Hello Old Friends!

Welcome to a different fandom or welcome to my first Tales Of Arcadia fanfiction.

I recently finished the whole TOA Saga except for Wizards and BOY- IT IS SO GOOD! I love it! ( Future me: I have now finished Wizards and I need to change some stuff in canon for this tale. )

Anyways, this is planned to be a one-shot but I'm not so sure. (Future Me: It's not a one-shot -_- )

Now getting into the story:

- so far its rated T or PG -13 ( cursing , underage drinking , cheating, and other stuff )

- the main characters and relationship are Jim and Krel (Krelake). But there are Jlaire scenes and mentions. There is also some Creep Slayerz but not much.

- This takes place a year after the events of Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards. However the tale is canon divergent in some areas, such as Jim still being some part Troll.

- Jim is 17 and Krel is 16, however in the Arkiridion years, Krel is older.

- Jim equips the Eclipse armor but is able to take it off.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Trollhunters , 3Below, Wizards, or Tales of Arcadia. I am merely a fan. ( IF I did, I would definitely place in more scenes and interactions between Jim and Krel ! )

TW: Underage Drinking

Part I : Bachata en Arkiridion - 5

This is it? I stood beside Toby, eyeing the place skeptically. Then my gaze shifted to my short friend as he shared the same look I did. However, it was quickly replaced with a wide smile as he began to laugh and exclaimed,

"Awesomesauce ~! "

He poked me with his elbow as I rolled my eyes. I didn't share the same excitement he had. I wasn't really annoyed but -nervous? I looked ahead at the nightclub before us.

There was loud music roaring through the walls and a line was formed right outside where people were talking and others were puking. I cringed in disgust , I don't think I'm quite ready for these kinds of parties yet. Besides, I'm not really /that/ into parties.

I noticed a big guy in black is standing at the entrance where colorful lights are flashing. The club named π”©π”žπ”―π”¬π”°π”ž was packed tonight.

" There is no way we are getting in there." I stated as I pulled on the amulet, my armor disappearing.

Toby turned to me quickly, his hammer decreasing in size in his hand. His now portable weapon being placed in his pocket as he switched it for his phone. He took pictures of the club and what seemed to be some selfies. He ignored me until I repeated my statement again.

Tobes blinked, " Whaaaaaaaa? Jimbo come on! It's an important Trollhunters mission. "

" Maybe Blinky got the wrong location. " I lied. I didn't want him to know how nervous I was, the light of the amulet glowing in my pocket. " I'll call him and then we can regroup and- "

" What if someone's in danger? Trollhunters always answer when called. " He said in a false serious tone. He seemed like he was hiding something.

This time I did roll my eyes in annoyance.

" You just want to go to the club. " I finally said and pointed a finger accusingly at him.

My short friend gasped, placing a hand on his chest as he shook his head.

" How dare you accuse me of just wanting to - partay! " He said the word in a sing song voice. He continued, "I'm worried about the safety of Arcadia's night club goers. Besides, Blinky is never wrong. " He broke eye contact with me and looked at the club again. His excitement shining brightly in his emerald orbs.

" You are a terrible liar. So this was all just a set up? " I sighed and chuckled slightly while he crossed his arms. I went to reach for my back pocket to dial Blinky but Toby quickly swatted my hand. He grabbed my other arm and held on to it. Shaking it, he put on a puppy face.

My best friend looked straight at me as he pleaded, " No Jimbo please! Come on dude. Think about it for a second. "

He shifted to place an arm around my shoulders and looked at the club. He also pushed my head so I could too. He raised his other hand, moving it with his continued speech,

" Imagine how cool we'll be if we sneak in. Oh! Plus we can meet some college girls." The 'girls' came out squeaked as he started to daydream. I frowned and snapped in front of his face pulling him out of it. He chuckled sheepishly, turning slightly red.

I spoke up, pulling my face away from his hold, " Did you forget that we are underage ? Or that I /have/ a girlfriend. "

I moved my hands from me to him for emphasis but failed to notice that he already started daydreaming again. I shook my head and gave up. I knew he wasn't listening to me and that there was no way of talking him out of this. Toby continued to beg and then explained,

" College is different. Things change. It's a whole new start, a brand new life." Tobes then said in a hushed tone. "Besides, we both know your relationship isn't in ...a good place right now..." I knotted my brows in irritation but he refused to look at me as he went on, "Think of this like early training Jim. Next year, we'll be heading off to college and wouldn't you like to have some experience before we do? Older chicks are crazier and- "

" Stop talking. " I stopped him before he had a chance to go more into detail.

I couldn't believe he was mentioning Claire now. This didn't have to do anything with her.

Besides, we're fine. Totally fine.

She said we can make it work with long distance just like Aja and Steve. Hmm maybe not the best example seeing as they aren't together anymore, my brain interrupted me as I grew worried. But you can't stop her, I thought for the thousandth time that week as a low angry growl came from me.

I guess Tobes knew what I was thinking about. He smiled smugly, " You know I'm right Jimbo. Come on, let's have some fun like them good ole days. Back when we weren't so hung up on girls. " I lifted my gaze at the exact time he was extracting his war hammer. It extended to its full length as he floated a couple feet above me and outstretched his hand.

"And I'm tired of seeing you sad all the time buddy. "

Some part of me wanted to take his hand and pull him back down to Earth, literally and figuratively. I wanted to stay headstrong and head back home or facetime Claire, maybe she isn't busy. I growled again because the part of me that was still troll was fighting for fun. For partying.

Well, before I knew it, Tobes and I landed on the roof of π”©π”žπ”―π”¬π”°π”ž.


It felt weird. Breaking into a place after such a long time.

Wow that sounded weird. I mean, Toby and I couldn't just get in line and come in. Most night clubs in Arcadia, only allow people 21 and up. People who can buy a drink , people who finished high school and have bigger problems now , people who need to drink away their problems.

I can't check any of those off and neither can Toby. I can only come to the conclusion that this was Tobes idea and not Blinky, the troll probably didn't even know what a night club is. Plus, if he did, I don't think he'll send us here.

From all these years of knowing him, Blinky grew to be a sort of father figure to me. Our relationship grew stronger with everything we faced and I can see him scolding me for coming here. For listening to Tobias.

" Jim! " Said boy yelled in a low tone. " Come slice this lock so we can get it. "

I walk forward, the armor already attaching itself to me as Eclipse formed in my hand. I slash at the lock, easily breaking it into two as the pieces fall to the floor. Tobes quickly commented 'Nice' before opening the door and running inside. I looked around, checking if someone had heard but then quickly followed after him in my normal clothes.

We walked down a few flights of steps before we could see the lights and hear the music blasting loud and clear. Luckily, no one was upstairs so we didn't have to worry about getting caught. As we approached the first floor, I squinted my eyes painfully and raised my hand to cover them. The bright blue and green neon lights were shining straight into them. I hated how I was still affected by strong lights.

I felt my friend grab hold of my arm and lead me away, his words muffled by the loud music. We approached a shaded area, next to the bar, and sat down. Now that I can finally see, I looked at Toby as he looked around. His emerald orbs filled with excitement and wonder.

Toby really grew to become a party animal. After saving the world a billion times , he grew to appreciate the time we have here and to live it to his fullest. He was free.

Darci and he broke up about a month ago. The pair were trying to work it out and get back together but Toby understood and accepted that Darci just wasn't his anymore. Besides, he noticed and supported that she was into Mary.

I focused on what was happening now. I didn't want to hold him back just cause I couldn't see that well on the dance floor or that I was- am- in a relationship. I patted his back to get his attention and pushed him forward.

"Go on. I'll meet up with you later when my eyes adjust." I smiled reassuringly towards him as he nodded.

He hugged me quickly then said, "You're the best ! As soon as your eyes adjust, call me. Then we can boogie all night long." My short friend already started to swing those hips as he danced away onto the dance floor.

I couldn't help but smile as I watched him go. I lost sight of him pretty quickly, all the people on the dance floor were rubbing and pushing into one another. They all seemed to be lost in the music and didn't care who they bumped into.

My blue eyes were no longer stinging as they adjusted to the new lighting. I took out my phone, my mind wandering to Claire as I stared at her contact. I wonder what she was doing right now in New York. Was she in classes? Maybe sightseeing?

I decided I was going to text her but my phone was pushed out of my hand. A slurred voice above me saying, "Sorry *hiccup* m'am." I watched as my phone slid onto the dance floor.

I frowned but got up quickly to go and retrieve it. I pushed myself between the front wall of bodies as they danced and jumped, the music booming the closer I got. I looked down at their feet and exclaimed , "Ah hah!" As I spotted my lost device and bent down to retrieve it.

But my hand met another.

My fair toned hand touched his olive toned one. His hand was cold compared to my warm and sweaty one. I pulled away and finally met his chocolate gaze.

Krel looked straight into my eyes as he grabbed my phone and stood up. I followed as he smiled at me.

"Jimbo!" He exclaimed to my surprise, throwing two arms up into the air and then quickly hugging me, lifting me up a little.

"Oof!" I puffed out as he squeezed and then, what felt like forever, he let me go. He dropped me as I saved myself from tripping. I smiled awkwardly at him and said, "It's Jim. *clears throat* Funny meeting you here. It's been a while."

I haven't really hung out with Krel much before. I would see him when I would hang out with Toby or with Eli but we wouldn't really talk much. We saved the world together but we didn't really get to know one another. It kind of felt like Krel was dodging me. Or maybe he didn't like me? Jim you are probably overthinking this.

" Tooooooooo longggg~" The Arkiridion's words were garbled. I noticed he was holding a bottle in one of his hands and my phone in the other, then he took another swig.

My eyes widened at the fact that he was drinking. Also at the fact that the King-in-waiting of Arkiridion-5 was drunk. Can he get drunk?

I was snapped out of my thoughts as I was blinded by a flash. I winced as the wasted teen took photos on my phone. Krel took some selfies then threw the phone to me, luckily I caught it.

"Nice catch Trollhunter !" He winked at me then started to dance. His movements were slow and sloppy compared to the other times I've seen him. I laughed slightly, secondhand embarrassment taking over me. I couldn't watch as my gaze shifted behind him where I so happened to spot Tobes.

My best friend had an arm wrapped around a blonde girl's waist as they chatted. Toby was leaned in close as the girl giggled. A chuckle escapes me, he seems to be having a good time. I turned my attention back to the Arkiridion prince but he was gone. I look around and try to spot him to no avail.

The music's volume lowered as an announcer shouted, " Damas y caballeros, tomen su persona especial y prepΓ‘rense para un poco de bachata !" The last word came out louder and longer than all the others as the audience cheered.

A familiar song sang from the speakers as everyone danced. More people joined the dance floor so it was quite difficult to push myself through to get to the bar. I bumped hard into someone who grabbed hold of my hand and spun me around.

"Whoa- Krel?" I asked as said Arkiridion took hold of my other hand and led us both to an emptier space on the dance floor near the middle. He turned to me and let go of one of my hands to place it on my hip instead. I felt the heat rising to my cheeks as I looked up at him.

He smiled smugly at me as he finally spoke, "You do know how to dance, right Jimmy?" I raised a brow at the sudden nickname and was about to push him away until he started to move. He dragged me a few steps to the right and managed to keep rhythm with the music, unlike me.

I was surprised at how well he was dancing in his drunken state. Maybe he wasn't as drunk as I thought he was, I thought to myself as I kept up with him. I've danced bachata before, Claire and I would at her family's parties. She said she'll teach me- in time for Prom- which of course didn't really happen since she left. She said she'll try to make it back to Arcadia Oaks for it.

Anyways, before he can, I swung Krel as we turned. This earned a laugh from the disguised extra terrestrial and he moved in closer to me. His prideful smile was still plastered on his face as he looked down at me and straight into my blue orbs. His stare was so intense that I looked away with a slight blush.

Toby caught my attention as he waved at me. He was no longer seating down but dancing with the blonde girl. His eyes went back and forth from me and Krel. He raised an eyebrow and I saw his mouth 'Krel?' to which I nodded. His smile grew wide as he started to raise his eyebrows up and down. He did a stupid expression as he moved his head to Krel then me. My blush deepened as I looked at him flabbergasted. I shook my head and mouthed 'Nooo!' but Tobias merely smiled.

My attention shifted back to Krel as the Arkiridion grabbed both of my hands again and lifted them up between us. He then walked towards me as I stepped back. We continued the dance, Krel chuckling every now and then as I tried to keep up with him.

"Relax Trollhunter, dancing isn't like fighting." I ignored his remark and looked down at my feet trying to keep in rhythm with the new song, the teen beside me no longer leading. I can feel his eyes on me as I looked up at him and he said, "You want me to lead again, maybe it's too hard for you." I frowned. "How about we take a break?"

My hand in his, we went to the bar. We sat down at an empty table near the wall. My friend leaned against the wall as he struck up a conversation, "You aren't here for some end-of-the-world crisis, right?"

"No," I answered as a waitress bought us two beers and placed them on the table. Krel smiled at her as she left. I whispered to him, "You know we aren't old enough to drink yet right?"

"Arkiridion years are different from human ones." He then grabbed a bottle to drink from it. "Also Aja said if we are old enough to rule or save worlds, why not beer?"

I chuckled and held the beer in my hand. "How's Aja? Isn't she back on your planet?"

He nodded, "Yeah. Queen of Arkiridion-5 and always busy. She visited Arcadia about a month ago."

"Shame I missed her." I took a sip of the beer but instead the small troll side of me took a bite of the bottle. I crunched at glass as Krel turned to look at me.

"So if you didn't come here to prevent a disaster, what are you doing here? I didn't think Jim Lake Jr would come to places like these." He moved his olive hands to emphasize.

I really wouldn't, I thought but instead I felt slightly offended. I wanted to show the party crazy Krel that I knew how to kick back and have some fun. I replied, "Um Jimmy here, knows how to keep it crispy~" I tried to sound confident. I added some extra crisp by taking another bite/drink from my beer.

The Arkiridion laughed in his seat.

However his expression quickly changed as he looked behind me, his eyes trailing higher than my height. I heard struggling and turned to see my best friend trying to free himself from a tall guard.

We were busted as the bouncer threw us out of the club. Tobes landed on the concrete as Krel and I recompose ourselves. He shouted at us to never come back again and then slammed the night club door close.

Krel looked at me and we both burst out laughing. He swung an arm over my shoulder as we did and Tobes joined in, laughing and rolling on the floor. We laughed for a bit until I bent down slightly to help the fallen boy back on his feet.

"AWESOME SAUCE~~!" The braces wielder shouted happily as he did a little dance that ended with a turn. He then excitedly jumped and said, "I can't believe we just got kicked out of our first club!"

"They don't usually accept the Arkiridion years as an excuse." Krel mentioned as he shrugged.

"That was wild." I agreed, still feeling pretty jovial.

"Yeah it was Jimbo!" Toby snapped and pointed finger guns at me. Then he suddenly whined, "Aw man I didn't get the name or number of the super hot babe I was with. Nooooooo~!" He fell onto the floor again. I shook my head as Krel moved his arm from around me to pat Tobias' back.

He said, "Do not worry Toby. You shall find her again. Jim here," He nods his head my way and I look at him in confusion, "still needs to show me how he keeps it baked." He winked at me then stood up and moved closer to me.

I gulped, feeling nervous all of a sudden. I didn't move away from him as I corrected, "It's crispy."

"My apologies." Krel placed a hand on his chest as he leaned down quickly and placed a kiss on my cheek. It was so fast that I didn't have time to react as the Arkiridion took out his hoverboard and headed for the skies. "Until next time!"

My eyes followed his disappearing form as I stood there. I can feel my short friend emerald orbs on me and that made my blush grow darker.

"Awesomesauce ;3 " Toby commented.