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Last Chapter

Itachi brought his fist up and punched Loki in his sternum which everyone heard another sickening *Crack* Itachi summoned his Susanoo, "Death for you would be the easy way out, I'll seal you away for eternity. A death you'll never get, an agonizing endless world of drunken dreams. Have fun being trapped for eternity." Toushka Blade! Itachi pierced Loki's stomach and sucked him into his gourd sealing him away forever. Itachi looked down and tightened his fist, "Rias…" Itachi turn and ran towards her, he was going to use his Izanagi again. Hopefully, there was still some time to do it before she did die. Once he arrived Itachi saw Rias standing up with the help of Akeno, "R-Rias." Itachi's eyes widen, he thought there were out of Phenex Tears.

Rias smiled as she got off of Akeno's shoulders, she walked over to Itachi and pulled him into a hug. Once their hug was broken Itachi looked down at Rias still with a surprised look on his face. Rias placed a hand on his cheek, "I'm not going anywhere my dear Itachi, nor will you have to use your Izanagi for me"

Itachi felt his body relax from being tense and angered. Itachi has never once felt like this before, well maybe for the time Raynare killed Issei, but never has he felt like this before. When he saw Rias seemingly die in front of him, it made him worry never before. To think that even Rias, as strong as she was, as powerful and inhuman she is.

Which she is inhuman.

She could still die, Itachi can still lose her, Itachi can still lose the people he cared about. This made him really reflect on the events of what happened. Itachi placed his hands on Rias's shoulder, "Rias I know this isn't the time nor the place." Itachi had memories flashback to Izumi and the regrets he holds for not being able to be with her. To find love, get married, experience life to the fullest. That life would have to have someone he held dear or saw as important in his life. Kids, a word that made Itachi think twice about ever having. A word that also corresponded to love, a lover, to find this in his life was forbidden. The life of a cold stone killer, a person who went rogue after killing their entire clan. To live a life of solitude and despair until killed by an avenging warrior they created, "Rias I need you in my life… I can't bear to think my future anywhere else but with you." Itachi muttered out quickly as he saw Izumi's face flash over Rias's face. Then his mother, father, other Uchiha kids, parents, grandparents, even babies. The people he killed their faces flashed over Rias's. Itachi still felt cold, and alone, even with him pouring all his feelings out to Rias. He still felt the same, cold, alone, and pain.

What was he missing?

Rias smiled as she went up on her toes and placed a firm and comforting kiss on Itachi's lips. Rias saw Itachi's soul appear in his eyes, she saw loneliness, coldness, sadness, and a lot of pain. Pain that weighed on his shoulders even now still bothered him. Rias could see all of it, she could even feel all of it. There was something Itachi was missing, and Rias could see it. Rias saw the happiness that Itachi had, the happiness that he had when Sasuke was a baby. How Sasuke would follow Itachi around all the time asking to train or hang out with him. She also saw the happy moments with Issei and when he was a baby. The different experiences he had with his parents, both Fugaku, Mikoto Uchiha, and then Miki and Gorou Hyoudou. It was warm, happy, and good memories that Itachi had, "Let me help you Itachi, let me be the one who helps you stay warm. I want to become part of those warm memories for you." Rias went back for a second kiss making it a deeper kiss putting more passion into it.

Itachi felt something warm overflow his body. Something Itachi has long forgotten, memories he forgot. Memories that reminded him of the good times with Mikoto, Fugaku, and Sasuke. The time when there was peace or at least times he could be happy. When they pulled apart again, Itachi saw Rias as a ray of sunshine. Itachi didn't see the Gremory Heiress of the Gremory Household. Itachi saw Rias, his light, his sun, the heat that keeps and melts the cold away. Itachi placed his forehead to Rias's, "Thank you Rias… thank you." Itachi smiled, Akeno, Irina, Kiba, Koneko, and Issei had their eyes widen a bit. There were shocked, they've never seen Itachi smile like this before. Granted they've seen smiles here and there, and Akeno and Irina have seen this smile of Itachi's once.

Whatever Rias did, but her actions helped something in Itachi emerge.

"Anything for my Itachi." Rias kissed Itachi again, she really did enjoy it. She feels that there will be something between them.

This Chapter

Itachi found himself back in class. He was finishing up his two years in Kuoh taking some college-level courses. However, he does need to attend school to finish gym class. By the time noon came around, he was done with classes. He was thankful homeroom was right after the gym and then was lunch. Itachi smiled as he thought about how far his relationship with Rias has gone. He's gone out with her on a few dates.

Shopping, movies, staying up late at night watching anime?

Yeah, their kind of dates. Well… more Rias's kind of dates.

Itachi felt himself feel more alive than he ever has before. It feels as if he has something to actually live for. Oh, and then there is the other thing. Itachi drove Issei into the ground training his Mangekyou Sharingan abilities. Eventually, Itachi actually has Rias find someone to properly transplant their eyes in one another. This was just recently, Asia helped heal the rest of it where there was no pain.

Flashback a Couple Days Ago

"Wait, wait, wait, you're telling me you got special eye powers from belonging to a different clan in a different dimension?" Ajuka looked at Itachi with great interest, not only that but the younger brother of Itachi, Issei. Had the exact same eyes too even though he didn't come from the same dimension.

"Yes, he is also my pawns, but all his pawns mutated or, promoted themselves to queens." Rias added not understanding how that happened to begin with.

"That's the magical wonders of the evil piece system. Even I don't know why things happen, and I created the system! To think these two have the powers of a Shinto god in their eyes. Amazing, not only that, but their eyes can evolve further to be even stronger. They can read, anticipate, copy, and do so much!" Ajuka currently held a magnifying glass to Itachi's eye while also using a magic circle. This circle allowed Ajuka to analyze the DNA of certain devils or any living species to see what makes them so special. Once Ajuka backed up and smirked happily, "I can't wait to see how far the White and Red Dragon Emperor will go!" Ajuka was normally reserved and quiet, but this was a brand-new scientific discovery. Learning how the evil pieces affected Itachi. This basically giving him the powers of a queen, but as a pawn without having to promote himself! "Alright! Let's begin the procedure! I'm very familiar with the eye, so I'll make sure every single nerve and blood vessel is perfectly connected!"

"Thank you, Beelzebub-sama." Itachi politely bowed his head showing respect to the Maou.

"Thank you very much." Issei did the same following his brother's lead.

"Don't think anything of it! I just appreciate you two letting me study and take notes on your eyes! Things are always so boring in hell, but thanks to you guys I got some new research material for a while!" Ajuka couldn't wait to run some tests with the blood vial samples they gave him.

End of Flashback

Itachi found his seat while his teacher walked up, "I'm glad to see you all back for your next semester! I would also like to introduce you all to a new transfer student." The teacher gestured her hand to the door, "Mrs. Quarta please come in."

Just then Itachi's and Issei's eyes widen along with Irina's eyes glistening with happiness, "Xenovia!" Irina stood up with a cheer in her voice seeing her best friend.

Xenovia waved to her, "Hello Irina! Long time no see, anyways." Xenovia turned to the class, "My name is Xenovia Quarta, it's a pleasure to meet you all." Xenovia saw Issei in the room along with Asia, "Oh! Issei! Asia!" Xenovia smiled seeing Issei and then she saw Itachi, "Oh! Itachi it's good to see you here too."

Itachi simply nodded his head but Issei smirked, "Yo what's up Xenovia! It's great to see ya!"

"Likewise." Xenovia walked over and pulled out a couple of condoms, "I came here much more experienced and now I understand. You wish to practice procreation before we really do it. So, I've prepared some rubber for our training for the future. I still plan on being a mother one day." Xenovia said with no hesitation in her voice, she didn't falter or miss a beat. Itachi for whatever reason didn't know how to act. So, he made sure to straighten his back and he comically struck a pose without moving. His jawline narrowed; his body seemed to thicken with more defining lines to his body. Words around him said, 'Calm' 'Stoic' which eerily reminded Issei seeing Rias and Itachi watching the series, JoJo. It reminded Issei of Giorno Giovanni.

That's right, Hirohiko Araki works. The vampiric gothic style.

In case if my dear readers are asking this now.

YES! THIS IS A JOJO REFERENCE! Anyways back to the story.

Later ORC

"I'm glad to see that you're well!" Irina said happily as she pulled Xenovia into a hug. However, she was forced to let go as her cross stung.

"Oh, sorry I forgot! Though, I am relieved to see you doing better Irina! Asia, I'm so happy we were able to make amends. I hope we get along!" Xenovia smiled happily, she was glad that she could catch up with Irina. She really missed her best friend.

Itachi was sitting on the couch next to Kiba and across from Issei with Gasper sitting next to him. Along with Koneko licking a lollipop and sitting on his lap, "That person is from the church, right?" Gasper asked worriedly.

"Yeah, why is the member of the church here?" Kiba asked confused at the reasoning for Xenovia to be here.

Just then the doors opened with Akeno and Rias walking in, "Oh Xenovia Quarta you're here. I welcome you to Kuoh Academy." Rias said with a smile adorning her face.

"Oh! Rias, I mean Buchou Rias! Everyone." Xenovia gave everyone a polite bow, "Please take care of me."

"Yeah, but why is she here?" Issei asked confused at the situation.

However, a sudden green light appeared behind Issei with Azazel appearing with his hands in his pockets, "I told Michael we didn't need her."

"Azazel-sensei?" Issei was surprised to see the governor of the Fall Angels here.

"With the Khaos Brigade on the loose, Michael was worried that fallen angels and devils weren't enough." Azazel's explanation was interrupted by Rias.

"To help protect the school, he volunteered his forces. Xenovia was the one who stepped up wanting to help." Rias was glad to have all three factions together at the same time was great. It really showed that the three factions wanted to change.

"Well, we did form an alliance." Kiba smiled closing the book in his hand.

"So, there was no way we could refuse her. Besides, I think Issei would have been really upset." Akeno added with a giggle causing Issei to turn his head away blushing.

"I hope you all will be at ease, I have given Durandal fully over to Irina. I now possess Michael's Sword." Xenovia summoned a golden blade to her hand which radiated holy energy, "Do not worry, I shall destroy anyone and everyone who gets in our way." Xenovia said with confidence and determination.

"She's scary! Why are all angels so scary!" Gasper began to whine as Issei simply patted his head trying to calm him down.

"With God's death, new angels can no longer be born." Azazel added hinting that Heaven had their own version of the Evil Pieces.

"A high-level angel is King and has a family of cards from Ace to Queen. I was chosen as one of his brave saints." Xenovia explained her part in Michael's Suits.

"What card are you Xenovia?" Asia asked curiously.

"I'm glad you asked, I'm an ace. I was grateful to Michael for the chance to serve him. I can't thank Michael enough for the chance." Xenovia placed her hands together as the letter A appeared on her right hand.

"That's great, I'm glad Xenovia was able to see Michael as a pillar of support." Irina was said happy for her fellow believer.

"Yes, even if you lose your master. You can always find your way back." Asia said with a cheer, she truly still liked to believe in God.

At Home

Itachi was standing next to Rias, "Wait so… Oden… left her behind?" Itachi raised an eyebrow confused.

"Yep, that's about it." Rias sighed as Rossweisse lifted her head up with tears in her eyes.

Then she shot her head back into her curled-up legs, "How terrible! Even though I work so hard for Odin-sama!" Rossweisse began to cry, Itachi in a way understood how she felt. Though he understood the burden he had and dealt with it by himself, "I worked so hard, but he forgot to take me back with him!"

Akeno walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure he'll come back for you eventually."

Itachi decided to help comfort her, he walked over and placed a hand on Rossweisse's head. She looked up at him confused, "It's okay, you've put a lot of work into something you chose to do. To receive nothing back in return is hard, I understand. All you can do is do your best and move on. Maybe this a way for you to break free and do what you want." Itachi didn't get that choice until he was reborn into this world. Granted she didn't massacre a clan and was forced to go rogue. She still could change things around for herself and live the life she wants.

Rossweisse stilled cried out, "I'm sure the titty bars filled up his thoughts and doesn't even care about anymore!" She began to shake her head forcing Itachi to remove his hand, "I'm just a woman who can't do my work properly!"

Itachi placed his hand back on her head to calm her down, "I don't think that's true." Itachi replied as Rossweisse sniffled listening to Itachi intently, "As a Valkyrie, you spent your entire life training to fight and protect the Norse Gods. Valkyries are powerful beings who serve the deities of the Norse myth and whose roles are equivalent to that of Angels, whereas they guide souls to the afterlife and protect the Norse gods from threat. It is comprised of only female warriors."

"H-How do you know so much about us?" Rossweisse was impressed by Itachi's intelligence.

"Simple, Akeno's lectures are quite beneficial." Itachi simply answered back with Akeno smiling happily from Itachi's praise, "Besides, I bet you've had little to no time for yourself. I think Odin is trying to help you out. Maybe… just maybe there's a greater spot for you here."

"Here?" Rossweisse looked at everyone around her and her eyes laid on Rias.

Rias smiled and understood what Itachi was saying, Rossweisse was a little strange and weird. She had her quirks, but so did Rias and her servants, Rossweisse would make a perfect addition to her peerage.


"I don't remember his face well. Many painful things happened at the time. So it's hard to remember everything." Asia replied as she was standing in front of Rias who sat on the bed. Issei was next to her with Itachi in the corner, her remembered Diodora very well.

"Keep Asia away from him." Itachi spoke up coldly as the room seemed thin making it hard for everyone to breathe. Itachi realized his anger was choking the air in the room and released it, "I've done my own research on all the upcoming devils in the underworld. He by far is the one I am most wary about. Ever since the first time we met, I coughed it to the side. However, him appearing now only confirms my suspicions."

"Well, he told us that he was the devil Asia healed a long time ago." Issei replied scratching the back of his head.

"Rias don't you know what type of members makeup Diodora's peerage?" Itachi asked which Rias thought long and hard about it.

"No… but I'm sure he was just excited to meet the girl who saved him again." Rias tried to think of it as a coincidence.

"Wrong, we need to be careful. Asia face me." Itachi walked over and looked Asia in the eye. His EMS appeared in his eyes as he stared into his eyes. Itachi fed a genjutsu into Asia's eyes for them to activate twice. Issei and Rias saw Asia's eyes change into the same EMS pattern as Itachi's, "There, that's in case if he tries to take you by force. The first Amaterasu will go off at him in case he tries to take you by force. The second will activate in case he does somehow capture you, this will either summon a Susanoo to protect you for twenty-four hours. That or cast Tsukuyomi to knock him out while also casting an Amaterasu." Itachi let a small huff outputting all that programing wasn't easy, but necessary. Itachi turned to Rias, "Issei keep Asia and Diodora away from Asia as far as possible. With the help of Grayfia, I did some research on Diodora. While initially appearing to be a gentle, well-mannered, and charismatic young man, Diodora is in fact a narcissistic, sinister, vile, callous, and wicked person who would do "whatever it takes" to achieve his desires. He had an utter obsession with nuns and holy maidens, which was exemplified by the fact that all of his servants were once nuns and maidens that he had acquired after "breaking" them. He enjoyed seeing them with expressions of pain, sadness, and despair which he found to be an ultimate form of entertainment. This showed Diodora to be an incredibly sadistic Devil. Asia, what he did to you that day, it was on purpose to kick you out of the church." Itachi finished as Asia's eyes widen, with Issei and Rias gritting their teeth.

Rias had no idea, she never did that much research into him since he was never a threat. She had no idea who his peerage was really made up of, "That asshole!" Rias gripped her biceps, "If he thinks he can take my servants away from me or anything like that of that matter. I'll destroy him completely!"

"If he even thinks about touching Asia again, I'll bash his fucking face in!" Issei shouted with his own EMS appearing representing Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan. (A/N: For the sake of it, I did decide that Issei's MS and EMS would be directly similar to Sasuke. However, that DOES NOT MEAN Issei is the reincarnate of Indra or has Indra's powers or anything of that sort).

Just then the door opened with Gasper peeking in, "The preparations for the welcome party are done."

Rias calmed down a bit, she would inform everyone of Diodora after the party. She didn't want to be a party pooper, "Good work. Now, let's go." Rias stood up ready to head downstairs.


"Thank you, everyone! Again, I'm Xenovia Quarta. Devil! Until now, I thought of you as my enemies and have hunted you." Xenovia's voice was uplifting and happy, but it was weird of her to say she hunted Devils.

Gasper had a sick and scared look on his face, "The Church is scary!"

"Don't worry." Xenovia smiled looking at Gasper, "Michael-sama said that we all must get along now." Xenovia turned to Irina, Asia, and Issei giving them a polite bow, then everyone else a polite bow, "Personally, I wanted to become friends with you al. I hope to work hard and represent the church. Please take care of me."

Everyone clapped at Xenovia's speech then Azazel spoke up, "Our sides have fought with each other a long time. I'm sure there are some who feel uneasy about the sudden alliance." Azazel took a sip of his bourbon, "But all of you working together to fight against Loki served a great demonstration! I have to thank all of you for that."

"Well, it was all thanks to Itachi-Nii." Issei gestured to Itachi.

Itachi simply smiled, "We all worked hard, we did what we were supposed to and came on top. We all did well, it wasn't just me." Itachi took a sip of some soda he had in his hand.

"Well, I feel bad we weren't able to send any fallen angels in." Azazel shrugged his shoulders, but Akeno piped up.

"No. Fallen Angels fought, too. Well, half of one." Akeno spoke up surprising Azazel that she was accepting her fallen side.

"I see. You're right… oh, I almost forgot." Azazel smirked as he snapped his hands together. A purple circle appeared net to him as a very familiar face appeared.

"Dammit now of all times! Come on Azazel-sama!" Raynare snapped at the man, but he quickly slapped her upside the head.

"This is what you get for betraying me, you'll serve them. They are your new masters." Azazel snapped his fingers again as a chain appeared around Raynare's neck, "Issei… Asia, she caused you the most pain and problems of your life. You can do as you wish, her life is in your hands now." Azazel snapped his hands again as a magic circle appeared around Issei's right hand. The magic circle on his hand stayed on the top frontal plain of his hand. The chain on Raynare's neck sunk into her neck. It appeared like a tattoo with a band going around her neck. The front had a heart that wasn't touching the band that went around her neck. (A/N: Think about the Master-Servant Contract from Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha). "You can rape her, fuck her brains out, kill her, beat her, torture her, do anything as you please. Though, knowing you and how you aren't you won't do any of that. She will be your servant and will act as one. She will never be able to harm any of you or anyone you deem important. If she does, the curse will activate, and you have to make her submit. The curse would activate whenever the Servant either betray or feel guilt towards their master and is shown by the varied colored collar that appears around their neck. Though the curse, which occurs varies based on whatever magical nature was used in order to form it. Another effect of the contract is that it increases the power of both the servant and the master as the servant's loyalty grows."

Everyone facepalmed.

"Oh yeah Issei, I spent some time in the underworld. I found our you're quite popular you know. Alongside Itachi here." Azazel smirked as Issei looked at him confused.

Asia was happy to hear this, "Really he is popular now! That's amazing Issei."

"Of course, Issei and Itachi both helped take down Loki. Even without the help of Mjolnir." Xenovia asked as if it wasn't obvious.

Azazel scratched his head, "No, that's now it." A snapped his finger at the TV screen, "There was a documentary about the true face of the heroes. Who saved the underworld from terrorists."

TV Screen

The screen replayed the scene where Issei, Koneko, and Itachi were training, "You need to do what exactly?" Itachi looked at Issei confused.

"Ddraig told me I need a catalyst to activate my Balance breaker! To complete it!" Issei had a fire in his eyes, he remembers Azazel pulling Issei to the side about poking a woman's breast.

Scene Shift

The three arrive at the cave where Asia training to expand the range of her healing, "What are you guys doing here?" Asia tilted her head confused.

Issei walked up to her and said, "Asia, I need you to let me poke your breasts."

"W-What!" Asia began to blush as Koneko looked at Issei with a bland look on her face. Currently, Itachi had his hand on his face.

"I need to Asia! It's so I can ascend to the next level! So I can whip my balance breaker out whenever I want!" Issei asked desperately.

"Oh… okay." Asia began to take off her top allowing Issei a full view of her chest.

Issei moved his hands up but her froze, "What are you doing?" Itachi couldn't believe what he was doing right now.

"I don't know what to do! Do I poke the left or right?!" Issei began to think about what he could do.

"J-Just poke them both Issei! This is embarrassing! You pervert!" Asia quickly shouted; this was very embarrassing for her!

Issei gulped as he poked both of them in. He felt his fingers seep into the soft and flesh globs of Asia's boobs, "Nyaaaa-nooooo." Asia moans out as Issei's eyes widen with excitement.

"Oh damn! No way it is true!" Just then Issei's arm shouted, Welsh Dragon Overbooster! Issei found himself in his Balance breaker with the Susanoo covering his armor.

Itachi simply sighed and walked away forgetting this ever even happened. What the hell did all his training do for him? All he needed was to poke Asia's breasts to get stronger? He struggled this entire time to get Issei to summon the Susanoo.

End of the Scene and the TV Turns Off

"It seems that just with this scene, the scene where Itachi was training Issei. Issei talking about Boobs are a hit. They nicknamed Issei the Breast Dragon Emperor, Itachi being Master Dragon Emperor of Breasts. It seems someone recorded Itachi's time of training Issei before the fight with Loki." Azazel let a small chuckle out as Itachi hung his head with a cloud of despair hanging over his head.

Itachi knew how he trained Issei, he would use a transformation jutsu to make him look like a girl. He would taunt Issei to try to grab his breasts, he would use that in his combat drills and stamina drills. Issei would try to use a dress break on him. Rias sat there shocked that Itachi even agreed to do this type of training with Issei. Akeno just giggled watching more scenes of Itachi training Issei using interesting and perverted methods.

Definitely not one of Itachi's best moments as a teacher.

"Breast Dragon Emperor?!" Issei shouted with surprise.

"You're especially popular with the kids. Itachi is popular with the teenage female population and adults." Azazel let a chuckle out afterward making Itachi wishing he died from the disease, "They're even making an image son for you called "The Boob Dragon.""

Later That Night

Itachi sat in his room with a brooding look on his face, "I cannot… believe… someone recorded us." "Why… why was it me? Me and Ddraig?! We're the Two Heavenly Dragons! Feared by many!" Albion wanted to die; he did not want to be known as the Master Dragon Emperor of Breasts!

"Well today has been fun hasn't it, Itachi. Or should I say Master Dragon Emperor of Breasts?" Rias giggled walking into the room as she began to take her clothes off.

"Call me that again Rias, I'll show you just how scary I can really get." Itachi glared at her as she only giggled at the threat. She walked over and kissed him on the lips and slid into bed. Itachi couldn't stay mad at her as he laid down with her.

This was going to be a really long life.

Next Day

Itachi found himself stuck in homeroom with one of his classmates, Aika Kiryuu, who was having everyone vote or volunteer to do something. There is an event their school is having, and Itachi lucked out just doing a mile sprint. He was competing against boys, while Xenovia and Irina competed against one another. Asia and Issei looked like they were going to be doing the three-legged race. Well, Issei got suckered into doing it. Though, Itachi did notice how bothered Asia and Issei seemed. Especially with Raynare joining them along with her being the newest addition to their class.

Later ORC

"This is getting out of hand." Itachi glared at the letters sitting on the table in the middle of the ORC.

"I know it is, I don't want him anywhere near my Asia. No way would I let a scumbag like him near her!" Issei said annoyed, he wanted to punch Diodora's teeth in.

Rias crossed her arms under her bust annoyed, "I know, I keep declining him."

"Since that day, he's been sending me something every single day." Asia didn't have a look of enjoyment on her face. It was not happiness; it was more disturbance and pure disgust for the devil. After Itachi telling him what his true goal was, it definitely worried Asia. She wanted nothing to do with him.

The only reason Itachi knows so much about Diodora is because of Venessa. She's been scouting out around the underworld spying on other devils. Well, he like to call it reconnaissance, as well as keeping Kuroka occupied and safe. Itachi does know the date for the court case for Kuroka so she can stand trial. So, he was making sure Venessa found all the documents, and proof that Kuroka was innocent. As well as using Kuroka's memories by pulling the Maou's into a Tsukuyomi to share them Kuroka's memories.

Finding the dirt, Venessa found on Diodora Astaroth was very disturbing.

"It is disturbing, there would be no way I trade Asia to him or give her to him. He has sent her movie tickets, invitations for dinner, gifts, and even large items. It's becoming more and more annoying I want nothing to do with the man." Rias scowled at the letters as she sent a wave of destruction energy destroying them completely.

"This is very frustrating, he tried to propose to Asia, he's been doing this the entire time?" Issei looked at Asia, "Why didn't you tell me? The next time I see him, I'm putting the scumbag in his place!" Issei brought his left fist up, he wanted to punch the guy straight in the face.

Issei stood up with Asia, "Well, we need to practice for the sports festival."

"Okay do your best." Rias stood up; she was going to have a meeting with this Diodora. She was going to make sure she gets her point across.

"Be careful Issei, I suggest keeping your Sharingan on. Just use a Genjutsu to make your eyes look normal." Itachi suggests which Issei did so turning them on while then placing a genjutsu over them.

Later ORC

"Rating game?" Issei was surprised by the news. Risa was sitting at her desk, Itachi on her left, and Akeno on her right. Everyone else was sitting on the couch, except for Rossweisse as she was still determining if she wants to be part of the peerage.

"Yes. A tournament to see the strength of the next devil generation. If Loki wouldn't have attacked during summer break. The tournament would have been held." Rias explained making Gasper tense up.

"I don't like fighting!" Gasper tensed up putting both of his hands up like a girl.

Issei was sitting next to Asia, with Koneko curled up on his lap, "Young devils. So, we'll fight against Sairaorg?" Issues remembered powerful Sairaorg was.

Rias folded her hand, "He's the leading candidate for the championship. His strength is on a completely different level. Though if this was a 1v1, a devil on devil, I feel like Itachi could easily give him a run for his money." Rias did smile a bit, "Luckily we don't have to face him in the first round."

"So, the bracket has already been decided?" Koneko was interested in whom they would be fighting. Maybe learning some Senjutsu before they started would be a good idea. Itachi would prove helpful before then.

Risa nodded her head, but she moved closed her eyes annoyed, "Yes. Our opponent is however Diodora Astaroth." Itachi, Issei, and Asia flinched, everyone else noticed this.

"Put it simply, he likes taking holy maidens and breaking them after adding them to his peerage." Itachi closed his eyes angrily, this was not a coincidence.

"HIM?!" Issei's eyes turned into the Mangekyou Sharingan, he didn't like the devil one bit.

After Issei calmed down, she wanted everyone to examine the way Sairaorg fought. Rias turned a magic TV to show everyone a clip of Sairaorg vs. Zephyrdor, "Even though he is a substitute, Zephyrdor is not weak."

"Substitute?" Issei looked at Rias.

"The original successor in his family died in an accident." Rias went to explain, but a magic circle appeared.

"Astaroth." Rias tensed up as Itachi put his guard up along with Venessa summed to his shoulder ready to activate the Red Thread of Fate when ready.

Once the magic circle finished, Diodora appeared, "Good day, everyone. I am Diodora Astaroth."

Rias stood up and motioned her peerage to move. Rias sat on the couch, while everyone else stood behind her. Diodora took the seat across from Rias. Issei stood there glaring at Diodora, if looks could kill, Diodora would have been dead a million times over. Issei took a hold of Asia's hand.

Diodora saw Issei grab her hand, he glared annoyed, but he returned to his neutral smiling face, "Allow me to get straight to the point. I would like to trade bishops."

Gasper began to worry as he shook like a girl nervous, "No! Does he mean me?!"

Issei bonked him lightly on the head, "Of course not."

Rias kept her neutral face, "You wish for Asia?" Risa knew what he wanted.

He wasn't going to get it.

He chuckled a bit, "You are quick on the uptake."

"Well, you made it clearly obvious with the letters and gifts, stalker." Itachi mumbled the last word. Itachi doesn't hate a lot of people, but there is an exception for Danzo and Diodora. He didn't even hate Riser as much, that's saying a lot.

"It's not a bad trade." He lifted his hand up as two magic circles appeared. Two pictures of girls appeared; everyone knew they use to be saints. Broken girls by this scoundrel. The downside to the evil pieces could force anyone to be the king's servant. Clearly, he forced them.

Rias held her hand up not even wanting to see his pieces, "Sorry. I have no interest in doing a trade. Asia is a very valuable devil in my household, I treat as a family member. I treat her the way she should be treated." Rias placed her right hand back over her left arm which was folded under her chest, "I also think of her as my little sister, I don't leave family behind."

Asia smiled happily, "Buchou." She was glad she had everyone as friends.

"Trying to get the woman you proposed to through a trade. Do you even understand what courtship is?" Rias mocked him, Diodora's pride was hurt.

A little.

Itachi could see that Rias was going to lose it as a red aura around her quickly flared. Itachi placed a hand on her shoulder from losing it. Issei noticed too, "I would blow a fuse too, Buchou." Diodora opened his eyes slightly and relented, he put his hand up as if he surrendered, "I will go back for today, but I will not give up." He moved and walked over towards Asia and grabbed her hand. Itachi made sure not to deactivate the trap for the moment. Itachi knew he wouldn't try anything right now. He knelt on one knee, "Oh how classy." Issei thought, "Our meeting and our reunion was fate." "Fate my ass!" Issei shouted internally, "Even if everything in this world gets in our way, I will be sure to overcome it all." He went to kiss her hand.

But Issei placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him, "Hey! What do you think you're doing to Asia?!"

Diodora glared at Issei angrily for a lowly devil for placing a hand on him. He smacked Issei's hand away from him, "Let me go!" he brushed his sleeve off as if it was dirty, "I can't stand being touched by a filthy dragon such as yourself." He put his hand up to his nose as if Issei stunk.

"Bastard!" Issei yelled, but before that could happen Asia slapped him across the face.

"Please don't talk about Issei that way! He's my friend, even more so, he's, my boyfriend. I won't tolerate you for looking down on him. If you can't stand him, then you can leave. Then I can't stand you!" Asia didn't like yelling at others, let alone hitting them. However, she can't stand it when other's look down on Issei. He might be a perv, but he is much more than that. Asia put her hands up to her chin and puffed her cheeks out him with a pouty look on her face.

Diodora relaxed, "I see… I understand." He turned to Issei and pointed at him, "Red Dragon Emperor, Hyoudou Issei. I will defeat you in the next Game. After that, I hope you will accept my love, Asia." He turned his head towards her.

"First of all! The hell do you think Asia is?! A trophy? She isn't some item to be won asshole! Second, I won't lose to you anyways! Asia is kind and sweet! She's a human being just like I am! Don't treat her like an item!" Issei unintentionally activated his Mangekyou Sharingan and used the telekinetic power he has and threw Diodora across the room and into the wall. Issei didn't realize what he did, but he still smirked. He was okay with what happened.

Diodora stood up and brushed himself off. He turned and left in a magic circle; he was fuming when he returned to the underworld. If Itachi could have, he would have killed Diodora right there and then. However, there would be many asking for his head. This would also place a bad image on Rias.

Later At the Hyoudou Residence

"Hey, where are Itachi, Koneko, and Issei?" Asia asked confused.

"For some reason, the three had a summon, believe it or not, he wanted all three of them." Akeno giggled, Itachi had to play the bad guy. Issei the sidekick, and Koneko the hero who rescued their summoner.

With the Three Said Devils

The group were on their way home walking since it was a nice night out, "It was fun doing a trio with you three." Koneko smiled as she rode on Issei's back.

"It's funny how he wanted you to play as the bad guy Nii-san." Issei chuckled a bit as Itachi sighed. The summoner had no idea technically Itachi played the bad guy in the elemental nations. But he didn't know, it's not his fault.

Just then Itachi looked up to see Kuroka on the wall, "Did Venessa let you go?" Itachi deadpanned, "How did you escape my barrier I placed up around the Gremory Castle?"

"Nya, your Fuinjutsu is amazing! It took a little while to crack, but I found a hole in it!" Kuroka jumped down making Koneko and Issei tense.

"Don't worry she is on our side; I'm currently looking for evidence to prove Kuroka's innocence. She did come with my quietly, she knows who I am." Itachi wanted to know why else she was here.

"Well, I'm also here because I missed my Itachi-kun! No better ya It-kun!" Kuroka purred as she pressed her chest against Itachi's chest.
Koneko and Issei stayed silent, but Issei currently was crying, "No fair! NII-SAN REALLY IS THE HAREM KING!" Koneko just glared at him.

Itachi turned his head to Koneko. "Koneko, you remember that story I told you about. It was about me, and it was real. You're in the same situation as Sasuke was, Kuroka is basically filling the same role as I did. I'm trying to help her, so she is cleared of all crimes." Itachi then turned back to Kuroka who brought face up to his cheek.

"Come on It-kun! Don't be so cold! I want babies from a dragon! Not only that, but you also still taste like a virgin! Even with all your girlfriends around you!" Kuroka went to pull her top down but Itachi karate chopped the back of her neck knocking her out.

"Come on, we'll take her back. I'll inform Venessa and have them report this to Lady Gremory and Lord Gremory. I guess we'll watch her here from now on." Itachi sighed, this was becoming more and more troublesome.

Koneko blushed, "I don't care if she isn't after Issei-senpai, I won't let her take Itachi-Nii if her heart isn't in the right place…" Koneko turned her head away not wanting the two Hyoudou brothers to see her over-protectiveness of them.

"Well… well… well if it isn't Itachi." Itachi's eyes widen seeing the voice appear before them. Issei and Koneko went on guard ready to fight, but Itachi put his hand up to stop them. The man was very tall. He had a distinctive shark-like appearance, complete with pale blue-gray skin. He has small, round, white eyes, 3 sets of curved facial markings under his eyes, gills on his shoulders, and sharp triangular teeth. He also styled his blue hair in the form of a shark fin. He was wearing the traditional Akatsuki attire with purple nail polish, and Samehada on his back.

"Kisame… long time, how did you get here?" Itachi wondered what his partner was going to do.

Kisame put his hand on Samehada and tapped the blade on his back a few times, "Well when I was killed, I was brought back. Though here and served some short girl, her name is Ophis. I was told to bring you back with us along with Kuroka if she was here."

"Well, what's your choice?" Itachi asked as he summoned Ascalon to his hand.

"What do you think? The old ragtag team of Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki seems much more fun to me." Kisame put Samehada on his back, "It's good to see you again…partner." Itachi walked past him and smiled which surprised Kisame, "Hoh? Itachi Uchiha cracking a smile? This is going to be fun!" Kisame smirked evilly, which put Issei and Koneko on edge.

When they continue to walk back Itachi asked, "So who else is back?"

"Well, there's Deidara, Sasori, Hidan, and Kakuzu. Though we do have a slight problem." Kisame looked at the back of Itachi.

"Yes, whom is it?" Itachi asked as he kept walking back towards their house.

"Madara is indeed back, I don't mean the masked one who called himself Madara. I'm talking about the real… Madara Uchiha. Then an Uchiha who is assisting him, I don't know who she is. Though I do know she knows you." Kisame closed his eyes as Itachi stopped when he heard the name, Madara, but the other person confused him. Itachi turned to Kisame with an overly concerned look on his face, "Yes, in the flesh too still hell-bent on the plan Infinite Tsukuyomi."

Itachi summoned Venessa to his shoulder, "Nya? Sorry, Itachi-sama I couldn't find… oh."

"Listen, get back to the underworld and call for Sirzechs and the three Maous. Have them call for Michael and Azazel, we got a real problem on our hands." Itachi quickly ordered which Venessa quickly disappeared, she has never seen Itachi so worked up before. Koneko and Issei remembered who this Madara was, but the masked man they remembered called himself Madara Uchiha. So, now who really was this Madara Uchiha? How does he worry Itachi so?

Back at Home

The once group of three found themselves as a group of five. Venessa went to report where Kuroka was, and that Itachi would return with her for her trial later. Itachi opened the door and went in, but he quickly sighed at the scene. Issei began to perv out, "W-Woah! What are you guys wearing!"

Kisame deiced to chime in, "Well this is certainly new! Can't wait to see the Master Dragon Emperor of Breasts has instore." Kisame smirked looking at Itachi seeing the once stone-cold Uchiha Clan killer seem to deadpan. This is the most emotion Kisame has ever seen Itachi shown. Kisame noticed that Itachi was glaring at him if looks could seal a person away. Kisame would have been swimming in drunken dreams for eternity.

"What are you wearing? Irina? Akeno?" Itachi didn't even really want to ask for the reason.

Xenovia smiled, "I figured since of the hard work you two have put in." Xenovia gestured to Irina who came walking down slowly, Akeno, Asia, and then to herself, "Don't worry, Michael-sama has blessed this house so I wouldn't fall. He knows my desire to sire a child one day with Issei. So, he modified the house a bit to allow me to bear a child without falling."

Issei couldn't help but perv out when Xenovia and Asia walked up to him. Itachi looked at Akeno and Irina. He turned his head to the side when they walked up to him, "What do you think Itachi-kun?" Akeno traced her finger on Itachi's chest seemingly ignoring the fact that Kisame was there.

"Though, I do need to ask, who is Fishman, and why is Kuroka here?" Irina asked curiously why these two were here.

"Long story short, Kuroka escaped my barrier, but I'm watching over her. Kisame here… left the Khaos Brigade to join me. He was… is still my partner from the Elemental Nations." Itachi gestured to Kisame who smirked at the scene. Itachi's new friends were interesting people to meet. To think that Itachi was able to get this many woman to spread their legs for him. It's funny, it's so damn funny because Itachi was always so stoic about everything.

Oh, I forgot to mention the girls are all wearing shrine maiden outfits.

Itachi didn't understand why, but he went with it, "Well you ladies look lovely, but I must go talk to Rias. Kisame, follow." Itachi walked off with Kisame smirking the entire time. Kisame couldn't help it, seeing Itachi this flustered was funny as hell. It seems Itachi has gotten soft in the new life… or perhaps even stronger than before.

This was going to be an interesting time! Kisame was definitely not dying anytime soon.

With Issei and the Others

"Issei who was that?" Xenovia knew who Kuroka was, but the shark man was new.

"It's complicated, Nii-san you see reborn in this word. Apparently, he lived in the Elemental Nations before this." Issei was going to continue but Xenovia now remembered.

"I remembered he shared his life with him one time. I remember the shark man… Kisame… I wonder who else came to follow him." Xenovia wondered, Itachi was powerful, but so were some of his old allies.

"Though, I've never seen him so tense before… Madara, and some Uchiha girl that Kisame talked about. They both seemed to bother Itachi-senpai a lot." Koneko said worriedly as Irina and Akeno both looked towards the hallway Itachi walked down.

Before Itachi and Kisame got very far, Rias floated in front of him, "Oh… Itachi why do you have Kuroka and… Kisame?!" Rias realized she was in a seductive devil outfit floating in the air with a cosplay pitchfork in her hand.

"Well, well, well if isn't a bunch of big, boobed women. To think that Itachi was into that sort of thing, though, I can't deny when there are fine woman around." Kisame smirked looking at Itachi, "Eh, right Itachi?"

"Long story short, Kisame left the Khaos Brigade to aid us. We are still partners and always will be, he informed me that Ophis brought back Madara Uchiha. I have already sent a warning to Sirzechs Lucifer, to Michael-sama, and Azazel-sama. I'm worried Rias, this is one of the biggest threats to come here." Itachi looked at the ground nervously, Itachi wondered if he could even beat Madara. Kisame knew Madara was no joke, even he stood little to no chance against him.

Rias's face grew serious as she changed out of her outfit and back into her normal uniform, "I see." Rias bit her nails, "There isn't much we can do right now, let's just be ready for the rating game."

"Oh? Rating game.?" Kisame smirked, he knew about this world, he couldn't wait to see what the future has in store for him, "Can't wait to see that."

"Why do you have Kuroka?" Rias asked a little concerned.

"Don't worry, I'll be watching over her. She got through my barrier back at the Gremory Mansion. I told Venessa to let your parents and Sirzechs know. We'll keep watch of her here." Itachi only sighed, this was becoming more and more of a headache for him.

"Oh… well since we got the annoying things out of the way!" Akeno flew over and dropped her Shrine Maiden outfit and was in a bikini that hardly had any cloth to cover herself.

Rias frowned at her queen trying to seduce Akeno. Kisame backed up enjoying the scene, "Itachi point your finger up."

Itachi tilted his head confused, "Fine." He agreed pointing his finger up. Akeno quickly grabbed it and poked her bosom with Itachi's finger. Itachi's eyes widen a bit realizing what Akeno did, he gently pulled away, "Akeno this is hardly the time to be."

Rias pouted and grabbed Itachi's other hand and placed it on her chest, "Yes!" Rias moaned when Itachi's hand touched her chest.

Itachi only deadpanned, "I was feared and known as a clan killer. Yet, I can't even do anything to hurt their feelings. Jeez, I'm becoming soft." Itachi gently retracted his hands from their chests, "You two need to calm down we have more."

Just the Kuroka stirred from her nap and looked up. She found that Itachi had placed her on the ground since Akeno grabbed his finger and Rias grabbed his other hand. Kuroka smirked as she stood up, "Itachi!" Kuroka wrapped her arms around Itachi, "Come on make little Kittens with me." Kuroka placed a kiss on his cheek and began to rub her cheek up against his.

Issei was saluting Itachi with tears running down his face. He currently had Xenovia, Asia, and Koneko currently next to him, "My Nii-san and I are living the dream! Of the Harem Kings!"

"Hey, no fair!" Irina came running up the stairs wrapping her arms around Itachi's neck. She then pressed her cheek against Itachi's other cheek opposite of Kuroka.

"Hey! Irina!" Rias shouted as she grabbed Itachi's right arm. Rias glared at the girls trying to take er Itachi, "I won't let you take my Itachi!"

"Me, either!" Akeno argued firing a bolt of lightning.

"I won't lose!" Irina swung Ascalon making a holy slice hit the wall.

"I won't back down!" Rias fired a ball of destruction.

"Nya, I have no idea what's going on, so I'll do whatever!" Kuroka fired a ball of Senjutsu chakra and snuggled into Itachi's hold more.

Itachi turned and walked away, "Kisame, find an empty room and take it. It's yours, same to you Kuroka." Itachi forced Kuroka to let go after hitting her pressure points in her arms. He left to go into his room.

Issei watched the two fight it but felt a tug on his shirt. He turned around and saw Koneko with her ears and one tail out, "Issei-senpai… does this look good on me?"

Issei looked at Koneko with shock, "This is… such an unknown destructive force!"

Koneko made a cat motion with her hand, "Nya!" Koneko then winked at Issei with a smile adorning her face.

Scene Shift *Itachi's/Rias's room*

"You know Diodora's attitude today is making me feel off. I'm worried, he might try something." Rias put her finger on her lip as she sat on the bed next to Itachi. Rias turned her head to see Itachi in deep thought, "Is Madara and the mysterious Uchiha girl on your mind?"

Itachi looked up and turned his head to Rias. Itachi simply nodded his head, "Madara I'm worried about. I'm sure he is strong enough to take on all the current Faction Leaders and come out on top. Then… they mysterious Uchiha girl… I'm worried… I'm worried if Ophis promised Izumi something and she'll be our enemy." Itachi looked at his hands remembering how he killed her, "I-I can't do it again…"

"How are you so sure it's Izumi… it could be any girl." Rias tried to help Itachi calm down, even if it was a little bit. Rias gently placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled Itachi into her bosom. She gently stroked his hair, Rias let Itachi's hair flow through her fingers."

"It's Ophis if she was able to bring some of the Akatsuki back. I have no doubt she could be brought back. If Ophis knows who I am… then Ophis knows the people who were close to me." Itachi felt lost not knowing what to do, he feels the pressure more and more. He has never put a whole lot of thought into it. He has thought of settling down and maybe giving Rias a chance. A chance at a family, a family he was denied of.

Though it also bothered him because of Irina and Akeno. Itachi is fully aware of their feelings for him, he's not too sure on how to accept their feelings.

Rias could clearly see that Itachi was confused and lost. Seeing Itachi confused on what to do was hard for Rias to see. Especially to see him lost, Rias wondered if she was enough to fill the gaping hole in his heart. Rias wondered if she was going to have to share Itachi.

Maybe, just maybe, Rias was going to need help. To help fill the lost soul of the last Uchiha.

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