chapter 1: Sunset Shimmer

The red-gold sunrise rose over the sleepy town of Canterlot. The residents of it were sleeping, all but one girl. 17 year old Sunset Shimmer, otherwise known as the former she-demon and the bookworm of the town, since Twilight left for University. Sunset Shimmer was always the first one up, doing her chores, getting her next book. It just so happened she was doing just that. As the shops started to open, Sunset stopped by the Apple farm, where her best friend, Applejack, lived. "Morning, AJ!" she said cheerily. "How are you?"

"Howdy, Sunset!" shouted back Applejack. "Yeah, since we graduated, it's been weird. So, fritters as normal?"

Sunset nodded. "So, where ya off to?" asked Applejack.

"To return this book to Shining Armor," she said, holding up a fat red leather bound book. "It's about 2 lovers in fair Verona."

"Sounds boring," said Applejack, waving.

As Sunset Shimmer walked on to the library, she heard others whispering about her. When she finally got to the library, she sighed.

"Ah, if it isn't the only bookworm in town," greeted Shining Armor with a warm smile. "So, where did you run off to this week?"

Sunset smiled, as she remembered everything she read. "2 cities in northern Italy. I didn't want to come back. Have you got any new places to go?"

Dean Cadance, his wife popped her head round. "Afraid not," she said. "Flurry Heart ate the newest one we ordered. But you can read any of the old ones you liked!"

"Thanks," said Sunset gratefully. "Have you heard anything from Twilight?"

"No," said Cadance. "Nothing. She's working very hard. Why aren't you at uni?"

"I can't afford it," confessed Sunset. "Nor can AJ, RD, and Pinkie. But Wallflower, Shy, Rarity can, and Rarity's gone to finishing school in Switzerland and Fluttershy and Wallflower are at Canterlot Uni too."

"Bon voyage!" called Shining Armor. "And say hi to Sunburst!"

Sunset returned on her way home, bumping into the captain of the town, Prince Blueblood, with his friend, Grubber.

"Ah, Sunset." said Blueblood. "What a wonderful book you have there. Sleeping Beauty. Aunt Celestia used to read it to me when I was a kid. Would you care for one more at your table?"

"Um, no." said Sunset. "My brother and my 2 kids need me, they are relying on me, yes, me alone. They are only a few months old."

Sunset stalked away, towards her cottage.

Sunset quietly opened the door to see her 25 year old brother Sunburst working on a piece of art. "No, Sunny. Not that." He took a look. "Actually, that's perfect." He stood up, admiring his piece of work. "That looks amazing, bro," said Sunset.

"Merci," said Sunburst.

Sunset giggled. "Sunburst, how are they?"

"Well-behaved, but cheeky." said Sunburst.

"Bumped into the bastard Blueblood," whispered Sunset.

"Bad as usual?" asked Sunburst.

"Yeah," said Sunset. "Tried to come to dinner with us. Said no."

The next day, Sunburst was getting ready to leave. "What can I bring you?" he asked.

"A rose," said Sunset. "Like in the one in the picture of Flash and I, when we had our first kiss. I remember that."

"But you ask for that every year!"

"Because I love Flash! I want to remember him, Sunburst, please!"

Sunburst clambered onto the family horse, Phillipe, and rode away.