The Following Trailer Is Rated P For Positive!

In the days when the gaming industry was still just a chubby, pixilated baby, untainted by dating sims or open world murder sprees, puberty hit with a bang, unleashing a gun wielding maniac that would change the future of gaming forever!


Journey to the desolate planet of Mars, home to space dust, space rocks, and demonic portals to the nine rings of hell.

Put on the mega armor and mega muscles of Doomguy, a disgraced space marine whom, if the comic is to be believed, is a slack jawed, illiterate, half retarded nutcase with a penchant for terrible puns.

When the hordes of hell are unleashed upon the mortal universe, the only thing standing between humanity and the Devil's dinner plate are you and more bullets, guns, and grenades than John Wick can shake a stick at.

Shoot, slice, and punch your way through endless waves of demons, zombies, and everything inbetween with the most insane arsenal in video game history, including: A pistol with infinite reload, a shotgun that make the Benelli M4 look like a super soaker, an RPG that can hold more rockets than a nuclear silo, and one really Big F##king Gun.

So blast your way into the 1993 phenomenon that changed pop culture forever and joined forces with Mortal Kombat to introduce the world to the joys of virtual violence. Giving us a brand new genre that would define the industry for decades to come, as well as providing anti-video game activists with an excuse to justify their misguided life choices.


90s Master Chief- Doomguy

Chainsaw Fodder- Zombies

Flame Barfers- Cacodemons

Hotheads- Lost Souls

Taliban- Imps

MechaDoomzilla- Cyberdemon

Doomguy v Demons: Dawn Of FPS!

2020 PlayStation 4 Pro Deluxe Bundle? $399.00. Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition? $79.99. Running through sprawling levels at full speed punching pixilated demons on the face until they disintegrate into a fine red mist? Priceless. There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's Mastercard.