He kept her secret, She taught him compassion.

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She sped through the darkness, heart pounding more rapidly by the second. If they got close enough, she would be dead. Come on Kasumi, faster! She urged herself to dart. She heard the sound of speeding assassins behind her sprinting through the trees. She new she couldn't run any longer. She turned to face them. They launched many attacks but Kasumi stayed strong, trying as hard as she could to remember the ways of the Shinobi that she was taught long ago.

Miraculously, she had escaped the remaining ninja assassins. But who had hired them? Kasumi was tired and collapsed in a tree facing the moonlight. Why would they want to destroy her anyway? Had her brother Hayate sent them? Hayate. He was the reason she had run away. After the attempts DOATEC had made to destroy him with Project Epsilon, Kasumi would stop at nothing to get revenge on them. Soon, she drifted into a solemn dream.

Most days Kasumi had to remain in hiding. It was dangerous to even come out of the tree in which she took shelter, because if even one person saw her, she would die. This brought her painful memories of childhood. Of always trying to become as powerful as Hayate, and his best friend Ryo. Or even as tough as Ayane. But Kasumi had always been herself, different than the others. Even though she shown in her parent's eyes, she didn't to anyone else.


"Hayate, will I ever be as strong as you?" She said looking eagerly at her brother. "Maybe," he said, "if you work hard. But it would do the family proud if you became the leader of the Mugen Tenshin." Kasumi sighed. She didn't want to spend her life sitting and teaching others. She wanted to see the world, and meet other fighters. But that would never happen, as long as her older brother was around.

"Hayate, I've been looking for you." Ryu Hayabusa, her older brother's best friend came running around the corner. "Hello Ryu," Kasumi said with a polite bow. He laughed. "Hayate, I've always gotten a kick out of your sister." Kasumi smiled at this, it was nice to be funny to your brother's best friend.

*End Flashback*

Oh Hayate, if you only knew I was doing this for you. Then you wouldn't have to hate me. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, Kasumi saw something move. She jumped down from her tree ready to fight. She heard the rustling of whatever it was behind a clump of bushes. A white rabbit hopped out with thorns caught in its fur. "Oh you poor thing!" Kasumi cried as she got to her knees to grab the rabbit. She carefully carried it up to the tree where she sat and cautiously picked out the thorns, making sure she didn't hurt it. "You seem to be all by yourself too." She continued to pick out thorns. "You sweet little thing. You really remind me of when I was eight. My brother was like a giant bear, so strong. And Ayane, she was such a beautiful butterfly, until you tried to touch her: Then she'd fly away. I was always so soft and 'harmless'."

Kasumi kept talking to the rabbit like this, not caring whether or not it understood her. She every so softly hummed a tune of her childhood. One that made her remember all the days she spent trying to chase both Hayate and Hayabusa (sometime even Ayane) trying to be included. So maybe during the middle school years, Kasumi had been the popular one, always getting attention from all the boys. But it didn't make up for the missing times when she wanted to be right there with her brother and his friends. It was always a difficult thing to think about for Kasumi.

After all of the thorns had been picked out of its fur, the rabbit nuzzled closely to Kasumi's chest as its own special 'thank you'. Kasumi smiled at it, and for a moment, it almost seemed as if it smiled back. She let it down and realized the sun was setting. She would need to hide in the thick leaves of the tree in order to not be seen. Why couldn't I have worn green? She thought as she kicked herself. Just like the many nights before, she heard the assassins running through the woods, searching for her. "Where is she?" one of them yelled. "I don't know, she could have fled. No one says she'd stay here," Another yelled. The first assassin scowled and said, "Fine, we must get back to Hayate and tell him the news." They fled.

So it was Hayate. Kasumi thought as a single tear rolled down her cheek. It was hard for her, knowing that her own kin wanted her dead. Even Ayane did, based on the last tournament. She sighed. In the morning she would figure it out. Kasumi knew not what day or even month it was. She was lost in time, a small rabbit searching for its den.

In the morning Kasumi woke up to see the sun shining. Knowing the assassins wouldn't come until nighttime, she decided to take a walk. Maybe to discover herself, or something else. She didn't know but whatever would help ease the pain of knowing her brother wanted her dead. There was a time when they were kids when he would have died for her! It was all so hard, and he couldn't understand if didn't want to try.

She carefully darted from tree to tree, vigilant to her surroundings. At last she got to a running stream at midmorning. Kasumi felt her stomach turn in knots with hunger. She looked carefully around a tree to see a figure standing on a rock fishing. Kasumi's heart quivered. Surely it couldn't be an assassin fishing, at this time of day. That couldn't be possible.could it? She must have made some sort of noise, because whoever it was dropped there fishing pole and headed towards her directions. Oh no, now look what I've done. Please don't catch me, PLEASE don't catch me! She thought desperately. "Who is it? Come out!" he said in somewhat of a rough voice. Kasumi had no choice. She appeared from out of the trees to see a familiar face.

"Kasumi." He said obviously perplexed at her presence there. "Hello Ryo." She said sounding neither friendly nor angry. "I didn't know you were here," he said astounded. "Nobody did." She answered in the same blank tone as before, unsure of what her 'old friend' Hayabusa might do. "Please, tell me where you've been all this time since the last tournament." "Here." Kasumi answered. "Hiding in the trees, but please don't tell anybody, I have to be able to trust you. If they find me, they'll kill me."

"Come, eat with me," He said leading me to a small fire where he had fish roasting. "Thank you. I trust that you haven't heard then," I said sitting down on a small rock. "What?" He asked. "That Hayate is sending assassins every day at sundown to kill me. " I see." He said talking a bite out of a fish. "You won't tell anyone will you? Will you keep my secret, please?" She asked, almost frightened that Ryo would say no. "Yes. Don't worry, nobody will know. Even though Hayate is my best friend, I won't let him kill his little sister out of anger." But that wasn't his only reason. He cared for Kasumi as a friend, or maybe more.

"So where are you staying tonight?" He asked. She swallowed her fish and answered, "Here, in the trees of course." "But that's not safe! They're going to find you, if you don't move they'll- "Ryo, listen. Wherever I go, Hayate and his assassins will follow me. If I go home people will see me. If I go to a hotel, he's going to track me down. I feel safe here." "But you're not. Sooner or later, he's going to make them search the trees and then kill you. I know I place you can stay." He said getting up. "Where?" She asked curious. "My house, right above the curio shop I own." She felt weak inside: Here she was, running for her life from her brother and his best friend wants her to stay at his house? He was nuts! Kasumi didn't know what to say, but Ryo just smiled and said, "If you don't answer me, I'm going to accept for you." She had no way out. "Fine, but how are you going to guarantee that I'm not seen? You remember that when we were kids Hayate always left you to protect me."

He sighed in relief and said, "Do you think people come to a Curio Shop very often?" "Yeah, but if they find me, your precious artifacts will be broken," She grinned. "By the way you're grinning, I'd say you want them to come," he looked at her slyly and she blushed. It felt strange, seeing Ryo the way he was so many years ago. During the Dead or Alive competitions, he was always so serious. "Hey, how about instead of walking the whole way, we teleport? You do know how don't you?" Kasumi gave Ryo a look to his second question. "Of course. All I have to do is picture it, and then I can get there," She said closing her eyes and concentrating hard on that little shop on the edge of the woods. She disappeared in a whirl of cherry blossoms, while Hayabusa, also concentrated and vanished in a spinning gust of leaves.

Only a few seconds later they were in front of the shop. "Mid-noon is the big business rush. You might need to hide." "Or I could help," She said brightly. Ryo raised an eyebrow. "Why? You could be seen!" She shook her head. "With all the useless junk you've got around in there I- "Hey! It's not useless, some people like artifacts and such." Kasumi giggled at Hayabusa, who was trying to act mad at her. He tried, but failed. I can't get mad at her; she's just such a friendly kindhearted person. He thought. And so beautiful."Whatever. The mid-noon rush is probably only one or two people anyway," She said shrugging as she walked up the stairs. "Hey, shut up!" he called back. Ryo waited for customers while Kasumi looked around in the storage. He heard a sudden crash and ran back into the room to see Kasumi was stuck in the storage closet with a bucket completely covering her face. Ryo rushed in and grabbed the bucket from her head. Nobody said anything, they just laughed.

Later that evening, Kasumi helped Hayabusa make dinner. Needless to say, the smoke alarm went off countless times and they ended up getting take-out. "Well, I guess I'm not as independent as I thought," Kasumi said after finishing her meal. Hayabusa nodded. "Hey, do you want to watch TV or something?" He asked her. Her face brightened and she grinned. "Okay," He said turning on the TV. "150 channels." He smirked. "Wow, who would have thought one of the worlds most experienced super ninjas has 150 cable channels," She said sarcastically, making Ryo smile. So, as expected they flipped through channels looking for something to watch. "Oh my goodness! I remember this!" Kasumi had gotten to the HBO channel that was showing her favorite American movie. "Oh, I recall watching this with you, Ayane and Hayate once. That was the only time I saw Hayate cry." He grinned. "That was the only time ANY of us had seen him cry." Kasumi laughed.

They watched the movie until Kasumi's eyes began to droop. She yawned and Hayabusa said, "You seem tired, you should sleep," He turned off the TV. "But I don't remember what happens at the end!" She whined. "Shh," he said covering her up. Kasumi drifted into a peaceful sleep as Ryo watched her inhale and exhale, with such natural tranquility. He remembered when they were little and the situation was almost the same..


Hayabusa and Hayate sat watching Kasumi sleep peacefully. Well at least they thought. "Finally, I thought she'd never rest!" Seven-year-old Hayabusa complained. "Shh! You don't want her to wake up do you?" Hayate clasped a hand to Ryo's mouth. Ryo wrenched it off and said, "Okay I get it. She is such as scrawny little thing." Kasumi, who was secretly awake, pretended to kick in her sleep. As she did so she 'accidentally" kicked Ryo right in the shin. "Ow!" He whimpered. "What the heck? If I didn't know better, I'd say she WASN'T sleeping." Hayate shook his head. "No, she kicks in her sleep. C'mon let's leave her alone." He started to walk away as Hayabusa glared at the 4 year old. When he turned his back she stuck out her tongue and drifted off to sleep.

*End Flashback*

"Goodnight Kasumi," he whispered. If only she knew how I felt, he thought, if only. The next morning the sun was shining brightly. When she awoke, Kasumi yawned. "Oh, I see you're awake," Ryo said coming in with a beautiful array of fruit on a plate. "What's this?" Kasumi asked, confused at the sudden gesture of kindness. He shrugged. "Thought it would be nice of me." "Thank you," Kasumi said, her cheeks turning slightly pink. Kasumi! What in the world are you doing? Stop it; you can't even begin to have feelings for Ryo. He's your brother's best friend, and he wants you dead. Kasumi's very blunt conscience put her back in her place. Suddenly they heard a loud nock on the door. "Hayabusa open up, it's Hayate! C'mon open the door!" Kasumi looked terrified.

"I thought you said I was safe!" She hissed. "I did think it was. He doesn't stop by very often. Just hide." "Where?" "I don't know, in the bathroom," She raised an eyebrow at his suggestion. "Hurry!" He whispered. She nodded then ran into the bathroom. Hesitantly, Hayabusa opened to door. "Finally," Hayate complained as he came in and looked around. "Wow, talk about redecorating. You left cloths all over." "Yeah, well you didn't exactly tell me you were going to stop by." Hayabusa joked. "Oh fruit!" Hayate reached for the plate but Hayabusa slapped his hand. "Ow! What was that for?" He asked guardedly. "It's my breakfast," Ryo said. "Touchy this morning aren't you." Hayate said. Suddenly, he heard a loud crash coming from the bathroom. "What's in there?" he said, pulling out his sword. "Uh, yeah I forgot to tell you that I got a visitor. My sister." Hayate raised an eyebrow. "You have a sister?" "Yeah, I didn't know it until late last night, I guess she was long lost." Hayabusa replied lying through his teeth.

"Oh, well you better introduce me." He said sitting down with huge grin on his face. Oh great Ryo, now look what you've done. I can't let him catch us. "I'll go get her," he said. "Kasumi, your brother thinks you're my sister and he wants to meet you." He whispered through the door. "There's a bathrobe in there so put it on over your cloths and wrap your hair in a towel." He continued. She opened the door looking like a total different person. "Great going," She frowned. "Hayate meet my sister.Miyo." Kasumi smiled as sweetly as she could. Thanks a lot Hayabusa. Now I'm going to die! I knew I should have stayed in the woods. Kasumi thought bitterly. "Hello it's SO nice to meet you!" She beamed like an idiot. "Yes, it's nice to meet you also." Hayate said politely. "Well, you better get going, to find Kasumi and all." Hayabusa insisted pushing him towards the door. "Okay, nice meeting you!" He yelled as Hayabusa shut the door.

Kasumi ripped the towel and bathrobe off with such anger Hayabusa had never seen. "You almost got me killed! What the hell were you thinking?!" She had never heard herself speak so harshly. "Kasumi, I don't regret it, I must protect you- "Oh is that it? Maybe any of you can't see but I HATE having to be taken care of and protected. Like I'm too fragile to do anything. I'm not a child, I can take care of myself!" She yelled cutting Ryo off completely. Then she stopped and looked at him; he was crestfallen. "Ryo.I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!" He shook his head. "No I really deserved it. I don't know what I was thinking. I should be sorry."

"I don't know what's gotten into me. It just feels like no matter how perfect I look to others, I feel so wrong, like I keep making mistakes. And this one time I feel like I'm doing the right thing by getting even with DOATEC, I have to pay with my life. Kasumi could feel the tears stinging in her eyes. She quickly blinked them away. "Kasumi, I'm sorry. I just felt the need to protect you." She smiled. "Okay, but tonight I'm going back." He sighed and nodded. "But may I make a suggestion? It would be better to go north a little bit, they won't expect you anywhere near there." Kasumi nodded slowly, unable to talk. "Fine," She said. "Look, I apologize for him coming. I didn't know he was. I mean, he NEVER stops by, well ever sense the whole kidnapping incident." Hayabusa apologized again.

Kasumi stopped him. "Hayabusa it's OKAY. I'll go north, all right? I trust you; after all, you vowed to protect me. And you wouldn't trick me." Hayabusa nodded and smiled. "Goodbye Ryo." She trudged slowly down the stairs, as if each step brought her tremendous pain. She didn't want to leave and go back to the woods, but she knew, no matter what Hayabusa said, that she was safer there. "I will run Hayate," She said solemnly, "But only as far as I want to go."

Hayate had been in a somewhat cheerful mood that morning after visiting his old friend, but there was something odd about Miyo. She seemed so air headed and cheerful. He remembered when Kasumi was that way. Kasumi. The word stung in his mind. No matter how brave her intentions were, she had still broken the code. A code that couldn't be broken without the harshest of punishments. When he got back Ayane greeted him. "The assassins report that they found nobody in the woods last night. What if we're going in the wrong direction?" "Then we'll head north instead of south. Ayane, you will go with them tonight." "I will, Oni-Saan?" Hayate nodded. "As will I."

The sun was going down and Kasumi was getting ready to hide for the night when she heard a rustle in the leaves. She cautiously walked towards it. Suddenly someone dressed fully in black jumped out at her. She ran in the other direction, sprinting as fast as she possibly could. Soon there were many more following her. How did they find me? Is Hayabusa double-crossing me? No, that can't be it, they're just lucky. Kasumi's thoughts raced as fast as her heart. She ran and dodged and finally reached what she dreaded: A patch of impenetrable thorns. She turned to face her attackers and her death.

Suddenly they all stopped. One reached the front of the line. Their eyes glimmered in the moonlight, and even in the darkness, Kasumi knew who it was. "Ayane," She murmured. "Kasumi, how nice to see you," Ayane spat, obviously not meaning it. Kasumi looked her straight in the eyes. Ayane spoke again, "Do you know how long I have waited for this moment? To have you at my mercy? Trust me Kasumi, it has been a long time. Finally, the perfect Kasumi makes a mistake, and I can step out of the shadows and into Hayate's approval." Kasumi continued looked at the sixteen-year-old girl standing across from her. Her own kin was going to kill her, and enjoy doing it. "I thought I knew you, Ayane." Kasumi's voice was squeaky; half because she was nervous, have because she was on the verge of tears. "Well, apparently you thought wrong. Now, I'll wait until Hayate comes, then he will see how much stronger I am compared to the likes of you." It seemed only seconds later that Hayate appeared behind Ayane. "What took you so long, I wanted to get this over with a while ago." Hayate didn't speak: He just stood looking solemnly at Kasumi almost as if he were weighing how much he meant to him and how much trouble she had caused. "Just get this done," He turning his back, unable to watch Kasumi, his sister, die by the hands of his other sister. Ayane got out a single shiruken star and was about to throw it when a large shadowy figure dropped down from the canopy above. Kasumi gasped, thinking it was another attacker. But when she saw the flash of emerald eyes, she knew she was safe.

"AYANE, NO!" Hayabusa yelled getting into a fighting stance in front of Kasumi; protecting her from any attacks. Ayane smirked. "Hmm.looks like we've got more than one traitor that must pay tonight. Shall he die too?" She turned to Hayate, who seemed unable to do anything. He stood there, staring at his best friend, who was willing to die, just to protect one runaway." "Hayate, would you really do it? Would you really kill your flesh and blood because of an old tradition? Would you really let Ayane do it? Would you?!" Hayabusa's words rang in Hayate's ears, causing him a deepest pain he had ever felt. "I made a promise to you many years ago, Hayate. You made me promise that if anything ever happened to you, that I would take care of Kasumi, no matter the cost. And I'm not moving an inch. You'll have to kill me first."

Hayate didn't know what to do. He never wanted to kill Kasumi, but what else was there to do? "I will not let anyone lay hands on either of you tonight. But know this Kasumi, you are no longer my sister. And Hayabusa, I don't even know who you are. Ayane is twice the sister Kasumi could ever be." His ice colds words stung at everyone. More then ever Kasumi. The assassins sped after Hayate and Ayane leaving nothing but silence behind them. When they were gone, Kasumi sunk to her knees and wept. She vowed never to let anyone see her cry since she was little, but for once, she broke this vow and let the tears flow. Hayabusa turned to her. "Kasumi, he could never mean that. You know that you're still important to him, and that is why both of us are still here. I'll never leave your side, I promise." She looked up through her tears and slowly smiled.

Hayabusa took Kasumi back to his house. The rest of the night she planned. Tomorrow night was the night. Tomorrow, she would get her revenge.