For thoes of you who have gotten bored and actually reread all of my chapters I've rewritten all of them up to 12 cause I got bored and needed to make some much needed corrections. Hope you like it.

Chapter One: Muddy Hell!

Despite the victory at the space colony ARK more than seven hours ago, the entire planet lay quiet as they mourned the death of a great hero who gave his life to save them. A second chance was all she asked for them, a second chance to live and be happy and that is what he gave them. If only he had been given a second chance.

Rain began to pour as lightning streaked across the black sky. Two dark figures raced towards a crater in the middle of a forest. They moved swiftly for fear that what they have been searching for would be lost or destroyed by the weather. As they made their way down the sides of the crater one lost his grip and slid down the muddy wall letting out a feminine cry making it obvious the he was a she. When she finally landed, she found herself lying on something soft. She glanced down to see naked black hedgehog beneath her, battered from unknown causes. She got to her feet and stood to the side of him covered in mud as her friend came to a stop on the other side of the supposedly dead creature that held a green gem in his hand.

She bent down, removed the emerald from this grip, and held it up to her face. "Got it," she said looking up at the other with a slight smile.

"Okay, we got what we came for so let's go," he said getting ready to climb the crater.

"Wait we just can't leave him here," she said tossing him the emerald then looking to the motionless hedge. "He'll die out here."

He placed the emerald in his pocket and looked back at the hedgehog. "Nina he's dead."


"Do you really think that someone could survive a fall like that," he argued looking at her. She knelt beside the hedgehog placing a hand on his chest running fingers over a tuft of white fur.

"He's alive!" she said in amazement. She felt his chest rise and fall, pressing her ear to his chest she could hear his heartbeat as well. "Please. We can't leave him here to die." Her eyes were sad as she looked up at him hoping to get through to him.

"Fine we'll take him with us," he said clinching his teeth. She smiled and helped him carry the hedgehog out of the crater. "This is one heavy bastard," he growled as they carried him into the woods.

"Just shut up and carry him!" the girl growled as a high wood fence came into view.

They rested beside it and the man looked up at the girl. "I'm leaving tomorrow," he said sternly. She looked away and nodded. "You'll be alright by yourself and if this guy ever wakes up and causes trouble you know what to do." The girl sighed and nodded again.