The doors slammed shut and a deathly silence filled the room.

A distant rumbling surrounded the company as the light cruiser floated through any concept of time and reality. In the few moments of solitude that remained, an obscure feeling of discomfort was established, leading to the movement of the crew again. The Mandalorian bent to reach his helmet, sensing Bo-Katan, Marshal Carasynthia Dune, Fennec Shand and Koska Reeves all powering-down their weapons. From the side of the cruiser, a resistance fighter plane zoomed into hyperspace, drawing the gazes of all present in the room.

"Well," Cara began, turning towards the Mandalorian. He stood with his helmet now in his hands, still facing away from the group. The Marshal turned away from this tall, shiny figure and down to the slumped officer laying upon the ground. Blood oozed slowly from his nose and mouth, as she dragged him to away from the main control panel in the centre of the bridge.

"This guy weighs a tonne!" She announced attempting to lighten the mood. Clearly it wasn't working. "I need a hand taking him to a holding cell." Reeves removed her helmet as she joined the woman. Perhaps leaving Bo-Katan in the same room with her newest nemesis wasn't the best idea. She thought whilst grabbing the feet of the ISB officer. Both Cara and Reeves shuffled across the room stepping over other commanding officers, stealing glances at the Mandalorian who seemed incomplete without his helmet. Cara nodded at the man as he looked up. He rapidly wiped his eyes and concealed his face without much thought. She sighed and entered the elevator.

Bo-Katan, meanwhile, was still as shocked as the Mandalorian. Frantically glancing around the room, she met his gaze, staring hard at the lenses of his helmet. Such hate clouded her judgement. You could kill him now and take it. No. This is not the Way.

"I should probably check for more troopers." Said he, interrupting her thoughts. Bo noticed the weakness in his voice. Carrying a terrible sadness. He would be too sad to care. No. Stop it! The noise of sliding elevators doors was distantly heard as Bo-Katan searched her inner-most morals finally coming to a decision.

Fennec Shand watched this all unfold. The Mandalorian left the room (most likely to distract himself from the Child) and Bo-Katan was contemplating the murder of this hunter. Ugh. She thought. Drama. Fennec made her way to the comms station tuning the system to the Slave I.


"Read you loud and clear."

"Make your way to the light cruiser. All personnel are killed," she paused to look at Bo-Katan, "or captured."

"Roger. On my way now."

After some time scaling the length of the ship, a suitable holding room was found for the Moff. Cara and Reeves opened the empty cell and threw the unconsciousness officer into the room. Cara ensured he was secured; both his hands and feet cuffed for the journey, which seemed excessive at the time.

"Can't have this sucka escaping the Republic." But Koska Reeves just rolled her eyes and walked out of the cell. The unnerving silence in the elevator allowed the Marshal to review the events of the day. Other than the fact that a Jedi Knight had demolished a whole platoon of super droids, but the Mandalorian had revealed himself to the whole group.

"Hey, does this mean Mando can't wear his helmet anymore." Cara asked, partly to herself. Reeves smirked looked down and then met her gaze.

"We'll see."

The Mandalorian sat in the landing bay. His feet dangled off the edge of the dock whilst his helmet rested beside him. Stars rocketed across the night sky and a sense of peace befell him. For once a burden was lifted and he could rest. Yet it was a feeling of loss and regret, obscuring judgement and tasking him with a terrible decision. He had a choice die at the hands of Bo-Katan or liberate Mandalore for all Mandalorians. A shameful death in exile from the Watch, or a life forever fighting for Mandalore. He pulled out a round metal ball from his armour. The handle of the Razor crest. So many memories arose from this object. He sighed.

"Halt! Put your hands in the air where I can see them. Do not move –" BANG! A lone storm trooper slumped down, revealing Bo-Katan, holding a blaster.

"You here to kill me too?" Said he, still sitting on the edge of the dock, helmet beside him.

"No." She sat beside him and look towards the gap of the landing bay. Millions of stars twinkled and glittered in front of them. "Isn't it beautiful?".

The Mandalorian took some time to answer. "Yes."

"The offer of joining the New Mandalorians still stands. You could still join this higher purpose…" He sighed as Bo once again spoke of her dream to reclaim this dead planet. The Mandalorian stood, placed on his helmet and moved away from the edge just as the sound of the Slave I returned from Hyper-space. Odd. Bo-Katan thought as she too moved away from the edge. Boba Fett landed just opposite of the imperial shuttle, in which the Mandalorian had entered. Dragging out Dr. Pershing he walked towards the elevator and the door slammed shut. Boba Fett exited his ship and looked Bo-Katan.

"Couldn't stand your Mandalore ramblings, princess?"

As soon as the company was gathered in the bridge Cara Dune, Boba Fett and Bo-Katan discussed their next incentives for when they departed.

"I need the Moff and Pershing to be delivered to the New Republic Capital of Chandrila. Mando, you are welcome to claim the credits from your services," She looked at him. "buy a new ship maybe." He nodded her way.

"Fennec and I are travelling to the Hutt empire. We can clear you passage to where you need to go, but our business is our own." Boba announced rather vaguely.

"And we will be taking this light cruiser in order to restore Mandalore to its full glory." Stealing a glance at the Mandalorian, Bo-Katan continued to Cara. "I can give you a space shuttle."

"Anyway," Boba began, "we will be leaving now. Goodbye princess and Reeves." Bowing, before facing the Mandalorian. "See ya Mando," He paused and scoffed. "Marshal." With the slam of the elevator door another silence left the smaller company, leaving the Mandalorian to reach for his belt.

"Here." He said holding the hilt of the Dark Sabre to Bo-Katan. "I cannot take this. It's not," pausing, "what I do."

"Mando. It is your sworn duty to protect the future of Mandalorians." She announced, his impudence becoming more infuriating by the minute. "You are the rightful heir of the throne, so, by creed, you must accept this task as your own!" Mando put the Dark Sabre back on his belt. He looked at her before removing his helmet. He shook his head and joined Cara by the elevator.

"This is the Way."