I do not like Bella's character in the Twilight series, in fact in annoyed me so much I have only read the first and not seen any of the films, as such any details I have gathered is from fanfictions as she can be presented in a totally different light, if people don't like this well sorry but there we are.

Captain Edward Cullen held, almost tenderly onto the wheel of his ship, Breaking Dawn he and his crew sailing from the east to the west, north to south never stopping more than a few nights in port and then only to reload or for a piece of warm flesh. He and his crew were ruthless and the type of pirates you hear in novels, dashing and dark they killed without mercy and with a cold smirk but when it came to the warmth of a woman beheld her as though she were the one. At least for that night. The helm in which they kept their supply's was always teaming with rum, wine, spirits, food and precious silks and Gems naturally taken from merchant ships as they sailed back from China and Japan. The captain proudly wore black breeches with a classic white ruffled shirt with a blood red long coat over it two long sword strapped to each waist and a pistol hanging from one strap on his left. His bronze hair was brushed back underneath a pirate hat which a gorgeous emerald peacock feather poking though it, his eyes matched as they surveyed his ship and crew.

Most of the men on his ship were those on their last leg, having been rescued from the gallows for a job on the Breaking Dawn each had to serve 5 years before having the pleasure to leave. He himself had been taken from a merchant ship that had carried gold from Spain to England, Captain Carlisle had given him two options speared through the heart and fed to the fishes or become a pirate. Fearing the pirates and their way of life but just having seen several of his shipmates on the end of the glistening blade made up his mind. He had worked hard before being promoted to first mate and then onto captain when Carlisle and his wife Esme had retired to England and taken up an estate. Over the years Edward had grown the reputation of being an expert swordsmen and running the most effective pirate crew consisting of 84 men two of which were Jasper Whitlock and Emmett no name. Emmett having being rescued from the gallows from thievery by Carlisle and Jasper having run away from an abusive family and making it barely on the streets. Together the three ruled the sea with coolness and cunning.

Allowing Jasper to take the wheel he started down the steps to the main deck and looked over the edge to gaze over the sea in all its glistening glory. "Captain" shouted a rough voice from his right, turning he viewed his left hand man to charge up to him. Emmett had a boyish charm that many a woman had fallen prey to, he had glistening blue eyes and dark blonde hair, tall at 6,3 with a muscular frame that spoke of hard labour and a cheery disposition Edward had rolled his eyes at the lust directed at his friends behaviour. Whereas shy and withdrawn when he was fist rescued he now stood tall and proud, smugness and cockiness displayed through his smirk and wearing brown breeches tucked into dark boots, red bandana around his head and a white shirt he was a classic image of a pirate right down to the twin pistols hanging from the left hip and silver long sword strapped to his right hip.

"What now?"

"Looks like a merchant ship, shall we detain its voyage?"

Edward looked over the starboard side and a grin graced his lips at the sight of the noble vessel just cresting the horizon.

"But of course, it would be rude to not extend our warmest welcome"

They glided closer and the rest of the crew gradually became aware and the nervous energy began appearing.

Jasper stood stock still, hands behind his back no doubt hiding the pistol that held his in initials, a present from the Captain after he made second in command. Blonde hair held back with a piece of twine and hazel eyes steady, solemn and silent he was a impeccable shot and ladies flocked when they heard the rich timber of his speak poetry to them.

Emmett began pacing against the side, rubbing his hands together and regaling those near him with tales of his success on how many bodies he could build up.

Other members of the crew began pacing and handling their weapons with more assurance as though convincing themselves of their presence. By this time the sailors saw the trouble heading their ways and Edward could see them dashing around the deck, pulling swords and guns on them, his eyes narrowed, this was no merchant ship.

By the time they were neck and neck their enemy were ready for them, clumped together, the lust for battle alight in their eyes, hands gripping weapons and some even jeering. The ship was small and sleek, designed to carry over short distances with speed and agility. It was not made for battle and endurance and as only a 28 gunner it was clearly not prepared for a raging war against the 54.

Cries went up as the pirates swung past, the grappling hooks attaching with no trouble and the cursing they created more pathetic than entertaining, the battle quickly commenced with the pirates being surprised at the strength of the opposition.

Edward found himself slicing through the crowd keeping one eye on his back and the other on his men, he was deadly with a blade and the men that came up to him found themselves wishing away at the first clang of the swords.

It was only when a mighty smash echoed across the deck that the battle froze and all eyes turned to see a body flying out of the galley window and landing heavily on the deck below. The face that was hiding in the shadows, was surrounded by dark curls. It was face that Edward found himself unable to look away from as it stepped forward and a young lady stepped out of the darkness.

She had a slim form highlighted by a dark red shirt and black pants with brown boots curving up her legs to settle above her knee. The chocolate curls were held back with a blue scarf that tied behind her ear.

She surveyed the deck that she'd just stepped out onto and smiled, red lips pulling away to show white teeth and she spoke clearly and slowly. As though she had caught her prey and was now savouring the moment.

"Well, it's about time we had some action, right boys?"

Just like that the battle was resumed.