine the pain of loving someone so much and then losing them forever. You must have suffered so Father, but I feel that punishing another person in such a way is not humane," Amrungil said, her hands enveloping her Elrond's. "I have lived that pain my entire life and I would not wish that torture on another, not even an enemy. Therefore, I wish to ask for forgiveness, and ask you to allow their kin back."

The three standing before the head table stood with their mouths ajar, unable to comprehend the words that Amrungil was speaking, "I ask that he be returned to his family, and that they are pardoned against acting out when their hearts were in so much agony."

The sound of silence thundered in the air, almost painful to the ears. Every eye was on Amrungil, standing before her father, pleading for an individual that had caused her so much suffering, and Lord Elrond, who stood at a loss for words, unable to comprehend his daughter's plea.

"Please Father. I ask that you allow him to return with a full pardon," Amrungil asked again, her voice softened, her eyes mirroring her fathers. "If you pardon him, I ask that he be allowed to sail to the Undying Lands."

"I can not lift such a ban my daughter," Lord Elrond began, "I do not have the power to undo that which is already done."

"You are Lord of Rivendell. You have the power to change your mind if you so choose," Amrungil prodded on.

"Why do you wish him to sail to the Undying Lands?" Elrond asked.

"I have suffered long on these shores. I wish to feel the sea beneath me, and see the Undying Lands. I can feel the call with all my being. I have for a long time, I just never knew what the call was," Amrungil smiled, her hands holding her fathers as she placed them over her heart.

Elrond felt the beating of his daughter's heart and felt it match the rhythm of his own. He understood the call to the sea, having the urge to sail for many centuries, "But why leave the family that loves you? Why not stay with us?"

"You know as I do that I will never be happy here, no matter how much I love my family. I know you feel the call of the sea as well, and that you fight it with all your being. With all the pain and suffering I have endured here, I would like to sail to a place free of hurt and turmoil. Where I can make a new life and enjoy my time of living."

"I can not make you stay," it was more of a statement than a question, but nevertheless, the Elven Lord bowed his head in acceptance of his daughter's wishes. "There will be a boat leaving at weeks end to sail to the Undying Lands. I will see to your passage."

"And for the others as well?" Amrungil asked softly.

Elrond glanced at the still shocked elves before and then nodded, "I do not know why you would ask for their forgiveness, but I will honor your wishes My Daughter."

Amrungil looked to the elf that claimed to be the father of the one banished and inclined her head, "Will you and your sons accompany me on the sea?"

The elf blinked furiously, coming back to his senses and said, "Yes Milady. We have grown weary of this world and would like to return home."

Amrungil walked around the table and motioned to the guardian elves to remove the bindings on the three. When they were free, she took the fathers hands in her own and smiled, "I would be most honored for your company. Please know that I am truly sorry for the grief that has been caused."

"My Lady," the elf interrupted, "I must ask of you. Why would you pardon my son if he has done such terrible things to you? And why be so kind to us, when we would have killed you in retribution? We do not deserve your mercy."

Amrungil smiled, "I have seen enough misery. I think it is time for a change. It is time to put the past behind us, forget it and move on. There are better things to do than to hold a grudge and cause pain to another."

"Then it is I who should apologize My Lady, Amrungil," he said, clasping her hand tightly in his and drawing it close to his chest, "I am sorry for the pain you have endured. I am sorry for all your suffering and I ask that you accept my humble words, and also, accept my vow to your protection for what you have done for me and my sons. I…. we are grateful and will never allow harm to come to you. You have my sworn oath."

"And mine as well," the two sons behind their father said in unison, placing their hands over their hearts.

"And an honorable one to hold," Amrungil said softly.

The three smiled awkwardly, then favored Amrungil and the high table with Elven gestures of gratitude and left a shocked hall to find their kindred and prepare to leave Middle Earth. Amrungil seated herself by her father's side once again, and talked with him deep into the night.

By the weeks end Amrungil had been given a host of flowers and tokens from the elves of Rivendell. Some serenaded her with beautiful ancient songs, others carved elaborate jewelry from precious stones, some stopped her as she walked and gave her blessings for a safe journey, ashamed for their previous actions and thoughts against her.

On the evening of her departure, Amrungil laughed, danced, and enjoyed the company of the elves. Rich food was served, spiced wine was abundant, and the evening rang out with merriment and excitement.

With the festivities in full swing, Amrungil thought it was time to celebrate with her family, and asked her brothers for a dance. One by one they slinked across the dance floor light as air, laughing, joking, singing along.

As night descended, Amrungil was asked to dance by a very appreciative elf, one who had recently come out of banishment and asked forgiveness for his previous actions, and vowed his life to her protection. The father and brothers of the elf surrounded them, showering her with appreciation and allegiance of their lives to her wellbeing.

As the party wound down, the elves that were leaving for the shore began to gather their lanterns and light them with a whispered magical word. Those that were remaining behind celebrated the life and times of the elves, though in their hearts they mourned the loss of so many that were leaving. The woodlands that nestled the Elven community seemed to mourn the passing, dropping leaves like tears upon the ones departing the shores of Middle Earth.

As Amrungil hugged and kissed her family, she smiled through her tears, "Good bye brothers. May you always journey safe and keep your eyes to the heavens. Love you father. Thank you for my life and for allowing me into your home and heart."

At the end of the line stood Legolas, his eyes bright enough to shine through the darkness. Amrungil wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered her thanks in his ear, "Thank you. Thank you for helping me find my family. Thank you for being my friend. And thank you for protecting me."

"It was my privilege Amrungil. Journey safe," Legolas replied, his eyes unfocused and watery.

Amrungil paused briefly, wondering who was missing, then she saw a familiar form emerge though looking differently, "Nimesul?"

The small elf smiled and bowed his head. Amrungil stared at Nimesul, who had taken off the bandages that had wound around his head. She saw the once elegant, smoothly rounded point, broken by the tear that had been inflicted. The top portion, the points had been completely severed. A jagged line now ran the width of the ears; the tear and stitch scars marked the healed area from the injury that made the tops of his ears wrinkled from the scar tissue.

"My Lady," Nimesul said with a slight bow.

"I was hoping to see you before I left," Amrungil said with a wide smile across her face.

"My Lady, I am not staying behind. I am coming as well."

"What?!" Amrungil gasped.

"There is nothing here for me. I have decided to go home. I have missed it so," Nimesul smiled, his hand holding up a small lantern with a soft bluish glow. "And I believe your father trusted your care with no other."

Amrungil turned to the now grinning Elf Lord, "Father?"

"I could not in good faith allow you to leave without knowing you would be in safe company. Nimesul has agreed to travel with you. My heart is now lighter. Journey safely my daughter," Elrond whispered in Amrungil as he embraced her one last time.

"Thank you, for all you have done," Amrungil said, her voice choked by tears. "I love you."

As she pulled away from her father's embrace, Amrungil looked to her family and added, "I will see you again in the Undying Lands. I will await you with a happy heart."

The twins nodded sadly and cast their eyes down. Strider offered a small smile and nod then turned his gaze to his Elven brothers.

"And you too, Legolas." Amrungil added.

"I will journey when the time is right. I look forward to seeing you again Milady." Legolas bowed.

Amrungil smiled one last time and started behind the procession of elves making their way to the shore, their beautiful songs haunting and sweet, aching to the soul as they left the shore for eternity. Nimesul walked by her side, his face alight by the dim glow of the lantern.

As Amrungil vanished from sight, Lord Elrond turned to Legolas, his face somber, "You do realize what is ahead?"

"I do," Legolas's eyes lingered to the spot that Amrungil had disappeared.

"I feel my heart lighter, yet more burdened," Elrond confessed. "I am happy my daughter will be out of danger, but I dread what is to come."

Legolas turned to the elder elf, his blue eyes brilliant, "Middle Earth must be warned of the threat of Mordor. The forces of evil will not be contained for much longer. They will soon spread over the lands destroying all in their path."

Elrond nodded, his eyes becoming shadowed with worry, "I agree. We need as much information as possible to plan our defenses." He turned quickly to Strider, "Estel, please find Gandalf and ask him to come. Tell him it is urgent."

Strider nodded and swept off with his twin brothers flanking him in silence.

"What do you need of me?" Legolas questioned.

"Go to the Misty Mountains. Find the creature Gollum. He will know of which we speak." Elrond said, then added, "But first Prince of Mirkwood, I would ask you to please go to Lothlorien and ask Arwen to return. I do not want to lose another daughter. She is to return home, to prepare to leave for the Undying Lands where she will be safe."

Legolas nodded and began to formulate his trek. With one last look into the darkness, he whispered, "Valar protect you Amrungil. And may we meet once again upon the shores of Belegaer." With a sad face, his rested his right hand over his heart and set off to begin his journey, his heart hoping to cast itself upon the shores of the Undying Lands.

The End

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