The inner you

Chapter 10

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"Erm, excuse me?" a young zoid warrior asked the two, a bit uneasy at the sight of two 'women' [if only he knew] standing behind the counter with their mouths open, staring at the wide screen. Aerin quickly snapped out of it and turned around to great the warrior.

"And what would you like today?" With a smile Aerin asked. He, taking it the wrong way, rushed out the door, quite scared now.

"Interesting fellow," Aerin muttered and went back to watching the Shadow Saix beat the crap out of The Fire Fox.

"I still can't believe it Phoenix!" Aerin grumbled, "how can Skay not win? This is totally unreal!!"

"Want me to pinch ya?" Phoenix asked with grin.

"Uhhh… No," Aerin refused.

"Bugger…" Phoenix grumbled. A chorus of groans and whoops of joy came from the crowd that was by the widescreen TV. It was obvious that the battle had ended.


"Noooooooooooooo!! *T-T*"

"It's over?"

"Wow, that was one amazing battle."

Soon the crowd slowly dissolved away – with many crying over lost bets and many grinning with happiness at the extra cash they had made. Aerin sighed. It seemed that Sammie had decided practise was needed for the newest member of Ablaze. Skay was a little rusty, having temporarily retired from the battlefield and into the mechanics of zoids. But was coaxed back into the game by Sammie, after hearing the legendary feats Skay had pulled off when she WAS a zoid warrior.

'Practise makes perfect…' Aerin thought yet again. She busied herself by wiping down a customers table.

"Let's get a dart board!" Phoenix suddenly yelled out.

"Woah, that was a random thought Phoenix!" Aerin replied. Phoenix again grinned.

Brad still sitting there, sipping away at his coffee.

"I'll go see if we have one in the basement k?" Phoenix asked as he sprinted off.

"You don't give me much choice ya know," Aerin mumbled.

"Come on Skay! We don't have all day ya know!" Sammie yelled good-naturedly at her team mate.

"Well, if you hadn't stuffed up my zoid's leg perhaps it would've been FASTER!" Skay replied. Sammie grinned.

"Oh come on! What's the use? My Saix was WAY better than your little fireball!" Sammie scoffed, still grinning madly.

"LITTLE FIREBALL?! I'll show you LITTLE FIREBALL!!" Skay replied, her temper running thin.

"Now, a true zoid warrior would not have reacted to such a comment ya know Skay!" Sammie said matter-of-factly.

Grumble. Grumble.

"Hehehe," Sammie 'hehe'-d. [=P] She switched her Saix into auto-pilot mode.

"My hands are killing me!" Sammie sighed deeply. Nothing exhilarated her more than a good Zoid battle.

Grumble. Grumble.

"Come on Skay! It's not THAT bad!" Sammie winked.

Skay sighed. Sometimes their Captain was a bit too cheery and happy to stay too mad at her.

"Yes I KNOW," Skay sighed once again. She smiled a tad. Sammie was always so happy and humourous. AT TIMES. [@.@]

Phoenix threw the dart and it hit the outer ring.


"Come on, budge over!" Aerin shoved Phoenix to a side as she threw her darts at the board, her accuracy a bit off, but none-the-less better than his.

Grumble. Grumble.

A large shadow [OR TWO… *hint hint*] suddenly loomed over the café.

Brad looked uninterested.

Aerin and Phoenix sighed.

"Here we go again," The two said in unison.

"HEY GUYS!! WHAT'S UP?!" Sammie came into 'Corona' yelling.

"Skay, did Sammie go Hyper again?" Phoenix asked the girl.

"Yeah… She 'insisted' that her sugar level was too low… And in my opinion I think it's too high now!" Skay said.

"Yeah well…" Sammie grinned.

The ONLY male member of Ablaze stood to the side grinning like an idiot. Skay walked up to the guy.

"What are YOU grinning about hmm?" Skay asked him, jabbing an elbow into his side.

"Oww!" he replied, shooting a glance at her. Skay giggled.

"Stop acting like a girl! Wait you ARE a girl,' Skay said. Phoenix shook his head sadly.

"I'm a crossdresser so that's why you ASSUME I'm a girl," he replied. [Sorries Phoenix, but I HAD to say SOMETHING]

Sammie grinned and jabbed his other side. He flinched and glared at her. Skay stood to one side, still shocked at what she found out. Aerin, mildly surprised, composed herself wonderfully. She didn't know Phoenix was a guy either. Aerin, red from embarrassment, quickly busied herself with cleaning the coffee machine. And Brad, in the midst of all this confusion and embarrassment, continued to sip his coffee. [that's one big cup of coffee…]

"Who's the dude?" Skay asked, looking in Brad's direction.

"He's just some random person coming for coffee at Corona," Phoenix replied and continued to wash the crockery. Skay nodded, accepting the answer, and went back to greet the people that had just come into the café. Sammie pondered that thought. She recognised him from somewhere, but really couldn't put her finger on where and whom he was.

"Sam! A cheesecake and a hot chocolate for table 8!" Aerin's voice broke into her thoughts. Sammie snapped out of her reverie and bustled about to complete the order. Aerin leant against the counter and observed her. Sammie looked up and smiled. Aerin grinned back and went back to serving some customers.

Brad got up from his seat and went to pay his bill.

"That would be $2.30 thanks!" Skay said cheerfully at the cashier. Brad grunted and paid for his coffee. He shuffled out and the automatic doors closed slowly.

"What an interesting fellow," Skay muttered softly and greeted the next customer, paying for their bill.

Brad slid into the driver's seat and turned on the ignition. Beside his car, he saw two zoids that were taking quite a lot of room, practically half of all the available parking spaces. The Shadow Saix and the Fire Fox were a bit scrapped, but seemed fine. Ok… So the Fire Fox looked really battered. They were still good zoids to use, as long as you had the experience and control over them. If you were a young un-experienced zoid fighter, you wouldn't choose something so advanced. The Command Wolf and the Blade Liger were favourites among the 'newbies' of the fighting world.

Brad expertly pulled out of the car park in front of Corona and drove his way back to the hover cargo, being extra careful to buy some food for the two bottomless pits that lived 'with' him. Bit and Leena were always bugging him for more food. He was the one that had to buy the food and he never got to eat them!

"Let's close the shop now guys," Sammie said as she watched the last of their customers leave the café. Aerin nodded and started to clean the benches. Phoenix stacked all the chairs in one corner and Skay quickly wiped down the tables. The pilot of the Shadow Saix washed the kitchen and mopped the floors. [Noooo….. Sammie was counting the dough ~^ Just kidding]

"Come on, let's go home," Phoenix said as he headed out the door. Aerin nodded and followed him outside.

"We're gonna have to restock the inventory Sammie," Skay shouted as she climbed the stairs from the storage room. She was the one that had volunteered to go down and to the daily check of their supplies. Sammie nodded and motioned for the last member of Ablaze out the doors of Corona. Once they were all outside, Aerin spotted a problem.

"Explain to me how we are going to get 2 zoids that are quite busted up and a jeep back to the lair in time?"

Sammie – who hadn't noticed a thing wrong – proceeded into the Shadow Saix's cockpit. She seemed quite happy to pilot 2 busted zoids and a jeep back to the teams' lair. Well, that was what the team could make out from her happy face.

"Let's switch these baby's into auto-pilot and let them make their way home," Sammie yelled from the height of the Saix's cockpit. She was thankful that Skay had indeed been a very good mechanic and installed the auto-pilot and navigation system into their zoids. The mechanic in question nodded and switched the Fire Fox into the mode Sammie was entering into the Saix's computer.

Both jumped down from the zoid's open cockpits and watched as the 2 zoids ran their way out of the carpark. Skay stood proudly as the system she had installed was indeed working fine.

The only male member of the team tooted the horn. "Preferably today girls." Skay rolled her eyes and slid into the backseat, quickly followed by Sammie. Aerin sat in the passenger seat grinning merrily all the way. It was at times like these that created great and fun memories.

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