Last Internal Struggle

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Now onto the story!

Last Chapter *The Tsukuyomi with Izumi and Rias*

"I was alive for about four or five years old. Keep in mind I did train with my Tou-sama and everything, but I didn't start until I was six. For work, Tou-sama left one day. He worked for the head of Japan's Security, however one day he came home late. That night, when he was gone, my Kaa-sama was killed that knight." Izumi frowned as she thought back to that night, "My Kaa-sama was killed because our area got caught in a battle between a fallen angel, devils, and some humans."

"Wait… I guess it makes sense… sometimes there are small skirmishes." Rias knew there were some skirmishes here and there, "But why were there humans there?"

Izumi frowned as she rubbed her arm, "You see… I'm Akeno's cousin, my Kaa-sama was originally Hazuki Himejima, the sister of Shuri Himejima." Rias's eyes widen as she stood there for a moment.

"I-I need a moment." Rias sat down as she placed a hand on her head.

This Chapter a Few Days Later

Azazel was standing in the darkroom where Itachi slept in the bed. He is in a mild coma, and multiple doctors all came to the conclusion of the diagnosis. Itachi made a full transformation in the Juggernaut Drive and somehow reverted back to normal. For him to wake it could be today, tomorrow, or even five years from now. His body forcefully lost the majority of his lifespan, but then suddenly regained it back.

Not only that but Rossweisse confirmed there was a Norse curse placed onto Itachi by Loki. It was unsure how that was possible, but they were dealing with beings on the level of Kami and Satan themselves.

"Can I ask you some questions?" Azazel folded his arms across his chest. There was a silence that filled the room, and both conscious sentient beings knew who was talking to who, "It's not Itachi I'm asking. I'm asking you Vanishing Dragon." As Itachi laid on the bed his wings were currently in their intangible stage. Where they won't get in the way, but they were visible. The energy-shaped wings began to glow responding to Azazel's question.

Room Outside of Itachi's

Everyone sat around one another worried for Itachi's wellbeing. Rias, Akeno, Irina, and even Kuroka were worried. Kisame stood off in the corner with his eyes closed, arms crossed over his chest, and his head looking down. Issei look worse for wear as Asia and Xenovia were doing what they can to help keep sane.

"I see… so he still is in a coma." Sirzechs was speaking to everyone via a communicator which allowed everyone to see him.

"Yes, he's still in the coma." Azazel responded as he was standing behind Sirzech's hologram, "His body and demonic power have fully recovered, but the sudden whiplash caused a huge toll on his body." Azazel narrowed his eyes as he said, "It seems his injuries inside… are pretty bad deep inside."

"I see… so a lot happened mentally and physically for him. We'll just have to wait it out."

Rias lowered her head as she said, "Itachi… went through so much… for me… for us." Rias looked at Asia and Akeno.

Irina placed a hand on Rias's shoulder, "It's not your fault, you saved Asia."

Asia nodded her head, "Y-Yes… I am worried about what could have happened to our child." Asia looked at Issei and then at her stomach.

"That's right. It's the Khaos Brigade to blame." Gasper spoke up trying to help Rias feel better.

"Yes, it is… Itachi-senpai." Koneko said Itachi's name under her breath.

"I wonder… we might have to dive into Itachi's psyche. It might not be easy to do, but it's our key to find him. Hopefully, bring him out, Itachi went through a full transformation." Azazel got off the wall, "I'm sure when he got angry and lost control. His old memories are probably what help fuel it. For many generations of White and Red Dragon emperors. They always sought more power at the cost of their lives. The trigger through transformations has always been losses. Now I won't pry, but I hope you guys know what it is."

The others all flinched and Rias's eyes widen. They had to get into Itachi's psyche and figure out how to get Itachi out.

"Is he trapped inside his own mind or something?" Rias asked confused about Itachi's situation.

"Yes, and no, and what I mean by that is. That something happened to him mentally where he might be trapped. By someone or something, not only that but his body forced the coma. It's one of our body's last-ditch efforts to save our minds." Azazel opened his eyes and narrowed it, "There are many who could have done this. Though there has been only one kami Itachi seriously pissed off. It's none other than…"

"Loki." Rias narrowed his eyes which made caused everyone else's eyes to widen.

"How is that possible? I thought Itachi sealed him away with his sword?!" Rossweisse who was there was surprised to hear this.

"Ophis if you could be a dear." Azazel said as Ophis who was floating above them all caused everyone to jump.

"Sure." Ophis held her hand up as a dark fragment of Itachi's sacred gear was of a black color to it, "I'm sure Loki placed this curse on Itachi, when Itachi was at his happiest. Once he felt the loss of the people, he hold closets. Is when the curse would activate putting him in a coma forever."

"How do we break it!" Issei stood up as he glared at the all-powerful infinite dragon god of infinity.

"Simple, find his broken psyche and bring it back to his mind. Find the piece of Loki which is within Itachi and beat it." Ophis held up a finger though, "Warning though, if you fail to beat Loki, you'll permanently be stuck in his psyche and be in a coma for the rest of your own life."

"W-Why are you helping us?" Akeno asked wearily. Akeno knew who Ophis was, and she wasn't someone she could easily trust.

"If I am to recruit him, I need him mobile." Ophis simply stated which everyone jumped at. No one even sensed her presence in the room until she spoke up. "He was able to keep Madara on his toes, and Madara is the strongest asset I have to my cause. To make him try, definitely makes me want him part of my group."

"Whatever." Rias stood up and went into the room where Itachi was asleep, "Wait." Rias turned to everyone, "How do we even get into his psyche…"

"That's very easy to do, even Azazel or your brother could do it." Ophis floated into Itachi's room and floated over his bed. Rias and the others quickly followed into the room, even if they got help from the enemy. Compared how to Itachi talked about Madara, oh what was that saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend… wait that's not right.

The enemy of their friend is my ally?

Yeah, that made no sense. Rias quickly shook her head of the stupid notion; all she wants is to Itachi to wake up.

"Then why do we need your help?" Irina asked confused as to why Ophis was needed.

Ophis placed her hands onto Itachi's head, and she looked at the others, "I can take in as many people in. I won't go as I need to keep the spell on, so who wants to go."

In Itachi's Psyche

"Man… this is Nii-san's mind?!" Issei shouted looking around confused and shocked beyond belief.

"Yeah… it's a lot different from what I thought it be." Irina said as a random crow landed on her shoulder.

"You think after training so hard; I would be able to help Itachi-Nii." Asia said with a downcast tone. She hoped she would be strong along with her sacred gear would work next time. She tried to heal Itachi from the inside, but it was too much for Asia to handle.

Issei placed a hand on Asia's back trying to cheer her up, "You did what you can Asia, I'm just glad you're safe. I'm sure Nii-san would be glad you tried."

Asia noted that trying to heal Itachi of his caliber. Was far too straining on her body, but mainly her being pregnant. That didn't help her either, her own brain and body consciously limited her abilities. Her body didn't want to push itself too hard, because the baby could have been at risk.

"I thought it be… somewhat brighter, well again he is usually monotone all the time." Rias placed her arms on the hem of her shirt. Rias knew the pain Itachi went through during his past life. Even if he has new memories and had a better life here. It still wasn't that simple for Itachi to forget all those memories.

Currently, Itachi's psyche was dark and gloomy, but then there were parts that were brighter. Then again, Azazel did say his psyche was shattered due to the amount of strain that was put on his body. The group were told by Azazel that they had to go into his mind and find his memories. They would have to grab them and put them back together for Itachi, which would have taken longer for Itachi to do himself. There was Rossweisse, Rias, Akeno, Asia, Irina, Kiba, Issei, Koneko, and Kuroka were in Itachi's psyche.

Rias off in the distance found a glowing shard on the ground. Rias said, "Hey, check this out." Rias ran off with everyone following, Rias came up to a shard that was glowing white. However, it had a dark aura floating around it.

Rossweisse eyes widened as she placed a hand on it, "This is Norse Magic… just like what Ophis said… it was Loki indeed who did this." This made Rias grip the hem of her shirt even tighter. If she could, she would have destroyed him a hundred times over. No one does this to her servant and gets away with it!

"How do you disperse it?!" Akeno asked hoping she could help.

"It's simple you have to get the personality who is tied to this shard to come with you to fix the person's…" However, before the Valkyrie could finish the shard jumped out of her hands.

The shard took the form of another Itachi who seemed to have a sad look on his face. Before anything could happen, Rias forgetting what Rossweisse just said. She jumped at Itachi with tears in her eyes, "ITACHI! YOU BIG DUMMY! STOP SCARING ME LIKE THIS!"

Itachi didn't react and Rias just looked up at him confused. Just then tears began to well up in Itachi's face, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Itachi got out of Ria's grip and fell onto the ground and curled up, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! It just hurts! I'm SORRY!" The Itachi on the ground was crying up a storm which everyone blankly stared at.

Rossweisse walked over and patted Itachi on the head, "This is one of his personalities, this is sadness." Rossweisse looked at the others, "Depending on who it is, one or a few of you could be tied to this emotion. If you are the right person, you would help convince the memory to follow. When I mean follow, I mean to turn into a shard that follows its way back to the core."

"Why so he reacted to me… do I make him sad?!" Rias's eyes widened when Itachi looked up with tears in his eyes and nodded his head.

"It was when the big bad bully Loki killed you! It made me sad… to lose the person I love!" Itachi had tears in his eyes as he began to cry again. Rias felt touched by this when Akeno and Irina looked at this Itachi annoyed. Rias 1, Irina 0, Akeno 0. Itachi looked over at Irina.

"What about me Nii-san?"

Sad Itachi looked up at Issei and said, "You make me cry internally when you act like an idiot pervert." Sad Itachi said bluntly at Issei.

"UGH!" Comically the word 'pervert' on the arrow shot into his heart as he fell on the ground.

Kiba walked over patting Issei's shoulder, "There, there."

Asia walked over and knelt down to Sad Itachi, "It's okay Nii-san let's get going." Asia said with a smile, however, Sad Itachi ignored her, "Huh?"

Rossweisse then said, "Well it makes sense, though I wonder if you would spark the opposite of Sadness. Maybe you make him happy." Rossweisse smiled which Asia seemed to smile outwardly, even though inside she was upset that she couldn't do anything to help.

"So… what do we ask of Sad Itachi?" Rias asks looking at Rossweisse.

"Simple, just convince him to take you to the broken psyche." Rossweisse looked at Itachi who then looked up at her.

"Are you okay Rossweisse?" Sad Itachi asked which surprised Sadness was tied to Rossweisse.

"Yeah, I am fine, but why are you tied to me?" Rossweisse looked at Itachi a little confused.

"Huh? Oh yeah, it made me feel sad when you were crying about Odin leaving you behind." Sad Itachi said without hesitation which Rossweisse felt the world around her break.

Suddenly she was also curled up facing away from everyone with a depressed cloud over her head.

Rias sighed and walked over and placed a hand on Sad Itachi's head, "Can you take us to your broken psyche? We want to help you Itachi."

Sad Itachi looked up at Rias and said, "Sorry, you're not the one who tied to this emotion."

Risa was taken back by that, and Rossweisse stood back up trying to gather herself. She walked over and said, "It has to be someone strongly tied to this emotion, otherwise it won't budge."

Issei walked over hanging his head, "It is me Nii-san?"

"No." Sadness Itachi flatly said which made Issei let a sigh of relief out.

Koneko's head swiveled to Irina, "Irina-senpai… I think this might be you."

"What!? Me?" Irina's eyes widened at this, but then it hit her, "Wait… I think I know why." Irina looked down at her forearms. She bit her lip, "I see…" Irina walked over to Itachi and placed a hand on his head rubbing it.

"That's so weird." Issei said seeing his big brother like this.

"Itachi…" Irina had a small smile appear on her face, "Take me to your core."

Sad Itachi looked up at Irina and began to disperse into a white energy blob. The fragment turned the entire landscape into a memory. Which Irina remembered all too well along with everyone else. Everyone saw the scene where Itachi found Irina on the ground bleeding out. Sad Itachi appeared, he didn't play the memory. It was just Itachi who held Irina in his arms, "This is the saddest moment, this broke my heart. To see one of my best friends, that I've known for years to break like this. This was like my friend Shisui, when I lost him. He killed himself to save the village."

Irina understood, she wanted to know more about this Shisui later. Irina walked up to Sad Itachi, and she kissed him. Surprising everyone in the room along with Rias. Once their lips parted Irina said, "I'm sorry Itachi… I never meant to make you feel sad before. In this life too, but I promise to never do it again. As long as I live, I'll do my best to make you happy. I love you." Sad Itachi smiled as he then turned into the white shard and floated into Irina's hands.

Rossweisse then walked up and said, "Keep it safe until we reach the center, let's go." Everyone began to file out the memory where there was a door. Any door was going to work as they exited. However, Irina was the last one out. She turned her head to see her dying body in Itachi's arms, "Never again… I swear it Itachi. I'll make sure I never make you sad again!" Irina closed her eyes and turned away from the memory. She had to accept that she did it and made Itachi sad.

Once they all got out, they saw the sky where the memory took place seem to fix itself. It was a memory that was important to Itachi. So, it turned into a shard and Irina picked it up and held onto it.

"Well let's continue we need to save him Nya!" Kuroka finally chimed in which everyone looked at her.

"Where did you go off to?" Rias glared at Kuroka, granted she switched sides. Rias still didn't trust her one bit.

Kuroka smiled as she held out four more white glowing shards. She placed one on the ground and an Itachi appeared. However, this Itachi had a monotone look on his face which reminded everyone of Koneko's face when Issei acted like a pervert, "So what Itachi is this?" Kuroka leaned into him, but got no reaction, "Phooey."

"Alright let's get this over with." Issei walked up to Itachi but got no reaction.

Asia, Akeno, Rias, Kiba, Rossweisse, and Irina all walked up but got no reaction. Itachi didn't react to anyone, "Wait… what does that mean if he didn't react to anyone?" Rias looked at Rossweisse worriedly.

"It means whatever emotion this is, this doesn't correspond with us… that's stranger. I know there is joy, sadness, disgust, lust, and anger." Rossweisse tried to put what emotion this could be, but she had no idea, "Let's just try another." Rossweisse said while gesturing for Kuroka to place another.

Kuroka did so as a shard took the form of another Itachi. This Itachi had a bright smile on his face, "Hello everyone! I'm Joy! Nice to meet all of you!" Joy Itachi began to twirl around like a ballerina.

"Oh my!" Akeno giggled placing a hand over her mouth trying not to laugh. She wasn't going to let Itachi live this one down.

"AAAARRRRRGGHHHH! MY EYES! THEY BURN!" Issei shouted falling to his knees. This was part of Itachi he didn't want to see!

"Wow… I don't think I've ever seen Itachi this happy before." Rias was a little surprised since Itachi was interacting with everyone.

"But who has the strongest tie?" Kiba asked as he looked at everyone.

Just then Joy Itachi ballerina jumped next to Issei, "Come on little brother dance with me!" Joy Itachi grabbed Issei's hands and began to dance with him. Asia placed a hand over her mouth trying not to laugh along with everyone else.

"I think we know who Joy Itachi is strongly attached to." Asia smiled happily to see the two dancing. It makes sense since Itachi holds family above most others.

Just then Joy Itachi popped up behind Asia, "Oh Asia! How is my new little sister doing! Oh~!" Joy Itachi placed a hand on Asia's stomach causing her to blush, "How is my new little niece or nephew coming along! Will I have any more in the future!" Asia was blushing trying to hide her face as Issei was just standing there with a dazed look on his face.

"I guess he's happy about that, it makes sense huh?" Rias smiled, "I wondered if he be happy if I was carrying his child." Rias said to herself.
"Ara? Buchou you're so bold." Akeno giggled as she looked at Rias which everyone else looked at her.

"W-WHAT?" Rias's face began to heat up as she looked at everyone, she did not realize she said that out loud, "L-let just sees IF THEY'RE THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THIS!" Rias turned away trying to hide her blushing face.

Joy Itachi just interacting with Asia and Issei began to disperse forming a memory Itachi had. Everyone saw baby Itachi and baby Issei together, even though Itachi was a few seconds earlier. It seemed this was the happiest moment for Itachi, then it struck everyone. He even remembered everything even during his baby years.

"Wow, Nii-san even remember everything even from when we were babies." Issei was a bit emberassed. Just then the shard fell into Issei's hand, this allowed the group to leave. When they walked over the one Itachi who wasn't reacting to anyone continued to follow them.

"Yeah, you two were so adorable!" Rias squealed seeing baby Itachi, it made her feel better.

"Ara, I'll say." Akeno smiled as suddenly felt something grope her butt, "Ara~?" She turned around to find Itachi groping her butt, "Oh my! Itachi! How bold~!" Akeno blushed.

Itachi leaned in with a smirk on his face. One hand on her butt and another was placed onto her breasts, "Hey there Akeno, I think this is the first time we've met? Well… personality-wise." Akeno began to giggle and moan at Itachi's touch.

"Wow this one is stronger; he can act on his own. As well as being aware of himself being an emotion." Rossweisse had a tint of pink staining her cheeks, "Watching those Itachi groping her is making me… WHAT AM I SAYING!"

Rias looked at Itachi with an annoyed look on her face along with Irina. Irina walked up and said, "Itachi what do you think you're." Just then a hand groped Irina and grabbed her butt, "AHHH~?"! She began to blush and moan as she turned her head. Another Itachi was behind her and Akeno at the same time. Lust Itachi knew how to make shadow clones.

"Don't worry Irina! I made a shadow clone, so you aren't left out!" Lust Itachi said with a smirk as he looked at Akeno and Irina. Just the original Lust Itachi spotted his target and created a clone to take care of Akeno.

"Nya~! Itachi!" Kuroka moaned out as a Lust Shadow Clone was groping her, and she enjoyed it.

Rias puffed her cheeks out angrily and jealously just then a hand grabbed her butt and her chest, "H-Hey! Ahhh~!" Rias turned her head to find the original Lust Itachi groping her.

"Hey there Rias, my beloved!" Itachi smiled as he leaned wanting to hold her close to him.

Koneko began walking over and punched all the clones. She finally walked over to the original Lust Itachi and said, "Itachi-senpai… pervert."

Lust Itachi simply smiled as he patted her head, "Don't worry Koneko-chan you're cute too, but you've already taken."

Koneko punched Lust Itachi off of Rias and said, "Stupid, perverted Ecchi Itachi-Senpai."

"Lucky pretty boy! Where the hell was this side of him all these years!" Issei shouted upset as he clenched his hand into a fist. He had tears streaming down his face, "We could have been doing all these perverted things together! Peeking together! Finding out if he was a boob or ass man!"

Koneko winded up her fist.

*WHAM*! Issei was sent flying twenty feet as the ground made sure to stop Issei.

Thank you, friction.

"Well, that's not what I expected, at least from Itachi." Irina said with a blush, trying to forget the feeling of Itachi feeling her up.

"How cruel!" Lust Itachi got back on his feet, "I'm just trying to show the beauties of Rias's peerage how amazing they are! I mean have you seen their racks come on! They're just asking to be groped!"

"YES!" Issei shouted in the back as he fist-pumped the air, "I knew he was a boobs guy!" Issei cried tears of happiness. Irina and Rias were the only ones to blush, but Kuroka and Akeno were the only ones giggling and smiling.

Lust Itachi came walking back to the group, "Well, what can I help you four lovely ladies with today?" Itachi said with a smile on his face which also had a lecherous look.

"I thought it was an Issei thing, apparently that disgusting lecherous look is hereditary." Koneko said with an annoyed tone in her voice. She couldn't believe Issei and Itachi had the same lecherous looks.

"Well, we need you to take us to the core of your mind Itachi. We want to help you, we'll save you." Rias pleaded as she looked at the Lust Itachi in the eyes. She was doing what she could to try to get him to listen.

"Well, well, well, hold it there buddy." Another Itachi shard dropped from Kuroka's hands, "This is disgusting, we can't have them go there. The entire place is destroyed and shattered, as being an Itachi we should do it ourselves."

"Sure, whatever you say, you're the weakest out of all of us." Lust Itachi chuckled as everyone stared at the two Itachis arguing.

Just then the one Itachi that was mute the entire time said, "Shut up both of you! This isn't the time! Kami you all piss me off!"

Everyone deadpanned at the Angry Itachi, well at least no one interacted with him. Meaning he doesn't hate anyone. It's just no one caught onto how much Itachi hates himself.

Just then Issei said, "Come on Itachi-Nii we need help take us there, please." Lust Itachi stayed quiet, thank kami.

Just then Disgust Itachi plugged his nose, "Back up a bit, your breath stinks man."

"W-WHAT?! HEY! I BRUSH MY TEETH!" Issei shouted at Disgust Itachi as he waved his hand in front of his face.

"Yeah, says the one who ate garlic breath and went to bed the other night and didn't brush." Disgust Itachi scrunched his nose up.

"So, that's what made his breath smell. Well, I like garlic bread." Asia said with a small smile.

Issei had a depressed cloud appear above his head.

"Back to what I was asking, how about Itachi~?" Rias added a hint of sultry in her voice as she lifted her skirt up a bit for Lust Itachi. Issei went to look to brighten his spirits up, but Lust Itachi dive kicked Issei in the face sending him another twenty feet away.

Thank you, friction.

Lust Itachi ran up and looped his arm around Rias's and said, "I'll lead the way!" He cheered leading everyone towards the center of the mindscape, "While we're walking the further in, we go. We come across stronger and stronger personalities! Sad is the second weakest here; Anger is actually the weakest. Meaning he can only interact with us other personalities, then its disgust, and then." Itachi was cut off when they arrived, "Hey we're here."

Rias then looked at Itachi and said, "Wait… you're angry at yourself?" Rias looked at Lust Itachi confused.

"Lust! Shut up! I swear I'll send you to your grave!" Anger screamed at Lust, but Lust ignored him.

Everyone found a plain and simple child Itachi sitting on the ground. He looked up at everyone with lifeless eyes, "Oh… is this Itachi… why does he look so lifeless?"

"I don't know, we were all ejected out of his main core. We haven't been able to get it." Lust Itachi scratched his head.

"Well, that's the thing." Joy Itachi walked in front of everyone, "It's simple really, we'll need to be put back in him. However, we got some unruly people in here." Joy Itachi looked up at a figure floating above everyone.

"Loki." Rias glared up at the god with annoyance and anger.

"Loki why are you still doing this, you should stop this immediately." Rossweisse yelled at him, but he merely chuckled as he lifted his hand into the air. Suddenly the world shattered again and Sad Itachi shard shot into Loki's hand. Then Disgust, Anger, Lust, and Joy Itachi have all turned into shards once again. They were all absorbed into Loki who transformed into the Vanishing Dragon Balance Breaker: Scale Male.

Loki had the helmet disappear for a moment so they could see his face. A smirk appeared across his face, and he said, "Come and try and stop me, in this world, I am Kami-sama here. Itachi can't even think or control his own body anymore. I have him happily in a world that he once lost. The memory fragments I stole were all of his present-day ones. He won't remember a single one of you."

"Let me Nii-san go!" Issei shouted as he powered up to his own Balance Breaker.

"We won't let you get away with this Loki! If I could have, I'd annihilated you myself!" Rias shouted at the Norse God. She was angry, no livid, no one lays a hand on her servants! No one! Especially her Itachi! Rias had an aura of destruction energy appear around her as she glared daggers at him.

Everyone glared up at him, but he simply snapped his fingers causing their powers to disappear. Issei fell out of his balance breaker, "Simple mortals, you will all cease to exist once I've claimed over Itachi's mind." Loki smirked as he floated down towards everyone, "What you feel in here, will be real even if it is just Itachi's mind." Loki slammed his knee into Issei's stomach. Then twirled around and kicked Kiba in the face.

Koneko boxed rush Loki and her punch landed home, but he didn't budge. He smirked and grabbed her face with his hand and slammed her to the ground. The others all engaged trying to fight him, but Loki simply toyed with them. He grabbed Kuroka's tails and spun her around smacking Rias, Koneko, and Issei to the ground. Rossweisse went to fight, but he simply slammed his fist into her right temple.

Akeno flew up and tried to deliver an ax kick, but Loki simply dodged to the side. He simply brought his leg up and slammed his heel onto her head. Akeno fell to the ground with a loud thud and Loki turned to everyone, "So? Still got more in ya?" Loki smirked as he lifted his hand up with a taunting cackle.

Rias and the others were on the ground tired and bruised. Rias had a bruised lip and a gash on her forehead. The damage felt real to them, even if it was all in Itachi's head, "Oh, did I forget to mention that if you die in here… you'll die out there? Well at least not right away, you'll be stuck in Itachi's body forever! No one can stop me! No one!"

Rias and the others felt completely hopeful, their powers disabled, and their wounds and bruises feeling real. They were tired and beaten, and Asia on the side was unable to do anything. She was worried for everyone's safety and the safety of her unborn child. Rias turned her head to see the child Itachi sitting there staring at the fight, "I-Itachi." Rias muttered as she crawled over to him, "P-Please… c-come back… I-I can't live without you. You and the others… make up my world… without you. I can't have that world… not unless I have everyone… please." Rias begged Itachi to wake up.

"How disturbing." Loki smirked as he walked over to Rias who had both her hands on Itachi's cheeks, "Well I guess you can be the first to go. You should have died when I did kill you, guess second times the charm."
"Please Itachi, I need you." Rias said again as she continued to hug and clench on the child version of Itachi.

With Itachi in his own Subconscious

"I'm sorry little brother, but this is it for me." Itachi as an Edo Tensei pulled Sasuke into a final hug placing his forehead to his, "If I had been open with you from the start… and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn't have had to stand before you, from above, as a failure, telling you all of this. So, this time, I want to impart this truth to you… You don't ever have to forgive me. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always."

Sasuke watched as Itachi began to disappear and leave, for the last and final time.

With Itachi not knowing that this was going to never return. Just then before Itachi left Sasuke said, "P-Please… c-come back… I-I can't live without you. You and the others… make up my world… without you. I can't have that world… not unless I have everyone… please."

Before Itachi floated away he looked at Sasuke as he stood there. Itachi looked at him confused seeing his little brother say those words. Yet, his brother's words were that of a girl, "What's going on that can't be right. Why does he sound like a girl all of a sudden? Shouldn't have I gone away yet?" Itachi looked around to see what was going on until he saw a child version of himself off in the corner of the cave. Itachi peered into the lifeless eyes of his past self, "What is going on?" Just then Itachi felt memories returning to him seeing a girl with red hair, blue eyes, then another with black hair and violet eyes. Along with a bunch of other people that he apparently knew.

Itachi fell on one knee feeling a lot of the memories returning to him. He saw himself conversing with these people he has never seen before. Yet, he couldn't remember their names for the life of him. Itachi continue to float closer, but every time he got closer. He heard another voice in his head telling him to rest. To finally rest, that it was his time, but he wanted to know why he saw himself. Itachi fought to ignore it and continued further closer to his child-like self when a bright flash appeared in front of him.

Itachi stopped hearing everything as he saw his father, mother, and Izumi standing there in front of him, "Kaa-san? Tou-san? Izumi…" Itachi felt his heart waver and shake.

Mikoto walked up to her son and placed a hand on his cheek, "It's time to rest my son, you've done enough for this world. Come on let's go." Mikoto smiled as she knelt down and grabbed his hands. She helped him stand back up, she looked up at him and smiled, "You've grown up so much, my dear Itachi."

"Come on Itachi, you've done our village greatness! Come let's rest together." Izumi still a child came walking up, and Itachi found himself back at the tender age of 13.

Itachi looked up as his father walked up and placed a hand on his head, "I'm so proud of you Itachi, you and Sasuke are the best sons I could have ever asked for. Thank you for continuing to look after him." Itachi seemed to have forgotten the younger version of himself who were curled up behind his parents and Izumi.

The four began to walk away with Izumi wrapped her arms around Itachi and Mikoto and Fugaku smiling down at Itachi. The group began to leave, but Itachi turned his head ever so slightly as he heard, "Please Itachi, I need you." Itachi turned his head back and saw the curled-up version of himself again, "Itachi what's wrong?" Izumi tilted her head to Itachi confused.

Itachi gently removed his arm from Izumi's hold. He continued to walk back to that other version of himself. Who is he, what is he? Why is he there? Itachi began to walk quicker than that younger Itachi. Not only that, but Itachi found himself growing up again. He continued to walk closer and closer as he touched his younger self.

Then there was a bright flash of white.

Back with Rias

Loki brought fist down to finish off Rias, and Rias refused to give up on Itachi and held onto him tighter. Just then there was a bright flash as Rias found herself standing up as an arm began to wrap around her. Rias dried up her tears as she looked up to find Itachi looking down at her and smiled. He had his left hand out which stopped Loki's advances to killing Rias.

Itachi looked at Loki and frowned, "I see beating you the first time didn't matter, apparently imprisoning you for eternity in the Toushka didn't mean anything to you." Itachi pushed Loki's arm causing him to stumble back. Itachi wrapped his arms around Rias protectively, as then a red spectral Susanoo began to form around him which multiple arms sprouted. They all reached out and grabbed everyone and placed them within the Susanoo protectively, "You may be the Norse Kami of Mischief, but that's all you ever will be."

Loki snarled at him, "I cannot die! I am Loki! A Kami-Sama!" Loki's eyes twitched as if he was going mad, "Don't you dare look down on your Kami-sama!" Loki fired a blast of magic at Itachi's Susanoo.

The attack never hit as it veered off the path and slammed right into Loki's face. This caused him to stumble back, Itachi began to walk towards Loki. (A/N: Think of his walk being that of when Bardock turned super Saiyan against Lord Chill). Itachi glared the so-called Kami down, "Tell me something Loki, you may be an actual Kami-sama and everything but riddle me this." Itachi stopped his advances when he was within arms reach of Loki who stared at him in horror. Itachi held his right arm up to Loki and spread his fingers out, "What's a Kami-sama to a non-believer."

Loki could only snarl at Itachi, Itachi's eyes began to spin into his EMS. Loki noticed red magical energy floating in his eyes. A purple aura erupted around Itachi, and his eye spun again into his Rinnegan. Itachi simply said, "Now perish, as time for your time is up." Hakai! Everyone watched as Loki held his hand up as his hand disintegrated to ashes. Soon his legs, his other arm, and soon his head. He fell into a clump of ashes which then Itachi imagined him gone. Itachi turned his head to everyone else and smiled, "With that, any more traces of Loki should be gone. Using my Rinnegan abilities, I control time and space. I simply sped up Loki's life, causing him to die quickly."

Before Itachi could finish Rias launched herself at him as she wrapped her arms around him, "You're back! My Itachi! You're back!" Rias cried with tears as Irina, Kuroka, and Akeno ran up hugging Itachi.

"Yeah, I'm glad to be back, sorry it took me so long. That was a pretty strong curse." Itachi scratched his cheek, "Sorry for worrying you all."

Akeno let a sigh of relief out as she held onto Itachi's arm, "I'm glad you're back Itachi, it be saddening for you to go."

"Yeah, we missed you even if it was only a day." Irina smiled as she captured his lips surprising Itachi.

"Hey! Irina!" Rias shouted annoyed with her knight's advancements on Itachi.
"Ara, Ara well I'm not letting this chance go! Time for the real war!" Akeno placed both hands on Itachi's cheeks and kissed him on the lips. Akeno snuck her tongue in as well which Itachi returned unconsciously.

"AKENO!" Rias stammered glaring at her queen.

"Nya, come on Itachi wake up so we can make a bunch of kittens!" Kuroka purred out as she jumped onto his back.

Rias began to puff her cheeks out as she shouted, "Muuuu! How many times do I need to tell you! Itachi is mine!" Rias jumped and tackled Itachi to the ground.

Then there was a big white flash as everyone was pulled out of Itachi's conscious allowing everyone to wake up.

Real World

Itachi opened his eyes to find a girl staring at him. It was none other than Ophis, "Ahh you're finally awake, seems like everyone helped fix your psyche. It was pretty messed up thanks to Loki's curse."

Itachi blinked a couple of times, but he sighed, Itachi sat up in bed to find the others waking up, Azazel rubbed his chin and smiled, "Welcome back to the world of the living, seems like the Loki problem was all taken care of."

Itachi closed his eyes and nodded his head, "Yes, he was, I made sure he wouldn't bother us again." Itachi's eyes then looked over to Rias, she slowly opened her eyes. Once she was coherent her eyes widen along with a smile adorning her face.

"Itachi! You're finally awake! Thank goodness!" Rias shot up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Rias happily pulled Itachi into her chest and hugged him possessively, "I was so worried, I thought you might not ever wake up again." Rias had tears running down her cheeks.

"Even after all I've gone through, she even now still stays by my side." Itachi remembering his mother's words in his head, "One day Itachi, it might not be now, tomorrow, or even fifty years from now. I'm certain you'll find someone who you'll come to love. That person will help you bear all that pain you have built up." Itachi then remembers Mikoto pushing her index finger into his chest. She was referring to his heart. Itachi looked at everyone who was not standing up from their slumber. Itachi felt touched by everyone's help, "Thank you, everyone, you helped me come back. Though I must apologize for how… my one personality acted." Itachi was referring to Lust Itachi which everyone who was in there knew what he was talking about.

"You're back and that's what matters is you're back." Issei was glad to see his big brother fine and awake.

"How long was I out?" Itachi asked scratching the back of his head.

"Only a day, but I'm sure you'll be fine." Azazel smirked as he walked up to the club Rias leads, "Now that we're all present, I'd be happy to announce that I'm your teacher who oversees your activities." Azazel rubbed his finger under his nose which Rias's eye widen at this new revelation, "By Sirzechs himself asked me to look after you guys and got me a job here as Superintendent! Rossweisse here as a job as a history teacher." Azazel then gestured to her.

Rossweisse bowed a bit, "I'll be in your care! Thank you! I also decided on joining Rias's peerage too, so I'm grateful for the opportunity!"

"Well, what is there to do now?" Itachi asked raising an eyebrow wondering what was there to do. There was still Madara and the Khaos Brigade, so what was going to happen.

So far, training seemed to come to Itachi's mind.

"Well, you're in luck! I've also been told by Sirzechs to help evolve your sacred gears. As well as help you all train and get stronger." Azazel smirked again while pointing at himself, "I'll be assisting in a lot more in foreseeable future!"




Azazel chuckled as he motioned both of his arms at everyone to tone it down, "Now come on no need to be so excited let's all calm down now." Azazel completely ignored everyone's disappointment in him being their teacher for the club.

Just then the door opened, "Itachi! Is Itachi okay!" Miki came running in with a suitcase full of medicines for Itachi, "Where's my baby!" She shouted in a panic.

Gorou came walking in, "Come on honey, Sirzechs already told us they had it handled. Look." He gestured to Itachi who was up and currently Rias was holding Itachi to her bosom.

The two both began to cry and began praying together, "Thank Kami!" Gorou had tears running down his cheeks, "My son is going to be a man!"

"Now we don't have to worry about being too old when we have grandkids!" Miki began to smile happily. Miki got off her knees and ran over to Rias and grabbed her hands, "Please help Itachi have many grandchildren!" Rias blushed as Itachi only facepalmed.

Itachi wanting to advert the attention to him and Rias he said, "Kaa-san, Tou-san, Asia is pregnant with Issei's kid."

"YOU SON OF A!" Issei couldn't finish as Itachi teleported himself and Rias out of the underworld and back to their house. Before Issei knew it Miki was hugging Asia and Gorou was crushing Issei in a giant bear hug.

The two parents of the Hyoudou boys screamed at the top of their lungs that they were going to be grandparents.

With Itachi

"Did you have to do that to Issei and Asia?" Rias raised an eyebrow and smirked as she sat on Itachi's.

Itachi could only shake his head and sigh, "That is something I do not feel like dealing with right now. Besides, I'd rather take it one step at a time."

"I see." Rias began to blush a bit realizing she was finally alone with Itachi in his room. Itachi who was sitting next to her sat in silence enjoying the quiet between the two. Rias lunged forward and tackled Itachi to the bed. She laid in the bed and brought Itachi close to her.

"What are you doing?" Itachi asked as he looked up since his face were right in front of Rias's breasts.

"I want to be close to my servant, is that so wrong?" Rias gave Itachi a sultry smile which Itachi could only smile back at her.

"If that's what you wanted you could have just asked." Itachi moved up on the bed, so he was face to face with Rias. Rias was taken back by the advancement that Itachi made to her. Itachi pulled her into a hug which Rias happily returned.

Then Rias felt Itachi shake a bit, "Huh? Itachi… what's wrong? You're shaking."

Itachi closed his eyes as some tears ran down his face. The tears quickly stopped as he took a deep breath. He gently broke the hug as he moved in and kissed Rias. Rias didn't resist and kissed back harder with Itachi returning the strong embrace. Once they broke for air Itachi waited for Rias to control her labored breathing. Itachi said, "Rias… there's something I want to tell you."

Rias's eyes widen a bit as she felt her cheeks warm more than usual. She leaned in and listened intensely to what Itachi was going to say, "I-is he asking me out?! T-This has been something I-I've been waiting this entire time! If it is yes! Yes! Of course, I will!" Rias just needed to hear those words from his mouth.

"Y-you're k-knee i-is in my groin." Itachi mumbled out which Rias's eyes widen end and looked down.

She found her knee buried into Itachi's groin. Now that she got a better look at his face, his face was scrunched up a bit with pain. He does too damn of a good job hiding a pained expression on his face, "SORRY!" Rias must have done it by accident from the sudden kissing. That's why he kissed back so hard. He must have hunched forward in pain.

After Itachi was given a moment to catch his breath and let his groin heal. He sighed and closed his eyes, and once he regained his composure. He brushed some hair away from Rias's face that was blocking his view of her beautiful face. Her white creamy skin, the blue glow of her eyes, and the way her hair perfectly framed her face.

He was trying to reset the mood, "As I was saying… Rias… I was wondering if you make me the happiest man alive." Rias tensed up a bit waiting for what was about to happen, "Would you become Mrs. Hyoudou and be the next chapter in my life?"

Itachi had to let Izumi go, even if she might be here now. That was then, this is now.

Rias's eyes became wide like saucers, "W-Whaaaaaa?!"

Itachi didn't expect that answer, "Uhhhh whaaaa?" Itachi said the last part the same way Rias did.

"I-I… I just d-didn't e-expect t-that! M-Marriage?!" Rias knew they were never dating, but to hear that Itachi wanted to marry her.

"Oh… I forgot that was a thing." Itachi momentarily forgot about the whole dating thing, "Okay a lot has happened recently. I just thought we've spent so much time together, training, fighting, and."

Just then Rias shook her head and smiled, "Just shut up!" She said with a big smile on her face as she kissed Itachi, and his arms wrapped around her. Once they broke their kiss, she pressed her forehead to his, "Yes… yes, I'll marry you." Rias smiled as she looked into Itachi's eyes. Itachi smiled as he unwrapped her arms from her waist and reached into his pocket.

"Then here." Itachi held up a small black box in between them, "I've had this for a while, just never knew when it was the right time." Itachi smiled as he held up a diamond ring. It wasn't out of this world, expensive, it didn't have hundreds of diamonds or rubies to match her hair. Itachi took it out and showed her in the engravings. It said, "A single gem was needed to banish the darkness within myself. You are my gem, you are my light."

Rias's eyes began to water as she read the sentence engraved into the ring. A lone tear ran down her cheek, "I-Itachi." Rias was choking, "I-I can't tell you how much this means to me." Rias put the ring on. Once she did, she extended her hand out and spread her fingers apart. A single sunray poked through the curtains in Itachi's room. Itachi gently moved her finger over towards the ray. When the beam of light hit the ring. Itachi's room lit up to one single gem on Rias's finger.

Who knew Itachi could be so poetic and romantic at the same time.

"Hey Rias, it's only 4:00 pm. You want to go out on a date?" Itachi suggested which Rias's eyes seem to brighten as she shot out of the bed.

"Okay, wait here!" Rias, taking off like a bat out of hell, disappeared into Itachi's closet. Itachi heard a bunch of fumbling around, hangers banging into one another, then a, *thumb* "Ow!" Rias's voice called out as a shoebox must have hit her head. Itachi only chuckled but waited patiently for his…

Fiancé to come out.

That word for Itachi sounded so right.

After a minute or so Rias came walking out with a bright smile on her face. She was wearing denim jeans that went down just above her knees. Then she had an overly large sweater that had a big collar that came out to her shoulders. The sweater was tan and had intricate patterns with swirls, lines, other accents.

Itachi stood up and smiled walking over to Rias. He simply placed a hand on her cheek and smiled, "You look wonderful Rias, though I'm surprised you didn't have me change with you." Itachi chuckled as he let his hand drop to his side as he went into the closet to change.

"Muuu! Shoot! I should have changed with you!" Rias stammered angrily at herself for not thinking of that idea.

Soon Itachi came out, he had a red shirt on with a black jacket that had its sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He had a pair of black denim jeans on, "Well I'm all ready to go, let's head out." Itachi extended his arm out as Rias latched onto it.

With that the two head out on their date.

Once they made it outside Risa asked, "What do you planned?" Rias had a pink hue on her cheeks when she asked. She was excited to see what Itachi had in store.

"You'll see." Itachi smiled as he poked the top of her forehead earning an angry pout from Rias.

Soon the two arrive at a karaoke place as Rias's eyes widen in glee, "Oh this should be fun!"

"I figured you might like it." Itachi and Rias walked into the place and bought their room. Itachi paid for a three-hour-long session. Itachi grabbed a microphone and so did Rias, "How about we start off with a duet, I've always wanted to try one."

Rias was a little surprised at how straightforward and happy Itachi was seeming right now, "Yeah! Let's!" Rias nodded her head as she took the microphone Itachi handed her.

Play the Song "Payphone" by Megan Nicole and Dave Days. (Yes, I know Maroon 5 created this song). (Think of this my own version of a anime music video, I'll have Itachi and Rias doing their date with this song playing in the background. I'll do moments where I'll transition back to their karaoke. I will use ** to transition between the date and their karaoke scene).

Rias and Itachi began to sing their song together with Risa being held in Itachi's hold. The two swayed back and forth singing the song as when the appropriate sex began singing.

Rias and Itachi are walking through the shopping center looking around. The two were looking at a map of the place to see where they wanted to go. Then Itachi pointed out a payphone that was off on the side. Rias was standing by a shop that had a British payphone that she stood by. Itachi took her picture by it, and a random bystander offered to take a picture of the two together.

Then the two continued making their way towards the mall, stopping at an arcade. The newly engaged couple made their way inside and made their way towards the Skee ball game. Where Itachi put some money in to play. He began to shoot some balls and did it with precise accuracy. Rias did the same and failed a few balls and got two in and missed another four more shots. She grew agitated and accidentally crushed the ball in her hand. Itachi deadpanned dragging her away from the machine as she pleaded for one more round.

The two then made their way towards the air hockey game. The two went at an intense game hitting the puck back and forth trying to score. Risa did her best, but Itachi easily countered her and stopped her from scoring often. Agitated Rias put too much strength into the one hit and shot the puck out of the arena.

Itachi had to duck otherwise, the puck would have knocked him out. For a human, it would have taken their head clean off. The bystanders saw the puck was embedded in the plywood walls. Rias chuckled embarrassingly as she shrugged her shoulders. Meanwhile, Itachi stared at Rias nervously making a mental note not to piss Rias off.

The two then made their way to a claw game where Rias saw an adorable Chibi white dragon plushie. Rias played a few games and failed on each one. So, before Rias could potentially break the game he took over. Itachi played the game once and got her the prize. Rias clapped happily and kissed Itachi as a reward.

The two had many jealous boys and girls looking at the two newly engaged couple.

Where there was room in the Karaoke room. Itachi, and Rias were doing a dancing together with Rias being spun around. When Rias face Itachi again she kissed Itachi on his cheek.

The two then found a movie and tv. They had loads of Rias's favorite movies and anime tv shows. She found Itachi buying her the second season of Dr. Stone: The Stone Wars. Then the two made their way towards the cosplay area. While Itachi was looking at some WWII documentaries Rias snuck up on Itachi with a dragon head-on. Itachi was spooked but he simply poked the forehead of the mask chuckling at Rias's antics.

Once done, the two left and made their way towards the cafeteria to eat. Itachi and Rias were ordering from Mc. Burgers and got the two meals. Rias was starving so she ended up getting an extra burger. So, Itachi got an extra two burgers with his meal. It made Rias feel better making her not seem like a glutton.
But then again, their fries are some of the best around.

Rias was drinking a vanilla milkshake he ordered for her. When she took a sip of it, she had a vanilla mustache on her face. He took his finger and dipped it into her milkshake and rubbed it on her chin. He then proceeded to call her whitebeard earning some pouting looks from Rias. Then a devilish look appeared on her face as she pulled Itachi towards her. She began to kiss him on the face, but her real goal was getting the vanilla all over Itachi's face.

Which she accomplished in doing.

It was dark out as the day for the two went by through town looking at more things to look at. The two passed many bakeries and other small shops which they stopped at got some. The two walked out enjoying their snack as they continued to walk and talk. While they walked they came to a busy intersection. They saw the streets had those lines on the road when they crossed.

Rias smiled as she made sure to only step on the white part of the street. Itachi only chuckled at her childish antics. He then walked ahead of Rias and knelt down. Rias smiled as she hopped onto his back as he gave her a piggyback ride. The two walked with Rias pointing at different things she saw and laughed. Rias was on cloud nine, and she could only keep going up.

The two soon made their way towards the park and the two stopped at the fountain in the middle. The two stood there as they looked up at the moon that shined down on the two.

The two both held their hands together knowing this was the place where they first met. The night Itachi and Issei died. That's what Itachi would have always thought if it wasn't for Rias and her peerage coming to their rescue. If anything, it was the first day Itachi ever laid eyes on Rias.

(Lower the music a bit) One of the strongest, hardheaded woman he ever met. He was glad he much such a wonderful person. Itachi looked back at the moon and smiled, "You know Rias, if it weren't for your selfish reasons to get out of that arranged marriage. I couldn't even think to see where Issei and I are now. So, thank you." Itachi laughed to himself as he turned his head to look at Rias.

She was cutely pouting at him for that comment.

"Idiot." Rias had her arms folded under her bosom.

"I know, but you're the idiot that fell for me." Itachi smiled as he leaned in and kissed Rias again on the lips.

Feeling the warm lips from Itachi made Rias's face heat up. It made her body scream for more every time they kissed. Once they separated Rias's eyes fluttered a bit as she stared back up at Itachi. She smiled, "You're the idiot that fell for this idiot, so I guess it's even huh?"

"I guess so…" Itachi looked up towards the starry night and then back at Rias as she looked up at the night sky, "Rias… I want you to know that you're the one and only one for me. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of eternity with you."

Rias feeling her heartbeat faster and her mind racing a million miles an hour. She at one point didn't even know how to respond again, but she knew. Itachi would always be there for her, Itachi would never leave her behind, "I love you Itachi, I promise to be the best wife I can possibly be. So, I want you to know that you'll never be alone again."

The two pulled each other into a hug and embraced one another. The two didn't let go. Once they separated Rias gave Itachi a sultry look and smiled. She winked at him, "So… since it's final now… why don't you come at me. I've been waiting for a long time for this." Itachi nodded his head and wrapped his arms around Rias. Rias leaned into his hold.

Itachi nodded his head agreeing where Rias wanted to take this to, "Well, then take it easy on me. I even now, I have no experience at all with this kinda stuff."

Rias only shook her head as she sighed, "I'm pretty sure that's my line, but who cares. Come on, I've been waiting a long time for this!" Rias teleported Itachi and herself to the Occult Research Club room. Rias placed a privacy barrier up, and Itachi placed up a silencing barrier.

A/N: Alright! The knot is tied, and the two are officially a couple. I honestly don't see the need to really hold out any longer. Does this mean kids? … no not yet and definitely not until the end of the Hero Arc. That reminds me, I need to find the manga somewhere I can read for free. So let me know if you guys know where. Without many ads, if possible, I will finish up the story really. Though, I do intend to add a surprise at the end. As for the harem goes. I'm keeping it a single pair.

I can already see the people typing in the comments section.

Lmao, I am just kidding. I promised it would be a harem and it is. The next step is for more Itachi to agree to the harem. As of right now he isn't fond of it. It will take the combined power of Akeno, Irina, Rossweissei, and Kuroka. More or less Rias will manage that, but that's basically it. So, before I get into spoilers or whatever the manga already holds. I am adding in my own kid that Issei and Asia have. I did decide that Asia and Issei will have twins. They're girls too, so start giving me some names. Uncle Itachi wants to know who his two new nieces are. I also DID NOT forget about Izumi and Madara. If you guys want… and it's the last one, I'll add Izumi but that's it. That, or I have other plans for Izumi. Lol anyways, that's all I wrote folks! Sage of Prophecy OUT! Ja Ne!