The inner you

Chapter 1

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"Naomi are you alright?" Brad's concerned voice shouted as he yelled through the rubble.

"I've been better! Now if you don't mind, can you get me outta here?" Naomi replied. She had been stuck in a very awkward position for a while. She felt she had broken a couple of bones and her leg was stuck under a large piece of debris.

"Where are you?" Brad shouted, shifting the large sheet of debris as he went along.

"I'm over here!" Naomi shouted, her voice a little bit louder. Brad inched towards the sound of her voice.

"Anywhere near?" He asked.

"Er… You're squishing me Brad!" Naomi's muffled voice said. Brad removed a scaffold that had fallen. A couple of stones followed.

"There you are!" Brad said as he laid eyes on her face.

"Yes here I am, and if you don't mind I'd like to get outta here!" Naomi said as she winced in pain. She instinctively reached for her leg.

"It's caught underneath a huge piece of debris. It hurts Brad!" Naomi said as she flung her arms around him where she softly cried. He looked awkward but wrapped his arms around her.

"It'll be alright!" He soothed. Then some heavy steps walked closer. Then a set of light feet walked towards them.

"Hey sweetie pie!" The stranger said. Naomi and Brad parted in surprise. A guy with a Hellcat [I think this is a zoid right?] was walking towards them.

'Man he just ruined a nice sweet moment!' Naomi thought angrily.

"I am not your sweetie pie… I guess you couldn't get a woman huh? Probably the women were too smart to go out with a man like you!" Naomi rebutted.

"No one insults Raold and gets away with it!" Raold shouted.

"Well there's always a first time!" Naomi shouted. Raold walked towards his Hellcat.

"We will meet again Naomi Fluegal! [Did I spell it right? ]" Raold shouted as he pounced away. But then the Hellcat turned around and fired towards Naomi's Gun sniper.

"Think of that as a warning Sweetie!" His voice shouted as he made his getaway. The red Gunsniper was in ruins.

"No! My Zoid!" Naomi shouted as her Zoid burst into flames.

Then the Liger Zero Jager appeared out of no where! Followed by a Gunsniper and a Pteras.

"Hey Brad, Naomi, I'm sorry we couldn't get here earlier," Bit said as he jumped from the cockpit.

"Yeah, we're terribly sorry," Leena and Jamie chorused.

"Just get me outta here!" Naomi shouted, cutting all apologies.

"Her leg's caught underneath that piece of debris," Brad explained.

"Gotcha!" Bit said as he sat back in the Liger's cockpit. The zoid gave out a roar. Leena and Jamie got back in the Gunsniper and the Pteras [I'm very sorry if I spelt anything wrong].

"Leena, use the Gunsniper's claws to break up the debris!" Bit shouted.

"Roger that!" Leena said as she commanded the Gunsniper to crumble the offensive debris. It soon crumbled and Naomi was free.

"Thanks! Your tactics are getting better!" Naomi said as she felt the weight being lifted off her leg. Brad helped her up.

"There we go," Brad eased her out of her awkward position. Then suddenly Naomi went limp.

'Loss of Blood' He thought as he carried her towards his Command Wolf.

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