The Following Trailer Is Rated P For Positive!

In an industry filled with elaborate puzzle solvers, tactical based RPGs, and simulators for everything from dating, to racing, to baking, to rampaging goats, revisit the reboot that reminded the world what gaming is all about, kicking ass and blowing up ass like it's 1993!


After twenty long years, a cheap remake, and a movie that couldn't handle the simplest premise on the planet, the father of single person shooting is back with a vengeance and a single minded determination to show that bitch Kratos who's king of the bloodhill.

Dust off the armor of Doomguy. Not Dwayne The Rock Johnson, not that literal no name from 2004. Doomguy. And jump feet first back into the pits of Hell for an all new round of demon slaying action complete with modern effects and visuals that will make classic Doom veterans cry like Harry Potter nerds at the end of the Deathly Hallows Part II.

Unleash your inner Chucky with glee as you wield Doom's classic arsenal of monster slaying super weapons like the Plasma Rifle, Super Shotgun, and BFG, alongside new additions to the Doomguy family. Or, just enjoy some old school thumping and tear your enemies apart with your bear hands like a fat kid opening a pinata, in one of the most hardcore gaming experiences of all time. Sorry GOW.

Then, after you've ripped the heart out of the story mode, enjoy the all new level creator feature. Where you can build your very own 1993 style Doom levels, fill them with as many demons as your bloodthirsty heart desires, then activate unlimited ammo for the super shotgun and have yourself one Hell of a party!

So tear into the testosterone filled resurrection of one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time, that gave fans everything they loved about the original and then some. Something that Disney could really learn from right about now.


God Of War- The Doom Slayer

Walkers- The Possessed

Fangpods- Cacodemons

New Yorkers: Mancubus

Mother-In-Laws- Imps

Toro! Toro! Toro!- Pinkies

Brain Bitch- Pierce

The 90s Reborn!

Okay, time for some real talk. Who among us is willing to admit that they went to embarrassing lengths to collect all the dolls?