Good morning kids. Now before you have a hissy-fit about this not being another chapter I must remind you that this story has ended. I'm just going to revamp it. Until the rewriting is finished and ready to replace the ancient shit I think I'll do commentary. Chapter by chapter of course. So send in your questions, any at all! Don't clog up the review station though. Send you're questions to my yahoo mirah_march_hare . I'll reply in an end of story wrap up. Ask anything you want. What I liked about the story, what I didn't like, what I wish I had done and so on. I'll answer everything. I would also like to exhibit fan art, not my art but yours of course, and I know I'm getting cocky when I think there is the possibility of such a strong fan base. Meh. All question are going to remain anonymous so no worries. I really want to hear what you guys have to say. ^_^