A My Little Pony/Beauty and the Beast/SGE crossover. Hort has just lost his true love, Sophie of Woods Beyond, and cannot love anyone else. Maybe a certain smart female can help him?

Prologue: Losing someone you love


My name is Hort of Bloodbrook, and I am 21. When I lost Sophie due to a great battle, I was horrified. I loved Sophie with all my heart, and she loved me. She was like a sister to me, and we were just about to get married.

But when an old woman came to the castle we lived in, I turned her away. I didn't want to see another woman, I couldn't love anyone but Sophie, my dear Sophie. So she turned me into my manwolf

Sunset Pov

My name is Sunset Shimmer and I am 17. I lost Flash in a car crash. We had just had a pair of twins and was driving home from hospital. A car overtook us and Flash was so shocked, he crashed.

My 2 babies and I survived. But I knew I couldn't find anyone as kind as Flashie. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Love can be found in anyone. And Flash saw that in me.